CFCS Chapter 42

Chapter 42
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.2)

In the afternoon, a servant came up to call Jing Yang down for dinner.

When Jing Yang went downstairs, the entire family had already started eating. It was like the usual. No one waited for him, and when they saw him come down, no one greeted him.

“Corrica, your practice during this period of time must have been really hard for you?” Faith’s mother Susan asked caringly. “I told the cooks to keep refreshments and some soup prepared. When you get hungry you must remember to let a servant bring some, by all means do not ruin your body.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Corrica smiled. “The Cherty Conservatory of Music entrance examination is almost going to start. As long as I can get accepted, all of my hard work during this period would have been worth it.”

“You’ll definitely have no problem.” Faith looked at him. “After all, you were the champion of the Gardena piano competition.”

Corrica looked back at Faith and smiled at him very gently.

“That’s right.” Susan promptly echoed. “Didn’t the previous champion of this competition very smoothly get accepted into the Cherty Conservatory of Music? You’ll definitely also be able to get in.”

Faith’s father Kurt continued, “When Corrica’s exam is over, the family will host a party to celebrate.”

Susan smiled. “I had this idea a long time ago, who still needs you to mention this.”

Corrica had always been listening with a smile on his face when he suddenly looked towards Jing Yang, as if he had just discovered that he had been ignored this whole time. He said, “Avi, let’s work hard together, if we can both be accepted that would be amazing.”

“That’s right, Avi is also going to take the exam, you also need to work hard ah.” Susan seemed as if she had just remembered and said the single word of encouragement, and then didn’t say anything.

Corrica used a comforting tone to say, “You don’t need to feel too much pressure, even if you aren’t able to get in it’s also not a big deal. There’s still a lot of other music conservatories, you’ll always be able to get in somewhere.”

Jing Yang had stayed silent the entire time in accordance with Avi’s usual attitude. It was only when he was mentioned by Corrica that he finally raised his head to glance at him. He was really such an impressive white lotus.

Faith was very dissatisfied with Jing Yang’s attitude, only glancing at him with a frown. He then turned to console Corrica, “Leave him alone. The fact that he was able to pass the primaries was already a fluke, perhaps at that time the teacher in charge of the primary submission evaluations had been distracted and had given him a pass carelessly. How could he compare with you.”

The Cherty Conservatory of Music was this country’s, and also this world’s, best music conservatory. Every year, countless numbers of music students applied. If you wanted to be accepted into this conservatory, you had to be outstanding and then even more outstanding, and also had to have a very high talent in music.

The process for the exam was to first send in a video of them performing, and after passing the primary round, they could go to the conservatory for an in-person exam. Corrica and Avi had both passed the primary round, but the Mooney family members clearly felt that Corrica would definitely be able to be accepted, while Avi passing the primary round was already a fluke and he did not even have any hope of getting in.

“Corrica, which teacher do you hope chooses you?” Susan asked.

“En…” Corrica pondered quite seriously for a while. “All of Cherty Conservatory’s famous teachers are world-class. If I could be chosen by any one of them, I would be very happy. But if possible, I hope teacher Jardina could choose me.”

“I’ve already asked around.” Susan said. “The previous champion of the Gardena competition was chosen by the great pianist Dulac and is now personally learning from him.”

“Teacher Dulac is also amazing. If I could be chosen by him, I would also be very happy.” Corrica agreed.

Faith said, “Corrica is so great, he might be chosen by several different teachers at the same time. Then at that time it wouldn’t be them choosing you but you choosing from them.”

“That’s right.” Susan echoed with a smile.

Seeing the Mooney family and Corrica smiling so happily, it seemed as if Corrica had already been accepted and those famous teachers were all there for his disposal. As if once he finished choosing one he could directly go and study there. It seemed that Corrica had won awards too many times and given them too much confidence. But they also never considered that of those competitions that Corrica attended, there was not even a single one that was of a very high level. They were all of some middling level, and occasionally at some higher level competition he would receive second or third place a couple times, and they would already be happy to death.

