CFCS Chapter 56

Chapter 56
Survival Games (Arc 5.3)

Jing Yang continuously refined three pieces of low-level weapons for a day and night, when he finally finished it was already early the next morning. He felt somewhat tired, putting everything back into his storage space, he lay down on his bed and was preparing to rest when he suddenly heard a knock on his door.

He pulled his quilt over his head and pretended not to hear it, but the person knocking outside seemed like he would not rest unless the door opened, constantly forcefully slamming on the door.

Jing Yang dragged open his quilt and quickly walked over, forcefully pulling the door open. He looked at Easy Nobility outside, very impatiently asking, “What?”

“You’re someone who doesn’t even do anything, and you really can quite sleep.” Easy Nobility scornfully looked him up and down. “We are about to go out to look for a combat target, letting all of us wait for you, do you really feel no shame? Immediately go down and meet up!”

“What does it have to do with me whether or not you all go outside?” Jing Yang said impatiently. “Did I let you all wait for me? Have I said that I will be going along with you all?”

Easy Nobility knew that Ding Nuoyang had just started playing games, so he was still very unfamiliar with the combat attack skills and other similar actions, but every time they went out to fight, he would always make sure to call him out with them. During the course of the battle, as long as Ding Nuoyang was unable to avoid the monsters’ attacks and was hit to the ground, he would always feel extremely happy. Yet every single time Ding Nuoyang was very lucky and avoided fatal attacks, and would also very quickly be able to recover from his own injuries, which made Easy Nobility unceasingly resentful.

“How?” Easy Nobility looked at him. “You are not willing to pay, and also aren’t willing to contribute, you still have the nerve to stay in our team and make us protect a trash like you?”

Yesterday Jing Yang not being willing to help them pay made their hearts extremely uncomfortable, so when they had come back they had all discussed, and decided that they needed to let him suffer a bit before he would finally be obedient.

Jing Yang smiled coldly and looked at him. “I am a piece of trash in the game, but you are a piece of trash in reality. You look down on me, but I despise you even more.”

Easy Nobility widened his eyes to hide his guilty conscience and deliberately raised his chin, proudly saying, “Whether it’s in the game or in reality, I am better than you.”

“Is that right?” Jing Yang raised his eyebrow and leaned a little closer to him. “Yu Jian, but I still remember your appearance.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying!” Easy Nobility heard him call out his own real name and immediately became flustered, his eyes swirling all over the place.

Jing Yang watched him act like this with disdain, just with this sort of psychological strength he actually dared to run over to find trouble for him. “I remember that you look completely different from your current appearance, at first when I saw you I felt that your current appearance seemed quite familiar. Later on I thought, in the game, why do you look a bit like me?”

“Don’t say nonsense! Who looks like you, I have never even seen you in reality, how would I know what you look like!” Easy Nobility loudly denied. “My current appearance was set by the system based on my true appearance, I look quite similar to this in real life. I don’t know who the person you just mentioned is, my real name is Yu Jian.”

“You don’t have to say all this to me.” Jing Yang rolled his eyes. “What the situation is, besides me, you are the clearest about it. Lies cannot be covered up by a layer of paper, they can be punctured very easily. There will always be a day when everyone will know the truth.”

Easy Nobility’s expression changed greatly. Just as he was about to lose his head, someone suddenly came up the stairs and called out to him, scaring him.

The person coming up was Madman, one of Easy Nobility’s henchmen, usually he would be the one best at fawning over Easy Nobility. They had waited downstairs for quite a while but still hadn’t seen him go back down, so he just came up to see what the matter was.

Seeing that Easy Nobility’s face wasn’t very good, he doubtfully asked, “Easy, what’s wrong with you?” Just now when he was downstairs he had been perfectly fine.

“I’m fine!” Easy Nobility quickly said.

“Did he say something to make you angry again?” Madman glared at Jing Yang.

Jing Yang mockingly smiled and looked at Easy Nobility. Easy Nobility quickly glanced at him, and then didn’t dare to meet his gaze.

Easy Nobility pushed Madman quickly down the stairs. “Let’s go! We should leave.”

“Is he not going?” Madman doubtfully looked back at Jing Yang.

“He won’t be going today, even if he does go he’ll just drag us down. It would be better if he doesn’t come.” Easy Nobility dodged the question. This explanation made Madman even more puzzled, didn’t they already agree that today they would fix Ding Nuoyang?

Jing Yang closed his door and continued to get some sleep.

