CFCS Chapter 62

Chapter 62
Survival Games (Arc 5.9)

Back in his room, Jing Yang rolled around on his bed a few times in annoyance, just now that feeling of direct skin contact was really too real. He hadn’t even determined whether or not Qi Feng was his own lover, and he had already touched his butt, and even touched it while he was naked, and it was even he himself who had brought it upon himself!

What if Qi Feng wasn’t his own lover? Then wouldn’t he have gotten a big piece of tofu touched for no reason? When his own lover appeared, how would he face him ah? The key is that when he was touched he actually didn’t feel disgusted ah!!

Jing Yang suddenly sat up. He had decided, rather than just being confused by himself like this, he had to find the opportunity to confirm whether or not he was his lover. If he was, being touched a couple times, kissed a few times, or something else, would all not be a problem. But if he wasn’t, then he definitely needed to keep his distance from him and draw a line.

When he came to the cafeteria in the morning, they again bumped into the smoke squad, but today those people used somewhat different eyes to look at him. Previously it was disdain, but now it was dissatisfaction. The smoke squad people couldn’t figure out no matter how they thought why those people would be so powerful. The only possible explanation was that they had definitely smashed a lot of money in order to get their weapons to release so much power.

They felt that Ding Nuoyang had even more money than they had thought, or else he wouldn’t be able to ascend in levels so quickly. Plus the shield that he had launched yesterday proved that right now he was definitely already a senior alchemist.

So they all felt dissatisfied. We are all relying on ability, and only you all are relying on money, why do you have a higher chance of survival just because you have money.

Many teams had already reached the center of the Blood Monster Forest, but no team had started to attack. Everyone was watching, wanting to wait for other people to weaken the blood monster’s energy and then look for opportunities to attack. But right now everyone couldn’t afford to die, and the blood monster’s attacks at the beginning were the strongest. No one was willing to go act as cannon fodder to help other people get an advantage.

The battle to attack the Blood Monster King was based on a cumulative attack system, teams that injured the Blood Monster King more would receive more points, and the team that gave the king the fatal blow would not only receive higher points, but also receive the Blood Monster King’s treasure.

When A team arrived, they had already expected that the situation would be like this. Since everyone did not attack, they just directly went up.

Qi Feng gave the blood serum fruit to Dragon Seven, Solid, and Goose Over, and let those three serve as the side DPS, he himself would be the main DPS, and everyone else would cover them from within the shield.

When the smoke team members saw that the shield that Jing Yang deployed could actually even support the Blood Monster King’s attacks, their shock was no less than yesterday.

Easy Nobility clenched his teeth and looked at Jing Yang’s back, his vicious eyes were like invisible arrows. In his mind, he had already ripped Jing Yang to shreds countless times.

Everyone was waiting for A team to be beat back and seize the chance to rush in and attack, but the A team fought more and more bravely, and the Blood Monster King was obviously at a disadvantage. Their power was so strong that everyone else involuntarily became a little afraid, how could there be a team that would actually never be beat back under the Blood Monster King’s attacks.

If things went on like this, when the Blood Monster King was wiped out by the A team, they would all have made a trip here in vain.

Easy Nobility pulled Black Hawk aside and quietly whispered a few words to him. Black Hawk nodded, his eyes flashing a vicious light.

Black Hawk had raised a biting rat that could bite through any material, even making holes in shields. Easy Nobility had Black Hawk let out his biting rat to bite a hole in Jing Yang’s shield, and then Black Hawk could go in and kill Jing Yang. Then they could take advantage of this opportunity to take care of both the A team and the Blood Monster King.

This kind of sneak attack while other people were fighting would be condemned and despised by others, and any team that would do this kind of thing would also be ostracized by the other players. But Easy Nobility felt that now was a special period, and everyone was acting unscrupulously for their survival. Plus as long as they could kill off Nuoyang, even if others thought they were despicable it wouldn’t matter.

Jing Yang was observing which players needed more energy when he suddenly felt something unusual happening in his shield. He used his system to take a look and saw a biting rat gnawing on his shield. Jing Yang squinted his eyes, this was Black Hawk’s biting rat. He could basically guess what they wanted to do. Since you sent yourself up to the door to find death, then I will satisfy you.

Black Hawk practiced Bone Shrinking methods, and could drill through even tiny holes. Seeing that the biting rat had basically finished biting a hole, he smiled viciously and quickly drilled into Jing Yang’s shield, immediately firing a shot at the back of Jing Yang’s head.

Just as he was about to reveal a smile of success, that artillery shell suddenly stopped behind Jing Yang’s back. He still hadn’t understood what had happened when that shell had already been bounced back by the second layer of shield that Jing Yang opened.

