CFCS Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Gourmet Food Heir (Arc 1.10)

“Boss, there’s flowers for you again.” The waiter carried over a large bouquet of white roses, bringing it over to Jing Yang’s lounge.

Jing Yang took over the flowers and took out the card inside. After opening it to take a look, he smiled. Recently Zhao Bocheng would let people send over 99 white roses every day, and then on the card personally write a short love note. He was openly pursuing him.

Jing Yang had gone through over a thousand worlds, yet had never experienced before what it felt like to love a person, and before actually it was not that there were no people pursuing him, there were both men and women, but those people’s pursuit would only let him feel repulsed.

Zhao Bocheng was the only one who openly pursued him, and actually did not make him feel annoyed. Then since his heart did not conflict with the other person, he decided to let nature take its course. Because he had never loved before, so he also wasn’t clear what his feelings toward Zhao Bocheng really were, and in the end whether or not his feelings were considered love. But he was not tangled up on this, everything would just go along with his heart’s intentions.

And he had been alone for so many worlds, he also wanted to experience for a time the feeling of love and of having someone to accompany you.

There were many media reporters wanting to ask Jing Yang what the truth was, but Jing Yang always didn’t speak out, and Zheng Jianlin’s side kept speaking more and more. The quarreling online also became increasingly intense, the matter of Zheng Junming being a bastard was again mentioned.

——“Is he wrong for being an illegitimate child? There is no person who can choose their own birth. If he could have chosen, don’t tell me that he would wish that he would be born as an illegitimate child?”

——“Being an illegitimate child is not his fault, then it would still be his parents’ fault ba, his mother forced the other person’s original wife to become depressed to the point of suicide. He even said that the other person’s original wife didn’t treat him well enough, could the original wife have been able to treat the son of her own husband and his lover like her own son ma?”

——“Was it other people who forced her to die? Obviously it was her who insisted on forcing others to marry her, and refused to divorce regardless of life or death. But love cannot be forced, obviously it was her forcing herself, you can’t blame others.”

——“If there’s nothing wrong with the illegitimate child, then marrying and then having a child would be wrong ma? Occupying someone else’s house and stubbornly refusing to leave, their face skin is really thick enough.”

——“That’s right, their family of three isn’t surnamed Lu, what’s going on with them living in the Lu home? Zheng Jianlin said that he bitterly supported the Lu family business for so many years, but the restaurants that had formerly belonged to the Lu family, now were all changed to become his. And Lu Jingyu also didn’t say that he wanted them back, now the Lu family restaurants were all opened by himself. You even seized his ancestral residence, that’s too inexcusable.”

——“I also feel that they shouldn’t live in the Lu home. Zheng Jianlin said that Lu Jingyu himself was unwilling to return home, but you think about it, his own mother committed suicide, then his father immediately married back his lover, and then add on that they even have an illegitimate child, so only they are a proper family. If it were me, I would also not be able to stay in that house.”

——“Can we please not keep saying ‘illegitimate child’ every sentence? Other people’s parents have long already married, so he early on already no longer had the identity of being an illegitimate child. It’s just you all refusing to let it go, is that interesting? Love makes no mistakes, those days of when his parents obviously were in love yet couldn’t be together, have you all thought how he felt? Lu Xuexian felt uncomfortable when she looked at him, wouldn’t he also have felt uncomfortable when he saw Lu Xuexian?”

Just when the online discussions were clamoring, Jing Yang added some fire. He published a video, taken when Zheng Jianlin and Lu Xuexian were getting married. This video had all along been locked up for many years by Lu Xuexian in a safe to collect, and that day when Jing Yang went back to retrieve some things, he had also brought this out.

In the video, Zheng Jianlin was confessing to Lu Xuexian with deep emotion, kneeling on one knee to help her put on her ring, saying that he would love her for his entire life. Lu Xuexian was moved to tears, Zheng Jianlin also restrained his tears and emotionally kissed her.

There was also a video of the two of them having tea with Lu Deyuan. Lu Deyuan said: even though at the beginning I did not agree to you two being together, but over these past several years I have observed you, and you could be considered to have made much progress. I hope that you will never forget the promise that you had made to me when you were seeking for Xuexian’s marriage. I hope that you can forever cherish and protect her, help her support the family, and not waste the painstaking effort I had taken to guide you.

At the end of the video, Jing Yang left a note: This is my last time requesting you, my father, I request that you personally say the truth, as long as you admit that you had slandered my grandfather and mother, then everything can disappear. And the other matters, I can act as if they never happened, but if you obstinately persist on not speaking the truth, I will make everything public.

——“Didn’t Zheng Jianlin say that he only married Lu Xuexian because he was forced without a choice? Then the image of him confessing with such emotion in the video, and the image of him promising in front of Lu Deyuan, were you also forced to shoot them by the father and daughter? Then I can only say that the Oscars are just missing your little gold man.”