Ever since he had gone outside Easy Nobility had constantly been distraught. Ding Nuoyang actually knew who he was in reality, even though they had met face to face several times in school, they had never greeted or spoken to each other, how could he actually remember himself. And how did he know that he was Yu Jian? He had thought that no one would know his true identity besides himself and the system, and the system had confidentiality regulations, so it was absolutely impossible for it to publish the player’s real information.

No matter how he thought he still couldn’t think of how Ding Nuoyang could know his identity, and he of course could not directly go ask him, otherwise it would be equivalent to him admitting that he was Yu Jian. If Ding Nuoyang told this matter to other people, then it would be over for him, so he had to get rid of him as soon as possible.

Easy Nobility made himself calm down, he definitely could not mess up at this time. He thought, even if Ding Nuoyang told the other team members that he was Yu Jian, as long as he didn’t have evidence to prove it, his teammates would never believe him. He will not give him the chance to leave the game world alive, he would definitely keep the secret hidden.


Jing Yang slept for a while, and then got up to continue refining until his stomach was growling from hunger. That reminded him that his hunger levels had fallen out of the normal range, and that he would start to lose his energy if he didn’t eat something.

Taking out some ingredients from his storage space, Jing Yang went downstairs to the kitchen to make a bit of food for himself. Just as he was about to finish eating, the team came back. Judging from their sorry figures, they had definitely encountered some fierce monsters.

Originally they had wanted to bring Ding Nuoyang out to fix him, and let him know without their protection how difficult it would be for him to survive in this game world. But Easy Nobility suddenly said not to let him go, and wouldn’t tell them the reason when they asked, so seeing that Easy Nobility didn’t seem very happy, they also didn’t dare to ask more.

Since the original plan had been cancelled, they planned to go out for a round like usual to see if they would be lucky enough to bump into a monster with many treasures that would be easy to deal with.

Then on the way, they were suddenly mobbed by a swarm of flying poisonous spiders. This kind of poisonous spider that can fly was extremely difficult to deal with, they would always come in droves to launch attacks, one wave after another, and catch the resisting people off guard. And who knew what happened to Easy Nobility today, his energy supplementation was very not in place, the shield was also unable to be maintained. They had almost been wiped out. Even though they had finally desperately been able to escape with no deaths, the team’s energy and each individual’s energy had all suffered greatly.

They returned to the residence with serious injuries, but saw Ding Nuoyang sitting and eating very leisurely. Their hearts became even more angry, the one who originally should have been seriously injured should have been him, not them.

Everyone took out the best medicines in their storage space to heal themselves, and even though their wounds were slowly healing and the pain was disappearing, their energy would require some time to replenish. This would also mean that their combat effectiveness would be very low for a while.

Black Hawk looked at his medicine box full of advanced medicines, then his slender eyes turned to look at Jing Yang sitting at the table, his eyes flashing a vicious light. Before Ding Nuoyang had joined their team, he had never used advanced medicine, and most of the money he made in the game was all sent back to his hometown for his family. He had five or six siblings at home to be raised, and his mother had been bedridden for the past several years, so whether he was in the game or reality, he would always be extremely economical.

What he hated the most were these wealthy people, doing whatever they wanted by virtue of their own money, flaunting their wealth. He felt that after Ding Nuoyang had joined their team, he was like all of the other rich people, constantly showing off his own wealth. Was having money so great? Since he loved showing off, it would be stupid not to take advantage of it, so what he used to buy the cheapest of, now he would choose the most expensive ones.

For Black Hawk, besides making money, his main purpose for playing games was to kill people, the more rich people he could kill the more addictive he felt. He could not kill Ding Nuoyang for the time being, or else no one would give them a free ATM. But even if he couldn’t kill him for a while, he also didn’t want to let him live well.

He knew that Easy Nobility liked Dark Flame, but in reality, Dark Flame was dating Ding Nuoyang. If he let him personally see his own boyfriend be with someone else, even if it was just in the game, he would definitely be very uncomfortable.

“I have a proposal.” Black Hawk spoke.

The players all turned to him, waiting for him to continue.

“As our alchemist, Easy Nobility not only builds weapons, but can also enhance the energy of our weapons. If he marries our team captain, and the two people dual cultivate, he can boost the captain’s personal energy and the team’s overall energy. Then after a period of time when the next task layer opens, all of the teams will be desperately fighting, so boosting our team energy will be very important for us.”

“Yes, that is a good idea!” Immediately a team member agreed with Black Hawk’s words.

“Captain, I also think this idea is not bad.” Madman said to Dark Flame. “If you marry Easy, this is a very good thing for our team.”

The other teammates all nodded in agreement, and began to take turns to persuade Dark Flame and Easy Nobility to get married.