This time getting first place in a high level competition like the Gardena piano competition made it as if he would already be able to move unimpeded in Cherty Conservatory. But they seemed to have forgotten that in places like the Cherty Conservatory of Music, students who could win prizes at high level competitions were literally everywhere.

But they just happily said it by themselves, completely immersed in their own fantasies, and no one went to go wake them up.

Avi had already gotten used to many years of not being able to integrate himself into this joyous and harmonious scene. Every time he wanted to join their conversation, Corrica would always be able to very quickly bring the topic back to himself. As time went by, Avi became more and more silent, so much so that he was completely isolated, neither like a member of the family nor like a guest, extremely awkward.

“Avi.” Corrica called out to Jing Yang, who was walking upstairs.

Jing Yang turned to look at him.

Corrica used a pleading expression to ask, “Can, can you lend me your Vichy for practice?”

“No!” Jing Yang refused without hesitation, coldly looking down at him. “You obviously know that I will not agree, why would you still mention such a request?”

“I, I’m sorry.” Corrica again revealed his signature innocent expression. “I’m sorry.”

Jing Yang turned around and continued upstairs.

Faith walked over and stroked Corrica’s arm, looking at him with a comforting gaze.

Corrica’s face was full of disappointment and loss, looking up at Faith with eyes brimming with tears of grievance.

Faith’s heart softened from his look, and he lowered his head to whisper in his ear, “I’ll secretly bring you over.”

“Really?” Corrica’s expression immediately brightened.

Faith saw that Corrica was happy, and smiled and nodded.

Jing Yang stood behind his curtains and watched the two people cross the lawn and enter the Deere family villa next door through the side door of the garden.

Vichy is the name of a piano. It was not just an ordinary piano: this piano was of extremely vital significance to Avi.

When Avi had just been born, his grandfather old Deere had spent a very large price to invite the extremely famous piano manufacturing master Dinivita to personally craft a piano. At that time, Dinivita had already been getting on in years, and thinking that this may be the very last time he personally made a piano, he had invested all of his passion and life into it.

It had taken him five years to finish picking out all of the highest quality materials. Each part was meticulously crafted, and he had exhausted the last fire of his life to create this one piano.

Even though old Deere had already paid a huge amount of money in advance, this piano was still worth far more than the sum that he had given. It could be said that the worth of this piano could already no longer be measured with money. No matter whether it was tone, volume, or feel, this piano could match the top ten famed pianos in the world.

Avi and his grandfather had together given the piano a name, Vichy, with the meaning representing old Deere and Avi’s hope. They hoped that Avi’s piano ability could be comparable to the quality of this piano.

Avi attached great importance to this piano, which represented the best times that he had shared with his grandfather, and also represented the hope that they had shared. In order to not let other people touch this piano, he had learned ever since he was small how to personally maintain it. He would rarely even go play this piano, wanting to wait until his piano abilities had improved and then one day he could use it in a golden performance hall to perform.

When Corrica had first come to the Mooney house, Avi had thought that they would become good friends, so he had brought him to see this piano and told him that it was called Vichy, that it was his and his grandfather’s hope.

Ever since Corrica had seen this piano, he would always be obsessed with wanting to play it. He repeatedly pleaded with Avi, but was always rejected.

He said, Avi, you won’t let me play that piano, is it because you hate me. He said, Avi, we are really good friends right, let me play on that piano. He said, Avi, this time I need to participate in a very important competition, could you let me use Vichy to practice? Just once is enough.

And later on it turned into Faith coming to request him. He said, Avi, pianos were made to be played, not to be placed there. In any case you won’t play it yourself, then letting Corrica practice with it once wouldn’t be a big deal. He said, Avi, how did you become like this, Corrica is already a member of our family, you aren’t even willing to let your own family member play once on your piano? He said, Avi, Corrica has won so many awards, he is more qualified than you to use that piano.

