CFCS Chapter 52

Chapter 52
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.12)

Not only did Jing Yang say that he wasn’t going to marry Faith, but he had also declared that after he became 19 years old, he would even immediately marry Hai Weixiu. These words made the Mooney family members panic, anxious to the extent that regardless of the means or the consequences, in order to make him agree to sign the marriage contract, they had already closed him up without any food or drink for over two days.

The laws in this country stipulated that one could already sign a marriage contract himself once they turned 16, which would be effective legally, but they could only officially marry when they turned 19. Whether it was an engagement contract or an actual marriage contract, once signed, wanting to dissolve the marriage contract and divorce were all extremely troublesome things.

The Mooney couple felt that he was just a child who had never gone without food or suffered from difficulties, so as long as they closed him up for a few days and starved him for a couple days, he would no longer have the strength to persist. Then they would let Faith bring him the engagement contract and say a few nice words to him to coax him to sign, and he would definitely give in.

Jing Yang was lying on the bed thinking about his situation. His phone had been taken away, and he had already not contacted the teacher in over two days. It shouldn’t be too long before he would come over to find himself and determine his condition. He had to grasp this timing well.

Faith pushed his door open and came in with a stack of papers. He looked at Jing Yang lying on the bed, and walked over to sit down by the bed.

Jing Yang immediately got up and walked to the armchair next to the window and sat down. No matter in what way they were on the same bed, it would make him feel very uncomfortable.

Faith could only walk to the other side of the bed and sit down across from him. “Have you figured it out?”

“I have always thought very clearly, it’s impossible for me to marry you. Only when I get far away from your family will I be able to procure happiness.” Jing Yang responded expressionlessly.

Faith clenched his fist and pressured down his rising temper. “I know that there were some matters that I didn’t handle well before, I will change them, I promise that I will be good to you later, just like when we were kids…”

“Late!” Jing Yang interrupted him. “I don’t care at all whether or not you’re good to me or not, and I do not value your being good to me. The person I love now is Hai Weixiu, someone whose appearance, talent, family, and wealth are all superior to you by who knows how many times. You think, with such a lover, I would still be able to see you?”

“The reason you betrayed me is just because he is better than me?” Faith asked angrily.

“Good question! This same question, you might as well ask yourself!” Jing Yang sneered at him. “The feeling of being disliked and loathed must be very bad ba? Then just think about how you treated me before, when you said that I wasn’t able to compare with Corrica, that kind of despising gaze that you used to look at me, how I felt then, you should be very aware of it now?”

Faith collapsed like a leaking balloon. He wiped his face and used a penitent tone to explain, “I apologize for everything that I have done and said to you before, I should not have been that way to you. I really regret it, please give me another chance.”

“You want me to give you another chance?” Jing Yang glanced at the door and turned his eyes away. “That’s also not impossible, if you agree to send Corrica away immediately, I can actually consider it.”

Corrica, who was standing at the door eavesdropping, immediately became anxious. He felt a sudden need to escape, because he was already no longer as confident as before that Faith would definitely not agree. But he ultimately still stayed behind, because he wanted to personally hear how Faith would respond. He still held a glimmer of hope for Faith.

Faith closed his eyes and thought hard for a while. After he opened his eyes, it seemed as if he had made a very large decision, putting the engagement contract in front of Jing Yang. “As long as you are willing to sign this, I will immediately go let my father send Corrica away.”

Standing outside the door, Corrica seemed to have been struck by lightning, his body shook from the huge shock he had suffered, accidentally pushing the door open.

Faith turned to look at the door. “Corrica…” He wanted to explain to Corrica, but he didn’t know how to explain, and in Avi’s presence, he also couldn’t explain anything.

Corrica sadly looked at him, and then left in a daze. In the past, in order to get his sympathy, he would often fake his sadness, but this time, he really felt this sorrow from the bottom of his heart.

Faith did not chase after him. He said to Jing Yang, “I have already promised you, so you can sign this marriage contract.”

“People like you are really selfish and ruthless.” Jing Yang sarcastically said. “If you had insisted on not sending Corrica away, I might not have looked down on you so much like now. Such a merciless person like you, how could I sign an engagement contract with you.”

“Are you playing with me?” Faith stared at him.

Jing Yang picked up the engagement contract and flipped through it, reading a certain item. “If after Avi Deere turns 19 he does not marry Faith, he will voluntarily waive all the property kept with the Mooney family.”

Jing Yang threw the engagement contract at Faith’s feet. “This should be your family’s main purpose ba? I indeed grew up in your home, but I never used a single penny of your family. My grandfather gave my custody to your family with the hope that I could feel the warmth of home in your family. But did you achieve it? How your family treated me, you all could not be clearer about it. These things are also fine, whether you all are warm or not, if it’s not truly from your heart then there is no meaning. According to the agreement, my family would pay you another sum for taking care of me, but you are too greedy, you want all of my family’s property, do you think that this is possible? Just because I grew up in your family, all of the wealth accumulated by generations of my family should all become yours?”

