100kV Chapter 87

Chapter 87
International Team

Global Terrorist Attacks

Xue Yongchang waited until everyone finished reading the detailed report, and then gestured: “Xingguo, you can continue.”

Zheng Xingguo nodded. Hearing that, the staff member Li Shaoyuan sitting next to him immediately pressed a key on the computer and the image projected on the screen suddenly changed.

Ye Wenxuan sat up straight and looked at the screen. It was all information that had not been revealed in the news previously.

Zheng Xingguo explained: “You have all seen the first three incidents on TV. The next five cases occurred in Bern, Switzerland; London, England; Berlin, Germany; and New York and Houston in America. Two of them were shootings, and the remaining three involved bombings in well-known areas or busy areas. But before they could be implemented successfully, local police had already suppressed them, preventing the media from exposing them.”

“These five cases were attempted crimes, with some injured but no deaths. So unlike the incidents in Munich and Seoul, there was not a large impact. The local police wanted to be able to track the suspects down so they suppressed the case and did not let the media aggressively report on them.”

Next to Ye Wenxuan was Zhong Lei, who knew about the most recent case uncovered in S City. After hearing that, he muttered: “Deputy team leader, that case from last month…”

Zheng Xingguo held up a hand and Zhong Lei stopped talking.

Li Shaoyuan tapped on the space bar again and the powerpoint on the screen turned to the next slide.

[March 9th, Paris, France: subway bombing.]

[March 11th, Munich, Germany: car crash in Maria Square.]

[March 13th, Seoul, South Korea: bombing at Incheon International Airport.]

 [March 13th, Bern, Switzerland: shooting at Federation Square (attempted).]

[March 14th, Manhattan, New York, USA: bombing on Wall Street (attempted).]

[March 15th, Houston, USA: bombing at the NASA Johnson Space Center (attempted).]

[March 16th, Berlin, Germany: shooting near the Reichstag building (attempted).]

[March 20th, London, England: bombing at the Westminster Abbey (attempted).]

Such a long list of cases appeared, and the crowd remained silent.

Zheng Xingguo tapped on the table and opened his mouth to break the silence: “What thoughts do you have?”

Ye Wenxuan looked around and found that everyone had heavy expressions, but none of them were the first to express their views.

It was still Zhong Lei sitting next to him who was the first to speak.

“Organized and planned, focused on finding places with large numbers of people, acting by installing bombs, car ramming, and gunfights.” Zhong Lei frowned and slowly said: “These movements, 9 out of 10, have the shadow of an extremist terrorist organization behind them.”

Li Shaoyuan nodded at the side: “The three cases that have already been released to the public were all posted online by terrorist organizations claiming responsibility for the incident.”

Su Runan, the furthest away from him, asked: “That one in Seoul also had some organization claiming to have done it?”

Zheng Xingguo nodded and Li Shaoyuan said: “They released a video this morning, the media have not broadcasted it yet.” Then he spoke the name of a terrorist organization.

Ding Yu leaned back in his chair: “Three incidents, but the organizations manipulating them were not the same?”

Zheng Xingguo: “That’s right. Even though the first and third incidents looked very similar, they were not planned by the same terrorist organization.”

A man with a buzzcut sitting next to Ye Wenxuan sneered: “What, this year crime is becoming popular?”

This person’s name was Wang Heyun. His face and body all looked very aggressive, and he looked like he was a very violent hooligan. But in fact it was because he had stayed undercover in gangs for too long, so he could not really go back to being a normal person.

Every time Wang Heyun spoke, Zheng Xingguo and Xue Yongchang would look over at him, and they would subconsciously take on a more benevolent facial expression, as if they wanted to encourage him to become a man again.

But Zheng Xingguo did not pay attention to him this time, continuing: “In addition to these incidents, I have to add 3 more.”

“The evening of February 18th, Xie Shengrong of S city in China received a wire report, and three days after that, bombs were deliberately planted in many parts of S city.”

Ye Wenxuan thought: sure enough, it’s here.

“March 5th, Scotland Yard received a report that bombs would be set up at the British Museum in the evening. After a local police investigation, items suspected to be bombs were indeed found near the museum, but it was later proved to be a false alarm.”

“And then,” Zheng Xingguo pulled out a cell phone and threw it onto the table, saying coldly: “This morning, one of our informants got information that a day later, someone will plant at least 10 bombs somewhere in city B.”

Everyone present sat up straight.

Zhong Lei was the first to ask: “Our informant? Who?”

Ding Yu also asked: “Somewhere in city B…is there a more specific location?”

“Wait,” Ye Wenxuan interjected: “I feel like it’s a little weird, why are there always informants reporting for all of these?”

Qin Nianwei answered him: “Each country has many channels for these, this shouldn’t be anything.”

“No, there is a problem.” Zheng Xingguo tapped on the screen of the cell phone: “And the problem here is very big.”

Qin Nianwei didn’t think that there really was a problem and was stunned: “The informant is suspicious?”

This time Zheng Xingguo did not answer him first, but said a few codenames of informants, and then responded to Ding Yu’s question: “They only said city B, very vague, no specific location.”

