CFCS Chapter 28

Chapter 28
Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition (Arc 3.1)

Jing Yang had just woken up when he felt that his muscles were extremely sore. He judged that this body might have just done some severe exercise.

He sat up and looked around at the ultra-modern design of the room and guessed that this might be a world of the future? Or else this body’s original owner was a high tech enthusiast?

Pinching his arm muscles a bit, it was obviously pulled. Jing Yang lay back down again and activated the system. He decided to repair the body’s damage first and eliminate the painful feeling.

He started the memory inheritance function, and Jing Yang finally knew that originally this time the world he came to was an interstellar space-time.

This was a cosmos power that possessed several hundred celestial bodies, the Fu Luo Wei Empire. The era of science and technology had already flourished for over a thousand years, and all sorts of high tech was used in an extensive range of functions in work and daily life. Now even ordinary daily activities were already inseparable from all kinds of high tech products.

With the help of these high tech products, human beings had been able to accomplish many things they would not have been able to do on their own. Thousands of years later, human beings had already gotten used to this kind of life. Getting used to it also meant that things done by relying on high tech products were all not worth showing off.

Under the situation of not relying on high tech products, using your own body to accomplish certain things, would receive special popularity. Therefore a new profession emerged called DIY live streamers, and the streamers who were more popular were also called DIY Star Network internet celebrities.

The live streamers’ live content topics were diverse, some people cooked, some did talent shows, some did travel, etc., these were all classified as within the normal scope of live streaming. Then there were also some more unusual streamers, for example extreme sports, wilderness survival, mountain climbing or deep sea diving to catch prey, etc. In short, the material that could be live streamed was myriad and all-encompassing.

This body that Jing Yang was currently in, his name was Milton Miller, he was a wealthy young master who had inherited a large amount of money. He didn’t need to worry about his livelihood, so he became an outdoors live streamer, purely due to his personal interest.

His popularity was also quite big, if other streamers were called DIY streamer internet celebrities, Jing Yang reckoned that he should be called a blackened DIY streamer, because right now on the Star Network he was being attacked quite seriously.

In the end what kind of matter had Milton done that had instigated the shared anger of the public, making the netizens on the Star Network spare no effort to blacken him in this way. Jing Yang decided that this couldn’t be understood from his personal point of view, and directly used the world perspective to understand the entire process.

The more difficult the matter a streamer was able to complete, the more popularity he would receive, but this was based on a big premise. That was that you could not rely on high tech assistance, and could only rely on your own abilities to complete it.

Before Milton had also been quite popular, until it had burst out that he had relied on high tech products to complete all of his previous streams. The Star Network had instantly boiled over, the netizens had hurled all sort of abuse and accusations at him. Because this implied that he had always been faking it earlier, and many netizens had supported him with money before, but now they actually found that it wasn’t real, naturally it attracted a large amount of dissatisfaction.

Then whether or not Milton actually faked it, if you were being rigorous about it, it really shouldn’t be counted as fake. The tasks were all completed by himself, but in order to ensure his safety, he used high tech equipment to provide some safeguards.

Actually every live streamer would more or less use assistance from high tech products, the only difference was only whether or not they had been discovered. To be honest, when comparing Milton to those people, he was already considered quite real and honest.

But this kid still suffered a bit from chuunibyou, even though he was already in his early twenties, but in some aspects, his personality was like that of an opinionated child. His character wasn’t bad, he just didn’t really understand the ways of the world, he lived entirely in his own world. When he spoke he didn’t think to restrain himself, so he would frequently publish some more offensive remarks.

He had offended a streamer called Kedi, he was also the main reason that he had been blackened this miserably.

Kedi was the most popular live streamer in the empire, he used the conditions of completely being real, not relying on any kinds of high tech products, and only using his own body’s abilities, to complete some matters that normal people would definitely not be able to accomplish, and received a huge amount of popularity and fans.

It was him who had exposed the matter of Milton faking his streams, and personally proved that the things that Milton had done in his streams were completely unable to be done without relying on high tech products. His action had struck a blow on Milton while at the same time doubling his own fan numbers.

