CFCS Chapter 122

Chapter 122
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.9)

The king still let his men announce the matter of Abby wanting to call the rain on his own, which could be said to have been broadcast to the entire world. Because he still couldn’t give up on what he wanted to achieve. If he didn’t let everyone know that Abby was going to summon the rain, after he succeeded in calling the rain, what if no one knew? If after he succeeded he told everyone that it was Abby who did it, what would happen if no one believed them? So the king ordered to announce in advance that Abby was going to summon the rain again.

Abby brought the bead and a large bottle of blood to the platform. Looking around at the broad and calm square, he thought, this time no one was there, and only he was here by himself. Leann could not control the bead now. Outside the square where he couldn’t watch, he had specifically asked Corey to arrange for soldiers to stand guard in order to prevent anyone from breaking in suddenly. This time, he would succeed no matter what!

Taking out an even larger bottle of blood than last time, Abby poured it on the bead in his palms and then began to concentrate. He needed a very strong and intense emotion to strengthen his mind, so he began to recall the scene of his father’s death, began to think about what would happen if he kept failing and ultimately was exposed as a fake pure blooded mermaid.

Because he thought too seriously and was too invested, Abby felt like these things were actually going to happen. He became very emotional, his body shaking. Before long, he sensed a slight tremor from the bead in his hands, and the temperature around began to drop, the sky beginning to darken.

Abby didn’t dare to celebrate too early. He visualized even more intensely, letting his body concentrate strength even further.

The clouds in the sky slowly gathered, blocking the sun’s rays. The weather became gloomy, and a gust of cool wind began to blow. After entering the dry period, there would definitely not be any cloudy days, and even if there was some rain during this drought, it would be bright and sunny.

A drop of water falling from the sky fell onto Abby’s face, another onto his hand. The originally dry tiles in the square began to be splashed with rain.

The sky became gloomier, and the wind picked up. The originally sparse drops of rain turned into strands, and then into sheets.

Abby opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. The heavy rain wet his face and clothes, but he did not feel uncomfortable at all. Because he was happy, very happy! He suddenly sat down powerless on the ground. Even though there was not the least bit of strength left in his body, this couldn’t affect his inner excitement. He did it! He finally succeeded again in summoning the rain, and he knew that as long as Leann was not in front of him, he could not control the bead.

The king, sitting on a chaise beside the window, saw the rain falling from the sky, and he was finally relieved, closing his eyes.

After the rain fell, Corey ran happily to the platform in the square. When he saw Abby sitting on the ground, he became nervous again.

“Abby, how are you feeling? Are you okay?” Corey quickly ran over and crouched down, holding Abby and asking.

“I’m alright.” Abby shook his head and smiled at Corey. “I just used up all of my strength. I’m just taking a break, don’t worry.”

Abby looked up at the sky and said, “Look, I succeeded.”

“That’s right, you succeeded. The plants will be able to flourish later, and all of this is thanks to the rain you brought. All of the citizens will definitely be very grateful. I am also very thankful for you.” Corey looked up at the sky. The rain fell into his eyes, making him a little uncomfortable. He looked back down at Abby and said, “Let’s go back. It wouldn’t be good if you fall ill from this.”

Corey hugged Abby up. Abby closed his eyes, resting in his arms. He felt very happy, thinking that it would be so good if they could just stay like this. He held the bead in his hands tightly, thinking in his heart, he would never let anyone take the bead. This was his happiness, and also the lifeline for his future.

The rain continued to fall. Everyone knew that Abby had successfully called the rain, because the king had not only proclaimed beforehand that Abby was going to summon the rain, but also announced a number of public activities after the rain calling succeeded. He arranged for public celebrations after the rain stopped and began to prepare for a banquet at the palace so that all of the officials and nobles could attend.

Being able to have such rain during the drought, not looking at the nobles or officials, at least the citizens were all sincerely happy. With enough rain and sunshine, the crops would grow very well. When autumn comes, there would be a bumper harvest, and with plenty of grain, vegetables, and fruits, their lives would be even better.

So just as the king had hoped, the citizens experienced the benefits of having a pure blooded mermaid, and their minds began to waver. These people who had never experienced the pain of war naturally would only care about their own homes. They felt that this harvest was more important than anything else for them. And for those people who felt that peace and strong force were more important, they even thought, if Abby and Reibar were together that would be best, wouldn’t that just be perfect for the kingdom of Luasi?


Jing Yang stood next to a window, watching the rain outside. This rain had already lasted for two days in a row and kept getting stronger and stronger. If it never stopped, would those people in the palace start worrying?

Reibar walked behind Jing Yang and wrapped a long blanket around his shoulders. Standing behind him, he said, “What is there to look at with this rain, making you stand here for so long? Are you tired?”

“I was just thinking, Abby called down so much rain, he should be very happy. But if it doesn’t stop, can he still be happy?” Jing Yang relaxed and leaned back against Reibar’s chest.

