CFCS Chapter 79

Chapter 79
Legend of the Holy Light (Arc 6.12)

When Orede’s subordinates saw from afar the holy light falling from the sky, they knew that they must have succeeded.

Even though they were very far away, the scene they could see had already shocked them enough. They thought in their hearts, such a strong holy light, only saint Sylvie would be able to achieve it. The saint was the savior of their people. The demons had always wanted to destroy the humans, but now they were faced with destruction by the humans. This was simply too satisfying.

The soldiers quickly arrived at the demon temple, because on the way they basically did not encounter any demons to block them. They did encounter many demons who had collapsed on the side of the road and had no strength to fight back.

The demon temple had collapsed, the demon king had already died. For all of the demons, their demon magic power had already been reduced to the lowest, so that they basically were no different from the humans who had no demon magic.

Orede commanded the soldiers to take way all of the people who were still alive, whether they were civil servants, or Louis and Carnia. They would all be taken back to the capital, and then those who would be convicted would be, and those who would be punished would be.

By the time they returned to the capital, the emperor was already almost unable to hold on anymore. But when the emperor heard that Orede had not only killed the demon king, but had also basically destroyed the entire demon clan, he was both pleased and relieved. He felt that he could now peacefully leave this world, so he told Jing Yang not to waste any more holy light to save him. He lay in bed and announced to all of the ministers that after he died, Orede would inherit the throne.

After the emperor’s funeral, it was the succession ceremony. Jing Yang watched him sit on the throne, and Orede met his gaze. In that moment, they only had each other in their eyes.

On the night of the ceremony, in the big bed of the new emperor, two bodies were entangled together, using actions to express their love for each other.

Orede kissed Jing Yang’s mouth. The two people felt as though even their souls were entangled together, and could clearly feel each other’s temperature.

“Wu~ wu~” Jing Yang felt like he was about to suffocate, and couldn’t help but let out some sounds in protest.

When Orede was finally willing to end, Jing Yang was already paralyzed and could not move a finger. He could only weakly say, “Thirsty, water…”

Orede got out of bed and poured a glass of water. After coming back, he held Jing Yang in his arms, feeding him the water mouth to mouth.

Jing Yang leaned on his strong and muscular chest. It took half a day before he could regain his strength, and he complained, “This is the celebration you mentioned? Are you trying to kill me?”

Jing Yang originally was unwilling to come to his bedroom today. Orede had just become the emperor today, he was worried that if the ministers knew, it would have a bad impact. But Orede said that he had to celebrate with him, and if they missed tonight, he would regret it for the rest of his life. So Jing Yang was tricked over here, and as soon as he entered the door he was hugged and kissed. They kissed and kissed until he was kissed onto the bed, and then he was very cleanly and smoothly stripped and pressed down. Once he was pressed down it lasted several hours.

Orede put down the glass of water and caressed his back. “I want you to be my queen, and then you will be able to live here with me in an aboveboard manner.”

“Are you crazy?” Jing Yang stared at him. “I am male, how can I become your queen? The ministers would not agree even if they died.”

“I naturally have ways to make them agree.” Orede looked at him. “But I will have to let you wait for a little longer. Once I sit steadily on the throne and take back all the rights I should receive.”

Jing Yang lowered his eyes and was silent for a while, then raised his head and stroked his face. “But I can’t give you an heir, and I will definitely not endure you finding another woman to give you one.”

“I only want you, I will not go find anyone else.” Orede’s tone was very firm. “Even though Louis’s legs are disabled, he can still have children. Later we will force him to have one, and then we can take him back to take care of him ourselves.”

Jing Yang sympathized with Louis for a second, but this was really a very good way. He replied, “Good, but it’s best not to let him know that the child is his, lest he start thinking of some things he shouldn’t.”

Even though Louis was basically not at all a threat anymore, they still couldn’t not defend against him. What needed to be prevented should be prevented, because a person with evil in their heart might at some time ignite the sinister thoughts in their heart. Even if they couldn’t do anything harmful, they could still do some disgusting things.

“Rest assured, even if he has some messy thoughts, he doesn’t have the ability.” Orede kissed his mouth. “Let alone that now all of his mind is devoted to torturing Carnia, and he simply doesn’t think of anything else.”

Orede had already figured out what to do, and he definitely would not let Louis have any other improper thoughts.

After Orede became the emperor, the first thing he did was to clean up those ministers during the period of Louis’s administration who had occupied important official positions because of their support of Louis, but had no actual ability. Those who had not made any mistakes were dismissed, and those who did were convicted.

Orede estimated that it would still take a while of planning in order to let Jing Yang become the queen. Before he became the queen, he would first help him hold a grand ceremony to become the saint.


Carnia’s guard came to deliver his meal. He placed the food tray in front of him and said, “Today is the ceremony for the new saint, and His Majesty has ordered the entire empire to celebrate. Even a person like you can eat such a good meal. You should be grateful.”

Another guard came over and said angrily, “Someone like him who colluded with the demon king and wanted to destroy the entire human race simply does not deserve to eat our humans’ food, we just should let him starve to death!”

“Even if he doesn’t starve to death he won’t be alive much longer.” The guard who had delivered the meal to Carnia stood up and said, “Every day being tortured by baron Louis like that, how long can he last?”

Because of his many previous crimes, Louis had been deprived of his status as the son of the emperor and removed from the royal family. He no longer enjoyed the treatment of a prince and had been demoted to a baron. His legs had been wasted, his heart was already like ashes, whether or not he was a prince was already not important to him. Every day, he tortured Carnia to vent his anger, to prove that he still had meaning in his life.

