CFCS Chapter 36

Chapter 36
Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition (Arc 3.9)

Of the people who had been scratched by the pointed tail snake yesterday, besides Danny whose wound had already healed, the other people’s wounds had all started to fester. Adding on being bitten again by poisonous bugs last night, many of their bodies were covered in red and swollen patches. For some people, their old and new wounds made them unable to continue the competition. Those who were unable to move around could only rest beside the trees, just planning to endure the day until tomorrow, when they could return to the ship for treatment.

Danny walked to Cove, the person who had been hurt most seriously, and crouched down. “Your wound is festering so seriously, can you still hold on? If you waste a leg for the bonus, that wouldn’t be worth it.”

Cove’s eyes also showed some signs of flinching. After all, there was still a day and a night of time before they could return to the airship. Daytime was fine, but the nighttime was really too difficult to bear. It was because last night he had desperately jumped around to drive away the flying insects that the wound would worsen so badly today. If he really gave up a leg for the competition, it was definitely not worth it. The cost of getting a prosthetic leg was very high, and would completely not be as easy to use as your own leg. But because he had stayed until this point, he was a little unwilling to withdraw now.

“How is your wound now?” Cove asked Danny somewhat curiously.

“It’s already healed, I have no problem walking. I can even run and jump around.” Danny pulled up his own pant leg and patted his original wound. He then used a slightly sorry tone to say, “If yesterday you guys had also used the herbal medicine that Milton had made, your wounds would not have deteriorated so seriously, unfortunately…”

Danny stood up and said loudly, “Unfortunately, some people think that they are very clever and feel that other people don’t know as much as them, treating the kindness of others as maliciousness. There are other people who think that they’re being righteous and saving people, but do not know that it was exactly their stupidity that is harming people. Who you should blame for your wounds becoming more serious, you should be very clear about in your hearts?”

“What are you saying?” Rhett heard Danny’s taunting and stood up angrily, roaring.

“Don’t you know clearly what I’m saying?” Danny instead went for broke. He was not afraid of offending him, and even more so did not care about whether or not he would be scolded by the netizens. He directly walked in front of Rhett and said, “Look at the redness and swelling on your face and neck, the medicinal grasses that the walking plant encyclopedia found for you, didn’t seem to be useful ah? Instead, us three who had used the ‘poisonous’ insect repellant not only did not die from poisoning, but we also did not even have a single insect come close to us. The facts have already proven everything, haven’t they?”

Kedi’s expression was very ugly, Danny’s every sentence was pointed toward him, but he had no way to refute them. Everything was developing differently from what he had expected. It was impossible for Milton to be better than him, and it was even more impossible for him to know more than him. Obviously he was only a live streamer who only knew how to rely on high tech products to cheat, why would he become so strong? No! He must not let things go on like this, he needed to turn the situation around.

Rhett looked at Kedi, he also did not know how to refute Danny’s words. Only Danny’s team’s skin was not red and swollen, and they had even peacefully slept through the night. Kedi said that the things Milton used were highly toxic, but those three people had used them and nothing had happened to them. Danny’s wounds had even healed.

“Danny, we need to go.” Jake called over. Today they still had many other things to do, but he had deliberately waited for Danny to finish talking before calling him back. Because Kedi’s team’s self-righteous appearance was really too annoying, they should destroy their arrogance a bit.

“Coming.” Danny immediately turned around and followed Jing Yang to enter the jungle.

The anger on Rhett and Kedi’s faces, as well as their vicious eyes, were seen clearly by the netizens, and the decline in support and affection for them became even more severe. And the Goodyear in the same team as them, was sitting at the side with an unchanging expression, making people unable to guess what he was thinking.

The task for the competition today was to go into the jungle at the other side of the hill and catch different animals. The team that caught the largest number of animals would get the highest scores. But there was a very important condition, which was that all of the animals had to be caught alive, and if an animal was injured or killed, 10 to 50 points would be deducted from their score.

The jungle had all kinds of strange animals, most of which were aggressive and highly dangerous. Let alone catching them alive, even first killing them and then catching them would still be an extremely difficult task.

Jing Yang planned to first make several cages, and then set off to the jungle on the other side of the hill. For him, catching a few animals alive was not that difficult.

Jing Yang demonstrated to Jake and Danny how to use a short knife and some readily available things to quickly make a trailer. His neat and efficient movements made Jake and Danny gasp in amazement, the netizens were also amazed and admiring of his hands-on abilities.

He also made three bows and arrows, but Jake and Danny were completely unable to use them, so he had to make two more slingshots, which they found a little easier to use.

The three people dragged a trailer full of materials back to the rest area and were about to start making cages when Cove came over supported by two of his teammates. He said to Jing Yang, “Milton, can I beseech you for something?”

Jing Yang looked at him and didn’t speak.

Cove continued, “Can you make again the medicine that you gave to Danny yesterday?”

