100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death


Title: 100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death
Chinese Title: 十万伏特电死你
Author: 朝圣言 (Pilgrim Words)
Genres: BL, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, etc.
Mature Language/Scenes: Yes!!!

Official Raws: jjwxc
Unofficial Raws: sto.cc (or many other sites thru Google/Baidu)
Release Frequency: ~ 1 chapter / week


One morning after being struck by lightning, Ye Wenxuan inexplicably gained the superpower of being able to generate electricity.


If he jammed his finger into one of the generator terminals in an electricity power plant, he could provide a year’s worth of power for 3 Tier 1 cities simultaneously, receiving the name “the mobile nuclear power plant.”


The country’s electrical company’s boss held his hand, speaking emotionally: “Comrade ah, the country’s future electrical development will all depend on you!”


Ye Wenxuan: WTF


Later, the “mobile nuclear power plant” was dispatched to be a bodyguard for a local tyrant.


Xing Yuan coldly said: “Just now did you or did you not electrocute me?”


Ye Wenxuan pointed to the heavens and swore: “I am an honorable employee, how could it be possible for me to make a move on my employer!”


Later on…
he made a move.


New Beginnings

Going to London

Rescue Mission

Calm Before the Storm

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I will not be doing a formal translation of this series like I have been doing with Cannon Fodder Cheat System. I will be formally translating the first chapter so that I can put the series into the public on Novel Updates, but for the later chapters I will likely be doing a mixture of “summarizing” and translating. Essentially, I am aiming for around 90% accuracy in these rather than the 99% accuracy that I’ve been going for in my CFCS translations. Of course, these will still be much better than MTL translations, and will likely also be more natural and smoother than my 99% accurate translations, because I will be taking more liberties with my translations. I will also be trying to keep the time spent on each chapter to 45 minutes or less, so that I can release more of these chapters at a faster rate.


After translating a few chapters, I would like to mostly scratch out whatever I wrote above. I have found myself unable to overlook the inadequacies of MTL (only because I’m translating and comparing with the raws; readers probably wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference), so I might as well just be actually translating them since I had been basically spending the same amount of time. This will likely still be an actual translation, so it will be much slower than I had originally planned, unfortunately. I also think that publishing one chapter a week is pretty damn slow, but I don’t think I’ll be able to manage 4 chapters total a week with CFCS.

Random notes:

The arc names in the index are not there in the original text, there are over 200 chapters and I didn’t have a good way of organizing them so I decided to just roughly place them into arcs, which are pretty apparent in the story itself. So…slight spoilers? I will keep on adding arc names as I progress, to avoid having too many spoilers. And because I don’t quite remember all of the arcs yet. And because it’s all still quite a ways off.

This is another one of my absolute favorite novels, BL or not. As you may know, I am a huge fan of OP MCs, and here the MC is as OP as anything. There are some great similarities to One Punch Man, only here the MC is handsome, smart, charming, has a great family, and there’s also amazing romance, ofc. Love the MC’s personality, there’s definitely plenty of amusement and comedy here. Looking forward to this story.