——“Didn’t he say that he had never loved Lu Xuexian before? Then you still expressed such deep emotions, and in your extramarital affair you even had a mistress. And then you still even made false accusations against your original wife, this is simply a slag man!”

——“No matter for what reason Zheng Jianlin married Lu Xuexian, please first take your mistress and that illegitimate child and roll from the Lu home okay?”

——“Directly publish the entire truth ba, such a slag man who changes affections so quickly, you really can’t count on him to have half a conscience for his original wife.”

——“That’s right, just directly publish the truth!”

——“In favor of publishing the truth!”

Even though there were many people online requesting that Jing Yang directly publish the actual facts, he again fell silent and didn’t make any kind of response, because the time had not yet come.

And after the video was published, Zheng Jianlin for some time also couldn’t find something to say to justify himself. He could only persist in saying that he only married Lu Xuexian because he was forced helpless, he never loved her, and he still rigidly insisted on not leaving the Lu house.

Jing Yang was napping on the chaise in his lounge when he heard someone open the door and enter. He also didn’t open his eyes, he was already familiar with the sound of the footsteps, he knew who it was without even needing to look.

Until a large palm held his ankle, slowly touched up across his silk trousers, and almost reached his forbidden area, Jing Yang finally opened his eyes and looked at him. “What do you want to do?”

Zhao Bocheng’s hand lightly slid past somewhere and directly touched his face, he came close to look down at him, “What do you think I want to do?”

“You want to behave like a rogue?”

“I’ve pursued you for this long, yet you didn’t give me any response. It looks like I can only use force.” Zhao Bocheng’s thumb rubbed his lip.

“Oh?” Jing Yang smiled. “How are you going to use force? I have not yet been forced by anyone, you can try it and see, let me experience what it feels like. But if your skill is no good and lets me be unsatisfied, I will resist oh.”

“You won’t have the chance to resist.” Zhao Bocheng pressed on Jing Yang, and after he sucked his lips for a while, he extended his tongue into his mouth…

When Jing Yang was entangling with his tongue, for a split second he had the feeling of having his soul being sucked away. This kind of feeling let him become inexplicably excited, he lifted his arm and hooked his shoulder, wanting to go even closer.

Knocking came from outside, sounding pretty impatient.

“Bro, are you inside?” Chen Rui originally wanted to directly open the door to enter, but he actually found out that he couldn’t open it, so he could only call out.

Jing Yang pushed Zhao Bocheng away, and then responded, “I’m here.” He took several deep breaths and evened his breathing with great difficulty. He looked over at the two tightly closed decoratively carved wooden doors, when Zhao Bocheng was entering the room, he actually locked the doors. But good thing he had locked them, otherwise this scene would have been like a couple being caught in the act on the bed.

Jing Yang stood up and fixed his clothes, then quickly walked over to open the door for Chen Rui. “What matter happened for you to be so concerned.”

“Some people came to cause trouble.” Chen Rui said with an impatient expression.

“Who came to cause trouble?” Jing Yang frowned.

“That young master from the Qian family, Qian Xiang, he brought a gang of his friends over, and insisted on you personally going over to give him a cooking performance.”

“Qian Xiang?” Jing Yang turned his head to glance at the Zhao Bocheng who was leisurely reclining on the chaise, and then turned back around to say to Chen Rui, “You go over first and say that I’ll be there in a bit. Oh right, help me bring over a rolling pin from the kitchen, I want the largest and longest one.”

“Rolling pin?” Chen Rui looked at him with a face full of bewilderment.

“Go, go.” Jing Yang pushed him and closed the door.

“Your cousin wants me to sell my skill, do you have any thoughts?” Jing Yang walked toward Zhao Bocheng.

Zhao Bocheng tugged him to sit on his lap and pinched his chin. “I’ll go help you solve that smelly kid, but how will you repay me?”

“How do you want me to repay you?”

“How about, I’ll be the knight in shining armor, and you’ll give your heart to me?”

Jing Yang coldly smiled. “Your family really has no good things, your cousin is forcing me to sell my art, and you want me to force me to sell my body.”

Zhao Bocheng’s lips fit against his. “It’s also fine for me to sell my body to you, as long as you give renumeration, how about I allow you to order me around?”

Jing Yang pushed him away and stood up. “You first take away your cousin, if he really makes noise and causes trouble for the other guests, then you don’t ever want to set foot in my restaurant again.”

Jing Yang was wearing from top to bottom white silk clothing with dark embroidery, this increasingly set off his unearthly temperament. When he walked into the private room, Qian Xiang coincidentally raised his head and suddenly saw him, and was in a daze for a bit.

“Oh, boss Lu.” Qian Xiang came back from his daze, and then deliberately said with an accent, “I heard that not only do you make delicious food, but your appearance when cooking is also very good. My these brothers came today because we wanted to see boss Lu’s appearance when cooking. If we are satisfied, the tip will definitely not be less.”

Jing Yang also didn’t speak and took over the rolling pin from Chen Rui, and just kept looking at him with the same expressionless face.