Jing Yang had found those herbs yesterday only in order for appearances. He had no affection for these people, if they had not opened their mouths, he would also not take the initiative to go save them. But now someone had spoken, and if he refused them, it would inevitably damage the image that he had managed to reconstruct with great difficulty.

Jing Yang looked at the circle of people and asked, “Do you guys also want it?”

All of the people who had been injured stood up and said, we also want it, please.

Jing Yang first taught Jake and Danny the method for dealing with the materials simply, and he himself again returned to the jungle to find some herbs.

After those people used Jing Yang’s medicine, they still couldn’t immediately do some strenuous exercise, and could only continue to rest. But they could already obviously feel that the wound was no longer as painful, and they themselves didn’t feel as uncomfortable. They all were somewhat regretful in their hearts and started to complain about Rhett and Kedi. If they had used this medicine yesterday, they might have still been able to continue participating in the competition right now.

Of the other four teams, more or less all of the people were injured. Only Jing Yang and Kedi’s two teams had the entire team able to participate. Both of the teams had readied their strength, with the determination to go head to head with each other.


Jing Yang’s team looked up, on the trunks of the many monkey trees, there were over a hundred golden monkeys climbing around at the tops of the trees and jumping back and forth between the trees by swinging on long vines. Their movements were very dexterous.

“They look too flexible, and these trees are also too high. By the time we climb up, they would long have run away, right?” Jake felt that even though these golden monkeys did not seem very aggressive, but from the fact that they could jump to a tree over a dozen meters away, he could tell that it would not be easy to catch them.

“If you’re just relying on climbing the trees to catch them, you won’t be able to succeed even for a lifetime. They are especially fond of teasing people.” Jing Yang responded.

“Then should we go find some other animals?” Danny also felt that it was quite difficult to catch these dexterous monkeys, mainly it was that the trees were too tall.

“Golden monkeys are social animals, they are the most numerous, and their aggressiveness is also not high. Using them to pad quantity is the most appropriate method. I have a way to catch them.” Jing Yang finished explaining and chose a tree to start to climb up.

Jing Yang tightly tied the long vine that he had brought around a tree branch, and tied the other end to his waist. Standing on the tree, he leapt off and immediately caught a golden monkey that was also mid-jump in the air.

Jake and Danny were still on the ground, their mouths falling open in surprise. They watched Jing Yang use that long vine to fly between the big trees, flipping, flying, and landing, his movements seemed to be even more flexible than those golden monkeys.

Jing Yang used the very long tails of the golden monkeys to bundle up their four limbs so that they couldn’t struggle. He loosened the vine tied around his waist a bit and lightly threw the golden monkey to Danny. “Catch it and place it in the cage, and then you can untie the tail.”

Danny lightly received the golden monkey and hurriedly placed it in the cage, and then reached in to untie its tail. Jake picked up some monkey tree fruits that had fallen on the ground and placed them in the cage for the monkey to eat.

Jing Yang was like the Golden Monkey King—no matter which golden monkey he wanted to catch, they were all unable to escape his grasp. Very quickly he caught more than 10 golden monkeys. The cages were already unable to fit any more, so they decided to first send these golden monkeys back and then come back with more empty cages.

When Jing Yang had just landed back on the ground, he saw Kedi’s team standing to the side. They had apparently been watching for a while. In his heart Kedi wanted to defeat Jing Yang, so he had deliberately followed Jing Yang’s team over. He had seen the process Jing Yang had just used to catch the golden monkeys, it seemed quite simple, and he was confident that he could do it better than him.

Jing Yang’s team had originally wanted to leave, but they were in no hurry, wanting to see how Kedi’s team would act.

Kedi also climbed onto a tree and imitated Jing Yang by tying a long vine around his waist, and then he jumped to another tree. The jump was a success, but before he could jump to a different tree, the golden monkey had escaped long ago, making him grab at air.

Even though he had jumped several times without success in catching a golden monkey, Kedi felt that he had already mastered the skills, so his actions also became more bold. He leaped with strength, pouncing on a golden monkey that seemed a little more dull, and just when his hand had already touched it, the golden monkey quickly jumped away, and Kedi directly slammed into a tree.

“Pfft!” Jake and Danny couldn’t help laughing out. Kedi’s appearance just now had seemed quite fierce, but they did not expect that he had used too much strength and also wasn’t flexible enough, directly slamming into the tree.

Kedi heard the mocking laughter, and anger grew in his heart. He started jumping with even more strength and speed. A golden monkey mid-jump had already been caught by Kedi, but he did not expect that it would actually slap its paw in his face. Kedi immediately cried out in pain and let go of it to cover his face.

At this point Kedi had become completely angered, the bruises on his face were aching, and his facial expression looked somewhat hideous. The golden monkeys seemed to know that this person was easier to bully and joined together to tease him. Some jumped on his head to grab his hair, some hit him hard on the back when he was jumping, and some directly hung on his back, and when he tried to reach back to catch them, they scratched his hands with their claws, and then quickly jumped away.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Kedi seemed to have been driven crazy by those golden monkeys, swinging his arms around wildly and yelling.