Zheng Xingguo: “If we had received that kind of information in the past, it may not be enough to attract our attention. We would at most strengthen our police force and security checks. But…now, we have no choice but to be cautious.”

He said faintly: “For all of the incidents that have been broadcasted as well as the ones that were attempted, before the crime happened, the police forces all received similar wire reports.”

Here, he looked at Xue Yongchang next to him. The other person nodded: “We contacted the British, French, German, American, and Korean police. Even though they didn’t really want to provide details, based on the fact that the bombings are very likely to be linked to each other, they finally compromised.”

Xue Yongchang: “A few days ago, ministers from the five countries held a joint meeting and decided to establish an international counter-terrorism team to share information on the investigation of recent relevant cases, and make every effort to catch the criminal.”

Zheng Xingguo added: “The team is being formed to help the participating teams, which was a prerequisite for both sides to provide information.”

Everyone nodded, and only Wang Heyun huffed as if in disdain.

“Let’s go over now some context for the nearly ten incidents.”

Li Shaoyuan changed the slide on the screen again.

The crowd discovered to their surprise that it was a set of weather maps.

Only Ye Wenxuan sat there and his fingers trembled slightly, gradually having a bad feeling.

“This is a weather report from February 19th to March 20th near the location of the crimes.”

Wang Heyun: “Ai, why the fuck are we looking at these!”

He Shun: “Aiya, Wang ge, you shouldn’t curse first, maybe this criminal gang particularly likes sunny days. As long as there’s the sun their mood would be particularly good, blowing up one person with each bullet ah…”

Zhong Lei casually grabbed a gel pen on the table and waved his arm, slamming it into his forehead: “Stop BB’ing for lao zi.”

He Shun held his head on the table and didn’t dare to talk any longer.

Cao Liyan, sitting to the left of Ye Wenxuan, smiled and tried to ease the awkward atmosphere: “I actually think that this group of terrorists may really have a particular obsession for sunny days?”

He pointed at the screen: “You all look. There were two cases in the United States and Britain, neither of which were successful. They were both on rainy days.”

Qin Nianwei followed: “I have a few comrades living in the US. There was a recent hurricane and it was raining in a bunch of cities. Didn’t the news say that a tall building in New York was almost struck by lightning?”

“No matter whether success or failure, as long as it was sunny they would not continue, but if they failed, and they just happened to encounter a thunderstorm…” Ding Yu looked at the screen and then at the cell phone Zheng Xingguo threw onto the table, muttering: “If it happened to be rainy, then there would be a second attack, and the police would be informed in advance.”

A colleague sitting across from him said: “I don’t think there’s any basis for this, it is probably purely our imagination.”

“But this situation already happened three times.”

“Could just be a coincidence.”

“The most likely reason is that these terrorist groups are allied. I think that they may be building a global coalition of terrorist activities, and if that’s the case, it’s really…a big problem.”

Zheng Xingguo frowned and nodded: “That is actually quite likely.”

Zhong Lei: “But…I still feel like besides that there are other reasons.”

“This series of operations is not very much like a normal terrorist attack. This group of people seems to be trying to identify a certain something around the world, and then to gradually narrow the scope of the search.” Zhong Lei calmly stated: “Rainy days may be the key point here.”

The colleague sitting across from him retorted: “You pay too much attention to the weather, the rainy weather may just be a cover.”

“But what if it’s not?”

“The odds are seriously small.” The colleague suddenly asked helplessly: “Hey, I say, lao Zhong, do you just want to quarrel with me?”

Zhong Lei said sincerely: “No, I am discussing seriously with you.”

Colleague: “…I thank you for that.”

Ding Yu sat next to him, his mouth twitching to try to suppress a smile.

Zhong Lei glanced at him and then said: “So we probably need more information to confirm whether there is a real link between them.”

Zheng Xingguo listened to their analysis in silence, and said at this time: “There is another possibility.”

“They want to find a secret weapon, or person, that can create lightning.”

There was a brief silence in the conference room.

The gears in Cao Liyan’s brain turned for a bit, and then he subconsciously turned to look at the colleague sitting on his right.

The other reacted in the same way.

Ye Wenxuan had fallen silent once he saw the weather report. He just sat in his seat and listened quietly for a while, only sighing when Zheng Xingguo looked at him.

“B city received a report warning of an attack, mostly because when I was in city S, I implemented a full day of thunderstorms and heavy rain.” Ye Wenxuan had a solemn expression, looking between Zheng Xingguo and Xue Yongchang: “It’s not that I’m trying to be unduly humble, but there’s no way…that these people are trying to find me using this method, right?”

“But this also isn’t right.” Qin Nianwei stepped in: “Deputy captain, didn’t you say that the terrorist organizations behind these cases weren’t the same? Then it’s not possible for them to all have the same motive!”

Another colleague also shook his head: “I also think that this is very unlikely.”

“Every terrorist organization has very different beliefs unless they have a vassal relationship or are allied for their own benefit.” The colleague who was contesting Zhong Lei earlier rubbed his chin and pondered: “But the premise of this statement is that they have an incentive to work together.”

Zhong Lei: “There is indeed a very readily accessible incentive.”

