CFCS Chapter 108

Chapter 108
War of Mechanics (Arc 8.13)

By the time the Poison Wolves’ ships finally managed with great difficulty to retreat from the dust, the dust had already begun dissipating. The ships of the First Fleet steadily pushed forward, directly entering the Yuekan star cluster. Both sides were inside the Yuekan star cluster, so the Poison Wolves also lost their natural defenses and could only face the First Fleet head-on.

People from all the countries could finally see what the situation was. It was clear that the Poison Wolves had been attacked very miserably and would soon be forced to retreat to the Poison Wolf star.

“Full force attack!” Chat resolutely commanded, his expression full of anger. “The Poison Wolf Star absolutely cannot be lost! All troops set out! Be sure to repel Wilkesa’s ships!”

The Poison Wolves prepared to use their best group attack. Even though just now all of the soldiers who went out to battle were completely destroyed, Chat let all of the forces on the Poison Wolf Star come out. Dozens of mechas arranged into a formation, rushing quickly toward to the mechas of the First Fleet.

Denanfry didn’t order the soldiers to rush forward or to retreat, just waiting for them to come over.

After they reached a certain distance and wanted to surround them, Denanfry finally commanded, “One unit break through from the left, the second unit attack from the right side. Third and fourth unit open up a path in front.”

When the mechas from the two sides came into contact, everyone watching thought it would be a fierce battle, but instead all they got was a one-sided massacre.

Even though the soldiers of the First Fleet were dwarfed in numbers, they were like heavenly god soldiers, easily going one versus ten. This kind of battle simply shocked the countless people watching.

The soldiers who were operating the new mechas had previously experienced the strength of the new mechas during testing. But the testing process made them obsessed, and they kept on suppressing their desire to be able to properly play on the real battlefield. Now, as expected, they were obviously going to play to their hearts’ content.

And in a real battlefield, the soldiers could also deeply appreciate how powerful these mechas were. From their combat power they felt like giants, it was too cool!

Chat stared wide-eyed at his subordinates falling in space one by one, as if he were watching a pile of mecha toys without any power to resist or counterattack.

Seeing that the mechas of the First Fleet were about to rush to him, Chat knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep the Poison Wolf Star. He could only order two ships to cover for him and the other ships holding important things to escape. And for those soldiers who were currently fighting, he ordered them to escape whenever possible, shake off the First Fleet, and then meet up with them.

Denanfry let the first and second units chase after the escaping ships, and he led the third and fourth units to quickly resolve the two ships that wanted to cover for the others’ departure.

No one dared to believe what they were seeing. They felt that they must be hallucinating. They thought that such powerful mechas must be even more powerful than Fetani’s mechas. These mechas, were the real most powerful mechas in the universe!

Having mechas siege ships and win was something that only Fetani had accomplished before. Even though they hadn’t personally seen the scene of Fetani sieging the ship, according to the descriptions provided, it should have been similar to the current battle that Wilkesa was showing? What they didn’t know, however, was that there had been many deliberate exaggerations in those descriptions.

Denanfry led the third and fourth units to quickly chase after the ships, moving so quickly it seemed instantaneous. The first and second units had already surrounded the ship that Chat was on, and the other ships that had taken the opportunity to escape had been pursued by two ships of the First Fleet.

The Poison Wolves wanted to use their tried and true method, fleeing along the route that they had escaped from many times. When they fled, there would be some planets from backward countries to cover them.

The First Fleet treated those planets that wanted to hinder them unceremoniously, directly countering with Jing Yang’s newly made long-range attack shells. The power was so great that they could almost blow up half of their little planet. The huge explosions and fires made everyone who saw them stunned.

Those backward countries didn’t think that they would react so viciously. After their shock they were incomparably terrified, immediately sending out a surrender signal that they wouldn’t do anything and asking the First Fleet to let them go.

Denanfry piloted his mecha to land on top of the ship where Chat was located. Even though the ship was many times larger than his mech, compared to the majesty of his mecha, it made the giant warship beneath his feet look much smaller.

Denanfry pointed the barrel of his weapon downward and very casually fired two shells. The ship could only immediately land on the nearest planet. This kind of picture made people unable to help feeling their blood boiling in their veins, because they felt that this was really too handsome. The people of Wilkesa especially felt extremely proud and patriotic.

The Poison Wolves’ ships that wanted to escape were soon brought under control. The whole process was a total domination by Wilkesa, making it so that the people watching felt like the Poison wolves weren’t that strong at all. How could they have blatantly robbed in the universe for so many years?

Only those who had fought against the Poison Wolves before knew that it was not that the Poison Wolves weren’t very powerful, but that Wilkesa’s mechas were much more powerful than the ones the Poison Wolves had. Those people stared at those much more advanced mechas and really adored and envied them. They really wanted to drive them just once.

The leader of the Poison Wolves was captured alive and sent back to the Federation Planet, and everything related to the Poison Wolves would be handled by the First Fleet.

“Trash! They’re all rubbish!” Avery had watched the entire process and was so angry he couldn’t stop shaking. He couldn’t accept that the mechas Skien made seemed to be so much stronger than his own. He kept telling himself in his heart that it wasn’t that those mechas were too strong, but that the Poison Wolves were too incompetent.

John’s expression was very ugly and he didn’t say a word. He was originally already somewhat apprehensive of Denanfry and didn’t want to fight face to face with him, but in the case of a last resort, his chances of victory were still quite high. But now, Denanfry’s mecha was likely to be even better than his own, so if he really had to fight against him, did he even have a chance of winning?

“Bastard! Son of a bitch!” Avery howled hysterically. “Why didn’t he die?! Why did he have to live and go against me?!”

