CFCS Chapter 35

Chapter 35
Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition (Arc 3.8)

Kedi’s team crossed the hill and found a source of water in the jungle on the other side. They used the bamboo tube that they had taken from Jake earlier and filled it with water, boiling it on a fire.

The other people saw that they had managed to find water and also crossed the hill to fetch some.

Danny picked up the two empty bamboo tubes and said, “I’ll also go to fetch some water.”

Jing Yang glanced in the direction of the hill and cautioned, “Be careful.”

Jake picked up many dry branches and came back, placing them next to the fire. He crouched down to watch Jing Yang handle the black tree pigs. He looked at Jing Yang’s neat and efficient technique and said admiringly, “Your knife technique is really good, just your handling of the ingredients can be considered a performance. Besides recommending food and occasionally cooking on live stream, I would also like to become more skilled in my knife and cooking skills, but it’s too difficult. Once I leave the ingredients processing machine I become totally flustered and unable to deal with many ingredients properly.”

Jing Yang responded, “In fact, knife and ingredient handling isn’t all that mysterious. You just need to keep practicing every day, practice makes perfect.”

“Practice every single day…that’s too hard, I can’t help but go rely on the machine.” Jake held his chin.

Suddenly a cry came from the other side of the hill, but because it was too far away, the sound was not very clear. But Jing Yang still instantly heard it, and he immediately raised his head to look over there.

The sounds were getting closer and closer, and Jake could also hear them. He jumped to his feet, saying nervously, “What’s going on?”

The people who had gone over the hill to fetch water were all desperately running back, some were trying frantically to escape, their faces full of fear. Only after they got down the hill did they finally dare to look back, and seeing that nothing was chasing them, they finally let out a sigh of relief. But they were still wearing shocked expressions.

Danny was also one of the people running back. He felt as though he was already safe, so both his legs went soft and he collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath.

Jake quickly walked to his side and asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

Danny’s breathing finally smoothed with great difficulty, and he responded, “There were snakes by the water! Lots of snakes!”

“What did they look like?” Jing Yang asked.

“Alternating rings of brown and yellow, their tails are very sharp. Many of us were scratched by their tails.” Danny rolled up his pant leg and exposed the wound.

Jing Yang took a look at his wound and said, “The pointed tail snake usually lives beside water that’s near lots of dead wood, but they don’t attack humans on their own initiative. Did any of you do something to provoke them?”

Danny carefully thought a bit and then shook his head, “No, we got some water from the side of the pond, and no one found any snakes there. They suddenly sprang out at us.”

“This kind of snake venom is not fatal, but if it is not treated immediately, the area of skin ulceration will grow larger. If it’s left in for too long, it can also be dangerous. I’ll go find some medicinal herbs.” Jing Yang turned and walked into the jungle.

Jake supported Danny to the side of the fire to rest.

The several people who had gone to fetch water just now also had their feet wounded like Danny, rolling up their pant cuffs to rest.

Jing Yang found some medicinal herbs and returned. He cut the long bamboo tube shorter a bit, and then placed the herbs inside one by one, using a long strip of stone to mash them together.

After Kedi watched for a while, he walked over, “You’re trying to help them prepare an antidote?”

Jing Yang ignored him and didn’t even take a look at him, continuing to busy himself.

Kedi bent over to pick up a black dried fruit and said, “This kind of withered fruit is poisonous, did you know that? Are you trying to kill them?”

Jing Yang still ignored him, but all of the other people looked over and paid attention to the two of them.

Kedi threw the withered fruit back on the ground and smiled mockingly, then turned around to leave.

Rhett saw that Kedi was talking to Jing Yang but Jing Yang actually did not pay any attention to him. He walked over very angrily, “Do you have a mental illness? You really think that you’re a godly doctor? You randomly collect some grasses and fruit and actually dare to let other people use it, if you kill them are you going to be responsible?”

Jing Yang remained indifferent, but his silent attitude made Rhett’s anger explode. He kicked over the bamboo tube with a foot, loudly saying, “I told you not to make it anymore, did you hear it or not?”

Jing Yang finally stood up, looking at him with no expression, but his eyes were filled with anger. What he wanted was exactly this kind of effect—the worse their attitude, the more the netizens would be disgusted by them. He wanted to take Milton’s original situation, and exchange it with theirs.

“What are you doing?” Jake walked over and said furiously, “You’re going too far! We’re minding our own business, what does it have to do with you?”

“I can’t control what you all want to do, but I can’t watch you harm other people just because you are pretending despite your ignorance!” Rhett said justly and forcefully.

Danny limped over and picked up the bamboo tube. He took the very little bit of medicine still remaining in the tube and applied it on his wound, and then looked at Rhett. “Even if I’m poisoned to death I am still willing, you don’t need to care!”

