CFCS Chapter 109

Chapter 109
War of Mechanics (Arc 8.14)

As the leader of the Poison Wolves, Chat could be considered a man who could withstand torture. He felt that no matter how he was tortured, he could still persist for a period of time. But after the third day when Jing Yang came to see him, he couldn’t hold on any longer. Perhaps it was because he clearly understood in his heart that it was impossible for John to save him, and instead of such meaningless resistance, it would be better for him to just do what Jing Yang said and then get some relief.

After John’s previous press conference at the Federation Star, this time it was Jing Yang’s turn to announce a press conference. Because this time they claimed that the press conference would deal with a matter significant to the entire Federation, and Wilkesa was now the most influential country in the Federation, journalists from every country in the Federation were present. The scene was much bigger than at John’s previous conference.

After the reporters entered the hall, Denanfry and Jing Yang entered. After everyone sat down, a group of soldiers brought Chat into the hall, tied him to a special seat, and then several soldiers stood to the side watching over him.

When the reporters saw Chat, they were all doubtful. Could this pirate leader have anything to do with the matter that was going to be announced? His crimes couldn’t have been any clearer to everyone, and every time a state ship was hijacked by the Poison Wolves, Federation media would report it.

After getting a signal from Denanfry, Dyles stood up and began, “First of all, thank you to the journalists of each country for taking the time to come to this conference. What we are going to announce today is some evidence that was found with the Poison Wolves. And this evidence, out of all of the countries in the Federation, only one country knows about it, and all of the other countries were kept in the dark.”

“Please take a look at the screen. Let everyone in the Federation see the true face of certain people!”

The reporters were still a little confused, but they all pointed their cameras at the screen like Dyles said.

Then Dyles pointed at the screen and said, “All of this evidence proves the fact that General John Dottley of Fetani colluded with the Poison Wolves.”

All of the reporters were stunned, and some of them couldn’t fathom what was being said. John Dottley was colluding with the Poison Wolves? What were they colluding on? Hijacking ships from various countries together? That, that wasn’t very likely right?!

“Please take a look.” Dyles started to display the evidence one by one. “Many of the Poison Wolves’ mechas were provided by Fetani, and there are also some that were personally remodeled by Avery. These are all evidence. And these artillery and weapons are all provided by Fetani. In other words, one of the main reasons the Poison Wolves have been able to roam the universe so rampantly for so many years is by relying on the support of John and his brother, Avery!”

“I know that everyone must be doubtful about what benefits John and Avery could receive from supporting the Poison Wolves. Please take a look at the following evidence.”

Dyles played the videos of the contact between John and Chat. After seeing the content, not only were the reporters present shocked, but many of the people watching the broadcast were astonished. In particular, when the people of Fetani heard that John was colluding with the Poison Wolves, their very first reaction was that that was impossible. Even if they saw those mechas and weapons, they were consoling themselves that it was likely just Wilkesa making false claims and trying to provoke animosity against Fetani. But when they saw the videos of John and Chat contacting each other, they could no longer find excuses to explain his behavior. Apart from shock and disbelief, they were so furious they were about to explode.

“Now that we have seen the evidence, let the chief of the Poison Wolves come explain personally to everyone what John let him do.”

All of the cameras turned to Chat. He seemed to behave very normally, and slowly began to tell the story of his collusion with John.

The first time John found Chat was to let the Poison Wolves work with him to kill the captain of Fetani’s Third Fleet, Skien’s father. The Dottley family was very rich. At that time, John gave him a large sum of money at once and then promised to give him another sum after he followed through, so he agreed and succeeded in killing the captain of the Third Fleet.

Later John contacted him again and let him help him create an accident and kill the emperor of Fetani. This time, John not only gave him a large sum of money, but also gave them a dozen mechas that Avery had personally modified.

Later on, the two cooperated several times. They solved the problems that hindered John, who would in turn help provide them information that would allow them to successfully hijack ships from various countries and escape more smoothly.

