CFCS Chapter 81

Chapter 81
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.2)

The first thing Jing Yang had to do was naturally to restore the condition of his body. He not only had to restore it, but also had to make it even more perfect than before. This wasn’t too hard for him. With exercise and the comprehensive improvement from the system, he would be able to develop an absolutely perfect figure in one month by the latest.

Arthur had basically not left his home for three years. The technology and network in this world were very developed, and he could completely survive without going outside.

Just a few days ago, news had suddenly appeared about him being photographed on the street. He had not gone out his door for three years, how could he have been photographed on the street. And in this era the pace of life was particularly fast, three years had passed, and Arthur had essentially disappeared, and had long since started being forgotten. Everything that had happened before had already become a thing of the past. So how could a reporter ambush for three years just to shoot him.

All of this had been especially arranged by Dilumo. Even though three years had already passed, and he and Conley had pushed Arthur to the brink, he still had no intention of letting go of Arthur. He wanted to use Arthur to support himself, and recreate another wave of heat. The person pictured in the photo was simply not even Arthur, but someone whose figure and appearance had the slightest bit of similarity with his current state.

Dilumo had arranged for people to ambush near Arthur’s house, but for three years they were still empty-handed because Arthur simply did not go out the door. Just a while ago, a delivery man had forgotten to close the outside gate when leaving, and Arthur, who had come out to pick up the package, had a vague back photographed, but this kind of picture could not be taken as news at all.

So when the paparazzi described to Dilumo how Arthur approximately looked right now, Dilumo used all sorts of methods to find such a person with a slight similarity, and arranged this piece of news. Because he knew that Arthur did not dare to come out to clarify, he was fearless in pushing this fake news.

Dilumo was now very popular, and had already taken over the promoter and representative of many big brands. The news took Arthur’s somewhat deformed figure and contrasted it with Dilumo’s award-winning video clips as comparison, bringing out those things that had happened three years ago as hype. The praise for Dilumo, the satire and mockery of Arthur, made Dilumo once again the hot item, and he received more jobs from brands.

Even though that person was only a little like the current Arthur based on a side of the face, his physique was much worse than Arthur’s current physique. But just as Dilumo predicted, even if Arthur was accused wrongly and humiliated again, he still had no way to prove his innocence right away. With his current physique, even if he went out to clarify, he would only receive even more mockery.

Arthur hated his own ineptitude, hated Conley and Dilumo’s vileness. He was tormented by these bitter and painful emotions and did not eat for several days. He fell to the ground in a trance and hit his head, so he was replaced by Jing Yang.

Dilumo had also predicted that Arthur would not be able to recover his body in a short time, and he really could not, but for Jing Yang this was very simple.

Opening the door to the room with the gym equipment, Jing Yang removed all of the dust covers. He started his body conditioning while watching the latest news.

The heat from fake Arthur being photographed had still not passed, and people online could still be seen discussing this matter. This was just as Jing Yang wanted, and now both he and Dilumo hoped that the heat from the news would not subside so quickly.

Half a month passed, and now Jing Yang had basically recovered his body to the state it had been in three years ago. Now, he was going to further shape a more perfect body.

The heat of discussion of him and Dilumo was already subsiding, and in an effort to bring it back up, Jing Yang posted a new status on Arthur’s profile, which had been untouched for three years. In the status, he used an animated video clip to satirize Dilumo and Conley for cheating.

As soon as the status was sent out, it immediately attracted media attention. Dilumo felt like this move was exactly what he wanted, and immediately made it into a big fight. He held a press conference to explain that he only got together with Conley after he had been abandoned by Arthur, and hoped that Arthur would not vilify him.

Dilumo’s fans were so distressed by the way he looked at the press conference that they were sad and angry, and began to leave comments on Arthur’s profile.

————Conley had already broken up with you when Dilumo got together with him. You dare to not be ashamed of those things you did, and then still slander others, isn’t this too shameless?

————Your current result is all the consequence of your own sins. Don’t try to smear other people, please let go of Conley and Dilumo.

————You had already broken up, everyone should be handling their own matters, isn’t it good to let go of others? Don’t still keep clinging, okay?

————With an ex like you, Conley was really unlucky. At the start you were crazy and wanted to break up, and even drove others out of the studio that they had worked hard to set up. Now other people have their own happiness with such difficulty, but even if you cannot bless them, you should at least have a little bit of conscience and not disturb them?

————People really can be shameless and there are no sins that cannot be committed, in the end where did you get the face to slander other people’s love ah?

————Could it be that after breaking up with you, people can no longer be with others, or else it would be cheating? Are you sick? If you have the time pay more attention managing your own horizontally growing body ba!

————Neurotic ah, you! What are people like you doing alive in this world? Go to hell!

————Please be clear, they only got together after Conley broke up with you. Even if you are jealous that they are living better than you, that is what you deserve, and is your consequence.

Dilumo’s fans first left messages swearing on Arthur’s home page, and then ran to Dilumo’s home page to comfort him that they would always support him and believe in him.

Dilumo looked at these and was incomparably comfortable. He felt that Arthur was truly too stupid, he had said three years ago that Dilumo was cheating with Conley but no one had believed it, because he could not take out the evidence. Saying it now, he would be even less likely to be believed. Since this person was so easy to use, if he did not properly make better use of him more thoroughly, even he would feel sorry for himself.


