CFCS Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Gourmet Food Heir (Arc 1.13)

When Zheng Junming heard the news about Qian Xiang being injured in a car accident, he was extremely shocked and wanted to go see him once, but he was rejected by the Qian family. He was also warned by the Qian family that in the future he would never be allowed to appear in front of Qian Xiang.

Suddenly losing Qian Xiang this protective umbrella was equivalent to losing the majority of his power for going against Jing Yang. He had no choice but to hurriedly go to discuss again with Zheng Jianlin new methods to recapture the Lu family.

Zhang lao wanted to arrange a birthday feast so he reserved the entire Lu De Ji main restaurant. This let Zhang lao feel like he had a lot of face, no matter how much money other people had, if they wanted to reserve the entire restaurant for their birthday, Jing Yang would still not agree.

Zhang lao served as today’s birthday person and leading role, so naturally he wouldn’t hide into a private room. He wore a cheongsam that was festive yet not tacky at all and sat in the lobby on the first floor to receive the blessings of the guests who had come to congratulate him. Guests continued to enter in an unending stream, all of these people all definitely had a certain identity and status. Zhang lao’s several descendants busily received and greeted the guests, the scene was very lively.

Yet there just had to be some people who wanted on this day to break this festive and lively occasion.

Zheng Jianlin and Zheng Junming came, and politely paid their respects to Zhang lao. Ever since this father and son came in, Zhang lao’s originally cheerful expression disappeared. Because they seemed to have come purely to offer him birthday felicitations, Zhang lao could not go as far as to give them no face today. However, they were followed by many reporters, they were specifically brought over by the father and son. At one glance you would know that they came with bad intentions.

“Zheng Jianlin, today is my birthday, if you dare to cause a disturbance, you can consider the consequences yourself.” Zhang lao placed down his teacup heavily.

“Zhang lao, I have words of suffering ah, but I really had nowhere to go to reason them out, so I had to choose today to invite Zhang lao and everyone to give me judgment. I had no choice but to offend Zhang lao and everyone here, after this matter is over, no matter what scolding, beating, or punishment, I will accept for Zhang lao to handle to vent your anger.” Zheng Jianlin said with an appearance full of anxiety.

Jing Yang who was currently busying himself in the kitchen heard that Zheng Jianlin and Zheng Junming had come and had even brought many reporters, so he quickly brought people over to see what disturbance he wanted to make this time. Zhao Bocheng, who was sitting and chatting with his friends, heard the bodyguards’ report and worried that Jing Yang would suffer a loss, so he immediately went downstairs.

“Today is Zhang lao’s birthday, what is the meaning of you bringing so many reporters here? If you want to cause a disturbance you should also wait until after today to make noise, I can accompany you at any time.” Jing Yang walked over with large strides, speaking while walking.

Zheng Jianlin pointed at Jing Yang and angrily shouted, “In your heart, do you still have any humanity or morals? I precisely want to do it today, in front of all of these people’s faces, to speak clearly with you.”

Jing Yang looked at him coldly. “What kind of justice do you want to speak with me?”

“For the sake of the Lu family business, I invested bitterly so many years, what right do you have to chase me out? Even if the Lu family ancestral residence is now in your name, I am still your biological father! I don’t require you to give me filial piety, but I cannot endure you humiliating or dishonoring me!”

“Have you forgotten what I asked you on that day?” Jing Yang responded. “Ever since I was born, have you ever experienced a bit of fatherly responsibility, have you ever nurtured me? When I was young, you never even held me, and never gave me good face once. Plus all of the matters that you have done in the Lu family, even you did want to let me give you filial piety, what qualifications do you have to make that kind of request?”

“You also shouldn’t forget, no matter what you say, I gave you life, and my blood flows in your veins. If I didn’t exist, you wouldn’t exist.” Zheng Jianlin pounded his chest.