After the death of Skien’s grandfather and several uncles, it was they who killed Skien’s cousins at John’s behest. When pursuing Skien and his big brother, his men succeeded in killing Skien’s big brother, and thought that Skien was also dead. But he didn’t think that Skien would still be alive, and John had also scolded him for this.

After Chat finished, Jing Yang began to speak. All of the reporters turned the camera to him.

“The people of Fetani all say that I work for Wilkesa, that I betrayed the country and failed the empire’s painstaking care. But those who blamed me all had no idea what I experienced.” There was no expression on Jing Yang’s face, but there was infinite sorrow in his eyes.

“John colluded with the Poison Wolves to kill my father, and my grandfather fell ill from sorrow. Then John began to plot to seize power of Fetani and took control of the little Fetani prince, who was not even an adult. After gaining power, John forged charges and forcibly convicted my grandfather and several uncles, several of whom were persecuted to death by John in prison. Then John himself showed off what he did in front of my grandfather, forcing him to despair to death.”

Jing Yang blinked his teary eyes, took a deep breath, and continued, “I personally watched my grandfather take his last breath. I personally watched my cousins get killed by men John found. Even though my brother and I escaped, in order to cover for my escape, my big brother was killed. I survived, not because they kindly let me go, but because they thought I was already dead, so they left. Before I appeared again, they probably would never have thought that I was still alive.”

“The people of Fetani must be very curious why I chose to serve the Wilkesa Empire. Now I will tell you why. It’s to repay them, and for revenge!” Jing Yang spoke forcefully, and his eyes were complicated.

“When I was almost about to die, it was General Denanfry who saved me. He brought me back to his ship and treated me, so I could survive. The former Skien Kossa could be said to have died. He was dead in the hands of the men John sent to hunt me down. Now the me that is alive is a new life that General Denanfry gave me. For such a life-saving grace, do you think that I shouldn’t pay it back? Everything I do for Wilkesa has always been in gratitude.”

“My entire family is dead, and they all died because of John! So of course I want revenge!” Jing Yang furiously continued. “I would like to ask all of those who accused me of betraying my country. A country where even the emperor was controlled by my enemy, a country where all of the officials and all of the people supported the killing of my entire family, could I still go back?”

“That’s right!” Jing Yang said loudly. “I am a man of the Fetani Empire, and it was Fetani who nurtured me, but my grandfather and father worked for Fetani their entire lives, yet my entire family ended up in such a miserable state. Could it be that this still couldn’t repay for all of the supposed care that Fetani gave me?!”

“If you haven’t gone through a tragic experience on behalf of someone else, and have not suffered the pain of other people, please do not decide for other people what is right.” Jing Yang calmed down and said expressionlessly, “Here, I want to give the people of Fetani a single sentence of advice: as long as the country’s highest power stays concentrated in the hands of a certain individual, that country will die from within.”

Even after Denanfry and Jing Yang had already left, the journalists and all of the people watching the live broadcast were still a little unable to react. In such a short period of time, they simply couldn’t digest such a huge amount of news that surpassed their expectations.

This matter quickly set off an uproar in the Federation. John and his brother Avery actually were always colluding with the Poison Wolves to do some things that couldn’t see the light, and even helped the Poison Wolves hijack other countries’ ships! This was unforgivable!

With such evidence, the people of Fetani could be said to have started basically rioting. They wanted John and Avery to speak up immediately, and for those officials to make these matters clear. Because this reality was too terrifying! The two brothers who they had always regarded as heroes were actually so dark and evil that they not only framed and murdered their predecessors, but also took control of the emperor. They were the empire’s dictators from the shadows. What the hell were the other officials doing?! They just let them roam rampantly like this?!


“Brother, what do we do now? Everyone knows the truth now! We’re finished, we’re finished!” After watching the live broadcast, Avery was already in a disarray.

