CFCS Chapter 89

Chapter 89
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.11)

On the day of the launch, the scene was very grand. Not only many famous fashion celebrities, but also a lot of media reporters came. The large hall was filled with people.

Regulus and McDonnell sat in the front row closest to the catwalk, and before the show began, reporters were already taking pictures of Regulus.

Backstage, all of the models were nervously preparing. Jing Yang needed to model more than a dozen sets of clothing, and was surrounded by three or four staff members. One was dedicated to managing the clothing he had to model, one was responsible for arranging his looks and makeup, and two more were dedicated to dressing him.

Dilumo only had two sets of clothing to model, so he was the most idle person in the entire show. But this kind of idleness made him very embarrassed and humiliated.

Dilumo’s order was arranged in the middle, and at the moment he was standing in the corner watching everyone else busy themselves. Seeing that there were no cameras on him, he openly glared at Jing Yang. He came to the competition in order to become a lifelong spokesperson for Fernelea, but from the current situation, his chances of success could not be any smaller. If he failed, it would really be hard for him to find another chance like this, so he had to do something to change the situation. He and Conley both felt that it would be most convenient and most effective to start from Arthur Yang.

This time’s show was extremely successful. Jing Yang beautifully modeled the clothing design concepts, perfectly exhibiting the casual comfort and elegance desired. And by wearing it on his body, even if it were a layman, they could see the luxury and quality of the clothing.

After McDonnell saw the eyes of the other designers, he was very satisfied and proud. For this time’s clothing designs, he had spent a lot of thought. He felt that even though Arthur Yang had a relationship with Regulus, both his own abilities and professional standards were at a first-class level, absolutely no worse than the top supermodels. Fortunately there were models like Arthur Yang in the competition, if they were all like Dilumo, he would have wasted all of his blood, sweat, and tears. This made McDonnell feel very fortunate, if he had chosen himself, he would also have chosen Arthur Yang to be his lead model.

The designers all had similar thoughts. Even though McDonnell’s designs had always been a beacon for the fashion world, when they were worn by Jing Yang, and exhibited on the catwalk, the effect was even better. Many designers had already been moved and decided to find a way to get him to also be the lead model for their own release shows.

Even though Conley sat in the very last row, he was still infected by Jing Yang’s temperament on the stage, and couldn’t help but be attracted to him. In the three years since his disappearance, if Dilumo hadn’t arranged people to constantly ambush him, he might not have thought of this person at all. But now, he stood on the stage so brightly, and he could only look up at him.

Conley suddenly was somewhat regretful, he regretted that he had done things so obviously, and been discovered. If he hadn’t been discovered, perhaps this person would still be his own. Even though he had never been able to touch him, he was better looking than Dilumo, his body was better than Dilumo, and his temper was far better than Dilumo.

But now he could no longer turn back, it was impossible for Arthur to forgive him, and the two people could never return to the past. Every man for himself, in order for his own life to be better, he could only continue to hurt him.

McDonnell ended up standing on the stage with all of the models, receiving applause from the crowd and the camera. As the lead model, Jing Yang stood together with him at the very front and the very middle, his eyes quickly meeting with Regulus below the stage, like they were making amorous glances at each other in front of everyone.

Dilumo stood in the back row at the end, and even though he obviously knew that it would be hard for his fans to find him on the screen, he tried to keep smiling and show his best side. Because at this time, he couldn’t get caught with the slightest flaw.


After the show, there was a wine banquet. After Jing Yang finished cleaning up backstage his cell phone rang. When he opened it, he found that it was a strange number, and said that he was holding something that he definitely wanted. It had something to do with the secretly taken pictures from three years ago, and could be given to him at a very low price. They hoped to talk to him in person alone, even if it was just a few minutes.

The secretly taken pictures from three years ago, wasn’t that the picture of Arthur catching Conley and Dilumo cheating? If the reporter who had taken the picture had left another card up his sleeve, and now seeing him appear in public, he wanted to sell it to him and earn from both sides, that was also not impossible. But according to Jing Yang’s investigation, even if that man knew his contact information, it would definitely not be possible for him to appear here at this time. So there was only one possibility that he could think of.

Jing Yang closed his eyes and thought for a few seconds, and then sent a message to Regulus on his cell phone. After waiting for a while, he calmly went to the mentioned location.

When Jing Yang walked to the not too hidden corridor, he saw that the person standing there was indeed Conley. Jing Yang did not walk closer, just standing there.

Conley saw that he didn’t come over, and took the initiative to walk over to him. “Arthur.”

“The person asking me to meet was you?” Jing Yang deliberately pretended he didn’t know what was going on.

“It’s me, I have something to say to you.” Conley said.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Jing Yang coldly turned around.

