CFCS Chapter 131

Chapter 131
Artistic Life (Arc 10.4)

Jing Yang sent Cui Yan a text to have him pick him up. In less than half an hour, Cui Yan arrived outside the hotel that Jing Yang was staying at.

“Why did you suddenly move to a hotel? No longer living at your apartment?” Cui Yan asked.

“I wasn’t living in my apartment before, it was rented by one of my classmates’ parents. We got into a fight, so I moved out.” Jing Yang calmly said.

“You needed my help?” Cui Yan glanced at Jing Yang. He knew that he would not message him for no reason, and even let him pick him up.

It’s not that Jing Yang had no other way to get money, but it would take quite a while for him to accumulate a lot of money. The easiest way to get a lot of money right away was to find Cui Yan. Wasn’t he extremely interested in drawing his body? Then it was fine to let him draw. In any case in the future he was already determined to be his own person, he could just take it as developing feelings a little earlier with this man.

After arriving at Cui Yan’s house, he said to Jing Yang, “You can go take a bath first, I will get ready.”

Jing Yang felt that it was just painting a picture, why did he need to take a bath. But he didn’t say anything or express any dissatisfaction, and seeing Cui Yan’s hidden excitement, he just went to go take a bath.

While on the road here Jing Yang didn’t have any weird feelings. He thought that even though the two people were still not very familiar with each other in this life, after all, after loving each other for so many worlds, they had done everything, painting was no big deal. But when the warm water washed over his body, thinking that he would show his body to Cui Yan, he actually became a little shy.

Jing Yang went out in a bathrobe. Cui Yan was already waiting for him outside. He had originally thought that it would be fine to just be in the bedroom, but he was taken to a spacious and bright studio.

In the middle of the studio was a square sofa bed covered with a vivid clear blue velvet, on top of which was strewn a bunch of white cotton fluffs of varying sizes. It looked like a blue sky filled with white clouds.

“Go lie on it.” Cui Yan had already prepared his easel and painting materials, just waiting for Jing Yang to lie down.

Jing Yang rubbed his slightly warm face a bit and gave himself a moment to strengthen his heart. He told himself that this was art and that this person was his own lover, so there was no need to be shy.

He took off his bathrobe and set it aside. Sitting sideways on the edge of the bed, he asked, “What pose do you want me to be in?”

Cui Yan walked over and said, “You can lie down first, I’ll help you pose.”

Jing Yang shifted backward a bit and lay down in the middle of the bed. He endured the instinct to cover his body and kept telling himself that no one else was going to see, Cui Yan was his lover, it didn’t matter if he saw, in any case he would see later.

Cui Yan held one of his feet and helped him bend his knee, then slid it to the side.

Jing Yang did not think that he would have him take that kind of pose. He immediately snapped his legs back together and sat up, looking at Cui Yan with irritation, “You…” If he was in that kind of pose, wouldn’t he be able to see absolutely everything clearly? How could something like that be so prominently featured? A vague, suggestive pose was better able to show an artistic charm. If he allowed himself to be put in that kind of pose, that was simply asking to be taken advantage of.

Cui Yan appeased him, “You can request anything, as long as you can let me paint until I’m satisfied, I can help you do anything you want.”

“You really can do anything?” Jing Yang asked.

“Of course.” Cui Yan said with confidence.

Jing Yang bowed his head to consider. Should he really agree to his request? In the future, the things that he needed his help with might actually be a lot.

“Have you had a problem with the school recently?” Cui Yan looked at Jing Yang, his hand still on his leg. That smooth skin made it too hard for him to let go.

“Did you investigate me?” Jing Yang looked up and glared at Cui Yan. Because Mu Jin tore up Su Mo’s competition entry, he was indeed given a record by the school.

“I’m on the board at Lushan College. When I saw your student ID that day, I checked it. Helping you remove this record is just a matter of a couple words, what do you think?” Cui Yan smiled and asked convincingly.

Jing Yang thought that since Cui Yan was a director at Lushan College a lot of things would be a lot easier. The only reason Su Mo was able to act like that was because his parents knew someone who was part of the school leadership.

Jing Yang bit his lips and lay back down, as if he were ready for some sort of slaughter.

