CFCS Chapter 85

Chapter 85
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.6)

Hearing a knock on his window, Jing Yang opened his eyes and looked outside. Sure enough, it was him.

He had just carefully thought a bit about who could buy such a car and then would follow him all the way. There weren’t many people who could afford this car, and since he was following him he definitely knew him. Just now when he was driving he didn’t close his window, so that person definitely saw that the person inside was him and then followed him. Besides this Mr. Fernelea, he couldn’t think of anyone else.

Jing Yang rolled down the car window and sat up. “You followed me all the way here, can I ask if there’s something? Mr. Fernelea?”

Regulus placed his hand on the car roof and leaned down to speak with him. “I especially went to find you at your home, and then happened to see you driving out, so I followed you.”

Jing Yang looked at his face, he didn’t seem like he was lying. He saw him walk around to the door on the other side, and after hesitating a bit, he still opened the door to let him sit.

Regulus looked at Jing Yang’s wary face and said. “You seem to still be cautious against me.”

“Because I can tell that you have some sort of bad intentions for me.” Jing Yang directly said.

Regulus smiled, and then very seriously looked at him. “I admit that I do have some intentions toward you, but you can rest assured that I won’t force you to do anything you aren’t willing to do.”

“Then can I ask what matter made you personally come to find me at home and then follow me?” Jing Yang felt that he was also being too careful. This person gave him the feeling of being quite a decent gentleman, and since he wouldn’t make things difficult for him, his expression relaxed somewhat.

Regulus took out a beautiful invitation from his pocket and handed it to Jing Yang.

After he took it, Jing Yang opened it. “Fernelea group lifetime endorsement model selection competition?”

Seeing Arthur Yang’s name written on the invitation letter, Jing Yang turned to look at Regulus, and then looked back at the invitation. “The Fernelea group is going to choose a lifetime endorsement model? Why?”

“No reason, I want to choose such a person, so I just organized a competition.” Regulus said very casually.

Jing Yang was very speechless about this reason, and seeing the large bonus written on the letter, he thought, okay, you have money so you can be free-willed. According to what he learned from the system, there was no such competition in the previous world, but suddenly this competition appeared. But this was also a good opportunity for him. “How many models receive invitations?”

“I don’t know, I’m only responsible for your invitation. The other invited models were selected and invited by the team organizing the competition.”

Jing Yang was speechless again. “This little thing actually bothering Mr. Fernelea to personally do, I’m really flattered.”

“Then invite me to dinner.” Regulus said. “I even personally came to send you an invitation, so it should be fine to invite me to dinner as compensation, right? But if you don’t want to, I won’t force you to invite me.”

This guy was really…he already said it to this point, if he still insisted on refusing to eat with him, that would really be too petty, and really lacking manners.

Jing Yang turned his head to look at him just as Regulus also turned to look at him. The two people’s eyes met, and Jing Yang’s heartbeat missed a beat. That familiar feeling once again hit his heart and then quickly disappeared, making Jing Yang stunned.

Regulus saw Jing Yang’s daze and didn’t go to wake him, just looking in his eyes like this, feeling that in those eyes there was something attracting him.

Jing Yang suddenly came out of his daze and turned his gaze back to the front. His heart beat faster, thinking in his heart, could it be that he was his own lover?

He turned to meet Regulus’s eyes again, but that familiar feeling did not reappear. How could it be like this? Sensing from the eyes was really too unreliable, sometimes it would happen and sometimes not. But this at least proved that there was a very high probability that he would be his lover.

Seeing Regulus’s face enlarge in his eyes, Jing Yang stared at him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I feel like I seem to have heard your heartbeat, and I wanted to confirm whether or not I was right.” Regulus made an appearance like he was listening.

Jing Yang blushed and immediately changed the topic. “Didn’t you want me to invite you to dinner? What would you like to eat?”

“Anything is fine, as long as I look at you I have a big appetite, and can eat anything.” Regulus sat back in his seat.

Jing Yang started the car and cast him a glance. This guy was really too much of a tease.


When the news of the Fernelea group choosing a model to be the entire group’s lifelong spokesperson came out, the people in the modeling circle were all in an uproar. Being selected was equivalent to sleeping on a gold pillow, not only free of worries but also living in a luxurious dream for the rest of their life.

All of the models were praying with their entire hearts in hope that they could receive an invitation to the competition.

In the end, only a dozen male models received invitations, and there were none that were supermodels. In other words, one of the benefits of being a lifelong spokesperson for Fernelea was being able to become a top supermodel. The models who received the invitations were so excited that they couldn’t sleep, and those who didn’t receive an invitation couldn’t sleep from sorrow. So for a period of time, a lot of people in the modeling circle lost sleep.

Dilumo waited for two days in anxiety, and the moment the invitation fell in his hands, he seemed to see the light of hope shining in his hands, almost sobbing from joy.

He must seize this opportunity and become the Fernelea group’s lifelong spokesperson in any way. As long as he signed a contract with the Fernelea group, he could represent the image of the entire Fernelea group. Then all the problems he now faced would no longer be problems. With the strength of the Fernelea group, it would be very simple to help him solve them.

More then that, once he became the spokesperson for the Fernelea group, he could directly become a top supermodel, and he could choose from any of the company’s products to shoot ads. Then where would he need to audition as bitterly as he had to now, and work hard to accumulate big brand advertising and modeling, all just to step into the supermodel level.

Before the official start of the competition, the Fernelea group would hold a press conference, and the chairman Regulus Fernelea would also attend.