Qian Xiang was infuriated by his appearance of seeming like he was looking at an idiot and jumped up to curse at him. But then he saw the person who came in after Jing Yang and froze. “Cou, cousin…, how are you also here?”

“These words should be for me to say ba.” Zhao Bocheng looked at him coldly. “What did you come here to do?”

“I, I came here to eat, isn’t this a restaurant?” Once Qian Xiang saw Zhao Bocheng’s cold eyes, his heart also became somewhat timid.

“How did I hear that you came to see a performance ne? You still know that this is a place for eating?” Zhao Bocheng walked over and forcefully treaded on Qian Xiang’s leg. “Did I not tell you, if you still dare to run amok outside, I would break your leg.”

Qian Xiang was toppled onto the floor by that one foot, those friends of his also immediately stood up, and none of them dared to go over to help him. On one hand cautiously looking at Zhao Bocheng’s complexion, and on the other hand looking at each other in dismay. They originally came with Qian Xiang to teach Lu Jingyu a lesson, but seeing this spectacle, the person who was taught a lesson changed into Qian Xiang himself. What type of person Zhao Bocheng is, they understood very well, don’t need to mention going up to help, they didn’t even dare to go persuade him a little ah. They also didn’t know whether to continue to stay, or whether they should immediately leave.

Qian Xiang climbed up with great difficulty, and also didn’t dare to say that it hurt, instead explaining to Zhao Bocheng, “I really came to eat ah, and I also, I also didn’t use your reputation…, or something.”

“You’re still justified aren’t you ba.” Zhao Bocheng again stepped on his chest, this time he exerted much more force. Qian Xiang yelled out loudly, this time shrinking on the floor for half a day and still wasn’t able to get up.

Zhao Bocheng turned his head to look at those already frozen friends. They trembled upon being glanced at, and quickly said, “Uh, we still have some business, so we’ll just first leave, you guys slow, slow…, slowly something.”

Qian Xiang’s friends ran away like they were fleeing from calamity, and Zhao Bocheng again kicked the Qian Xiang on the ground several times, making Qian Xiang wail, “Bo brother! Brother, you are going to kick me to death! If you really kick me to death how are you going to confess to my mother, your aunt ah?”

Jing Yang raised his hand and stopped Zhao Bocheng from continuing to beat up Qian Xiang. “If you continue like this you’re going to bother the other customers. I’ll come, you go stand at the side.”

Zhao Bocheng looked at him for a bit, and then made an expression of letting him do as he wished.

Jing Yang forcefully stuffed a large piece of cloth into Qian Xiang’s mouth, to the point of his eyes rolling. Then he raised the rolling pin and gave him an indiscriminate beating, hitting Qian Xiang to the point of rolling around on the floor.

Zhao Bocheng raised his eyebrow. He really could not tell before that Lu Jingyu could dispose of him so ruthlessly. This was really the same as giving a lesson to an enemy who had killed his mother, exhausting all of his strength from his entire body. But he actually was very precise in avoiding the vital parts, so he also didn’t stop it and just kept watching his own cousin be beat.

For the sake of the previous life’s Chen Rui and Lu Jingyu these two people’s lives, Qian Xiang being successively beaten by two people entirely did not suffer a bit of injustice.

Translator Notes:

[1] let nature take its course – 顺其自然, idiom
[2] regardless of life or death – 死活不肯, idiom
[3] for his entire life – 一生一世, idiom, means an entire lifetime
[4] disappear – 烟消云散, saying?, means to vanish like smoke in thin air
[5] obstinately persist on – 执迷不悟, idiom, usually doing bad or wrong things
[6] make false accusations – 倒打一耙, idiom, literally means to strike with a muck rake? reference from the Journey to the West apparently
[7] change affections – 移情别恋, idiom, means to change feelings to someone else
[8] inexplicably – 莫名其妙, idiom, also means baffling
[9] leisurely – 悠哉, apparently means the same thing as 悠哉悠哉, which is an idiom meaning free and unconstrained
[10] knight in shining armor – 英雄救美, literally means the hero saves the beauty
[11] run amok – 胡作非为, idiom, means to commit outrages
[12] look at each other in dismay – 面面相觑, idiom

Random Notes:

A nice, fast, and focused translation! That was 3.8k characters to ~2.9k words in only 2 hours, from 1 pm – 3 pm. This was done straight off of finishing the first BL book (Superstar Rebirth) I read after a string of BL fast wears. I remember when my previous 3.8k chapter took 3 hours to translate. Heh we might be getting some action next chapter, after the ML was c*ckbl*cked this chapter by the cousin. Actually both cousins. The ML’s cousin caused the MC’s cousin to stop the ML. That’s actually pretty hilarious.

Though tbh just starting from this chapter I’m already not looking forward to translating that. Like the raws for the kissing here was like the ML’s lips stuck onto the MC’s lips. Idk how attractive the image of sticking lips is…I’ll have to go reread some BL smex for some context.

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