Cui Yan arranged Jing Yang into the pose that he wanted to see. The scenery in front of him made his blood boil. Those pale pink nipples just lying there so quietly and well-behavedly was fatally attractive. He couldn’t help but want to touch and kiss them. Cui Yan felt that he was torturing himself by posing Jing Yang in such a position, but he enjoyed the torture.

Cui Yan was worried that if he was too much he would scare him, so he endured the impulse to touch those little nipples. He could only use the actions of helping him pose to caress that white and smooth skin.

Jing Yang couldn’t help but want to shiver from his touch. He was wearing nothing on his body but felt warmer and warmer. He turned his head away and said, “I only sell art, not the body. Please don’t touch me so much.”

Cui Yan looked at his flushed face and smiled. He went to his easel and began to draw.

Jing Yang lying on the sofa bed, in Cui Yan’s eyes, was like an angel lying on the clouds. His skin was a warm white light, and every part of his body was so perfect, like a masterpiece hand-crafted by God.

Cui Yan felt that he had become obsessed with Jing Yang’s body. He really wanted to experience that feeling of intertwining with that body. It must be an extremely wonderful feeling. At this moment, for the first time in his life, he regretted that his painting skills were not enough, and he felt like he could not bring out even a tenth of the beauty in front of him.

Cui Yan’s painting skills were not learned at school, nor were they taught by a tutor, but instead by his famous painter mother. But because he wanted to inherit the family business and because he was more talented in business, painting was only something that he did to relax his spirit.

Because his mother was a painter, ever since he was little he had been influenced by his mother and enjoyed art. His family had also opened over a dozen galleries, and funded a number of painters and art students in dire financial straits. But Cui Yan had never been able to appreciate those paintings of nudes. He was like his mother, and enjoyed paintings that could inspire thought and contemplation more. This was the first time that he had felt that the beauty of a human body could be so attractive.

Jing Yang could feel the heat in Cui Yan’s eyes. The places he was gazing at seemed to get hotter and hotter. He tried to ignore his gaze and kept telling himself that this was art, this was just art.

Cui Yan painted for several hours. The sun was about to go down, and the faint yellow sunlight shone in from outside the glass wall. Jing Yang had originally been too tense because of the awkward situation, so he slowly dozed off.

Cui Yan put down the brush and went to the sofa bed to sit down. His eyes looked at Jing Yang’s body almost greedily. He thought that if he was awake, he would glare at himself with those eyes that shone with light, that could see directly into his heart and make it tremble. Even though Jing Yang didn’t have his eyes open at the moment, just lying there so quietly, he still looked so perfect.

Cui Yan endured and endured and finally could not resist, leaning over to kiss those pink nipples. His body had the fragrance of the lotion, and the studio had the heater on, so his skin was not cold. That warm feeling was amazingly good.

“En~” Jing Yang could feel something sliding on his skin. Half dreaming and half awake, he squeezed his legs together, turned sideways, and fell asleep.

Cui Yan felt that he was extremely cute. He couldn’t help but start taking advantage of him again. He touched everywhere he wanted to touch again, kissing all the places he wanted to kiss again.

Jing Yang kept feeling like there was something crawling on him so he slept restlessly. He turned and lay flat on his back. Opening his eyes, he saw Cui Yan sitting by the bed reading a book.

“Woke up? Are you hungry?” Cui Yan would have liked to pretend a bit, but when he saw his still somewhat sleepy cute appearance, his eyes couldn’t help but soften.

Jing Yang sat up and touched his stomach. He really was a little hungry. He put on his bathrobe and asked, “Have you finished painting?”

“Not yet, it’s going to take a few more sessions to finish everything.” Cui Yan said seriously.

Jing Yang looked at him, his expression obviously of distrust. He walked over the easel to see how much he had finished, but with only a glance, he immediately looked away and couldn’t help but blush. The painting was not finished yet but the finished part was already too much for him to look at.

This man was really a combination of a hooligan and a scoundrel. Jing Yang glared at him and turned to change his clothes in Cui Yan’s room.

After having dinner together, the two agreed on the next drawing session, and then Cui Yan gave him a card that he could use at will. Cui Yan had thrown all of his work aside for almost the entire day, so instead of sending him back, he asked the driver to bring Jing Yang back to the hotel.

