CFCS Chapter 82

Chapter 82
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.3)

Ten days later, both the views and the discussion of the crushed starlight promotional video had reached a dizzying height. Jing Yang then released a new promotional video, this time with the theme of a dark lost night.

In a dreamscape garden filled with flowers, there was a large and luxurious bed. A man wearing baby blue silk pajamas threaded through the sea of flowers, his fingers brushing the fresh flower petals, slowly walking to the bed and lying down. His hand rested on his head, and his white legs were exposed outside his dressing gown. Just seeing part of his back view made people infatuated until they almost forgot to breathe.

The breeze blew up the fallen petals, which landed on the big bed and on the person lying there. The person on the bed turned over and lay facing upward, petals falling onto those exposed thighs and chest. The lens slowly moved upward, and everyone who watched up to here all thought that they could finally see his face. They all held their breath in anticipation, but because the person in the lens had his face turned, they could only see a bit of his profile.

All the netizens were attracted by the mysterious and sexy images in the video, frantically clicking over and over again, their curiosity almost exploding. But just from this profile, he didn’t seem to look like any model or supermodel in the current modeling circle.

This time the promotional video not only attracted a lot of netizens but also some companies. But because he published these videos anonymously, the companies looking for him could only leave a comment for him under the video.

Then Jing Yang released an email address, and even though he had already clarified that this was a work email, besides many job offers, even more were emails that netizens had sent to him. There were some who said that they liked him, or some who hoped that he could reveal his face, some who wanted to send him gifts, every kind was there.

Many models are welcomed because of the particular perfection of a certain part of their body, and there are very few models whose entire bodies are perfect. Companies not only valued the popularity of those two videos online, but were also very clear that such a perfect body was not at all easy to find. Even though the person in the video had not revealed his face, just looking at his side profile, his face would still be very good. As long as his face was not particularly ugly, such that no one could bear to see it, his perfect body would be enough to make up for his ordinary appearance.

All the companies felt that Jing Yang not exposing his face was either because he did not look good, or because he was a completely new person, and wanted to use this mystery to attract attention. But the netizens still did really fall right in, hooked by him until their hearts and lungs itched. They felt that the probability of him being completely new was higher, such a good body, even if his face was ordinary, would long have been hot in the modeling world. So this was a good opportunity for them, the price for a new person would not be too high. Even if the price he wanted was a little high it wouldn’t matter, this kind of popularity and attention right now was worth it.

Jing Yang opened his email and filtered out the mail from the netizens. Of the job offer emails, not only did product promoters send over emails, but some modeling companies also wanted to dig him up. But he had little interest in these, he naturally had his own purpose in publishing promotional videos in those two themes. In the mass of emails, he found an email from a certain company and finally revealed a smile, because his goal had already been half achieved.


Jing Yang hired two bodyguards and two assistants, and when everything was ready, he went to Lai Feng Perfume for an audition. Lai Feng was a perfume brand belonging to the Fernelea company. The Fernelea group had more than 10 kinds of businesses including clothing, perfume, jewelry, and hotels, each of which were well-known big brands, and also all big companies ranked first or second in the world.

Wearing sunglasses, Jing Yang walked into the Lai Feng building, attracting a lot of attention along the way. But no one recognized him as Arthur Yang.

After taking an elevator to the audition floor, he was immediately greeted by a staff member: “Hello sir, can I ask if you are here to audition?”

Jing Yang took out his phone and showed her the email he received. After the staff confirmed it, she said, “Please come this way.”

There were already models in the middle of their audition in the studio. At one side was a lounge area, where a lot of the currently popular models were sitting. Since they could receive an invitation from Lai Feng, of course they could not be some ordinary models. Jing Yang had been able to receive an invitation to audition completely because of those two promotional videos he had shot.

Jing Yang walked into the lounge and casually found a seat to sit down. All of the models looked over at him, and some who were relatively familiar with each other had already started whispering. They were very puzzled, they seemed to have never seen this person before, but looking at this body, he would be a very strong opponent.

Dilumo had always been staring at Jing Yang. He felt that he was familiar, and looked a lot like a certain person. The answer was clearly already in his mind, but it was like it was veiled, and he couldn’t see it clearly no matter how he thought.

A staff member walked over and said to Jing Yang, “Sir, please let me see your information.”

Jing Yang motioned for the assistant to give the information to the staff member. The staff member took it, and originally was just casually looking over it, but then was stunned. She used shocked eyes to look at Jing Yang, and then looked back at the information, and immediately ran to the perfume designer who was in charge of choosing models. She put the information in front of him, quickly said something to him, and then pointed at Jing Yang.

Brolly was a well-known master in the perfume industry, and the chief perfume maker in Lai Feng. All masters had their own insistences and quirks, and he had very strict requirements for the model displaying his perfumes. If he valued the model, and the model made him feel like it had to be him showing his perfume, he would not care whether or not they were famous, or what kind of past experiences they had.

In fact, he had previously already gone through two rounds of auditions, and this time he had a set of five perfumes, and wanted to look for five different models to shoot the ads. Even though he already had some approximate candidates in his mind, after the performance of all of the models, there still had not been any who had made him feel like he had to have them.

Until he saw the promotional video Jing Yang released, the theme of a dark lost night was simply perfectly in line with his main perfume, the Night series. The person in the image, whether in body shape or performance skills, was already on the level of a supermodel. He wanted to meet this man, but because he didn’t know who he was and didn’t have his contact information, he sent an email inviting him to audition in the name of Lai Feng.

