CFCS Chapter 120

Chapter 120
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.7)

As soon as Reibar entered the room, he saw Jing Yang lying on the bed. He walked over and patted him on the back, but Jing Yang ignored him.

Reibar crouched down by the bed, using both hands to gently turn Jing Yang’s face towards him: “You’ll suffocate.”

Jing Yang turned his head back toward the other side. “I don’t want to see you. You go continue to choose your bed companions, don’t care about me.”

“When did I want to choose bed companions?” Reibar stood up and sat down next to the bed, both hands propped up on the pillow, and looked at Jing Yang. “Ever since you came, hasn’t it been you who has been sleeping on my bed all this time? Even I have been denied the right to sleep in my bed.”

“Then I’ll just give the bed back to you.” Jing Yang pushed him away. After saying that, he was a little angry and stood up, wanting to leave.

Reibar pulled him and pushed him back onto the bed. “You can return the bed back to me, but you’re not allowed to go. My bed is big but can only fit you and me, there will never be anyone else.”

“This bed could even fit a dozen people, couldn’t it? How could it possibly only fit two people.” Jing Yang felt uncomfortable in his heart and deliberately found trouble with Reibar. He was definitely not someone who would stew in his own anger—whoever made him angry, he would definitely return it back to them.

“Are you jealous?” Reibar leaned close to Jing Yang’s face, looking closely at him, almost close enough to kiss him.

“I am not!” Jing Yang loudly denied. He raised his hand to push Reibar’s face away. He was jealous, he was indeed jealous, but he wouldn’t admit it no matter what. He didn’t want this man to be proud of that.

When Reibar didn’t want to be pushed away, it was impossible for Jing Yang to push him away. How could Jing Yang’s strength be comparable to Reibar’s? So Jing Yang not only did not manage to push him away, but Reibar pressured him even more.

Seeing that Jing Yang was jealous and unhappy, Reibar’s heart was filled with unspeakable joy and excitement. At the very least, Leann’s heart contained him, and he also cared very much about him.

Jing Yang’s face puffed up from anger. Reibar’s heart overflowed with love looking at him. How could such a cute person exist in this world, and someone who could move his heart so easily? He must have been a treasure given to him by God. Reibar looked at Jing Yang’s pink lips, thinking in his heart that the taste must be very good, and he really wanted to taste. He thought this way, and he actually did it, immediately containing Jing Yang’s lips.

“What are you doing…wu~” Jing Yang’s mouth was blocked. Reibar’s tongue reached into his mouth and immediately ignited the passion in his soul. Jing Yang knew that his body was going soft, but he was still angry and didn’t want to give in to him so easily. While he still had the strength, he began to struggle hard.

At first he wanted to resist, but his strength was getting smaller and smaller. He gradually stopped struggling, and his body completely softened, letting Reibar play with him.

After a period of time, Reibar didn’t immediately start again. Jing Yang thought that he had benevolently let go of him, but didn’t think that he would directly pick up the powerless Jing Yang and bring him into the bathroom.

Reibar remembered what Downey had said: after tasting mermaid tail, as long as you tried it once, you would fall in love with that feeling. Before, he had been disdainful of trying this kind of thing, but now, he really wanted to try and see what it would be like when the person in his arms turned into a mermaid.

Water splashes and shouts came from the bathroom, and soon the shouts stopped, and only the sound of water could be heard.


It was already late at night when Reibar left the bathroom with a sleeping Jing Yang. He placed him on the bed and gently stroked his face, his eyes full of obsession.

Downey ran to Reibar’s castle early the next morning to wait. But he waited through breakfast in the castle, and then waited for a long time, but still couldn’t see Reibar.

Reibar watched Jing Yang still sleeping in his arms. His heart had softened into water, and he kissed his forehead and cheeks repeatedly. Even this couldn’t wake him up, so he could tell how tired Jing Yang was. Reibar felt some heartache and guilt. Knowing that it was his first time, he had still failed to control himself, causing him to fall unconscious. He didn’t know whether it would have an impact on his body. He had really lost his mind, as if his body and mind were no longer under his control. Everything he did was done by instinct.