“Even if you didn’t exist I would still be Lu Xuexian’s son, and I would still be the heir to the Lu family. But you, if you hadn’t been my father, for what reason would you think that you would be able to appropriate all of the Lu family restaurants? Your greedy and insatiable personality makes you never satisfied, you want to take my current assets and the Lu family ancestral residence, and completely bring them into your hand, then you will finally be satisfied, right?”

Zheng Jianlin’s face was unpleasant, angered to the point of not being able to speak. Zheng Junming who was standing behind him opened his mouth to refute on his behalf. “You’re the one who attaches that much importance to wealth these things, don’t always think that other people will want to take your things, even being suspicious of your own biological father.”

Jing Yang looked at Zheng Junming with no expression. “What qualification do you have to stand here and speak to me? I never questioned you, yet you actually came up to me. Don’t you always repeat over and over that my mother treated you badly, that the Lu family obstructed the love between your parents, that you really hate the Lu family ma? On the one hand you say that you loathe it, on the other hand you still calmly enjoy everything that the Lu family brought to you, you live in the Lu family’s house, you learn the Lu family’s cooking, and then you still unceasingly discredit the Lu family. If you don’t want the Lu family’s wealth, then why would you change the Lu De Ji into Zheng De Ji, why would you want to chase out all of my grandfather’s disciples? Isn’t it just so that there would be no one able to give support and testify for me, so that you all can properly occupy the Lu family assets in an aboveboard manner?”

The guests whispered to each other quietly, and some people pointed with blame at Zheng Junming, their eyes were filled with disdain. Ordinary people may not be able to see the intentions of the Zheng father and son, but they were all able to understand. Their methods couldn’t be considered brilliant, they could only trick some girls online who had never seen the world. But these old foxes had already seen many methods much more clever than this.

“Your own heart is malicious and sinister, and you still say that other people are hypocritical! Giving birth to such a shameless son like you is the biggest failure of my life!” Zheng Jianlin pointed at Jing Yang, raining curses.

“I’ll say for the last time, either you all quickly roll out for me, or else don’t blame me for not leaving you any sentiment and making everything public today!” Jing Yang gave him one final warning.

“Good ah, it’s best for you to publish everything out, I want to see what you have to say!” Zheng Jianlin did not believe at all that he would have any real evidence, at best he would only say out the old matters that he had heard from Guo Long and Wang Yong. He had long ago thought of how he should refute those.

Jing Yang turned around to give a key to Chen Rui. “You go to my lounge and take out the VCR from the drawer next to my bed. Also let people bring over a TV.”

Even though Chen Rui didn’t know his purpose, he still followed his directions.

Jing Yang apologized to Zhang lao. “We ruined your good birthday, Jingyu apologizes to you. I was really forced with no choice, I can only make some unsavory matters public today.”

“Even though us old fellows are already getting on in years, but our minds are not yet muddled. Don’t hesitate to say out whatever troubles you have, after we all judge, we will naturally help give you justice.” After Zhang lao finished speaking, the other elderly men nodded in approval.

Jing Yang received the VCR that Chen Rui handed over, and after the TV was also placed, he turned to all of the reporters. “All of the material that I’m going to broadcast, it’ll be best for you all to record it down word for word. Then it could be considered that you didn’t come with them a trip in vain.”

After Jing Yang pressed the start button on the VCR, the TV showed the Lu family hall, and then the image of going upstairs. Then the image stopped in front of a wooden door. The door was open with a gap of two finger widths, you could approximately see a man and woman inside, speaking with their backs to the camera.

Zheng Jianlin saw this scene and froze, he had a very bad premonition, but he couldn’t say clearly why he had this kind of premonition. He knew who the people were inside, but this scene, and the content of the conversation at that time, for a moment he was unable to immediately remember.

Jing Yang turned the volume up to the maximum, and the TV transmitted the sound of the conversation between the man and women. All of the people at the scene pricked up their ears to hear every single word clearly.