This made Milton very angry, he felt that using high tech products to protect his own safety was a very normal matter. Every live streamer would do this, and every live streamer was also well aware of this. He only used the high tech products to protect his own safety, and didn’t completely rely on it to accomplish the mission, what was wrong about this?

Milton’s argument attracted the dissatisfaction of many live streamers, they all strongly denied that they had used high tech products before. If you used it yourself then you used it, don’t drag us into the water with you.

Milton’s mind was relatively simple, in terms of words he wasn’t able to fight Kedi, often a light and insipid simple response from Kedi would be able to infuriate Milton, and then he would spout some brainless words, and make even more netizens annoyed with him.

Milton was attacked by Kedi’s fans, making him very angry, so naturally he thought of proving himself, and then the opportunity came.

Along with the rise of the live stream industry, there were many professional live streamers. Watching live streams had also become one of the top methods of leisure entertainment for the masses, so as a result the first empire’s live streamer competition was created.

In the competition, there were many dangerous events, there existed enormous risks, it was even possible that you could lose your life. So the competitors were required to sign a release of liability waiver, that if in the competition any accidents occurred, they couldn’t put the responsibility on the organizers.

The competition’s content also had a condition that made many live streamers hesitate, that was that the entire competition would be live streamed to the Star Network from beginning to end, and the live streamers were not allowed to use any kind of high tech products to protect their safety. At every stage of the competition, whether inside or outside the scene, they would be monitored by the judges and referee, flying cameras would also constantly be following them around, every second would be live streamed on the Star Network.

Just as Milton had said, whether or not the other live streamers had relied on high tech products for assistance, they were all very clear themselves. In order to not expose their own real abilities and end up with the same result as Milton, many people were unwilling to participate in this competition.

But after the organizers announced a large amount of money as the prize, many people were moved. If they could get this money, they wouldn’t need to worry about money for the rest of their lives, and they could live a lavish and pleasure-filled life. People are all full of wishful thinking, even though some people knew that their own abilities were not that great, but they still would think, what if they were lucky and were able to get first? Then in the future it didn’t even matter whether or not they still live streamed, in any case they didn’t need to worry about money anymore.

Milton had inherited a large amount of money, he didn’t lack any money, he was different from the other live streamers, he could afford to buy lots of high tech products, those products were all not cheap. So there were some live streamers who used fewer high tech products, not because they didn’t want to use them, but because they couldn’t afford them.

So the Milton who didn’t lack money, in order to reclaim and prove himself, resolutely signed up, and even went on Star Network to declare war on Kedi. The netizens ridiculed him that he overestimated his own abilities, supporting Kedi to wipe him out. So Kedi also took up the challenge and participated in the competition.

Completely losing the assistance of high tech products, the live streamers’ real abilities were instantly exposed, the comparison was extremely obvious. Everyone actually all used the assistance of high tech products, this made the netizens feel like they had been deceived, attracting a large amount of dissatisfaction.

In order to redirect the attention from the netizens, Kedi purposefully instigated the contradictions between himself and Milton, making the competition of many people become the main struggle of their two people. The other competitors were all very appreciative of Kedi’s actions, and increasingly crowded out Milton, being more inclined towards Kedi.

Milton actually still had some skill, in the entire competition, he could be placed in the upper middle. But in comparison to Kedi, he was still not able to be an opponent. Adding on the fact that his personality wasn’t great, in the competition he suffered from unfair treatment from the judges, and no one helped him speak out, and even the netizens felt that he deserved it.

When the competition was almost reaching the end, Milton had accidentally suffered a severe injury from an event, and could only withdraw from the competition. He was sent to the hospital for critical care, and his life was saved, but he could only be paralyzed on the bed, relying on medical instruments to preserve his life.

The reason for Milton’s accident was because Kedi had tampered with his parachute bag, his methods were quite brilliant, actually being able to dodge all of the cameras without leaving a bit of evidence.

Kedi had received the first place in the competition, and was awarded a large amount of prize money. He even came to the hospital to visit Milton, showing off his success to him.