Under his vigorous swinging, the long vine around his waist suddenly broke and he fell straight down from a quite tall height. But the good thing was that the ground was covered in very thick grass, so he was only injured very lightly, he was able to sit up by himself. Rhett and Goodyear ran over to help him up, asking him if he had broken anything.

The long vines on the monkey tree were different from the one that Jing Yang had brought over himself. Jing Yang’s vine was much stronger, and the vine on the monkey tree simply could not withstand Kedi’s such strong movements.

Kedi’s fans saw this scene and all felt very embarrassed for him. If you’re not able to do it well don’t imitate other people’s actions, wouldn’t it be better for you to do the things you’re better at?

Jing Yang’s team dragged the trailer back. Danny rubbed his face that had almost gone stiff from laughing too much, saying, “I really don’t understand how Kedi has so many fans, what do they like about him? Do they like his ignorance and hilarity?”

“Who knows?” Jing Yang responded. “Those golden monkeys have already been provoked by him, let’s quickly go check out some other places.”

The hill was between a jungle with animals and a jungle with more plants, the animals in the animal part of the jungle could not go to the other side of the hill, or else they would become very irritable. In the open space on this side of the animal jungle, the organizers had set up a collection point. They just needed to place the animals that they had caught in their team’s own designated area.

Soon afterward Jing Yang also caught a few farting rabbits and double-tailed foxes, both of these were animals that could spray poisonous gases. Occasionally they would meet some birds, and the bow and arrow that Jing Yang had made came in handy. He shot their wings with arrows, pinning them to a tree, and then he would climb up to bring them down.

At this point Jing Yang’s team had captured the largest number of animals. Looking at the number of animals caught by the other teams, it would be very difficult for them to overtake their team. Jing Yang decided to go one last time, and then they could basically just go back to the hill to rest.

A red-eyed gold-horned deer ran towards them. This deer’s horns were incomparably hard, they could pierce through the stomach of a big black bear and even smash rocks.

Jing Yang immediately took out a slingshot and aimed towards its knees. The red eyed gold horned deer ran forward and then fell down. Jake and Danny immediately ran forward to press it down, while Jing Yang also quickly ran over to help, using a long vine to tie up its four limbs.

Just when they were preparing to carry the red eyed gold horned deer back, Rhett and Goodyear suddenly jumped out. Rhett pointed at them and said loudly, “Hey! Put it down, that’s our prey!”

“Your prey?” Danny stared at him with dissatisfaction. “We were the ones who caught it, all of the Star Network netizens saw it, do you want to rob us?”

“We were the ones who had found it first, and chased it all the way here to capture it. As you said, all of the Star Network netizens have seen it. I have more witnesses than all three of you.” Rhett was very self-confident, his meaning was that he had more fans than Jing Yang’s team added up, if they didn’t want to be scolded, it would be best for them to be a little more sensible.

Danny still wanted to continue arguing with him, but Jing Yang pulled him back. “Forget it, we’ll just let them have this one, you guys first climb a tree.”

“Climb a tree?” Danny and Jake were clueless, but subconsciously they had already felt that following what Jing Yang said would definitely not be wrong.

Jake and Danny both climbed up a tree, and Jing Yang also followed them up. From the tree he pulled on the long vine and released the red eyed gold horned deer, freeing its limbs.

“We’ll still leave the prey for you both, if you have the ability you can catch it yourself.” Jing Yang said.

“You…” Rhett did not expect that Jing Yang would still have this method, he wanted to go up to press the red eyed gold horned deer down, but it was already charging towards them, so he could only turn around and run. And his companion Goodyear had also found a tree to climb up after Jing Yang had gone up a tree.

“Really, who the hell is the prey here?” Jake said with a 囧 expression. “Is there any prey that chases in the back, and the hunter runs in the front?”

The netizens were all angered and speechless from Rhett’s impudence. He used his own fans being more to rob other people of their prey? Did this man have any shame? What exactly did his fans like about him? Only a person as shameless as he was would like a person like him!

Rhett’s support tickets fell drastically, and his objecting votes actually grew by a large amount.

Translator Notes:

[1] Cove – 科夫, pinyin ke fu, we are back with poorly translated names
[2] went for broke – 豁出去, also means to throw caution to the wind, to press your luck
[3] golden monkeys – 金巧候, should be a typo, also 巧 isn’t really applicable here so I just left the golden
[4] farting rabbits – 放屁兔, quite possibly the weirdest animal name I’ve written yet

Random Notes:

1.5 hours: 2 pm – 3:30 pm, for 4.5k characters to 3.2k words. We are well on our way to the end of this arc. Honestly translating two chapters a day is quite a time commitment, most of the time it takes 3 hours out of my day. We should be done quite soon though.

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  1. In hindsight, it’s quite amusingly cruel of the organizers to purposefully keep the participants from finding out their vote rankings online. Rhett is too much though; purposefully asking your fans to lie for you, have you thought about if they are willing????? Thanks for the chapter!

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