The aspect that Jing Yang hated the most about this family, besides their hypocritical mouths and faces, was their greedy and domineering character. Their family had already made use of the Deere family’s assets for so long, just calculating the interest would already have been a large sum of money. But if the Mooney father and son had had the least bit of ability, they would not become bankrupt without the Deere family’s property, but they never thought about relying on their own ability to change their predicament, only thinking about relying on the Deere family to help them survive. Plus they even took for granted that the Deere family’s property would be their property, and felt that Avi would not be able to leave their family no matter what, and not be able to leave Faith. So whether or not they treated him well didn’t matter.

“I don’t want to say these kinds of superfluous words with you, will you sign or not?” Faith roared out of humiliation and anger.

“Will, not, sign!” Jing Yang stared at him. “What can you do to me? If you have the ability, just starve me to death!”

“You will have to sign today, even if you don’t want to!” Faith took a step forward, stuffed the pen into Jing Yang’s hand, and held his wrist, forcing him to sign.

“Let go of me!” Jing Yang struggled hard, knocking down the glass table between them in the scuffle. Jing Yang deliberately leaned a bit, making the two people fall at the same time. Jing Yang used his elbow to forcefully hit a certain acupoint on Faith’s body.

“Ah!!” Faith let out a miserable scream of pain.

Jing Yang immediately climbed up and kicked him a few times. He controlled his force very well, every foot hitting one of his acupoints, making him suffer in pain unceasingly but without any scars. Even if he went to the hospital to check, they would still not be able to find any injuries.

Faith’s screams brought some servants over, and two or three servants ran in to help him up.

Jing Yang looked at the traces left on his wrists by Faith, as well as the traces on his waist from being hit by the glass table. He had done it deliberately to leave some skin trauma, which just looked serious and actually didn’t really hurt. Instead, it was Faith’s “internal injuries” that would definitely haunt him for several days.

Jing Yang was just thinking about whether or not he needed to make his injuries more serious a bit, otherwise when his teacher came over, what would he do if they had already disappeared? Suddenly he heard a bunch of noise from downstairs. He wanted to stand up to go check it out when a servant quickly ran over to close his door.

He leaned against the door to listen for a bit. Even though the door blocked out most of the sound, listening carefully to the movements down there, it should be the teacher bringing people over to find him. He turned his head to look at his floor-to-ceiling window, and felt that he could implement his plan.

“Mr. Haiwei, what are you trying to do? Trespassing is illegal!” Kurt brought the family servants and stopped Hai Weixiu and his bodyguards.

“Call Avi out, I want to make sure that he is okay. If your family people touched even a single hair on him, I will definitely not let you go.” The coldness on Hai Weixiu’s face made them tremble with fear. Ever since he went back, he had constantly been waiting for Jing Yang to contact him, but he had already waited for two days without receiving a call from him. If nothing had happened, it would be impossible for him to not give him a call. Avi knew that he would definitely be worried.

“Avi is doing fine now. I am his guardian, if anything happens to him I will need to be responsible, how could I possibly let him suffer. But now he is not at home, he went out to play with my son. Even if you are Avi’s teacher, you have no right to break in directly. Please leave immediately, or I will call the police.” Kurt had already commanded the servants to not let either Avi or Faith out of their rooms. Now, he had to get this man out of here quickly, and then send Avi and Faith somewhere else to hide for a while.

Hai Weixiu looked up in the direction of the staircase. He naturally didn’t believe Kurt’s words, but if he wanted to directly rush through all the rooms to find him, that would waste too much time. He remembered that Avi had mentioned to him before that the balcony in his room faced the side garden, and from his balcony he could see his own home.

Hai Weixiu brought his bodyguards to the side courtyard garden. Kurt wanted to stop him but was unable to succeed, blocked by his bodyguards.

“What are you doing? Stop, I will really call the police!” Kurt loudly yelled.

Hai Weixiu had just rushed into the side garden when he raised his head to look up at the second floor. He immediately widened his eyes and anxiously ran over. “Avi!”

Kurt followed behind him, and seeing the scene, he was also startled.

Jing Yang was hanging in midair using a rope made out of his sheets, with a shaky appearance like he would fall down at any time. Just seeing him really scared people. In fact, just this bit was really nothing to Jing Yang, but in order to achieve the effect that he wanted, he had to pretend to be terrified and powerless.

“Teacher!” Jing Yang looked down at Hai Weixiu.

“Avi, don’t move randomly, don’t be afraid. Just hold on for a while, I will immediately have someone go up to save you.” Hai Weixiu’s palms were sweating profusely from anxiety. He was afraid that Avi would not be able to hold on and fall, hurting himself.

Hai Weixiu’s bodyguard was already quickly running upstairs. Jing Yang powerlessly said, “Teacher, I have no strength anymore…”

“Just hold on for a little longer, you’ll be fine soon, baby, just hold on for a second.” Hai Weixiu soothed him.