At that time Milton had been lying on the hospital bed, unable to move even a little bit, he wasn’t even able to say a word, only his eyes were able to move around. Kedi live streamed the process of his visit to Milton, expressing his regret to the camera.

His fans cried that Kedi was really too kindhearted, that Milton had entirely deserved it. Even though Milton had already turned into this state, the netizens still didn’t feel a little bit of sympathy for him, Kedi’s guidance was extremely successful.

Had Milton done some kind of outrageous atrocities? No. Did he and Kedi have some sort of huge enmity or major hatred? Also no.

The entire reason, was only for his own selfish desires, Milton was only the most successful stepping stone that Kedi had obtained, the standard cannon fodder.

Milton’s life was only maintained for a few more years, after a few years, he passed away with his bitterness on his hospital bed.

And the Kedi who had received a large amount of prize money, continued to be a live streamer, he had enough money and bought all kinds of advanced high tech products to complete his live streams and earn even more money. His methods were very clever, no one was able to expose him like he had exposed Milton. He became a legend in the live streaming world.

The time at which Jing Yang transmigrated into this body, was just a few days before the start of the competition. Milton had already started making preparations a month earlier, undergoing high intensity training.

No wonder once he woke up, he felt that his entire body was sore and painful. He walked to the bathroom mirror and couldn’t resist wanting to whistle. He was a handsome guy with a pretty good figure ah, he even had gold hair and blue eyes. It was just that he was still a bit chuunibyou, he hadn’t done any atrocious matters, and actually ended up with that kind of miserable end.

The bathroom was very large, Jing Yang pressed the remote control, and the outside wall instantly became transparent. The outside was a seascape as far as the eye could see, this was a seaside villa.

Soaking in a massage bathtub that he could swim in, Jing Yang relaxed his body and considered his future plans. First he obviously had to complete Milton’s last wishes and get the first place in the competition and prove that he didn’t need to rely on any high tech products.

And then he needed revenge, the scope of this was a little wide, besides detesting Kedi, he also hated those live streamers who had also relied on high tech products yet deliberately crowded him out, and also those netizens who had blindly followed the crowd to blacken him.

Jing Yang thought, he couldn’t just destroy the world in order to help him take revenge ba?

The revenge plan couldn’t completely be implemented based on his thoughts, but as long as the result was what he wanted, wouldn’t that be fine?

Translator Notes:

[1] celestial bodies – 星球, this means like planets, but I’m guessing in this time stars can also be inhabited?
[2] DIY live streamer – 做直播者, literally means “do-something” live broadcaster, I’m thinking Do It Yourself as in yourself without a high tech
[3] all-encompassing – 应有尽有, idiom, means that everything that should be here is here
[4] Milton Miller – 米勒弥尔, to be exact Milton Miller is 弥尔顿·米勒 but he’s only missing one character so I’m just going to put this for convenience (also MTL just puts Milton most of the time)
[5] spare no effort – 不遗余力, idiom, means to do one’s utmost
[6] chuunibyou – 中二病, basically a “sickness” in teenagers characterized by more rebellious and edgy behavior
[7] opinionated – 自以为是, idiom, means to believe himself infallible, probably arrogant
[8] Kedi – 凯迪, pinyin is kai di, MTL makes this Kedi so I thought I would go with it
[9] simple response – 三言两语, idiom, means in a few words or expressed succinctly
[10] outrageous atrocities – 伤天害理, idiom, literally means to offend Heaven and reason

Random Notes:

Took around 2 hours: 5 pm – 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm – 8:30, for 3.3k characters to 2.5k words. Honestly I’m pretty used to the first few chapters of an arc taking longer than usual bc of the new content and the increased mdbg searching.

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while. When this is going out, it’ll probably be two weeks after the end of the 2nd arc, but right now it’s my Thanksgiving break, and this has been my first time translating since I finished translating for the second arc. It’s been over a month, almost two months since I last translated. Wow. I’ve been doing a lot of reading raw LNs as per usual, and as I hit a low in that I’ve come back. Plus the second arc is almost coming to an end so I kind of needed to get back on track. Looking forward to this arc!

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