John was already used to Avery losing control, right now he was in no mood to appease him. Chat had been caught alive, so he had to think of a way to get him out. Otherwise, if he confessed to some things that should not be said, then John would really be finished.

“Impossible!” Avery suddenly calmed down again and somewhat neurotically said, “How could Skien make a mecha that’s as strong as mine? Who am I? I’m someone who knows the future, what qualifications does he have to compare with me? Even if we compared he would never be able to beat me, he can’t beat me in anything, I can take Tony from his side, I can make more advanced mechas, I am too much stronger than him, he could never compare to me, and can never beat me!”

John finally turned his attention to Avery. He heard Avery muttering about some nonsense, and his eyes and expression were all very strange. He stood up and held Avery’s arm, saying, “Avery, what’s wrong with you? Don’t get excited, it’s okay, big brother is here and everything will be fine. I will definitely help you get rid of Skien, rest assured! No one can take Tony away from you.”

Avery’s mind was in disarray. His brain suddenly throbbed with pain, and he fainted.

“Avery?!” John held him and shouted, “Guards, come over! Fast!”


Denanfry decided to hand over all the money confiscated from the Poison Wolves to the Federation Disaster Relief Fund. The countries in the Federation all were very happy. Finally, the scourge of the universe had been dealt with, and they could all be much more reassured.

And some classified information found would remain in the custody of the First Fleet.

Chat had fallen into the hands of the Wilkesa Empire, or more specifically, he had fallen into Denanfry’s hands, and he would naturally not let him live well.

It took Denanfry several days to scour the ships and the Poison Wolf Star from top to bottom and finally find what they were looking for.

Chat was strapped onto a machine, his feet off the ground and every joint on his limbs locked to make sure he couldn’t escape. For a pirate leader, being caught alive would never have a good ending. And Chat had been tortured ever since he had been caught.

The door to Chat’s cell was opened. Jing Yang had come accompanied by Denanfry to see the enemy who had killed his father.

Chat heard someone come in and thought that someone was here again to torture him and wanted to pry something from his mouth, so he remained motionless, pretending to be dead.

Denanfry glanced over to the soldier next to him. The soldier immediately pressed a button on the machine, forcing Chat to lift his head and open his eyes.

Seeing Denanfry, Chat’s heart jumped. Even though he didn’t know this man, at first glance he could tell that he was vicious. He should be that person who brought soldiers to destroy them, the legendary general Denanfry Kinlock.

“Do you remember who I am? Chief Chat.” Jing Yang looked at him.

Chat turned his gaze to Jing Yang who had asked him a question, and after looking carefully at his face and thinking for a moment, he stared at him with some surprise. Even though John had told him before that his men had failed and that Skien Kossa was not dead, he was still a little surprised to see him with his own eyes, because he had remembered another thing.

“It seems that you remember not only who I am, but also that you and John had killed my father together.” Jing Yang saw through his inner thoughts and looked at him coldly.

“I, don’t know, what you’re talking about.” Chat weakly said. He couldn’t admit anything now because he still held some hope that John would find a way to save him, even if it were just for his own sake.

“If you’re still counting on John to save you, I advise you to forget it. It will be hard for him to even protect himself soon, do you think that he’ll be able to get you out of the hands of the Wilkesa Army?”

Chat closed his eyes, silent.

Jing Yang coldly smiled. “You have cooperated with John many times, but you don’t seem to trust him very much. You even left behind some evidence of his dealings with you, is it for threatening him at a critical moment?”

Chat opened his eyes, looking blankly at Jing Yang but still not saying anything.

Jing Yang looked at Denanfry. Denanfry let the soldier take out some of the evidence that they had found and play them one by one for Chat to see.

Chat’s face changed. These things had been his trump  card, he had hid them very deeply, and didn’t think that they would still have been able to find them. “Since you already found the evidence, what are you coming to find me for? Let me die in peace!”

“The evil that you have committed cannot be repaid by just your life.” Jing Yang coldly said.

“Then what do you want?” The reason Chat had been able to endure the torture and hadn’t confessed anything was because he had a glimmer of hope in his heart that John would definitely save him as long as he didn’t say anything. But now that the evidence had already been found, John obviously wouldn’t care about his death or care about him at all once they published it. Then he could only live a lifetime in torture that was not even as good as death. Then, it would be better to just die immediately.

“I want you to speak up in front of the entire universe, to personally confess everything that you colluded to do with John. If you perform well enough, I can let them give you a fast death. And if you don’t do what I say…you should know what will be the consequences.”

Jing Yang continued, “I will give you five days to think about it. In those five days, you can experience in advance how you would spend the rest of your life.”

Random Notes:

About an hour: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, for 3.7k characters to 2.2k words.

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11 thoughts on “CFCS Chapter 108”

  1. Yeah, but, how likely is the universe going to believe anything he says when he’s obviously been tortured? Even with the evidence, there are going to be people who think the evidence was just made up. It would have been more believable if they’d live streamed the finding of the evidence in the first place. Oh, wait, MC’s protagonist halo is too strong to allow such common sense get through…

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    1. I certainly agree with you but you also have to take into account that he’s a pirate and not very honorable, therefore him selling out someone he worked with to save his hyde, even if he was tortured is quite realistic and the common people would also probably think like that.

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    2. If they release it in conjunction with the actual evidence, those two things will reinforce each other to an extent, allowing more people to believe the two.

      Not *everyone* will believe it, that’s inevitable, but a larger number will, especially if other sources investigate the claims, as they have to because, you know, they’re accusing Fetani of treason against the federation.

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  2. Even if it is deserved, torture still makes me uncomfortable. Especially what it says about those who do it. However, I get that I can’t say I’d feel the same if I was involved.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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