Armed with Cui Yan’s card, Jing Yang instantly became rich. The next day, he booked a luxurious suite to live in. After going through so many lives, he had fallen into the habit of living like this. He would absolutely not treat himself badly.

Jing Yang called a moving company and had them move out everything he had left in Su Mo’s place. Then he transferred Su Mo some money to serve as the storage costs of the past couple days.

Su Mo stood in the living room, watching those people move all of the Mu Jin’s things away. He somewhat regretted not destroying these things earlier to vent his anger. He thought to himself that since Mu Jin had found out about him and Wu Xiuyuan, coupled with him imitating his paintings before, it was absolutely impossible for Mu Jin to reconcile with him. So he no longer had to continue to pretend.

Jing Yang used Cui Yan’s card to go to the bank to withdraw a large amount of cash. Then he carried the money to the gallery near the school to find Wu Xiuyuan.

Besides his usual classes to teach the students, Wu Xiuyuan would go to the gallery at a fixed time each month to look at the new paintings, then pick out what he thought was a good painting to hang it in a more prominent position.

Wu Xiuyuan was directing the staff members to hang up the paintings when he suddenly saw Jing Yang walk in with a big black bag. He rushed up to him with surprise. “Mu Jin!”

Jing Yang had not picked up any of the calls that Wu Xiuyuan had been sending him, and he also did not go to any of his classes. Seeing him suddenly come to find himself, Wu Xiuyuan felt a little nervous but also happy in his heart.

“I have something to tell you. It may not be convenient to talk here, let’s go to your office.” Jing Yang said expressionlessly.

“Okay, sure.” Wu Xiuyuan hurriedly brought him to his office.

“Mu Jin…” Wu Xiuyuan looked at Jing Yang apologetically. These days, he still had not thought of how to properly explain his relationship with Su Mo in a way that Mu Jin would forgive him.

Jing Yang pulled open the zipper of the black bag and poured all of the cash in it onto Wu Xiuyuan’s desk. He looked at him and said, “This money is to pay back all the expenses that your gallery funded for me before, ignoring the profits.”

“Mu Jin, what are you doing?!” Wu Xiuyuan looked in shock at the table covered in money.

Before when Wu Xiuyuan’s gallery funded Mu Jin and hung his paintings in the gallery for sale, Mu Jin had said that the money that the paintings sold for, no matter how much, would all belong to the gallery. This could be considered as him repaying all of the funds.

“I don’t care how much money my paintings that were sold went for, but please give me back all of my paintings that haven’t yet been sold.” Jing Yang said very seriously.

“Mu Jin, I…” Wu Xiuyuan looked at his very certain appearance and felt very sad in his heart. “Don’t do this, I know that Su Mo and I…the two of us hurt you. But I promise you, there will never be a next time. I will immediately go talk to Su Mo, and besides class, we will never see each other in private ever again. Can you forgive me?”

“No, you and Su Mo’s matter did not hurt me, it just made me disgusted. Whether or not you two meet in the future is a matter between the two of you and has nothing to do with me. I have no feelings for you, so there is no reason to talk about forgiving you.”

“Mu Jin!” Wu Xiuyuan walked over to grab Jing Yang’s hand but Jing Yang pulled away.

“I’m here today to pay back the money and to get my paintings back. And to tell you that from now on we have no relationship. Please don’t do some deliberately ambiguous things, and don’t say ambiguous things to me, or I will go to report you to the school and sue you for harassment.” Jing Yang looked at him in disgust.

“You…” Because of Jing Yang’s final words, Wu Xiuyuan closed his eyes. He felt very sorrowful in his heart. He knew that Mu Jin could not forgive him immediately, and he could only attempt to slowly obtain his forgiveness. So he absolutely could not let him completely clear up his relationship with him. Those paintings could not be returned to him.

Wu Xiuyuan deliberately found a bunch of excuses not to return those paintings to Jing Yang. Jing Yang could tell what he was doing and knew that he would not be able to bring his paintings away today. There was no reason to keep arguing with him today, he could only find other ways later on to get his paintings back.

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A little over an hour: 5 pm – 6:15 pm, for 4.4k to 2.7k words.

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