While the male and female were talking, they would often call each other’s names. The man called the woman Qiurong, the woman called the man Jianlin. The woman asked the man when he would finally be able to divorce with Lu Xuexian and then marry her. The man told the woman not to worry, Lu Xuexian still controlled a large portion of the assets in her hand, he still hadn’t been able to seize over all of them, so for the time being he still couldn’t divorce her. Until he could bring all of the Lu family assets, including the Lu family ancestral residence, under his name, he would divorce with Lu Xuexian, and then he could let her become mistress of this house.

In the conversation, they also mentioned the process of the man causing the death of Lu Deyuan. The male voice said, at that time his affair had been found by Lu Deyuan, and he was almost chased out of the home, but fortunately he had acted quickly and had killed Lu Deyuan that old thing. He had married into the Lu family, scheming for so many years in the Lu family, he had almost failed at the final venture.

The woman said that she frequently came to the Lu home, would it be bad for her to be seen by Lu Xuexian. The man replied that Lu Xuexian was really weak, even if she saw her she wouldn’t dare to say anything, she would definitely never mention getting a divorce.

The man said that in the future the Lu family assets and restaurants would all change into the Zheng family’s, and the Zheng family would be given to his son Junming to inherit…

After the two people bantered flirtatiously for a while, the woman asked the man if he had ever liked Lu Xuexian before. The man responded that in the past he had liked her, even though it was only for the Lu family assets that he kneeled in front of Lu Deyuan to say that he wanted to marry his daughter, but in his heart he still had some good feelings for Lu Xuexian. But now he only liked her alone, for Lu Xuexian’s constantly weak and ill body he had no interest since long ago, how could Lu Xuexian compare with her coquettishness and unrestrained manner in bed…

The video disseminated the man and woman’s intimate sounds, for the people on the scene, some people used ridiculing gazes to look at Zheng Jianlin, and other used disdainful glances to look at him. Zheng Jianlin’s body swayed, his legs and feet went soft, he almost couldn’t stand anymore. That conversation, he had completely remembered. Zheng Junming’s complexion was dreadfully unsightly, especially after the TV started transmitting his father and mother’s explicit intimate sounds.

The image left the gap of the door, the affectionate sounds of the two people gradually faded away. Another door was pushed open and entered a warmly decorated room. The camera lens directly faced a mirror on the dressing table, in the mirror appeared a woman holding the VCR, her face was deathly pale, as if she had lost her soul. This woman somewhat resembled Lu Jingyu, the people on the scene naturally could guess who she was.

The woman’s eyes were spiritless, she sat down in front of the dressing table. The VCR in her hand was also set down, the camera lens stayed facing a corner of the mirror.

After that there wasn’t any significant images. Jing Yang turned off the TV and then turned to ask Zheng Jianlin, “What else do you want to say?”

Translator Notes:

[1] an unending stream – 源源不断, idiom, means a steady flow/stream
[2] appropriate – 占为己有, taking for oneself what rightfully belongs to others
[3] greedy and insatiable – 贪得无厌, idiom, avaricious, never satisfied
[4] repeat over and over – 口口声声, idiom, to keep on saying something again and again
[5] in an aboveboard manner – 光明正大, honorable and fair, no tricks
[6] pointed with blame – 指指点点, means to gesticulate, or to point the finger of blame
[7] have to say – 什么好说, means something relevant to say
[8] pricked up their ears – 竖起耳朵, strain to hear something
[9] failed at the final venture – 功亏一篑, idiom, ruining an entire plan at the final step
[10] banter flirtatiously – 打情骂俏, flirting, having fun

Random Notes:

A short chapter. Took 1.5 hours, 12:30 pm – 2 pm, for 3k characters to 2.4k words. There’s only 2 more chapters! Both of them are relatively short, and quite satisfying 🙂

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  1. I knew this happened… But I still can’t help saying, “Aw, poor Lu Xuexian…” At least the Zheng family got face slapped so bad I don’t think they could see much anymore :3 Thanks for the chapter!

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