Reibar gave Jing Yang a heavy kiss on the forehead and finally let go of him. Reibar thought that even though it wasn’t early anymore it would be good to let him sleep a bit more. If he still hadn’t gotten up when he came back later, he had to wake him up to eat something, or it would be bad for his body.

Reibar walked into the hall and saw Downey asleep on the sofa. He walked over and pushed him.

Because he got up too early and still couldn’t see him after so long, Downey had fallen asleep. The asleep Downey was pushed by Reibar and nearly rolled onto the ground.

Downey woke up and saw Reibar right in front of him. He was still somewhat in a daze and didn’t know where he was. “Co, cousin.”

“Come with me to the study.” Reibar left the hall.

Downey, who had come back to his senses, immediately followed him.

“Cousin, where the hell did you find such a beauty? What actually happened, hiding it so deeply!” As soon as they sat down Downey already couldn’t wait to ask. His curiosity was about to explode.

“Didn’t you help me buy him back?” Reibar thought about how fortunate it was that Downey brought him to the auction hall. Only in that way was he able to meet Jing Yang and even brought him back. His gaze toward Downey was a little better. For the moment he wouldn’t make him account for what happened yesterday with the “gifts”.

And because there were those “gifts,” Reibar was finally able to confirm that Jing Yang paid a lot of attention to him in his heart. Thinking like this, Reibar didn’t intend to settle accounts with this fellow.

“Me? When?” Downey started to think, his expression doubtful. “How come I don’t remember at all ah. Such a beauty, even if I only glanced at him, I would absolutely not forget for a lifetime. But in my memory, I haven’t seen this person ah.”

“He’s the man I told you to buy back for me from the artificial mermaid auction we went to last time. His name is Leann.” Speaking of this, Reibar also remembered that McAnton who wanted to buy Leann last time. At the thought that if they didn’t go, Leann would have been bought back by McAnton, his heart was filled with flames, wanting to burn McAnton to ashes.

“What? Him?!” Downey stared, his eyes wide with shock. “No way! At the auction, his appearance was definitely not like this!”

“That’s the matter that I told you to come over to talk about.” Reibar said.

Reibar explained to Downey Jing Yang’s identity and his experience when coming to the Kingdom of Luasi.

Downey was shocked. He never thought that when they went to an auction for artificial mermaids they would actually buy back a pureblooded mermaid. This was really too magical, this probability that was even lower than gold falling from the sky actually happened to them.

“That means, the fake pureblooded mermaid was the one who married Corey, and the real pureblooded mermaid was brought to the auction by Corey himself, and then you bought him back. Is that what happened?” Downey asked with some uncertainty. Because everything seemed so incredible, he suddenly felt that his usually nimble brain seemed to have gone a bit dull.

“Yes, that’s right.” Reibar nodded with certainty.

“This is really…” Downey didn’t know what to say to express his mood. “The man who used his own life to pay for his son was actually given a fake pureblooded mermaid. You say, if he knew the truth, would he directly die from anger? I really want to go to him right now and tell him everything, if he drops dead from fury, it would save you a lot of time ah. What could Corey even do, he can’t even compete with you at all in terms of capital or ability.”

“Now is not the time to expose the truth. I’m going to help Leann get the bead back first. I told you to come over today and told you these things so that you would know my plan. There are some things you might need to do.” Reibar explained.

“No problem. No matter what it is, as long as I can do it, I’ll do my best!” Downey immediately assured him.


The first rain calling ceremony of the dry season began as scheduled. The king ordered all of the officials and nobles to come watch, and even he himself came despite his health.

According to the original plan, Abby would go to the other cities after calling the rain in the capital. The king had given orders that every time Abby summoned the rain, local officials must gather the people and hold a solemn ceremony. Everything the king did was so that he could raise the profile of Abby and Corey, as well as emphasize their importance to the officials and the public.

All of the officials were seated in the square. Originally Jing Yang could not have attended such an occasion, but Reibar brought him along as his fiancee. When the king received this report, he didn’t say anything. In his mind, the more Reibar messed around now, the more areas would appear where he could control Reibar. It would be fine to let him do whatever he wanted.

The king brought Corey and Abby out. The king looked like he was in pretty good health today, but Abby, who should normally look healthy, looked a little pale.