On the day of the press conference, more than a dozen models who had received the invitation were all dressed up to attend. As they waited in the lounge, they seemed to warmly greet each other, but were actually wondering what to do to sit in the seat closest to Regulus.

Dilumo saw Jing Yang, and gloom flashed in his eyes.

There were cameras in the lounge, so every model would show their most decent side, and Dilumo was no exception.

He walked to the front of Jing Yang with a very decent smile and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “I didn’t expect that even you would be able to receive an invitation, you are really lucky enough, but you seem to have no self-knowledge, actually really coming to participate. I kindly advise you, quit quickly before you lose face, or you will regret coming to this competition.”

Such a clumsy provocation, if it was normally, Jing Yang would not even look at him. Wasn’t Dilumo’s purpose just to get him angry and see him make a mistake in front of the camera? How could he let him succeed.

With a gentle smile on his face, Jing Yang said, “The news fraud matter had a big impact on you, right? Wanting to become the Fernelea group’s lifelong spokesperson to rid yourself of it, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to succeed.”

Dilumo’s face showed a crack on his mask, and he almost revealed his true face. He felt shock and anger in his heart. He felt that with Arthur Yang’s character and IQ, it would be easy for him to be angered, and didn’t think that he would actually be hit back. He originally thought that the fake news matter was done by the New Era media to bring down Hengfeng media, and they only published those things after seizing some evidence. Now hearing the meaning of his words, this matter definitely had something to do with him.

The hatred in Dilumo’s heart was even more intense. This debt he would write down, and he would definitely find him to get revenge!

When the press conference was about to began, almost all of the models couldn’t sit still, standing up and intentionally or unintentionally walking around the entrance.

When the staff came to let them go up, they saw a group of people quickly flocking to the door. Those working at Fernelea were not only well trained but had also experienced all kinds of scenes, so in the face of the rushing models, they said very calmly, “We have already arranged the seats, please take your seat according to the names on the seats.”

After hearing these words, all of the models immediately slowed down, walking out calmly and elegantly. The expressions on their faces didn’t change at all, as if those people rushing to go out just now were not them.

Usually, when a press conference was held, a photo would first be taken, and then the staff would move out sofas and chairs and let them sit down for interviews. The photo position and seating position was also arranged according to seniority and popularity, and they would consciously stand in their own positions. If unpopular or junior models actually went to stand in the middle, they would be berated by everyone.

But the situation this time was that all of the models were all now currently popular models, and none were particularly senior or supermodels. Then their position would only rely on their skill. But this time the organizers had changed the process, the interviews would be first and then the photo after, and unlike in the past, the seats all had names on them.

Dilumo went straight to the middle of he stage, but when he saw that the sofa next to Regulus had Arthur Yang’s name on it, he nibbled his lips and then walked over as if nothing had happened and sat down.

As soon as Dilumo sat down, a staff member came up to him and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Dilumo, you sat in the wrong position.”

Dilumo was stunned for moment, he did not think that the staff would go see if they had sat in the wrong position. He pretended to be puzzled, looked back at the name on the seat, and then smiled and said, “Sorry, that was my mistake.”

He stood up but didn’t see his name until he reached the very end, and the expression on his face finally broke down for a couple seconds. After he sat down, he was absolutely furious. Why could Arthur Yang sit in the very middle, yet he was arranged to the end.

After all of the models took their seats, Regulus took to the stage. All of the models stood up again, and after he sat down, they again sat back down.

All of the cameras were facing the center. Dilumo was sitting at the very edge, and not only were there no cameras dedicated to facing him, there were not even any reporters directing any questions to him. He was not convinced, but he could only forcefully suppress his emotions. At this time, he could not show the least bit of dissatisfaction.

Regulus had rarely come into the public eye in the recent years and had basically taken no interviews, so the journalists certainly didn’t want to miss this opportunity, and all the cameras were always pointing at him. Even though these models were popular, they could interview them at any time, so even when they were interviewing those models, the camera would be unwilling to move away from Regulus. So the reporters would specifically ask more questions from the models sitting near Regulus.

Jing Yang was sitting right next to Regulus and had already been asked many questions. All of his answers were very official, so the reporters could not find the slightest crack in them.

After the interviews, everyone stood up to take the picture. This instant was the time for the models to shine. Their standing position and posture were the specialities of the models, and they also had to do them very naturally. Even the reporters right below the stage could not see from their smiles and postures the silent battle behind those backs.

As soon as Jing Yang stood up, Regulus put his hand on his back to prevent him from getting pushed around.

Naturally no model dared to squeeze Regulus, and Regulus had always been standing near Jing Yang, so no one could squeeze him either.

Jing Yang could feel Regulus’s big palm on his back. He knew that he was deliberately protecting himself, and him being able to sit in the very middle with his current situation, it was impossible for the staff to have arranged it. The defenses and resistance against him in his heart had already been removed, and now he was only looking for a chance to confirm whether or not Regulus was his lover.

Translator Notes:

[1] bad intentions – 居心不良, idiom, meaning harboring bad intentions
[2] free of worries – 高枕无忧, idiom, means to sleep peacefully, rest easy

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9:45 am – 10:45 am, for 3.8k characters to 2.4k words.

When I was translating this two days ago, I got a notification that it was my anniversary on this site. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I started this venture out of boredom and procrastination. I hope that my translations have been readable and everyone has been enjoying CFCS and/or 100kV! Thank you for reading 🙂

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