Jing Yang heard the door open and knew that Hai Weixiu’s bodyguard had already made it. If he didn’t fall now he would no longer have any time. He loosened his hand, protected his head, and fell down with his back facing the ground.

“Avi!” Hai Weixiu quickly ran over, and didn’t know whether or not he had broken anything, so he didn’t dare to casually move him around. He loudly yelled at the bodyguard, “Quickly call an ambulance over! Hurry up!”

“Avi, are you all right?” Kurt was also scared, if anything happened to Avi, he would really not be able to explain.

“Get out of here! Don’t touch him!” Hai Weixiu’s eyes were about to spew fire. “I will not let go of your family, you better get ready to bear the consequences!”

The ambulance rushed over, and after Jing Yang was carried onto the ambulance, Hai Weixiu sat down next to him, stroking his face. “Does it hurt?”

Jing Yang smiled at him and gently shook his head. “I’m not hurt, don’t worry.” He also couldn’t really tell him here that he had deliberately fallen down, and his posture and position had all been adjusted so that there was plenty of soft grass below him. In fact, it really didn’t hurt.

Looking at Jing Yang’s face, Hai Weixiu felt extremely distressed. He remembered that scene of him falling down, and would feel extreme panic. He would definitely make the Mooney family pay!

When Jing Yang was getting treatment, Hai Weixiu’s good friend the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Feng Li came to the hospital.

“What happened? You called me over in such a hurry.” Feng Li saw that Hai Weixiu’s face was not very good and asked.

“My student was locked up by his guardian, and he has multiple bruises on his body.” Hai Weixiu handed him a stack of photos. “I will not allow my student to return to that kind of place, I will now formally sue their family and deprive them of his custody. The assets operated by their family are actually my student’s family assets, freeze all of the money in their home. In addition, imprisonment and deliberate injury can all be prosecuted, give them the worst sentence possible.”

Feng Li looked at those pictures, which were all of the injuries on Jing Yang’s hands and body. “I know what to do, don’t worry. Just leave this matter to me, I will definitely give you a satisfactory result.”

Feng Li looked through the glass walls into the room. “This is your little prince?”

Hai Weixiu’s <<The Little Prince>> had not only become the most popularly played track now, but was also the most hotly discussed topic. Everyone was guessing who Hai Weixiu’s little prince was, would it be that student of his. If he was, then the relationship between the two would definitely not just be a simple student-teacher relationship.

“Go do your work, get this matter done as soon as possible.” Hai Weixiu turned back to see Jing Yang looking at him. He didn’t pay any more attention to Feng Li, directly pushing open the door to go in.

The doctor and the nurses had all gone out. Hai Weixiu picked up the remote control and made the glass walls opaque again. He propped his elbow on Jing Yang’s pillow and leaned over to touch his face. “Does it still hurt?”

“It never hurt very much, the doctor gave me some medicine that can relieve the pain, and now it doesn’t hurt at all, really.” Jing Yang originally wanted to tell him that he had fallen on purpose, but thinking that he would definitely be angry with him doing this, he didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

“Their family actually treated you like this, why didn’t you tell me earlier? If I had known about it, I wouldn’t have let your custody be controlled by them no matter what.” Hai Weixiu had always thought that since the Deere family had allowed the Mooney family to manage such a large amount of assets, their family would definitely not mistreat Avi. He had never thought that the Mooney family actually would treat him like this. He felt very remorseful, it was because he had been negligent, if he had paid a bit more attention, Avi would not have had to suffer like this.

Jing Yang raised his hand and smoothed his brow. “Previously their family only had a bad attitude toward me, and never hurt me physically. This time it was because I refused to sign the marriage contract that they were afraid that once I turned 19 they would lose my family assets, so they became anxious.”

Jing Yang looked at the traces on his hands that had still not subsided. “But this is also good, this way I can completely get rid of their family, or else I would definitely have a reputation of being ungrateful. Those people who don’t know the truth always only look at the surface and never try to think about whether or not there is any reason for it. They don’t know what kind of people the Mooney family are, and if I didn’t marry Faith and also took away all of my family assets, the person blamed would definitely be me.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you, and made you suffer.” Hai Weixiu kissed Jing Yang’s forehead.

“No, I knew that teacher would definitely come and save me, so I was not worried or scared at all.”

“I will deal with all of these things in the future, you don’t need to pay attention to them, and also don’t need to think about them. You just need to be responsible for being happy.”

“En.” Jing Yang smiled and responded.

Hai Weixiu bowed his head to find his lips, kissing him gently.

Translator Notes:

[1] humiliation and anger – 恼羞成怒, idiom, means to fly into a rage out of humiliation, ashamed into anger
[2] acupoint – 穴位, means acupuncture point

Random Notes:

About one hour: 12 pm – 1 pm, for 4.7k characters to 3.2k words. I’m quite a ways behind for these chapters. I’ll be finishing up these last two chapters today before hopefully starting the translations for the next arc.

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