CFCS Chapter 116

Chapter 116
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.3)

The king of the mermaid kingdom agreed to send a pure blooded mermaid with powers to marry Prince Cory of the Kingdom of Luasi, and let the Kingdom of Luasi send men to meet with the pure blooded mermaid.

And the mermaid who was sent to the marriage was the original owner of this body that Jing Yang had been reborn in. His name was Leann. Leann had been chosen to marry Cory, whom he had never met before, and he had not thought about whether he was willing or unwilling, but because it was the king’s orders, he had to carry them out.

In the vast sea, there was a group of pirates. The pirate leader had a son called Abby, who was very beautiful. Abby had seen the prince when he was little and could never forget about him. But a prince and the son of a pirate leader, such a disparity in identity, made Abby afraid to ever appear in front of Cory again.

Abby’s constant thoughts about Cory made him sad and frustrated every day. His father knew his son’s mind, but he had no way to help him. Until one day, they suddenly found that the prince of the Kingdom of Luasi was going to marry a pure blood mermaid, as well as the news that he was going to meet with this pure blood mermaid at sea. So this pirate leader had the idea to let his son pretend to be this pure blooded mermaid.

The pirate leader told his son about his plan, and Abby became extremely happy and excited. When he saw Abby’s smiling face, which he hadn’t seen for many years, the pirate leader felt that his decision was the right one.

Then Abby underwent surgery and became an artificial mermaid, then just had to wait to intercept the mermaid’s ship at sea.

The number of mermaids in the kingdom wasn’t large, so the king didn’t send any men to accompany Leann, but instead used a magic ship to send him across the sea alone. It would automatically sail and meet with Cory’s envoy.

The pirates succeeded in stopping the ship that was carrying Leann, but this ship had powers bestowed upon it by the king of the mermaid kingdom. It wasn’t just an ordinary ship, and even if there was only Leann on board, them wanting to board this ship wouldn’t be an easy matter. Not to mention that Leann himself had powers, and he could summon hurricanes and heavy rain.

Once the pirate leader thought that his own son had already become an artificial mermaid and if this time they didn’t succeed his entire life would be destroyed, he desperately attempted to block Leann’s ship at the risk of his own life.

Leann called a storm against the pirates, but these people wouldn’t give up no matter what. There was a fierce fight, and all of the pirates did their best to help their leader get onto the ship, but they were attacked by the ship’s powers and died.

Leann didn’t have any combat skills, so after a little resistance he was caught. The pirate leader cut his stomach open with a knife, took out the bead in his stomach that allowed him to use his magic powers, and collected a large bottle of Leann’s blood. The pirate leader had heard that pure blooded mermaids’ life force was very tenacious. Worried that he wouldn’t die even like this, he gave him a strong poison and then threw him into the sea.

When the pirate leader had robbed a ship a long time ago, he had found a book on the ship about pure blooded mermaids. The book had said that only pure blooded mermaids with beads had the power to summon the wind and rain, because the bead was the source of the magic. The pure blooded mermaid’s blood was the energy needed to activate the bead, and as long as you had a pure blooded mermaid’s bead and blood, with strong mind control, you could summon the wind and rain.

No one would believe the contents of this book were actually real. After reading it, the pirate leader had also thrown the book away, feeling like it was unlikely to be true. But when he came up with this plan for his son, he decided to believe in the book.

By the time the pirate leader finished all this, he himself only had one last breath remaining. He held Abby’s hand and told him that he had to live well later and be happy. Abby cried and promised that he would be the happiest man in the world, and then the pirate leader closed his eyes with peace of mind.

For pure blooded mermaids, the ocean represented endless power. Even though Leann was injured and poisoned and didn’t even have his bead, when he was thrown into the sea, it meant that he still had hope of survival.

Abby was taken back to the palace by Cory as a pure blooded mermaid. When Cory saw Abby for the first time, he was attracted by his beauty, and also felt that he had a faint sense of familiarity. Then he determined even more strongly that the two of them were destined to be together, and he was very fond of him.

Abby entered the palace with Leann’s bead and was soon asked to summon rain. He knew that he could not dodge this request, and if he refused, it would probably raise suspicions. Then the king might contact the king of the mermaid kingdom, which would expose him, so he pretended to not hesitate in agreeing to call the rain.

No one on land had ever seen a pure blooded mermaid call the rain, so no one thought it was strange when Abby held the bead covered in blood in his hands and seemed to be praying with great concentration.

