The start of my fourth WordPress site, and my first ever one for purely entertainment purposes.

I got into reading light novels pretty late, probably starting only about 1.5 years ago. With my first novel being The King’s Avatar, I very very quickly got addicted to light novels, and it basically opened up an entire new world for me. This is coming from someone who for the past few years has read over 100 (actual English) books annually (for pure entertainment). How do I have this much time to read? Tbh, I don’t. It’s more like I set aside my time to read and do my work in the most compact and efficient way ever so that I can spend more time wasting time.

Mid transition from more mature YA and adult romance to New Adult, the number of new novels that I’ve been interested in has dropped drastically. After years of manga reading as well, the number of new manga I actually wanted to read on my WTR list was reaching a desperate low. Given my unhealthy work habits, this lack of things to waste time on just wouldn’t do. Trying out the ONA The King’s Avatar was my best decision. And it led me, 1.5 years later, right here. By now, I’ve read dozens (probably close to 100) of LNs, mostly Chinese ones, because I find JP and KR ones pretty annoying most of the time (weak MCs, bad harems, etc etc.) And because I love continuity and knowing what happens at the end, I have to finish novels that I really enjoy. Through necessity, I have probably MTL’d thousands of chapters of Chinese raws. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure I’m pretty close to, if not over, 10k chapters actually. That’s pretty insane.

How’s my Chinese? Alright, I would say. Having Chinese as your first language and then forgetting most of it and then taking several years of Chinese school and then forgetting most of it really causes your Chinese knowledge to fluctuate. Conversationally? Not terrible. Reading and writing? Don’t even mention it. So MTL is pretty damn necessary, and to my utter amazement, Bing Translate is actually quite reliable. Normally when I MTL I focus on reading for the plot, so I can usually get by pretty well with Bing Translate + reading the raw for nonsense sentences + Google for the many many vocab words I don’t know. After so much MTL, it’s basically become natural for me.

I decided to start this venture for the lols. And as an escape from the responsibility of studying for a massive life changing exam that atm will occur in less than one week. Though tbqh I had thought about translating a while back, I was hesitant due to my truly abysmal Chinese skills, and the amount of time and effort and probably my lack of ability to translate 100% accurately. Now, I’ve decided that if it’s not accurate enough, I’ll just call them summaries. Problem solved. This is mostly because I read really fast, even when I’m MTLing, and as long as I understand what’s going on, even if the MTL has small phrases that don’t make any sense, I’ll just skip over it. We’ll see how long I can keep this up. I am looking forward to it quite a bit though.

This is probably the longest random About page ever, and it’s pretty characteristic of my writing. Looking forward to seeing how my translations turn out. It’ll be an experience.


Since I’m in the middle of my BL fast wear phase, I’m planning to start out with Cannon Fodder Cheat System. One of my absolute favorites, and one I think might be even better than FOD. As far as I’m aware, I don’t think any of it has been translated, but most if not all arcs have been spoiled, thanks to NUF. I don’t know if BL will be all I do. Everything is up in the air.


If you’re wondering why my site is called aurora, it’s because my Chinese name means something close to sunrise. And due to my absolute lack of creativity in general, I decided to look up synonyms of sunrise and pick the most “interesting” one. And here we are.


Just wanted to add here that the header image is courtesy of an amazing Chinese artist! Check out his Weibo here and his Pixiv here for more of his art, which seem to feature many game or anime/LN characters!