Avi has always been refusing, constantly refusing. That was his reverse scale, the thing that he would protect no matter what, it was the dream that he had to realize. But because he was afraid of being abandoned, he was besieged. He had no way to move forward on his path of music, because he couldn’t get out. He was afraid that once he left, he would be left with nothing.

Corrica stroked the black and white keys, full of excitement. This kind of feel was something that even the most expensive pianos could not give. He started playing the songs that he was preparing for the exam. The volume was even, the softness of the tone, the smoothness from the treble to the bass, this piano could be described as perfect. This was a piano that was comparable to the top ten pianos. He really, really also wanted to have one.

Jing Yang stood right outside the door, and through the crack of the door, he could see the greed and desire in Corrica’s eyes for this piano. This kind of person, this kind of piano skill, completely did not deserve to use this piano, not to mention that Avi was also not willing to let him use it.

In his past life, after Avi’s death, this piano had belonged to Corrica. This was something that compared to Corrica stealing away Faith, made Avi even more unwilling and angry, so much so that even after he had died, he still wanted to change and get revenge. So Jing Yang had taken his place and would help him complete his wish.

“Bang!” Jing Yang pushed open the door forcefully, and the two people inside jumped with fright.

“Avi! I, I…” Corrica stood up somewhat flusteredly, looking up at Faith helplessly.

Faith was also somewhat flustered at first, but very quickly he calmed down.

“What are you two doing?” Jing Yang’s eyes were filled with anger, looking at them coldly. “How many times have I said that no one is allowed to touch this piano!”

Corrica used begging eyes to look at Faith. Faith raised his hand and rubbed his shoulder soothingly for a bit, then turned to look at Jing Yang. “I was the one who brought him over. He’s just playing on your piano a bit, there’s no damage or injury, you shouldn’t always be so selfish.”

“I’m selfish?” Jing Yang was angered to the point of laughing. “So what if I’m selfish? It’s my own things, could it be that I don’t even have the right to not let people touch it?”

“Don’t quarrel anymore.” Corrica pulled on Faith’s hand and looked at Jing Yang pleadingly. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I really really wanted to try playing on this piano, please forgive me…”

“Pianos were originally meant for people to play on them!” Faith interrupted Corrica’s pleading. “You yourself aren’t able to play well, and still don’t let other people play, what else could that be but selfish? Letting Corrica play on this piano is much more valuable than you just leaving it there.”

Jing Yang, in turn, questioned him, “Then could it be that because he plays better than me that he has the right to seize other people’s possessions? The number of people in this world who play better than him are countless, I would rather go and let those people who are truly good at piano play, than let him this kind of person with third-rate piano skills play.”

Corrica looked at Jing Yang disbelievingly, using his gaze to accuse, how could you say something like this to me?

Faith glared at Jing Yang angrily. “Just based on you, you actually dare to say something like this of him? If even Corrica’s piano skills are only third-rate, then you aren’t even third-rate!”

“Please roll out!” Jing Yang pointed at the door. “Never show up here again, otherwise, I will report to the police that you are trespassing in private property.”

“You…” Faith did not expect that he would say such fierce words. He shook his fist and pulled up Corrica’s hand. “Let’s go. In the future I’ll hire someone to especially make a piano that’s even better than this one for you.”

“Young master.” There were only three or four servants remaining in the Deere home to take care of housekeeping every day. When they had heard the sound of quarreling they had run over and were standing outside the door, carefully looking at the angry Jing Yang. Ever since childhood, Faith had always been going in and out of the Deere family, they had all become accustomed to it, and had never thought that the two of them would get in such an argument.

“Call someone right away to replace all of the locks. In the future, no one is allowed to come in and walk around randomly without my permission.” Jing Yang ordered.

“Yes, young master.” The servants readily agreed and left, closing the door to the practice room.

Jing Yang stroked the white grand piano. It was really very beautiful, every detail was perfect. In this life, he would definitely help Avi hold on to it, and also play out its greatest value.