“I am kindly reminding you all in order to help save your life. I don’t want you to be harmed by him, but you’re still giving me this attitude?” Rhett smiled angrily, pointing at Jing Yang. “You would rather believe this kind of person than believing Kedi? Could he be as strong as Kedi, could he know as much as Kedi?”

Rhett again pointed at Jake and Danny, saying, “I’m telling you now, you deserve to be poisoned to death, don’t regret it!”

Jing Yang had found so many herbs, the netizens could tell that he obviously wanted to divide some to the other competitors. But now Rhett had kicked them all over, so they were basically all scattered on the floor. At this point, even if other people wanted to use it they also would not be able to.

Rhett himself thought that his righteous actions in helping consider other people would definitely be praised by the netizens. But in reality, after the netizens’ views on Jing Yang changed, Rhett’s behavior in their eyes actually was a very insolent and rude performance.

Especially after a spokesperson for the Plant Research Institute again left a message confirming that the withered fruit was indeed poisonous, but that its toxins could offset many other drugs, including the poison of the pointed tail snake. Using an ancient saying, this was called using poison to combat poison.

The netizens’ perception of Kedi and Rhett became even worse. Other people were kind enough to help make some herbal medicine, whether or not they used it was other people’s business. You guys went up and thought that you were full of knowledge, lecturing other people, and even kicked over the medicine that other people had found, and still thought that you were acting righteously. It was really ridiculous and repulsive.

And many netizens all saw that it was when Kedi’s team had gone to retrieve water that they had provoked the pointed tail snake. Because they did not recognize the snake, they wanted to catch a few to eat, but didn’t think that they would attack so aggressively.

They themselves actually managed to run away without injury, but when other people went to fetch some water, they actually didn’t say a word as a reminder, and now they came to pretend to be good people. Milton just asked the appearance of the snake and looked at the wound and already knew what kind of snake it was, and also could say very clearly the habits of this kind of snake. Obviously he understood more than you.

Rhett held some herbs in his hand and stood up to call loudly, “These are herbs that Kedi found, you just need to shred them and apply them to your skin. They can prevent you from being bitten by venomous insects at night. Those who want it can come to get some, otherwise you might be tricked by someone else’s herbal medicine.”

The contestants couldn’t see the comments on the Star Network, so they naturally chose to believe in Kedi, who had a better reputation. During Kedi’s previous live streams in the wilderness, he was able to recognize many different kinds of plants, and was called the walking plant encyclopedia by his fans.

Except for Jake and Danny who used Jing Yang’s insect repellant, everyone else went to get some herbal medicine from Rhett, and also thanked Kedi for his generosity.

Kedi smiled very humbly and gently at the people who had come to thank him, his fans used to love to death this appearance of his. But now somehow his smile felt increasingly fake, like a mask of skin worn by a hypocritical man.


After Jing Yang finished roasting the meat, Bowie very suddenly and punctually appeared in front of him. Jing Yang froze and looked at him, in his heart he thought, this person wouldn’t also want to mooch off of their dinner, would he?

“I came for dinner.” Bowie seemed to be answering Jing Yang’s thoughts.

Jing Yang thought, your skin is really thick, you stayed comfortably on the airship, but I labored for an entire day and still have to portion some dinner to you.

“It’s just a normal thickness.” Bowie crouched down next to Jing Yang, inexplicably saying a sentence.

Can this guy read minds? I couldn’t have written all of my thoughts on my face, could I? Jing Yang glanced at him and used a short knife to cut the roasted meat into four parts. He divided him one of the portions.

“I can’t read minds.” Bowie took the meat and started to eat.

How do you know what I’m thinking if you can’t read minds? Jing Yang tilted his head, not looking at him.

“Maybe it’s because our minds are connected?” Bowie responded.

This time Jing Yang was truly surprised, he had always thought that he was very good at hiding the truest thoughts in his heart. But it was as if this man could hear the voices in his heart, could he really read minds?

“I can’t, but…” Bowie looked in Jing Yang’s eyes. He didn’t continue saying the other half of his sentence, using his eyes to convey his words to him.

Jing Yang understood, what he was saying was, I only just happen to understand your thoughts. That’s just too incredible, okay? He didn’t even activate the system and actually could communicate with people wordlessly.

Jake and Danny kept their heads down and ate their meat, slowly retreating backwards as far away as possible. They were frightened. This Earl Wilson suddenly showing up and having dinner with them was fine, they had eaten breakfast together anyways. But he kept on talking to himself, this was really too scary.

The Star Network live broadcast comments:

——I really want to know how delicious the food that Milton makes is, even the Earl Wilson also wants to go to mooch off of them.

——Seeing the other people’s envious and longing eyes, and the way that they keep swallowing their saliva, you’ll know how tasty the food Milton makes is.

——Why do I feel that the atmosphere between Earl Wilson and Milton is very fantastic, the two people inexplicably seem quite well-matched?

——Earl Wilson talking to himself can actually have such a handsome feeling, it must be some problem with my eyes. I feel like the atmosphere between the two is really like a couple ah, it must be me thinking too much.