Because of Jing Yang’s sudden appearance, Abby had been suffering these past two days. He was worried that Jing Yang would seize the bead back and worried that his rain calling wouldn’t succeed. His spirit was constantly in a state of tension, and he had already gone two days and nights without sleep.

Abby himself knew that he had no excuse not to be able to summon the rain, because even if he dodged this time, he wouldn’t be able to hide the next time. He had to be successful just like last time in order to continue to hide his identity. Only then, even if Jing Yang wanted to expose him, he could still defend himself.

It wasn’t that Abby hadn’t tried thinking of other ways to protect what he had. He even wanted to go beg Jing Yang, and he actually did it.

That day, he made the excuse of going outside the palace to relax, and then wanted to meet with Jing Yang.

Jing Yang didn’t think that Abby would actually ask to meet with himself. Because he was curious about what he would say, he agreed to see him.

“Just say whatever you want, I don’t have that much time to waste with you.” Seeing that Abby had stayed silent and didn’t say anything, Jing Yang urged him.

“Are you really together with His Majesty Reibar?” Abby actually had a guess in his heart, but he still wanted to hear him admit it personally.

“So what if I am?” Jing Yang didn’t care if others knew about his true relationship with Reibar, especially since his true identity would be made public later.

“Are you in love?” Abby continued to ask.

“Yes, we are in love, what are you trying to say? If you keep asking about this nonsense, I’m going to leave.” Jing Yang said impatiently.

“If the king finds out that you are the real pure blooded mermaid, he will definitely find a way to make you marry Corey, so you won’t be able to be with His Majesty Reibar.” Abby looked at Jing Yang and said.

Jing Yang laughed. “No one can force me to do what I don’t want to do. Reibar will protect me, and even the king can’t force me. If you don’t believe me you can wait and see.”

“What His Majesty Reibar wants the throne, and what you want is to be with him. I can help him get the throne and let you two be together forever, as long as you help me keep it hidden…” Abby seemed like he was making a deal with Jing Yang, but his heart was actually full of calculations.

Jing Yang could see through his inner thoughts with a single glance and thought he was truly ridiculous. “You just want to delay the time when your identity is exposed, and then think of other ways to deal with me and kill me, don’t you?”

Alarm flashed through Abby’s eyes, but he soon calmed down: “I sincerely want to cooperate with you. I will be happy as long as I am with Corey, I don’t want anything else. Besides Corey, I can give you anything.”

“No need.” Jing Yang looked at him and said with certainty. “You don’t have to give Corey to me, and don’t have to give anything back to me. Because for what belongs to me and Reibar, we will use our own strength to get it back.”

After he said that, Jing Yang got up and left. Abby also stood up, gritting his teeth and looking at Jing Yang’s back. He was extremely angry in his heart about him not cooperating with him.

Jing Yang turned down Abby, so Abby had to rely on himself to continue to summon the rain.

After the king was seated, Abby walked slowly toward the platform that was specially designed for him. Jing Yang was sitting next to Reibar in the first row of seats. When Abby passed by him, he quickly shot Jing Yang a glance. Their two gazes met, as if a spark of lightning emerged.

Jing Yang saw the hatred in Abby’s eyes. He thought, this was really too interesting, someone who robbed someone else’s things and took someone else’s identity actually hated the other person for appearing. For people like Abby, it was logical and right for them to be evil to others, but it was against the rules for others to resist. To Jing Yang, these kinds of people were the most disgusting.

To make the process of summoning rain seem solemn and sacred, Abby wore a special vintage robe with wide sleeves and hidden pockets that allowed him to put the bead and bottles filled with blood in there.

Abby stood on the high stage, his back facing everyone else. He took the bead and bottles out of his sleeve pockets and poured the blood from the bottle into his palm. Then he slowly turned around, and facing everyone else, he held the bead tightly, closing his eyes and beginning to focus.

In his heart he constantly implored God to let him succeed. He had to succeed, or he would lose everything he had now, and his father and those uncles would have all died in vain. No! He must live up to everything that they had fought for with their lives, and he had to succeed.

Random Notes:

A little less than an hour: 2 pm – 2:45 pm, for 4.4k characters to 2.6k words.

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