At first everyone waited for a long time but the sky did not show any sign of change, and the original mood full of expectation slowly began to shift into boredom. Abby was also sweating. He thought of his father and the pirates who had died for him, and if he failed now, they would have all died in vain. His strong sense of despair and desire to be happy made him concentrate his thoughts, and he actually really activated the magic in the bead and summoned the rain.

After determining that Abby could summon the rain, the king soon married the two, and Abby officially became the princess. The king urged them to have a baby, but Abby was an artificial mermaid and thus had no ability to have children. So he began to build his own strength in the country, wanting to wait until the time was right and then he would pretend to be pregnant, then bring a child back from far away and pretend that he had given birth to him.

And Leann, who had sunk into the sea, certainly would not die so easily. He absorbed the energy from the sea and slumbered in the sea for a long time. It was only after his wound had slowly healed that he woke up.

Even though he had already woken up, he actually didn’t know how to return to the mermaid kingdom, so he could only swim ashore on his own and think of ways to complete his mission of marriage. After a lot of difficulty, he finally reached the Kingdom of Luasi, but when he heard that the prince had already married a pure blooded mermaid of the mermaid kingdom, he was very shocked and didn’t know what had happened.

When he tried to enter the palace and explain everything to the king and prince, he was beaten up as a madman by the gatekeepers of the palace and thrown out.

Leann was very confused and desperate. He didn’t know what to do—he couldn’t go back to the mermaid kingdom, he couldn’t go to the palace, and he didn’t even have his bead, so he couldn’t summon the rain to prove that he was the pure blooded mermaid.

Leann had nowhere to go, so he had been living in a cave in the outskirts. He thought that he might as well just go back to the sea, where he could live very well even by himself. But he was unwilling. He wanted to see who was impersonating him, wanted to know whether his bead was taken by that person, and more so wanted to get his bead back.

One day Cory took Abby to the countryside. Leann saw that there was a lot of people and wanted to hide, but a pure blooded mermaid’s eyesight and hearing were very good. When he heard those people calling Prince Cory’s name, he hesitated but still rushed over, wanting to explain everything to Cory.

Leann suddenly rushed over and was immediately stopped by the guards. In order to seize this opportunity, he ignored them and loudly called to Cory that he was the real pure blooded mermaid that was supposed to marry him. He said that he had encountered pirates at sea, and if he didn’t believe him, he could get into contact with the mermaid king to prove his innocence.

Abby had panicked. He didn’t think that the real pure blooded mermaid was still alive and had come to the door. He quickly thought about how to deal with this to muddle through the situation.

Cory and Abby were newlyweds and immersed in their new love, so how could he believe what a man who had suddenly appeared was saying. And he had personally seen Abby summon the rain, so how could it be fake. What’s more, as far as he knew, natural mermaids were particularly beautiful. Abby was so much better looking than the person in front of him, so wasn’t it clear who the pure blooded mermaid was?

Abby was very relieved when he saw that Cory had no doubts about himself but was instead very unhappy with Leann’s offense. Looking at the haggard and gaunt Leann, he thought of the images of his dead father and men. He turned the grief in his heart into hatred, and then placed it all on Leann’s head. He subconsciously suggested to himself that it was Leann’s fault, that he had killed his father and the uncles who had watched him grow up, and that he must avenge them.

Cory wanted to jail Leann for offenses against the royal family. Abby wanted to show his good side and falsely pleaded for Leann. The main reason was because Leann would be sent to prison, and right now his power wasn’t strong enough to extend there.

Abby told Cory that this man had most likely come to pretend to be a pure blooded mermaid in order to live a good life. They might as well satisfy him and send him to the artificial mermaid auction. They could let some wealthy people buy him, which would also be something good.

Cory had immediately followed Abby’s words. He knew that pure blooded mermaids were isolated from the world, and most of them had good, simple hearts. He didn’t want Abby to feel bad, so he didn’t hesitate to agree to Abby’s proposal.

Abby, who had already started to establish his power in the kingdom, commanded the first dog that he had recruited, McAnton, to buy Leann at the auction and then torture him.

In the previous world, Reibar and Downey hadn’t appeared. Leann had been bought back by McAnton, and Leann knew that he couldn’t escape, so rather than being tarnished by McAnton, he had ended his own life. He used a knife to cut up his own face and then stabbed himself in the neck, dying.