——Being able to see Earl Wilson in the stream, I am truly satisfied, if I could eat the barbecue that Milton made, I would be even more satisfied.

——Why do I feel like Earl Wilson’s eyes are filled with indulgence and Milton’s eyes are filled with bashfulness, there shouldn’t be something between the two, right?

——I have already imagined over 20000 words of colored scenes, my nose has been bled dry, these two people are really shameful and shameless~

——You’re so well-matched, you should be together ah!

——I feel like the air is filled with heart-shaped bubbles, ah~, how could this happen, I suddenly fell in love with this pair.

——There’s really such a CP feeling ah, just from being in the same image it already feels so sweet, I stan this pair.

The sky turned completely dark, and the three people went to sleep on their “spider web,” covering themselves with large leaves. Jing Yang wanted to use the system to see how the netizens had commented about everything that had happened today.

When he saw those messages that had put him together with Bowie, Jing Yang couldn’t resist spitting, what the hell are these? When did my eyes look full of bashfulness?

Before I have completely determined that he is my lover, could you please not casually imagine colored scenes, wait! Even if it’s determined I request that you all still do not imagine, okay? I’m not some action film actor!

Very suddenly, and very inexplicably, Jing Yang and Bowie raised many CP fans. And the vast number of netizens saw Bowie appear in the stream many times, so besides satisfying their curiosity about this mysterious figure, they added on even more things they were curious about. They wanted to know exactly how delicious Jing Yang’s food was.

At night, there really appeared many flying insects. Of the people who were resting on and under the trees, besides Jing Yang’s trio who had already peacefully fallen asleep, other people kept constantly making sounds to drive away the flying insects.

Some of the flying insects would be scared away by the sounds of slapping and patting, but some of them would not leave no matter what, constantly pouncing on their bodies.

“Ah! It really hurts!” Some people could not resist falling asleep and were bitten awake by the bugs, immediately crying out.

No matter how they clapped or waved their arms, some of the insects would not leave, so some people simply just kept jumping up and down.

Some people on the trees also could no longer keep staying there, so they climbed down the tree and jumped together with the rest of them. Once they stopped even slightly, they would be bitten.

In the dark a crowd of people were closing their eyes and constantly jumping, some were jumping on one leg, some with both feet, and even some were waving their arms, with the occasional cry of pain. Even though there were lights shining from the cameras, in the eyes of the netizens, this kind of scene was really funny and bizarre.

Only when the horizon gradually lit up did the insects go back into hiding. The crowd of people who had been jumping for an entire night were already exhausted. They truly were unable to resist the drowsiness, one by one collapsing under the trees and falling asleep.

When Jake and Danny woke up, they lay on the “spider web” and looked down at the people lying on the ground. This sudden glance was really quite frightening. Everyone was randomly sprawled on the ground, their hands and faces were tragic, they seemed like they had been poisoned to death.

Bowie came down to share their breakfast and then went back up. Later on Ruth brought people down to wake everyone up, and after she finished announcing the content of the day’s competition, she also returned to the airship.

The competition content today was quite difficult, and the number of people who had been hurt more seriously was also quite high. Ruth felt that this way the competition might not be able to continue.

“Boss, do we really not need to postpone today’s competition? It seemed like not many people will be able to participate in the game properly.” Ruth asked Bowie.

“No need, this was their own choice, so they should properly endure. As long as Milton doesn’t have any problems, there is no need to postpone the game.” Bowie responded with a cold expression. Those people were crowding out Milton, so they should bear the consequences of their choice. Plus those fellows named Kedi and Rhett, he would teach them an even deeper lesson to let them know what remorse meant.

Ruth looked at Bowie’s back and raised her eyebrows. The big boss was protecting Milton so directly, could he really have fallen in love?

Translator Notes:

[1] practice makes perfect – 孰能生巧, idiom, with familiarity you learn the tricks
[2] trying frantically to escape – 连滚带爬, idiom, not sure if it’s the literal meaning of rolling and crawling
[3] pointed tail snake – 锋尾蛇, very literal translation
[4] justly and forcefully – 理直气壮, idiom, means in the right and self-confident
[5] activate the system – 启动系统, I’m a little confused about the meaning here, I’m not sure who and what system, the MC’s system I don’t think has the function to communicate wordlessly?
[6] tragic – 惨不忍睹, idiom, too horrible to endure, appalling scene of devastation

Random Notes:

Over 1.5 hours: 5:30 pm – 7:15 pm, for 4.3k characters to 3k words. Okay, as a disclaimer, I was kind of doing my work intermittently while translating, so that number is definitely not completely true. Though this chapter was also definitely slightly harder to translate than previous ones. I actually had some work to do today, so I will probably not be getting to translating my 100kV chapter today, unfortunately. But we still are quite ahead for that, so it’s all good.

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