CFCS Chapter 111

Chapter 111
War of Mechanics (Arc 8.16)

Tony never thought that Avery would actually come to see him. He had thought that the two brothers had already run far far away. It was already this time, and he actually still dared to appear in front of him in such an aboveboard manner? Did he really think that he still had some sort of emotion for him and wouldn’t tell other people to catch him?

“What did you find me for?” Tony now had no reason to show him any kindness. After all, there was no need to tolerate him now. Even if Avery came with people, he also had bodyguards around him, so he wouldn’t be afraid.

“Do you really not have the least bit of feelings for me in your heart?” Avery had seen Tony’s sincere call for Skien to return to Fetani. That kind of deeply emotional and urgent appearance, could it be that he really did not care about himself at all anymore? He really didn’t want to believe it.

“I may have liked you before, but all of that liking was whittled down bit by bit by you.” Tony said coldly. “If you want to hear the truth, I’ll tell you. Now, I don’t have any affection for you.”

“I know that my actions may have gone a bit overboard, but that’s all because I love you so much. You’ve given up Skien for me before, and you said that you would always love me. And now, in order to get him back, you don’t care at all if I’m alive or dead, do you?” Avery asked, tears flowing down his face.

“You and your brother always take things to the extreme. Everything would have been exposed sooner or later. If you had not killed Skien’s entire family, you would not have fallen to this extent. Skien’s father had treated your brother with graciousness, but you actually paid him back like this, colluding with the Poison Wolves to kill him. The two of you are so vicious that I feel creeped out just thinking about it. I would even hope that you two die earlier, how could it be possible that I care about whether you’re alive. Saving you was the biggest mistake I made in my life. If I had known it would be like this, not only would I not have liked you, but I would not have saved you.”

“I did it all for you!” Avery cried. “Because I didn’t want you to have any lingering feelings for him, in order to seize you from his side and let you only love me alone, do you know how much I paid?”

“You did it for your own sake!” Tony glared at him harshly. “In fact, you understand very clearly in your heart that you can’t be compared to Skien at all. His family status is better than you, his appearance is better than you, his mind is superior to yours. In short, he is better than you at everything. So you’re jealous of him, you’re afraid that his presence is more dazzling than yours, so you want to kill him! Don’t say some sort of platitudes like it was for me. With your personality, if you weren’t worried that he would pose a threat to you, you would definitely keep him alive and then show off your achievements to him!”

Avery covered his chest. Tony’s words stabbed his heart like a knife, and he had broken through and exposed that reality that he had least wanted to admit. Tony hadn’t said anything wrong. He was jealous of Skien, jealous that he possessed everything, and was also so perfect. He was a person born from the future, he should be the hero of this world. Fearing that Skien would be his greatest threat, he destroyed his entire family. But he had already done everything to this extent, and in the end he had still lost to Skien.

Avery wiped his tears away. He said, looking very calm, “I know that you wouldn’t be willing to come with me. We may never see each other again. For the sake of our previous love, give me one last hug as a farewell.”

Tony just looked at him, not speaking nor moving.

Avery took the initiative to walk up to him, opening his arms and hugging him.

Tony let him hold him. He didn’t push him away and did not respond to him. Recalling the past, his mood at that moment was very complex.

“Wu!” Tony suddenly widened his eyes. He felt something pass through his body. Even though he didn’t feel any pain, he could already feel the blood flowing out of his body.

“Young master!” Tony’s bodyguards saw that he was shot and immediately rushed forward.

“Don’t come over!” Avery wrapped his arm around Tony’s neck and pointed a gun at his temple.

The bodyguards didn’t dare to act lightly. They could only stand there and watch them anxiously.

“Something that I can’t get, Skien can also never get!” Avery said into Tony’s ear. “Since your heart no longer has me in it, I also don’t need to be kind to you anymore. It’s impossible for me to let you make peace with Skien. Only by letting you die in my arms will the last second of your life belong to me. Only then I can rest assured.”

“You…” Tony opened his mouth, blood flowing out. Avery’s bullet was poisoned. He really didn’t think that Avery would actually kill him, and in such a place.

Avery dragged Tony with him while he retreated. Tony’s bodyguards’ foreheads were covered with sweat, following them step by step.

Tony’s breaths were weakening and his consciousness began to blur, his strength fleeing his body. He knew that he was going to die. He struggled hard against the darkness that engulfed him, knowing that once he fell into the darkness, he would no longer be able to wake up again.

“Ski…en…” Tony couldn’t hold on any longer. The image that appeared in his mind at the very end was when Skien had smiled toward him back when they were teenagers. Skien had been so beautiful at that time. Only, this life, there was no way for him to be able to have such a beautiful Skien. His last wish was to hope that he could live happily.

Tony, in the last moment of his life, still called out Skien’s name. Avery only felt bleakness in his heart. Perhaps from the very beginning, their encounter had been wrong. Maybe Tony really should not have saved him.

Avery pushed Tony out with great force. He finally took one last deep look at Tony who no longer breathed, and said in his heart, goodbye, my love.

Under the protection of his bodyguards, Avery quickly got into the car and fled. Tony’s bodyguards immediately caught up and there was a fierce battle, but they still didn’t manage to catch Avery.

When Bilus learned of his son’s death, he collapsed to the ground. Tony was his only son, and now he had actually died in Avery’s hands. So what was the point of everything he had done before? Even if he could continue to hold onto the left prime minster position, it wouldn’t have any meaning. What’s more, right now he still had to face the questioning of the public, and there was absolutely no way for him to give them a reasonable explanation.