Black Hawk quickly lay down on his back, and the shell thrillingly scraped right past his nose and flew out Jing Yang’s shield, a bloody mark appearing on his nose.

The other A team members found something wrong and immediately turned and pointed their weapons at Black Hawk.

The other smoke squad members all froze for a moment, they had also never thought that Black Hawk would suddenly enter another team’s shield. But right now Black Hawk was lying on the ground and aimed at by the opposing team, so they subconsciously also took out their weapons and pointed it at the other team.

Black Hawk came back to his senses with great difficulty, quickly standing up from the ground and taking out a weapon to aim at Jing Yang’s still turned back.

Jing Yang said to the other team members, “You all keep attacking, just give him to me.”

The other team members looked at each other and then according to Jing Yang’s words, turned to continue to cover for the team members still fighting against the Blood Monster King.

Jing Yang turned and walked toward Black Hawk. Black Hawk’s face was ferocious, continuously firing three shells at him, but they were all bounced back by the second shield layer that Jing Yang had unfurled.

Black Hawk had not understood just now why his own shell would have bounced back, but now seeing Jing Yang again unfurl that second shield layer, he finally revealed a disbelieving expression. Only the top alchemists were able to deploy two layers of shields, and even Easy Nobility wasn’t able to do it now.

The other smoke squad members were all as shocked as Black Hawk. Ding Nuoyang actually could expand two shield layers, how could that be possible?!

Jing Yang took out the weapon he had just created recently, the million thorn whip. On this whip there were 10 thousand thin venomous thorns, and as long as you were whipped once, the pain would be like having thousands of thorns piercing your heart. He actually wanted to see how many lashes Black Hawk could withstand.

Jing Yang viciously gave Black Hawk a lash of his whip.

“Ah!!” Black Hawk screamed bitterly in pain, he viciously looked at Jing Yang, pulled out his own best weapon and started to attack him.

Jing Yang lashed out again with his whip, raising Black Hawk into the air, and then forcefully smashing him to the ground.

Black Hawk immediately spit out a mouthful of blood, and before he could come to his senses, Jing Yang continuously quickly whipped his body. Those thorns pierced his flesh, so painful that he almost bit off his own tongue.

“Ah!! Ah!!” Black Hawk had no way to return fire, and could not dodge Jing Yang’s whipping. The pain like thorns in his heart made him scream and roll around wildly, his body and the ground dyed red by his blood.

“Stop it!” Dark Flame yelled at Jing Yang. “Nuoyang! Quickly stop!”

Jing Yang did not pay any attention to Dark Flame, continuing to whip Black Hawk. Black Hawk already had no more energy left to roll around, and could only lie there on the ground twitching. Every one of Jing Yang’s whips brought out a spurt of blood, this scene to everyone else looked completely brutal and bloody.

“Nuoyang! If you don’t stop your hand, don’t blame me for attacking you!” Dark Flame threatened Jing Yang with his weapon. “Quickly stop! Or else I will attack you!”

Black Hawk had continuously been spitting blood from his mouth. He used his last bit of strength to reach out to his teammates for help. “Save, save me…”

Dark Flame was flushed with anxiety, if he just watched his own teammate be whipped to death in front of his face, how could he maintain his status in his team? Nuoyang, why do you have to force me like this?

Just as Dark Flame was planning to attack, Easy Nobility had already started to attack before him, and the rest of the team immediately used their weapons to attack Jing Yang’s shield.

Jing Yang finally paused, he looked at those smoke squad team members, sneered in disdain, and then continued to whip Black Hawk.

The smoke team members attacked for a while but still failed to shake Jing Yang’s shield. Easy Nobility’s expression was extremely ugly, he had never thought that Jing Yang’s shield would be strong to this extent, and also guessed that Jing Yang had deliberately allowed the biting rat to bite a hole in his shield just now.

Black Hawk’s life bar appeared above his head, and he would die in the game as long as Jing Yang swung his whip again. Black Hawk looked at Jing Yang in horror, if he weren’t unable to speak right now, he would definitely open his mouth and beg for mercy, for Jing Yang to let him go. If he died, he would have no chance of returning to reality alive, and he didn’t want to die.

Jing Yang took his time giving him his last whip. The smoke squad members were still attacking his shield, and he paused and looked at them provocatively.

Dark Flame saw that Jing Yang had already stopped, and their attacking for half a day had been useless. So he let the team members stop attacking and started to negotiate with Jing Yang. “Nuoyang, if you beat him to death now, then you would really have killed somebody. At least previously you were teammates with him, is your heart really so vicious?”

