Cannon Fodder Cheat System


Title: Cannon Fodder Cheat System
Chinese Title: 炮灰作弊系统[快穿]
Author: 橘子舟 (Tangerine Boat)
Genres: BL, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, etc.
Mature Language/Scenes: Yes!!!

Official Raws: jjwxc
Unofficial Raws: (or many other sites thru Google/Baidu)
Release Frequency: ~ 2 chapters / week


At first, when he learned that he was forced to go to many different routine worlds and be reborn into all kinds of cannon fodder, he was against it.


Because villains usually all only have a moment of satisfaction, the endings of cannon fodder are also frequently quite miserable.


But the man who gave him the system told him that this system not only has all types of powerful functions, but he can also break the routine lives of the cannon fodder. If he achieves this satisfactorily for each world, he can even become a god.


He’s already experienced over a thousand reincarnations, but hasn’t yet been a god. Since it sounds pretty great, why not just try it out.


From that moment on, he began the irreversible path of tyrannically oppressing people, while conveniently tearing open those white moonlights and so-called righteous people’s hypocritical masks.


His goal: wearing the villain’s role to walk other people’s righteous paths, leaving them no path to follow.


Reading comments : 1v1, satisfying work (likely meaning HE, OP), MC shou, big golden finger, work is fictional, please don’t criticize 😉



Arc 1: Gourmet Food Heir
2 [1.1]3 [1.2]4 [1.3]5 [1.4]6 [1.5]7 [1.6]8 [1.7]9 [1.8]10 [1.9]11 [1.10]12 [1.11]13 [1.12]14 [1.13]15 [1.14]16 [1.15]

Arc 2: Unstable Chinese Republic
17 [2.1]18 [2.2]19 [2.3]20 [2.4]21 [2.5]22 [2.6]23 [2.7]24 [2.8]25 [2.9]26 [2.10]27 [2.11]

Arc 3: Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition
28 [3.1]29 [3.2]30 [3.3]31 [3.4]32 [3.5]33 [3.6]34 [3.7]35 [3.8]36 [3.9]37 [3.10]38 [3.11]39 [3.12]40 [3.13]

Arc 4: Prince of Piano
41 [4.1]42 [4.2]43 [4.3]44 [4.4]45 [4.5]46 [4.6]47 [4.7]48 [4.8]49 [4.9]50 [4.10]51 [4.11]52 [4.12]  53 [4.13]

Arc 5: Survival Games
54 [5.1]55 [5.2]56 [5.3]57 [5.4]58 [5.5]59 [5.6]60 [5.7]61 [5.8]62 [5.9]63 [5.10]64 [5.11]65 [5.12]66 [5.13]67 [5.14]

Arc 6: Legend of the Holy Light
68 [6.1]69 [6.2]70 [6.3]71 [6.4]72 [6.5]73 [6.6]74 [6.7]75 [6.8]76 [6.9]77 [6.10]78 [6.11]79 [6.12]

Arc 7: Supermodel Competition
80 [7.1]81 [7.2]82 [7.3]83 [7.4]84 [7.5]85 [7.6]86.1 [7.7]86.2 [7.8]87 [7.9]88 [7.10]89 [7.11]90 [7.12]91 [7.13]92 [7.14]93 [7.15]94 [7.16]95 [7.17]

Arc 8: War of Mechanics
96 [8.1]97 [8.2]98 [8.3]99 [8.4]100 [8.5]101 [8.6]102 [8.7]103 [8.8]104 [8.9]105 [8.10]106 [8.11]107 [8.12]108 [8.13]109 [8.14]110 [8.15]111 [8.16]112 [8.17]113 [8.18]

Arc 9: True or False Mermaid
114 [9.1]115 [9.2]116 [9.3]117 [9.4]118 [9.5]119 [9.6]120 [9.7]121 [9.8]122 [9.9]123 [9.10]124 [9.11]125 [9.12]126 [9.13]127 [9.14]

Arc 10: Artistic Life
128 [10.1]129 [10.2]130 [10.3]131 [10.4]132 [10.5]133 [10.6]134 [10.7]135 [10.8]  136 [10.9]  137 [10.10]  138 [10.11]  139 [10.12]  140 [10.13]  141 [10.14]  142 [10.15]  143 [10.16]  144 [10.17]  145 [10.18]

Arc 11: Game Developers

Arc 12: Life of Music

Arc 13: Story of Anyang

Arc 14: Rebirth in the Apocalypse

Arc 15: Immortal Dao


Random notes:

Just finished translating the synopsis and the arc titles and I’m already tired. This novel has a bunch of typos (Chinese typos are same pinyin, different character) and in a couple places the wrong names, so I’ll be fixing those in here when I remember/can tell. My first time translating/summarizing, so I’ll have to see how I do! Also, I abbreviate this as CFCS bc I’m lazy, but there’s also a great BL fast wear called Cannon Fodder Counterattack System, so don’t be confused!

38 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder Cheat System”

  1. Hi, translator. Sorry to bother you

    I want to ask permission to translate ‘Cannon Fodder Cheat System’
    into Indonesian language in my wattpad

    I really hope you grant me permission, thank you ..

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    -Norkia Airy

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  2. Hello! I would like to ask you if you can give me permission to translate this novel into Spanish.

    I like very much, so I thought I’d like to have it in my language. (I plan to publish it in my new blog)

    I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for translating this beautiful novel. :3

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      1. Hello Translator!

        Sorry to bother you, I want to ask for your permission to publish your translated work on Wattpad for offline reading for other readers of this great novel.
        I really love reading this novel and I am constantly on edge waiting for other authors or translators to post updates.
        I would give all of the credit to you once I have this published.

        Thank You.

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  3. Thank you for translating this novel!
    P.s I just realised but is the picture on the top of this page Jing Yang as Ding Nuoyang in the Arc 5: Survival Games?!?


  4. I super like this novel. Ever since i first read Quickly wear the face of the devil i started novel hunting for transmigration /world- hopping novels! I specially like those apocalypse theme! Anyway thank you for translating this! 😍🤗

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  5. Hi translator,

    I am requesting permission to translate ‘cannon fodder cheat system’ into Thai and post it on

    I would be very grateful for your permission.

    Thank you,

    P. Issa


  6. Thanks for translating this wonderful novel! I love ittt. Can’t I ask what day you usually update this novel chapter??? I think it was on Thursday??? Right?

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  7. hey! i was just wondering, when are you gonna post another chapter. it has gone way more than one week and there is still no new chapter


  8. Hello! I’m so happy that I came across your blog and translations. Is there any way for me to follow you and support? I’m new to the site so I don’t know much.

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  9. A really good quick transmigration story with lots of face slapping. I rate their chemistry 8/10 was a bit rushed(?) Very grateful to tl-sama for taking your time to translate such a long novel, she did such a great job and the footnotes are very helpful ❤️ Also love how easy it is to go to whichever arc or chapter you want. Thank you so much aurora-sama!
    P. S the King’s Glory fanart was very neat I love both the anime and manga also SPOILER ALERT low-key ship ye xiu and his best friend even tho he died :/

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  10. Hello! My name is bel-chan, I’m from Indonesia.
    I have read your novel in English that you have translated and I am very happy after reading it.
    Can I ask for your permission to translate your version into Indonesian and upload it to

    thankyou very much for your attention. I will wait for your reply soon.




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