Leann had a deep hatred in his heart. He didn’t know what he had done wrong to warrant such torture. He hated the king who had sent him to get married just because he had received some benefits, hated the pirate who had poisoned himself, and hated even more Abby who had taken his bead, and that McAnton who wanted to tarnish and torture him. For Cory, even though he didn’t know whether he should hate him, he actually still hated him.

Jing Yang opened his eyes, and tears fell from the corners of his eyes. This was the emotion sparked by the hatred that Leann had left in his body. He could only soothe those emotions in his heart, and he would definitely repay them for him.

Right now the appearance and state of this body would be so poor, besides the loss of the bead, was also because that highly toxic poison still remained in his body. This was also because of the pure blooded mermaid’s special physique. If it had been an ordinary human getting poisoned with this, they would long have died. But with the physique of a pure blooded mermaid, even though it would make the toxin’s attack very slow, that didn’t mean that the poison wouldn’t attack him. So the removal of the poison was the most important thing now.

It was fortunate that the poison removal process would be very uncomfortable but the method was quite simple. For the moment it would be inconvenient to give himself medicine, so he would first use the system to force out a portion of the poison.


It was already time to go to bed, but Reibar had no intention of sleeping. He sat on the couch in his room in his dressing gown, swirling a glass of wine in his hand. As soon as he closed his eyes, those clear blue eyes would appear in his mind. He didn’t know what was happening to him. He wanted to see those eyes all the time, or else he would be troubled and restless.

He had never liked to be held back by anything. In those years at the border, he thought that his heart had already become numb from killing too many people. But it had actually moved because of a pair of eyes, it was really incredible. But this feeling didn’t make him disgusted, but actually gave him an unspoken sense of satisfaction.

He decided to follow his heart and do what his heart desired.

Reibar put down his glass, stood up and walked to the door, then he opened the door and went out. This series of actions seemed like he hadn’t done it himself, but rather he had been controlled by something else.

The guards and servants keeping vigil in the corridor saluted him when they saw Reibar in his dressing gown. He felt like he had been walking for a long time before finally arriving at his destination. This was the first time he had felt like the fact his castle was so large was a bad thing.

He opened the door and entered a small dark living room. Reibar didn’t turn on the light, going straight to the door of the bedroom. To his surprise, he was just standing at the door, but his mind and heart began to get excited when he thought of who was in the room.

Even though the bead had been taken away, Jing Yang’s body’s blood still had some of the magic force left behind by the bead. The system continuously enhanced the magic force, forcing out the toxins that had been incorporated into the blood. This was a really bitter process, and his entire body was covered in sweat.

Because all of his attention was on forcing out this poison, Jing Yang didn’t notice the person standing outside the room. Not to mention when he spewed out black and red blood from his mouth, the door of his room was opened from the outside.

Translator Notes:

[1] Leann – 勒恩, pinyin lei en

Random Notes:

About an hour: 1 pm – 2 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.6k words.

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    1. By the way, why are mermen referred to as mermaids? I’ve seen merperson and merfolk before, but isn’t “mermaids” a gender-specific term? Of course, if they can get pregnant, then maybe they’re actually female anyway? Or I suppose they could do it like male sea horses…

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      1. good point! i never thought about that when translating to mermaids. all “mermaids” in this world seem to be the same “gender,” and are able to give birth, so i guess i defaulted to mermaids. i’ll think about this more.

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  1. This is gonna take the route of the ‘Legend of the Holy Light’ arc, ain’t it? Except less battling against demons and more palace intrigue. I can’t tell if the Second Shitty Male Lead is gonna end up being a less shitty version of Louis from that arc or like Faith from the ‘Prince of Piano’ Arc, where he tries to win Leann over after he realizes the truth, although it’s unlikely since at that point it’d be pretty clear where he stands with regards of the royal succession, and also he probably would’ve been enough of an ass for that not to be a valid route of action. He’s probably gonna end the same as the both of them though, hating their Love Interest. Ahh, can’t wait for Abby’s downfall.

    Speaking of which, Abby’s probably gonna end up being like a less arrogant Avery in my personal opinion, heavily fixated on the SSML, and willing to kill for him. Will this involve him going yandere too? I hope not, because that would be boring, I want him to just fucking snap and hate Cory, because ultimately if it wasn’t for Corey and his fixation on him, his family, his father would be alive. That Pirate Captain is a piece of shit, but clearly he and his crew had a tight bond, and that must’ve extended to Abby. Imagine losing what was essentially all that you had, for a strange infatuation on someone who’ll (probably) abandon you, really, Abby needs to get his priorities straight. The hell.

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