“Ridiculous!” Jing Yang sneered. “Could it be that I invited him into my shield? What he wanted to do when coming in, you should all be very clear about ba. How? You only allow him to want to kill me, but don’t allow me to hit him back?”

“After all, he didn’t hurt you, you have already beaten him into this, do you really need to beat him to death?” Dark Flame said.

“Because I am not as generous as you all, I am just so vicious. If you have the ability then come and avenge him ah.” Jing Yang sarcastically returned, and after speaking he waved his whip and ended Black Hawk’s life in this game world.

Qi Feng and the rest had also just finished wiping out the Blood Monster King and received the King’s treasure. All of the team members surrounded Jing Yang.

Jing Yang took back his shield, and the smoke squad members all ran over to look at the bloodied Black Hawk. Easy Nobility looked at Jing Yang with an expression of grief, “You killed him! You actually killed him! You must pay for him today, all of our smoke squad members will definitely not let you go!”

Easy Nobility was not the least bit sad about Black Hawk’s death, him showing this appearance was because he was afraid in his heart. He had always felt that in this game world, Ding Nuoyang was just like an ant, and as long as he wanted, he could kill him off at any time.

But now Jing Yang had even killed Black Hawk, how could he not be afraid. He knew that now with his own ability, it would be very difficult to kill Jing Yang off, so he needed to use the anger of the entire team to allow the players to kill him together.

“I really did not think that you were actually this kind of person.” Dark Flame looked at Jing Yang furiously. “At least you have also stayed in our team before, you actually don’t have the least bit of affection?”

“I say, what are your brains made out of ah?” Goose Over came forward. “Your man snuck in while we were fighting against the Blood Monster King, and being killed is exactly what he deserves. Did you ever think about that bullshit affection when you killed other people? You’re actually asking people to do things that you can’t even do, your skin must be so thick that even shells can’t break it ba?”

“Ding Nuoyang! You must pay for Black Hawk today!” Easy Nobility took out his weapon and aimed at Jing Yang.

Jing Yang waved his whip and Easy Nobility screamed. His weapon fell to the ground, and a bloody mark immediately appeared on his hand. Jing Yang looked at him. “Don’t worry, it’s your turn next.”

Easy Nobility was shocked, covering his hand while endlessly furious in his heart. Remembering that scene just now of Black Hawk being whipped to death, he trembled in fear, afraid that he would also end up like Black Hawk.

“Nuoyang, I did not think that we would end up in this kind of situation. If you don’t recognize your own mistakes, and give all of us a confession, then from now on, we will completely have a clean break.” Dark Flame looked at Jing Yang with grief and anger.

Jing Yang coldly said, “Exactly what I want.”

“If you don’t admit your wrong, you must die!” Dark Flame raised his weapon and aimed at Jing Yang, and the rest of the smoke squad members also raised their weapons.

Qi Feng blocked Jing Yang behind himself and said to Dark Flame, “Stop with all the nonsense, directly start fighting! Aren’t you all very famous? Is your fame all relying on your mouth?”

When Dark Flame and Qi Feng faced each other, his momentum was obviously much less than Qi Feng’s. Qi Feng’s own momentum could suppress their entire team.

The A team members also raised their weapons. The smoke squad people had all seen how powerful their weapons were, and they immediately became timid. For the sake of an already dead Black Hawk, they were naturally unwilling to sacrifice their own lives. They also wanted to keep themselves alive and survive to get out of the game world.

Dark Flame looked back at the team members’ expressions, and also understood their thoughts. In fact, he and the rest of the team’s thoughts were the same, but just now it was more in order to show an appearance in front of the team members.

“Nuoyang, this is the last time I will leave you for our previous sentiment. When we meet again, we will be enemies.” Dark Flame spoke and turned, taking the team away.

Translator Notes:

[1] touched tofu – 摸走了一块大豆腐, basically slang for getting taken advantage of, usually just by feeling
[2] cumulative attack system – 抢攻制, almost literal translation, explained in the text
[3] side DPS – 副攻, basically people who still focus on DPS but not the main one
[4] ripped to shreds – 万箭穿心, idiom, literally means to have his heart pierced by thousands of arrows
[5] grief – 痛心疾首, idiom, bitter and hateful, grieving and lamenting
[6] have a clean break – 一刀两断, idiom, literally means single cut into two segments

Random Notes:

A bit over 1 hour: 10:30 am – 11:45 am, for 4.1k characters to 2.8k words. I’ve been translating here and there to attempt to keep up. We have like 4 chapters in storage now.

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