One month later, Jing Yang had completely perfected his body and was ready to make a promotional video and post it online.

Promotional videos being well shot was something very rare. In general, big modeling companies would have their own shooting crew, and smaller companies would pay for a dedicated filming company to shoot them.

The publicity images taken not only completely exhibit the model’s own advantages, but also show different styles and presentation ability.

If your promotional video is good enough, not only could you attract a lot of fans, but you can also have companies come to the door.

Arthur had previously lost legions of fans because Conley had deliberately made his propaganda videos very bad, and adding on all sorts of black rumors, when the matters finally happened later, basically no one would help him speak. Everyone was spitting at him.

Jing Yang naturally would not go find a filming company to help him shoot. That way wouldn’t allow him to achieve the effect that he wants, and any photography company would not produce the same effect that he could create by himself.

He bought some filming equipment online and then bought a lot of layout equipment, ready to film the scene at home. Arthur lived in a single-family villa that he had bought after he had become famous. This villa was considered quite large, but compared with a real filming space, there was still a certain gap. But this would not daunt Jing Yang. Even if the space was not big enough, he still had ways to make the best video.

Every promotional video must have a theme, and they would show their skills based on this theme. But they also had to show the advantages of the model himself, rather than simply displaying and selling their body. That way had been out of date for a long time.

The theme Jing Yang was going to film was called crushing the stars, and would be filmed in the villa’s swimming pool. He arranged the pool, and at night, it seemed like a star-studded galaxy, very dreamy and beautiful.

He did some movements on the edge of the pool and in the water, then edited it himself and added some music he composed himself. Once completed, it was posted anonymously to several modeling promotional video sites online.

The first thing in the video was a pair of tight slender legs. After that pair of legs stood still next to the water, the lens slowly spun up to the back. The white shirt slid down the shoulders to the ground, and the muscles on the back and the arms were perfectly carved, slightly more would be too much, and slightly less would be too little.

Those long legs stepped into the blue water, and the wind-blown water rippled. The person in the video sat down in the water, and the water flowed over the merman line hips. Everyone who had watched to here had long already not been able to move away their eyes, motionlessly staring at the screen, unwilling to miss even the tiniest detail.

After posing properly, the water only covered up the part wearing underwear. The part above the waist and those slightly curled legs were outside the water. Seeing that body, countless men and women couldn’t help but start swallowing their saliva.

Straight and slender fingers gathered some water in the palm. Those arms slowly stretched, and the water flowed down between the fingers, instantly spreading starlight in the water.

Every brush of the water would light a group of starlight, and soon a milky galaxy appeared. And that body sitting in the milky way sky was like it had been created by a god from the stars, perfect like it was not human.

After Jing Yang’s arrangement and editing, it was completely impossible to tell that it had been shot in the pool. Even though there were both close and farther shots, but in the entire video, Jing Yang’s face did not directly appear.

The netizens were attracted by the body in the video, and the wonderful music made them even more immersed in it. Everyone watched like they were intoxicated, repeating it several times in the row, before finally realizing that they did not know who the model was.

In just a few days, the number of clicks on this promotional video had already reached the scale of supermodels. Everyone was curious to death about who the model in the video was. There were also many netizens guessing that it would be their own idol, but over a few days, no model came forward to admit that this was their own video. So this attracted even more attention and speculation, and the number of clicks quickly increased.

The comments under the video, from the beginning of praise and exclamation, changed into a variety of speculation, and eventually devolved into a fan war.

————Look at those merman lines and chest muscle, it’s clear that this is our family’s Roger god okay?

————Are the eyes of the above blind? Roger’s pectoral muscles are so big, how could they be the perfect ratio of muscle in the video? Those straight long legs with not a single blemish, it can only be Bonn okay?

————Bonn’s legs are very perfect, but his hips are basically flat ba? Where are they as sexy as in the video?

————I don’t care, no matter who he is, from today on he is my male god. Male god, male god, show us your face!

————Cora male god, is that you? Is that you? The smooth lines on your back have revealed your identity, quickly admit it!

————This bod simply had no defects ah, so perfect, it shouldn’t be Dilumo ba?

————Dilumo was all just being praised by the media, his figure is simply not perfect okay? My family’s Grant is the perfect one.

The fans’ curiosity was exploding, but no one came forward to admit this person was them. So then many models’ fans went to leave comments on their idols’ pages, hoping that they could come forward to admit it, and then send out a full image with their face.

Some models directly denied it, and some models chose to be silent and not respond, deliberately leaving the curiosity of the fans hanging. Only Dilumo made some ambiguous remarks, making his fans even more certain that this was him. They vowed to bet with other fans that this was Dilumo, and that he would soon release the full video.

Translator Notes:

[1] heat – in this case just popularity/presence in the news
[2] fearless – 有恃无恐, basically secure in the knowledge that he has backing
[3] status – 动态, so this means movement/development/trend, I’m assuming this is basically just a post?
[4] clinging – 阴魂不散, idiom, literally means the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, basically his influence is still lingering
[5] merman line – 人鱼线小腹, basically v lines

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9 am – 10 am, for 3.8k characters to 2.4k words. It looks like my translation extension still works for Google translate, but Microsoft translate is just better. Sad. Also translating all of this stuff about the video is kinda weird lol, this arc is definitely going to be a fun time…

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