Jing Yang really could not tell what there was to love about Faith this person. The disgust in his heart towards him actually made him somewhat gratified, at least proving that the chances that he was his own lover were very small.

People were different from objects. When objects were taken away, that could be because of his own incompetence. But if a person had been robbed, that could only prove that this person originally was not worth being loved. A person who had changed his heart, even if he had been snatched back, he would still no longer have that original heart.

According to Jing Yang’s personality, he would be ruthless and fall out of love. If other people who had changed their hearts once again came back to find him, he would never accept them no matter what, no matter whether or not he himself was still in love with them.

Getting revenge against the Mooney family was actually very easy: as long as he waited until Avi was 19 years old and took back all of his property, the Mooney home would immediately collapse. But if he did this, he would inevitably be labeled as cruel and merciless—after all, from other people’s point of view, the Mooney family had taken care of him for over 10 years.

When Avi was living in the Mooney family, ever since childhood all of his expenses had been paid by old Deere. He had not spent a single penny of the Mooney family. Old Deere had done this to leave Avi a way out, and also to allow Avi to live more naturally and not have to give people face.

Old Deere had entrusted Avi to the Mooney family hoping only that the Mooney family would be able to give Avi care and love. Whether real or fake, they had really been able to do this for the first two years, but ever since Corrica was adopted, everything was gone. They seemed to have already taken for granted that Avi would not leave the Mooney family, that Avi’s things were also just the Mooney family’s things, that they had already treated him quite well.

Jing Yang could not just not do anything and take back his property after he turned 19. He had to take the money back in a completely justifiable and perfectly logical manner, and make it so that people could not find a single flaw for objection.

If he could, he did not want to ever return to the Mooney family right now. The Deere family had such a big villa just empty right here, and it was Avi’s own home, so he could live however he wanted here. But it was not possible. Before Avi turned 19, he could not live alone without permission with his guardian, Kurt.

Translator Notes:

[1] Susan – 苏珊, pinyin su shan, this is pretty standard
[2] Cherty – 歇尔蒂, pinyin xie er di, I also don’t know what this is, went with the MTL. There’s going to be a lot of random names in this chapter.
[3] Gardena – 嘉迪纳, pinyin jia di na, which is the same pinyin as 加迪纳 which is Gardena so I’ll go with it
[4] work hard – 加油, jia you, pretty obvious what it is but I usually translate it in my head as refuel…I’ll probably put refuel in the future
[5] Jardina – 贾汀亚, pinyin jia ting ya, uhhh 贾汀 is Jardin for some place so I just added an a at the end
[6] Dulac – 杜拉奇, pinyin du la ji/qi, but apparently someone with this surname is translated to Dulac so we going with it
[7] move unimpeded – 横着走了, kind of an idiom?, literally walk horizontally, or that you can do whatever you want bc you have the power/authority
[8] very quickly – 三言两语, idiom, means in a few words
[9] Vichy – 维希, pinyin wei xi, apparently this is how the city of Vichy is translated
[10] Dinivita – 迪尼威塔, pinyin di ni wei ta, basically based on the sounds
[11] life – 生命, is life but more like life energy?
[12] reverse scale – 不可碰触的禁地, basically means a forbidden/off-limits thing that cannot be touched
[13] helplessly – 不知所措, idiom, means not knowing what to do, at a loss
[14] ruthless, no longer in love – 君若无情我便休, uhhh so this seems to be a phrase from a poem that basically means he doesn’t love him anymore?? please advise if you know a better meaning/phrasing for this

Random Notes:

Took almost 2 hours: 6:15 pm – 8 pm, for 4.5k characters to 3.3k words. The names of classical music is so annoying, man. That’s true even for composers IRL, not to mention in this fictional world where I have no idea what they would throw out. Faith and Corrica make me so angry, it’s illogical.

I’m getting the urge to reread this arc again….

Edit (2/13): Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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