Carnia had no untouched skin on his body. He lay on the cold ground and opened his eyes when he heard the guards’ words. Looking at the food, which was much more delicious than usual, his eyes were sour and tears rolled down his face. Today was the ceremony for the new saint? No wonder Louis did not show up today. Orede was so good to Sylvie, his saint ceremony must be extremely grand? Yes, he even ordered the entire empire to celebrate together, how could it not be grand.

When Carnia had first become the saint, because Orede had an accident, the emperor had collapsed from the stimulation. His ceremony could not have been simpler. He had originally thought that after he helped Louis become the emperor he could help him host the grandest and most solemn saint ceremony. But he did not think that the end that he got would be like this. The demon king had died, Louis hated him to the bone but would not kill him. Every day he would use torturing him as the way to vent the hatred in his heart. Living was really no better than death, yet he could not die.

The next day, Carnia habitually opened his eyes and looked at the door. The big door was opened from the outside, and sure enough Louis did appear on time today.

Louis sat on a wooden wheelchair. His attendant pushed him to Carnia’s side, and then retreated to the side to wait.

Louis bent over to grab Carnia’s hair and raised him up. He said with a distorted expression, “Yesterday was the new saint’s ceremony, I didn’t come to torture you, you seemed to sleep quite comfortably ah?”

Carnia had already been numb. He stayed expressionless, looking down at the ground silently.

“Slut! I let you collude with the demon king to harm me! I let you and the demon king want to use me to destroy the humans!” Louis threw him back to the ground, trembling from anger. He pointed at him and yelled, “Didn’t you only love the demon king, and only had him in your heart? You let him come save you ah! Let him come and save you ah! Ah!”

Louis still hadn’t vented his anger, but Carnia had already been unable to endure any more. He no longer wanted to endure, he thought, rather than living in such indignity, it would better to just die. At least he could get a form of relief.

Carnia used all his strength to hold up his body, clinging to Louis’s legs and begging him, “Please, give me a chance. I promise to truly repent and atone for everything I did before. If I can’t, looking at our past relationship, kill me.”

Louis pushed him away hard, viciously glaring at him. “Looking at our past relationship? What kind of face do you have to say these words, let me look at your previous fake love and trickery? Did you think like this when you let those demon soldiers take us away, when the demon king let his soldiers torture us, when the demon king ordered to destroy my two legs? Why didn’t you think about how well I treated you before?!”

The fury in Louis’s heart simply could not be alleviated with just a few pleas for mercy from Carnia. His experience with the demons had destroyed not only his life but also all of his hopes. His legs were gone, his royal identity was gone, and that throne would never belong to him again. These were all caused by this person in front of him, how could he forgive him!

Carnia was incomparably desperate in his heart. He knew that Louis would definitely not forgive him, he now just wanted to beg for relief. He cried and pleaded, “Kill me! Please kill me!”

“Kill you?” Louis’s face twisted, his eyes turning red. “Stop wishing! As long as I live, I will never let you die, and I will never let you live well!”

Louis thought, he will spend his entire life in pain, how could he let the person who had caused his pain get relief. They would torture each other for a lifetime!


Later, Orede drugged Louis and arranged for someone to carry his child, a matter that Louis had no idea of until he died. The woman was naturally voluntary, and after giving birth to the baby, she got what she wanted and quietly left the capital, never to return.

Orede declared that this child was his eldest son and announced that he was born from him and his lover, but his lover had died in childbirth. Even though the ministers were afraid to doubt Orede, they still felt like it was strange. But after the child grew up and looked more and more similar to the emperor, it at least proved that he indeed had royal blood, so they had nothing to say.

In this life, Jing Yang still enjoyed incomparable pampering. Based on his experience in the past worlds, even though his lover was overbearing, possessive, and strong, but like himself, he was a dedicated person, and would never fall in love with anyone else. This made him feel at ease, no matter how he made it so that he could meet with himself in every world, with him accompanying him, his life was no longer boring, no longer lonely. He even looked forward to endlessly cycling through the worlds, so that they could live together forever. And every world would be a new life, so he would not feel bored or tired of it.

When Jing Yang’s spirit returned to the system, that strong and familiar power filled his entire soul. Because the power was too strong, it made him feel somewhat unbearable. At that moment, his soul felt like it was about to shatter, which was very painful and frightening. Fortunately, just like every previous time, the power only turned around in his body and was very quickly sucked away by the system. Jing Yang felt both inexplicable and relieved, because he had just really felt a sense of crisis.

After the power was taken away, Jing Yang’s  body was as if it had been hollowed out. He weakly lay in the system, finally regaining his strength after half a day.

He knew that now no matter how he wanted to he would not get any answers. So he didn’t bother to spend time guessing, which would only make his thoughts chaotic and cause him vexation. For better or worse, everything that he could control he would fight to control. If the matters were out of his control, he could only follow what the heavens ordered.

Translator Notes:

[1] indignity – 毫无尊严, basically means lacking dignity or honor
[2] fake love – 虚情假意, means false friendship or hypocritical show of affection

Random Notes:

Slightly less than an hour: 9:45 am – 10:30 am, for 3.8k characters to 2.5k words. The arc is over everyone! This arc had a lot of plot and less romance, and the next arc will be the opposite. I actually enjoy it a lot. I’ll see you all in around two weeks!

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    1. I feel like that strong power that fills his entire soul will be very important later in the story.

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  1. I feel like that strong power that fills his entire soul will be very important later in the story.

    Thanks for the chapter ♡

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