John’s face was pale. He clenched his fists tightly. He had been very careful everywhere, but still couldn’t prevent Chat from saving that evidence. He had thought that allowing the pirates to do the things that couldn’t see the light would be best, but he didn’t expect that the decision would be a fatal blow.

“Go back to the capital star!” John sharply stood up and ordered the soldiers to the side. “Send down the command, immediately set off back to the capital star!”


“What could we do when we go back?” Avery was still very flustered. “All of the people already know everything. When we go back, they definitely won’t let us go!”

“There will be a way.” John forcibly kept his composure. “Most of our men and weapons are still in the capital star, so now it is safest for us to go back. And they only have evidence of the collusion between me and the Poison Wolves, there is no evidence that I framed my predecessors or killed Skien’s family. As long as those officials are on our side and then we plan properly, we have every chance of overturning that evidence. We can claim that Wilkesa deliberately created some fake evidence for Skien to vilify us.”

“Then how can those videos of you and Chat talking be overturned? Those things can’t be artificially created!” Avery didn’t think this was a good method.

“There will definitely be a way to turn it around. We’ll go back first and then talk more about it.” John didn’t know if he was comforting himself or Avery. “Those officials were also involved in our accusations against the previous left prime minister. They have to help us, or they also won’t be able to escape.”

On the third day after his previous quarrel with Avery, Tony received a phone call from his father, who told him to put up with it and hinted that the family was already trying to get rid of John. Then Tony was constantly locked in his room. John even specifically sent someone to watch over him, and he couldn’t go anywhere.

After seeing the live broadcast, Tony felt a wave of hope surge in his heart. He felt like the opportunity had finally come. He couldn’t wait to get in touch with his father, but it was too dangerous to contact them when John’s men were still watching him. Just as he was getting anxious, he learned that the ship was already starting to return to the capital star at full speed, so he endured. Everything could wait until they returned to the capital star.


Denanfry held Jing Yang, gently stroking his back. “Uncomfortable?”

Jing Yang buried his face in Denanfry’s chest, slowly shaking his head. “No, I just feel really tired.”

“Everything will be over soon.” Denanfry kissed his forehead. “Soon, they will pay their due price.”

Jing Yang straightened up and looked at him. “And afterward?”

“After it’s over, of course, you will always stay by my side.” Denanfry looked at him deeply. “I find that now even if I leave you for a second, I will start to miss you.”

“Will the people of the Wilkesa Empire agree?” Jing Yang asked. “I’m a man of the Fetani Empire, no matter how you look at it, and some people will not be convinced.”

“Don’t worry, I have a way to let you become a man of Wilkesa.” Denanfry said.

“What way?” Jing Yang tilted his head and looked at him curiously.

“Marry me. Then you would be my man, and of course you would be a man of Wilkesa.” Denanfry said matter-of-factly.

“Marry?” Jing Yang blinked.

“What’s wrong? Are you unwilling?” Denanfry hugged him, his face showing a “if you dare say you’re unwilling I will punish you” expression.

“I’ll think about it ba.” Jing Yang smiled.

“No! You must agree at once.” Denanfry squinted his eyes, and there was a deliberate threat in his gaze.

Jing Yang deliberately didn’t answer him. Denanfry pushed him under his body and fiercely kissed him, sucking his lips hard. His hands also weren’t idle.

“En~” Jing Yang clamped his legs, somewhat unable to bear his caresses. He vaguely asked for mercy, “No~Don’t be like this~”

“Do you agree?” Denanfry took off Jing Yang’s pants and asked, “En? If you agree I’ll give it to you.”

“Ah!~” Jing Yang exclaimed from his movements.

Random Notes:

About an hour: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.5k words.

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  1. That was one of the most unromantic marriage proposals I’ve ever read.

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    1. If you didn’t say it I would never realize that. After coming this far in the novel, it seems as their love is the most natural thing, haha.

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