Easy Nobility was just being distracted when he suddenly heard that they were saying to let Dark Flame marry himself. His heart shook, and he used eyes of anticipation to look at Dark Flame.

Dark Flame was drowned in persuasion, and even though he did not agree, he also did not firmly oppose, showing a hesitant look.

Easy Nobility felt that Dark Flame not objecting meant that the hope of this matter succeeding was very high. His greatest wish was to be able to marry Dark Flame, so it would be better to take advantage of this opportunity to persuade him.

Easy Nobility stood up. “Dark Flame, I want to talk to you alone, okay?”

Dark Flame glanced at Jing Yang, and was still somewhat hesitant.

“Dark Flame, come with me.” Easy Nobility went over and directly pulled him up the stairs.

Seeing the two of them walk up the stairs holding hands, the team members all cheered loudly.

Jing Yang had finished eating a long time ago and was sitting to watch the play. In the previous world Dark Flame and Easy Nobility’s marriage had not been this early. Could it be that because he had refused to pay their money, this had caused the later development to change, so they had also gotten married ahead of schedule?

But none of this had anything to do with him, after all he was already preparing to leave this team. Withdrawing from a team required the team captain to agree to confirm the application, and he was just thinking about how to make Dark Flames immediately agree.

Using not agreeing with their marriage to withdraw from the team? Then wouldn’t that make other people feel like he really loved Dark Flame, just thinking about it made him sick. If he then really decided to not get married for a while, wouldn’t he still need to stay some time in the team? Even if it were just for a day, he still did not want to stay with these people. It seemed like he still had to create some sort of contradiction to make the rest of the team all want to force him to withdraw from the team. With Dark Flame’s character, he would absolutely be unable to bear the pressure from his teammates.

Who knew what the two people had talked about upstairs, but after they came back down, Easy Nobility announced a little shyly, “We are preparing to get married tomorrow, but because now is a special period, we will not be holding a wedding. We will just have a simple celebration together.”

The team members all immediately cheered. Dark Flame looked at Jing Yang somewhat worriedly, and finding that he did not seem to be angry, he felt relieved but also at the same time felt somewhat unhappy with his indifferent attitude.

“How could we not hold a wedding, this is our team’s first time holding such a happy celebration in all these years, we must definitely hold a grand wedding.” Black Hawk walked to Jing Yang and said to him, “With such a big happy occasion, you wouldn’t still be not giving a penny, would you?”

“Of course I’ll pay, how could I not?” Jing Yang stood up and looked at him. “But since it’s the team’s big joyous occasion, of course it can’t be just me giving the money, all of the players will split the cost of holding the wedding equally. The bigger the wedding you plan the better, I can pay two people’s share, after all I don’t really care about that money. But for you…, don’t make it so that in the end you are alive but your money is gone, that would be tragic.”

“You…” Black Hawk glared at him furiously. He most hated people saying that he was poor, and even if he said it vaguely, it would stab his sensitive heart.

This Black Hawk was a person who hated the rich. He hated Ding Nuoyang because he was rich, but the person who took the most advantage of Ding Nuoyang’s money, besides Easy Nobility, was him. Jing Yang was very disgusted with this kind of person, so sooner or later he would give him a lesson, or else it would be difficult to resolve the hatred in his own heart.

“After the total expenses are calculated, directly use the team cost splitting function to send me my share. Rest assured that I will certainly pay the money, just take it as me giving a gift.” When Jing Yang finished he went upstairs, leaving behind a room of people frozen in place. His reaction was really too calm, making them unable to tell whether he really did not care or if he was just pretending.

When a group of people returned to their senses, they began to discuss the matter of the wedding. And the first to mention making the celebration bigger, Black Hawk, because he himself also needed to pay a part of the money, immediately in the course of the discussion changed his mind to say that since it was now a special period, all of the money should be spent on weapons and resources, so now they should just have a simple celebration, and if they were all able to survive, they could hold a bigger one again.

The other people naturally also felt that spending as little money as possible was better, and the money should still be kept to buy important equipment. Sure enough, they spent other people’s money casually, and would skimp with their own.

Translator Notes:

[1] losing his head – 惊慌失措, idiom, i guess means panicking usually out of fear
[2] mockingly smiled – 似笑非笑, idiom, basically means like a smile but not a smile, but I’m not too sure how to write it out, please advise

Random Notes:

A bit more than an hour: 10:30 am – 11:45 pm, for 4.1k characters to 3k words. This translation is actually going quite fast. Each chapter I mean, we are still so behind I’m doubtful I will be able to have much stored up by the time this arc starts.

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