Ding Yu followed: “To be clear, what is related to Ye Wenxuan is related to superhumans or superpowers. Does everyone remember the report in Issera that comrade Xu Shan gave to General Feng last year?”

Ye Wenxuan: “SP Institute.”

Zhong Lei: “Super warrior reagent.”

The two people looked at each other, and Zhong Lei nodded: “SP Institute.”

Cao Liyan looked at both of them: “So, there are people behind these terrorist organizations. SP Institute is the final culprit?”

Zheng Xingguo: “This matter still has not been decided. Whether it is related to superhumans or just a simple terrorist attack, everything has to wait for further news.”

“Fuck.” Wang Heyun cursed: “Wait wait wait, if we wait any longer, B city is gonna be bombed.”

Su Runan raised his hand to ask: “So our top priority right now is to ensure that tomorrow is a sunny day?”

Everyone: “…” Even though this is a very serious matter, inexplicably feel like laughing.

Zheng Xingguo did not laugh, deepening his voice: “Right now, the urgent task is to cooperate with public security and increase the security level in B city.” Immediately after, he began to give tasks to everyone present.

There were dozens of team members in B city. Zheng Xingguo called out each person’s name and then assigned them a task.

Time passed. There were fewer and fewer people in the meeting room, until He Shun and Li Shaoyuan had also left. Ye Wenxuan moved slightly in his seat.

“That, deputy captain.” He looked at the door that just closed and licked his lips: “What do I need to do?”

Zheng Xingguo and Xue Yongchang looked at him.

Ye Wenxuan suddenly felt that he may be playing a pivotal role at the heart of this mission.

He looked brightly at the two leaders.

Only to hear Xue Yongchang say: “Xiao Ye ah, your investigation ability is a little worse than those people. Plus you still have the task of watching over the supersonic and prophet superhumans, so this time we did not plan for you go help them.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…ah?”

“This time, there is a certain possibility that the other side is going for a superhuman who can control electricity or water. Xingguo called you over for this only to let you listen to this news and increase your vigilance.” Xue Yongchang sighed: “That matter last month, Xingguo was too reckless.”

Zheng Xingguo nodded: “En, I will write a review to give you.”

Xue Yongchang immediately waved his hand: “Give it straight to lao Luo, my eyes are bad.”

Zheng Xingguo: “Understood.”

Xue Yongchang then said to Ye Wenxuan: “Xiao Ye, don’t worry, this isn’t a big deal. We have so many people on our counter-terrorism operations team and in the Ministry of Public Security. Would we still be afraid of some small terrorist organization?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…It seems like this terrorist organization…isn’t very small?”

Xue Yongchang waved his hand: “For a superhuman, it’s small.”

“Your task is only one, don’t use your ability during this time.” Xue Yongchang smiled: “I heard that once you’re drunk you can strike 9981 lightning bolts? After going home, write a few more notes to yourself and stick them to your fridge and cabinets. You cannot drink over the next months. If someone tries to give you alcohol, have them come to me.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” This was not quite what he expected?

He really never thought that things would move in this direction, Ye Wenxuan almost vomited blood.

Others were given investigation, undercover, or patrol tasks. When it came to him, he only had two tasks: one, he could not thunder, and two, he could not get drunk and thunder.

What’s the difference between these two?!

Isn’t it all about the thunder!

Ye Wenxuan did not dare to object, and only replied with grievance: “Captain Xue, I understand.”

Then he left the conference room in grievance.

The two leaders watched him leave. Xue Yongchang couldn’t help but lean over and whisper: “Xingguo ah, am I bullying a child? Xiao Ye this kid is not happy ah, he could hang a jug from that mouth.”

Zheng Xingguo took back the phone on the table and said: “Not letting him participate in this case is also a form of protection for him. Whether or not in the end it’s related to the SP Institute, Ye Wenxuan’s experience is really too shallow. It is really not suitable for him to follow a bunch of plainclothes everywhere to catch criminals.”

Xue Yongchang sighed: “I’m afraid that this really involves the SP Institute.”

Zheng Xingguo scoffed: “If they dare come, they must be ready not to go back.”

“Lao Luo also has this intention.” Xue Yongchang squinted slightly and touched the Buddha bead bracelet on his wrist: “Those who harm us, no matter how far…”

“Must be punished.”

the author has something to say:

america has a hurricane, then why is it also raining in england?

answer: because someone went to a concert [doge]

## the little shou who is a salted fish without thunder ##

Prepared to do a big task, but ended up not getting any work.

Ye Wenxuan: “…Didn’t you say you wanted me to become the ‘captain of China’, laozi’s play has been robbed by my colleagues?!”

Xue Yongchang: “Keep yourself in control! Don’t thunder!”

Zheng Xingguo: “Don’t thunder!”

Colleagues: “Don’t thunder!”

Ye Wenxuan wept and hugged Xing Yuan: “They’re bullying superhumans ah! If I can’t thunder what use does lao zi have?”

Xing Yuan held up a box of condoms and smiled: “It’s all right, you can thunder with me.”

Random Notes:

Took 1.5 hours: 2:30 pm – 4 pm, for 4.8k characters to 2.8k words

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