CFCS Chapter 126

Chapter 126
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.13)

“Guess, when the king sees us this time, is he going to say something about me marrying Corey?” Jing Yang turned to look at Reibar next to him.

“There wouldn’t be anything else that could make someone like him who can’t even get down from the bed insist on seeing us no matter what.” Reibar held his hand and kissed him.

“What about Abby?” Jing Yang asked. “Corey seemed like he quite liked him before, is he just not going to care about him?”

“Corey this person has always never had a sense of responsibility. Him not caring about Abby is not anything strange.” Reibar smiled sarcastically. “Royal Brother believes that he trained Corey well, but he himself doesn’t have the skills to be the king. He’s sat on the throne for so many years yet still hasn’t made any merit. Every day he just thinks about how to kill me so that his son can smoothly sit on the throne. What kind of good son could such a person teach.”

“Growing up must have been really hard on you.” Jing Yang touched Reibar’s face, saying half-jokingly and half-seriously.

“It was not easy. When I was still at the border, I didn’t lose to my enemies, but often suffered in the hands of the people that he sent to assassinate me. When I rose again and again from the brink of death and returned to the barracks, I swore to myself that since he wanted me to die, I wouldn’t die. Not only did I have to live well, I also needed to seize the throne back from him and anger him to death.”

Jing Yang was originally just joking with Reibar, but when he heard Reibar’s words he only felt heartache. Clearly the destined heir to the throne, yet because he was born too late, he suffered so much.

Jing Yang hugged Reibar’s waist and buried his face in his chest.

“These are all in the past.” Reibar hugged Jing Yang and comforted him. “Now he’s completely unable to do anything to me, and I will never let him take you away from my side.”


The king lay back on his bed. He looked at Reibar, looked at Jing Yang, and finally set his gaze on their intertwined hands.

The king looked away, closed his eyes, and said, “Reibar, you have always been a smart man. You should know what I’m looking for you for?”

“I also think that I’m quite smart, or else how could I escape so many times from the people you sent to assassinate me?” Reibar smiled mockingly. “But this time I don’t wish to guess Royal Brother’s meaning. I will still ask Royal Brother to explain directly.”

The king took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and looked at Reibar. “Very good. Then I will speak directly. Leann was the person, that I used my own life and health, to exchange for for Corey. As an uncle, you robbed your nephew’s partner, what do you think the public will think of you?”

“Why would I be worried about what the people will think of me? The person married to Corey is Abby, as the entire kingdom knows. And it was Corey himself who ordered Leann to be sent to the auction, so then I was able to buy him. I ask Royal Brother to listen carefully, it was Corey who wanted to sell off Leann, and then I bought Leann. This deal was done long ago, Leann is my person, could it be that this isn’t a matter of course?”

“You…” The king pressed down on his chest. “Don’t try twisting words! Everyone knows, that the pureblooded mermaid, was supposed to marry Corey. The previous mistake, was caused by Abby alone. Now, correcting this mistake, is completely possible.”

“Yes, Royal Uncle. I was deceived by Abby previously, and I didn’t know that Leann was the real pureblooded mermaid, so I sent him to the auction house. Now that I know, as long as he returns to my side, I will definitely make it up to him.” Corey looked at Jing Yang, his eyes holding some affection.

Jing Yang only shivered after seeing his gaze, disgust spreading through his heart. In order to avoid his eyes, he hid behind Reibar.

Reibar said impolitely, “You trusted whatever Abby said, do you not have a brain, are you unable to think for yourself? Who would run up to a prince without any reason in order to pretend to be a pureblooded mermaid, especially in the case that he already had a pureblooded mermaid by his side. Even if you thought he was crazy, he already said that he could ask the mermaid king as proof. Even if it was a tiny chance, you should still wait until you have complete certainty that he was lying before deciding how to punish him, and not just basing it on your own judgment!”

“Now, there’s no use, in saying this.” The king looked at Jing Yang. “Leann, I heard that, in your mermaid kingdom, the king’s command, is greater than everything else. Before you left the kingdom, your king told you, to come and marry Corey, this isn’t wrong, correct?”

Jing Yang hid behind Reibar and didn’t speak.

The king continued, “Could it be that you don’t, even listen, to your king’s words? Should I, contact, your mermaid king, and let him, personally talk to you?”

“Royal Brother, you don’t have to force Leann, there’s no use.” Reibar smiled coldly. “There’s something I originally wasn’t planning on telling you, but if you keep pushing Leann, I’ll just have to say it in advance. Leann is already carrying my child.”

“You, you…” The king stared in shock, unable to breathe properly. “What did, you say?!”

“I said, Leann is already carrying my child. And after a pureblooded mermaid carries a child, this cannot be changed.”

“No, no…” The king wanted to say that was impossible, but there seemed to be a big stone in his chest, making him incapable of breathing or making a sound.

“Isn’t there a bunch of doctors out there? If Royal Brother doesn’t believe me, let them come in and check Leann’s body to see if what I’m saying is true.” Reibar said seriously. “How could I spout a lie that could be burst instantly like a bubble.”

“Father! Are you okay?” Corey nervously supported the pale-looking king.

“You…” The king pointed at Reibar, unable to say anything. His eyes rolled, and he fainted again.

“Doctors! Come in! Hurry up!” Corey yelled.

A bunch of doctors outside the door rushed in to rescue the king, but this time their rescue lasted for a long time without ending. When those doctors finally stopped, they looked at each other and lowered their heads.