“Even if he’s still happy right now, he won’t be able to stay happy much longer.” Reibar hugged Jing Yang and walked to the couch to sit down.

“It’s just a pity for these crops. Like this, they would suffer a significant loss ba?” Jing Yang’s eyes still stayed on the rain outside the window, suddenly feeling some guilt in his heart. This was his fight with Abby, yet it forced these ordinary people to suffer losses.

“The losses now are in exchange for even greater harvests in the future. If Abby didn’t take your bead and didn’t have forbidden thoughts, the situation would not be like this. All of this had been caused by him. If Abby keeps his fake identity concealed, who knows what will happen.” Reibar comforted him and said, “If you still feel uneasy, we can find a way to compensate for this loss.”


In the palace, when Corey met the king, the king said to him, “The past two days there has been enough rain, let Abby stop it. Any more and it would be too much.”

Because Abby had succeeded in calling the rain, the king’s condition was much better the past two days. He was even more energetic.

“Yes, Father. When I go back, I’ll tell Abby to stop the rain.” Corey said.

“How are the preparations for the banquet going?” The king asked.

“It’s already almost done. When the rain stops, we will be able to get the officials and nobles to attend.”

“En.” The king nodded. “You tell Abby, afterward he will have to work hard a few more times and then his mission for this year will be complete. It is best to scatter the rain a bit and not make it too concentrated all at once. As long as we keep it that way, the number of people who support you will surely rise rapidly in these two years. With a few more plans, it’s not impossible to surpass Reibar very quickly.”

The king waved Corey over, who walked over and crouched down next to him. He patted Corey’s head and said, “Before I am truly unable to carry on, you must work hard to get more support.”

“Father…” Corey’s heart suddenly felt uncomfortable. In order for him to be able to inherit the throne, his father was actually willing to sacrifice his life, which was unprecedented in the royal family.

The king continued, “You also have to try to have a child as soon as possible. There is a good chance that a child born from a pureblooded mermaid will have a lot of power. Even if the child has no magic power, the legend is that children born from pureblooded mermaids and humans will be outstanding from every aspect and have the protection of the gods. When you have the child, there will be even more people supporting you, and your throne will be even more secure.”

“I understand, Father.” Corey nodded. “We will definitely live up to your expectations!”

Abby looked at the rain outside. From the initial ecstasy, there was now a bit of hidden uneasiness in his heart. The last time he succeeded in calling the rain, the rain had slowly stopped only a few hours after it started. But this time the rain not only didn’t have signs of stopping, but became even stronger.

Abby looked at the bead in his hands and prayed in his heart, stop, stop.


Abby, who was distracted, was startled. He quickly turned around and found that it was just Corey calling him.

“What’s wrong? Did I scare you?” Corey saw that Abby’s face was visibly panicked, and he walked over to ask.

“No.” Abby shook his head and quickly shifted the topic. “Did you see your father? Is Royal Father better today?”

“En.” Corey nodded. “Father’s appearance today looks a lot better. This is thanks to you. Seeing that you successfully called the rain, Father is very happy, so his body is naturally better.”

“Is that so?” Abby smiled. “That’s great then. I hope that Royal Father can stay healthy forever.”

Corey hugged Abby and said gratefully, “Thank you Abby. Thanks to you, I have the power to fight against Royal Uncle, and my father’s efforts will not be in vain.”

“We are already married, there’s no separation between you and me. Your matters are my matters, these are all what I should do.” Abby said softly.

“Yes, we should no longer divide between the two of us.” Corey hugged Abby again, then looked at him and said, “There’s one more thing that the two of us should do as soon as possible.”

“What’s the matter?” Abby looked at him doubtfully.

“Have a baby ah. Father was urging us to have a baby soon, so there will be more people supporting us. I heard that the children born from pureblooded mermaids and humans will be very good. I can’t wait to see our children grow up. Father’s health isn’t very good, so we should let him see the birth of his grandson and allow him to leave in peace.”

“Having a baby isn’t something that I can control, the child will only come when he wants to.” Abby pretended to be shy and bowed his head, but in fact he needed to hide his flustered eyes. Once he spoke of children, Abby would be anxious and panicked. Looking for a child to use to pretend to be his own was not something easy. Not a single thing could go wrong, but at present he did not have such an ability. Even though he saw McAnton as a piece of trash, even this only trash that he could use had suddenly disappeared.

“That’s right, there’s another thing.” Corey saw the heavy rain outside and suddenly remembered what he had to have Abby do immediately. “Father said that this rain is already enough, it wouldn’t be good if there’s too much, so he told me to let you immediately stop the rain.”

“Stop the rain…” Abby looked back at the heavy rain outside, and that bad feeling in his heart became more and more intense.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Corey asked.

“No.” Abby shook his head. “I’ll go to the square today and let the rain stop.”

Random Notes:

Less than an hour: 1:30 pm – 2:10 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2.1k words.

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