And now his assistant placed that man’s materials in front of him and told him that the man who had come was Arthur Yang, asking him if he wanted to allow him to continue the audition.

Brolly was also very surprised, and glanced at Jing Yang. Previously the news about Arthur Yang’s body deformation was made very loud, but the person sitting there was completely different from the person who had been photographed before.

Even though he felt like it was strange in his heart, Brolly still wanted to personally see his performance. He asked the assistant to arrange Jing Yang to audition.

Jing Yang stood up and prepared to go change. A tall and upright figure came in, surrounded by a group of people.

Brolly turned to look and immediately stood up to greet him. “Boss, how did you have time to come over today?”

All of the sitting models stood up, very decently and respectfully standing to the side.

Jing Yang saw the man and used the system to search for information about him. Regulus Fernelea, 30 something years old, and already the chairman of the Fernelea group. Even though this person was quite young, he was very intelligent, with maturity and means.

“I heard that you were choosing models for the new products, so I came to see it on the way.” Regulus sat down in Brolly’s original seat, and the assistant immediately moved over another chair and put it down next to him.

“Does the boss want to personally choose?” Brolly asked.

“I’m just looking, you can choose the people.” Regulus said. “Let them continue, don’t pay attention to me. I’ll just sit here for a while and then leave.”

Regulus did come to the company along the way to see, but not to choose a model. He was not yet idle to that point. It was just that when he was walking into the company, a man had been walking in front of him, and that back made him no longer able to move his gaze away after a random glance. He really wanted to know who this person who could attract his attention with simply a look at his back was, and his assistant told him that today the company was choosing a new model, and that person was very likely one of the models coming to audition.

So he was sitting here now, waiting for the man to show up, to see if his front would appeal to him as much as his back.

Brolly signaled to the assistant that they could continue.

Jing Yang wore a dressing gown and walked onto the set. After the camera was turned on, he picked up the perfume and sprayed it twice in the air, and then let the silk robe fall back to his elbows, the perfume mist landing on his skin.

The perfume was called Dark Night, and not a bit of information had been released to the public. Even the models who came to the audition didn’t know its name, and could only show the scene they imagined based on their own judgment of the fragrance.

This perfume brought a hint of addicting cold fragrance, giving the feeling of nocturnal flowers and night dew, mysterious and sexy.

Regulus looked intently at the person on set, his charming and sexy figure as if it had ignited a flame in his heart. He felt that he was also someone who had seen countless people, what kind of good body had he not seen before? But he actually came across someone whose body would make his mouth dry.

That face was really very exquisite, and the expression on his face was also very appropriate. He could make people feel his emotions, but wasn’t too exaggerated, completely natural and moving.

Brolly was also extremely satisfied with Jing Yang’s performance, he completely expressed the feelings that he had placed into the perfume. After watching his performance, he felt like the other models’ auditions were just like garbage, tasteless and pitiful.

Dilumo slowly widened his eyes, he simply did not dare to believe his eyes. He thought that he was hallucinating or had seen wrong, that person was actually Arthur Yang! How was that possible?! The person he had arranged clearly told him that Arthur Yang not only had body deformation but his face had also become ugly, but unfortunately at that moment he had turned around too fast, so he failed to get proper evidence.

But the man in front of him had not a single bit of similarity with the person he had arranged. His body, his face, were clearly even better looking than three years ago, and his skin was even better and firmer.

Dilumo clenched his fists tightly. He could not believe that the man in front of him was Arthur Yang himself, and must be a new man who looked a lot like him. Just a newcomer, he had tons of ways to deal with him! He would let him know how hard it was to walk down the modeling road.

Jing Yang held a perfume bottle in his hand, resting his chin on the back of his hand. Waves rippled in his eyes, as if he had also been addicted to the smell of the perfume.

After the camera was turned off, the staff nearby all spontaneously clapped. Usually no one clapped after a model audition, but they couldn’t help but want to applaud to express their admiration.

These staff at Lai Feng, what kind of scene had they not seen. They had all seen many of the top supermodels, but rarely could they experience such a stunning and amazing scene.

“What’s his name?” Regulus asked after Jing Yang walked back into the dressing room.

“He is Arthur Yang.” Brolly said. “Even though there was a lot of unpleasant news about him before, I think…”

“Just choose him.” Regulus interrupted him. “Let him shoot the main product advertisement, and have him sign the contract today.”

Brolly looked at Regulus with some surprise. He thought that after he knew Arthur Yang’s identity that he would object to him shooting the company’s product. He was just thinking of persuading him to agree, and didn’t think that he would directly just choose Arthur Yang. But this was also good, he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to convince this big boss, and that he would have had to miss this model who had made him immensely satisfied.

Regulus left after watching Jing Yang’s audition, leaving behind a pile of disappointed models regretting why they weren’t auditioning when he came.

After changing his clothes Jing Yang came back out, and the staff members directly invited him to the office and signed an advertising contract with him, so that he could directly start shooting tomorrow.

Translator Notes:

[1] baby blue – 宝蓝色, I’m assuming based on  宝 being baby and not treasure
[2] Lai Feng – 莱枫香水公司, I’m just using pinyin here
[3] Fernelea – 斐尼朗, pinyin fei ni lang, i searched through five pages of last names starting with fer to randomly pick this one, we’re going with it
[4] Brolly – 布洛里, pinyin is bu luo li, based on MTL
[5] Regulus Fernelea – 雷古勒斯斐尼朗, pinyin lei gu le si, these names are so long

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 9:20 am – 10:30 am, for 3.8k characters to 2.6k words.

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