“How is it? How is my father doing?!” Corey grabbed a doctor by his shoulder and shook hard.

“I’m sorry, Your Royal Highness, but the rescue failed. His Majesty has passed away.” The doctor said with a bowed head.

“Impossible!” Corey pounced to the bed and shouted at the king. “Father! You open your eyes and look at me, Father! Father!”

Corey turned to that doctor and growled, “You guys hurry up and save him! My father can still be saved! He hasn’t seen me marry a real pureblooded mermaid yet, he hasn’t seen the birth of his grandson, he can’t die like this, quickly rescue him! If you miss this time you really won’t be able to save him!!”

A doctor strengthened his courage and advised, “Your Highness, please calm down. The king has no signs of life, we have really tried our best.”

“Trash! You trash!” Corey howled crazily like never before. “Go find me some useful doctors! Whoever can save my father, I will let my father award him a title! Go, hurry up!”

All of the doctors just stood there with their heads bowed, not moving.

“You, you…” Corey pointed at the doctors, screaming in fury, “You all won’t rescue my father, and won’t even go find some useful doctors! Very good! You are very good! I will throw you all in prison, and make you all suffer for a lifetime!”

“The prince is too sad and has lost his mind. All of you can go down, get some calming medicine and give it to the guards to help him cool down.” Reibar told the doctors.

Those doctors heard Reibar and as if they had been rescued, rushed out. The king was dead and Reibar was the righteous heir to the throne. Even if Corey wanted to compete with him he couldn’t beat him at all. So obviously all of these doctors chose to listen to Reibar.

“Father! Father, wake up! Father!” Corey lay next to the king, crying. His sorrow was like he was a child, because he subconsciously knew that now that the king was dead, he had no hope of succeeding the throne.

As he had wished, Reibar had angered the king to death. In fact, he did not originally intend to use this kind of method to anger him to death. The king was using the mermaid king to force Jing Yang to agree to marry Corey, so Reibar could only say that Jing Yang was already pregnant in order to anger him. In fact, Jing Yang was not pregnant at all. When Reibar said this, he wasn’t worried at all that the king would expose him, because the king’s body was already so weak. Knowing that Jing Yang was pregnant, he would definitely be anxious and angry. Even if he didn’t die, he would no longer be able to care about confirming the truth of his claim.

Corey howled like a brainless maniac, attacking anyone who wanted to get close to the king’s body. Reibar asked the guards to catch him and give him some calming medicine. When he lost consciousness, he let the attendants bring Corey back to his own bed.

The officials received the news of the king’s death and all rushed to the palace. After seeing the king’s body, the officials who supported Reibar all said that the country could not go a day without a monarch, and had him quickly sit on the throne.

But the king’s funeral was still going to be grand. Even though he was already dead, there was still some dignity that they had to give him.

The people all knew that Abby was a fake pureblooded mermaid, so the rain that he summoned would not stop. Knowing that the real pureblooded mermaid was the one who was going to marry Reibar, the people even more strongly supported Reibar’s succession to the throne, and hoped that he would soon take the throne.

Reibar had already brought Jing Yang to live in the palace. The succession ceremony would be held immediately after the king’s funeral. Before then, Reibar was already starting to exercise a king’s rights.

Reibar did not intend to live in the bedroom that the king had lived in. Instead, he let the palace attendants rearrange his childhood room for him to first live in, and then they could expand and renovate this hall as his and Jing Yang’s room.

During this time there were a lot of things to deal with. Every day, Reibar was so busy that he would return to his hall very late. Every time he went back to sleep, Jing Yang had already fallen asleep.

Today Reibar especially returned to the hall early because he had not been intimate with Jing Yang for a very long time, and he missed it greatly. But when he saw Leann sleeping peacefully in the bed, he wondered why he had already slept when he had clearly come back pretty early today.

Reibar undressed and climbed into bed. He carefully held Jing Yang in his arms, and looking at his sleeping face, he somewhat couldn’t bear to wake him up, but also couldn’t control the desire boiling in his body.

Jing Yang had been sleeping well when he was woken up by Reibar’s kisses and touch. He clamped his legs, opened his sleepy eyes, and looked at him. “No.”

Reibar saw that Jing Yang had already woken up, and his body became even more excited, reaching out to open his legs. “Why not? En?”

“Didn’t you already know?” Jing Yang felt like it was a little ticklish. He smiled and said, “Don’t do that, it’s itchy.”

“Know what?” Reibar had no attention of stopping.

“I’m pregnant, didn’t you already know that I was pregnant?” Jing Yang was originally planning to personally tell the king, but he never thought that Reibar would tell him first. He thought that he had found out from the doctor.

“You, you’re really pregnant.” Reibar suddenly froze from shock.

“Yes, I thought you already knew. I’m pregnant, are you unhappy?” Jing Yang asked him.

“Happy! Of course I’m happy!” Reibar hugged Jing Yang tightly, the excitement in his heart unable to be expressed in words.

Random Notes:

About an hour: 2:45 pm – 3:40 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2.1k words.

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  1. !!??!!?? I’ve read so many BL QT genre but rarely do I encounter the main pair having a child in one of the many world’s that they would temporarily reside.

    Although, I did wish for them to have a child because having a mini little version of themselves is definitely gonna be cute! Meng!! And super Moe!!!
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    Hope this one goes well. It’d be a refreshing change.

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