John and Avery eventually managed to escape, taking away a large number of weapons and mechas. They were able to move so rapidly and escape so smoothly, indicating that they were already prepared for everything.

The Fetani Empire’s internal government suffered a major upheaval as a result of this matter. Under the strong demands of the people, they overturned the monarchy, changed into a parliamentary system, and established the position of prime minister.

John and Avery’s actions had caused a heavy loss to Fetani, as well as a very destructive effect. So the people of Fetani could not wait for Jing Yang to come back.

The equipment that Jing Yang had designed and manufactured, and later the mechas and weapons, made Wilkesa the leading power in the universe in a very short period of time, causing their military power to be far ahead of those of the other countries. So Wilkesa obviously didn’t want him to leave, so they pressured the officials frequently to keep this person here, no matter what they did.

So officials from both countries began to tussle. One side urged Jing Yang to return to his home since he was a person of Fetani. One side tried to push back, which was that they would not let go of him. The reason they gave was that they had saved Jing Yang, and Jing Yang had willingly stayed to repay them. Not to mention that he himself may not be willing to return to Fetani, where he had so many tragic and traumatizing memories.


After sitting in a wheelchair for several months, Jing Yang was finally able to try to start walking on the ground. But it would take some time to rehabilitate and get back to full dexterity.

Jing Yang held Denanfry’s hand, and under his support, like a toddler, he walked very carefully step by step. In barely moments, he was covered in sweat. The newly grown bones and muscles required time to hone. Even if Jing Yang had already mentally prepared himself long ago, the difficulty and pain was far beyond his expectations.

“Take a break ba.” Denanfry looked at Jing Yang covered in sweat, and his heart felt pained. If he could, he would take his place and bear all the pain for him. That would be far more comfortable than just watching him suffer like this.

Jing Yang nodded. He was never someone who would force himself to suffer. Right now he was a little tired, so it would be good for him to take a break.

Denanfry hugged him and put him on the couch. He picked up a hot towel and sat down next to him, helping him wipe off his sweat.

“What’s the situation in Fetani now? Why haven’t you updated me lately?” Jing Yang asked somewhat doubtfully.

“Your recovery has been really difficult recently, so you don’t have to know some things that would make you upset. I will slowly tell you after waiting for everything to come to fruition.” Denanfry stroked his face.

“What could happen in Fetani right now that would still bother me?” Jing Yang looked at him. “Could it be that John succeeded in seizing control of the initiative and pacifying the people of Fetani? If that’s the case, then they are actually really skilled.”

“No, it’s not what you think.” Denanfry said.

“Then just tell me, what is going on? The more you don’t tell me, the more curious I am. After all, I can just go check myself, if there’s anything big there will definitely be news online.”

Denanfry only spoke after looking at him for a while. “Tony died.”

“What?” Jing Yang was a little stunned. “Who? Tony died?”

“Yes, Avery killed him himself.” Denanfry had been paying close attention to Jing Yang’s expression changes. Seeing that besides some surprise he seemed to have no other emotions, Denanfry felt inexplicably relieved.

“Really?” Jing Yang was really somewhat surprised. He had thought that according to Avery’s personality, he would have used any means possible to tie Tony to his side, and he really did not think that he would actually kill him. Could this be the so-called feeling of love that would rather he die than have the chance to be with someone else?

“You, aren’t affected ba?” Denanfry asked.

“What matter would I have?” Jing Yang glanced at him incredulously. Then he smiled. “You wouldn’t have thought that I still had some sort of feelings toward him ba? Didn’t I tell you before? I already have no feelings at all toward him. Whether he’s dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me, and I will not feel sad for him. Just as he knew what John and Avery had done to my family but had stayed indifferent, my heart toward him is now just like how his was back then, cold and untouchable.”

“Would you think that this kind of me is too heartless?” Jing Yang looked at Denanfry.

“You just have to have emotions toward me. I wish more than you that you will be heartless toward everyone else.” Denanfry seriously responded.

Jing Yang wrapped his arms around Denanfry’s neck, smiling. He kissed him on the face and asked, “What about John and Avery? What’s their situation now?”

“They successfully managed to escape Fetani and took a lot of weapons and mechas with them. Recently, they have frequently contacted countries that have not joined the Federation. It looks like they’re trying to woo those countries, create a new federation, and then confront us.”

“Their ambitions are really not small.” Jing Yang smiled sarcastically.

“Our people are watching their every move closely. I’m going to let my men start preparing. When the time is right, we will chase them all out.” Denanfry hugged him and gently helped him massage his thighs.

“General.” Dyles came over to report. “The Prime Minister has asked you to come over. He said that there was something important to discuss and told you to bring mechanic Skien with you.”

Denanfry paused for a moment then said, “I understand.”

Random Notes:

A little less than 1 hour: 12:20 pm – 1:10 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2.2k words.

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  1. Wow…Fetani is totally dumb… they have so many people that think Jing Yang will return, I say HELL no! He’s family is gone they killed everyone (But he is a different but must respect the dead and not return to a place that killed everyone related too that body.) And they think, that getting rid of the bad seeds will make it all better. I need someone to tell me now, would you really go back… because I will have the look of shock and then laugh because that is… totally… 100% DUMB!

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