“Wait! Arthur, listen to me, I really have something important to tell you!” Conley quickly stepped forward to grab Jing Yang’s hand.

“Let me go!” Jing Yang struggled hard, pushing him away with the other hand. The two people struggled, as if they were fighting.

“Listen to me Arthur, I am really regretful about what happened three years ago!” Conley seemed anxious to explain to Jing Yang.

“Regret what?” Jing Yang looked at him angrily. “Regretting that you cheated on me with Dilumo? If you really regret it, go and admit to everyone what you did!”

“No, listen to me explain…” Conley tightly held Jing Yang’s hand, not letting go.

Hearing footsteps finally come from behind, the moment he confirmed someone appeared in the corridor, Conley viciously threw away Jing Yang’s hand and said loudly, “Don’t bother me anymore, right now the person I like is Dilumo. I only like him, no matter how good you are now, I will not look back! And don’t forget, at the start it was you proposing to break up, and now you actually slander me and Dilumo as cheating! And you still want me to go back? Impossible!”

Jing Yang stood motionless, just coldly watching him act.

Dilumo quickly walked over, followed by a large number of people. Most of them were reporters filming.

Conley greeted Dilumo and held his hand, eagerly explaining, “My dear, he suddenly came to find me and said that he wanted to be with me. I have already rejected him, now I only have you in my heart, and how could I go be with someone who had previously abandoned me.”

Dilumo’s face was particularly ugly. He looked at Jing Yang, and then looked at Conley. Then he shook off Conley’s hand and slapped him in the face with a crisp sound. He said furiously, “I didn’t think that you would be such a person, I really misread you!”

Conley was slapped silly by him, and completely froze, looking at him full of bewilderment. This was completely different from the situation that they had discussed before. When Dilumo arrived, shouldn’t he first blame Arthur Yang and say that Arthur Yang was shameless for seducing him, and then slap Arthur? How did the person being slapped become himself?

Dilumo really wanted to give Conley a look, but he knew that besides the reporters behind him, there were also cameras shooting him from the front. So now he could only hope that Conley could understand his eyes and stop saying anything he shouldn’t say.

There was more than one camera in the corridor, and just now, surveillance footage from the corridor had been displayed on the big screen in the hall. so the scene of Conley entangling Jing Yang, and then framing Jing Yang for bothering him, had not only been seen by everyone in the hall, but also by all of the netizens watching the live stream. And the surveillance footage was not only very high quality, but the sound was also very clear.

Dilumo saw this scene in the hall and panicked, he didn’t know why the video would be shown on the big screen. When he reacted, he immediately tried to run over to stop Conley, but it was already too late. Conley had done everything he had to do.

Conley was beaten and didn’t know why, his expression changing several times.

Dilumo rushed to speak before he got angry, “What you just did, we all saw in the hall! Do you have anything to say!”

Conley stared in shock, his expression even uglier. Now he already didn’t know how to react.

Jing Yang’s assistant rushed over with other staff members and protected him to leave through the throng of reporters.

Back in the lounge, Regulus immediately hugged him and sat down on the sofa, and then rolled up his sleeve and checked his hand. Just now seeing Conley grab his hand, he was about to explode from anger. If it wasn’t because he didn’t want other people to say that Jing Yang only had such good results because of his relationship, he would long have rushed over.

“I’m fine, he didn’t hurt me. You see, it’s not even red.” Jing Yang appeased him.

Regulus kissed his hand. “Conley and Dilumo those two, previously how they hurt you, I will definitely make them repay it twice over!”

“Look, I got this.” Jing Yang took out a cell phone, which he had just taken from Conley’s pocket in their scuffle earlier. “There must be a lot of useful things in here.”

Regulus had just taken over the phone when Jing Yang said, “That’s right, I need you to help me find someone.”

“Who?” Regulus asked.

“A reporter called Kirby Scott. Because he was addicted to gambling, he owed a lot of money. He went missing after robbing a shop, and I can’t find him anywhere, but I know that he is still alive.” Jing Yang explained.

“What do you want him for?”

“I caught Conley cheating with Dilumo three years ago, and he happened to capture it. He offered to sell me the evidence at a very high price. Even though the price was very high, I would have been willing to pay to buy it, but he had an additional condition, which was to let me sleep with him once…”

Jing Yang hadn’t finished speaking when Regulus tightened his hold on the cell phone, a sharp and fierce light instantly appearing in his eyes.

“But I didn’t agree, so he sold the evidence to Conley. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have fallen to that kind of situation. Three years of not receiving any work, or even leaving the door.”

“Leave these things to me to handle, as long as this man is alive, even if he hides underground, I will find him!” Regulus hugged Jing Yang tightly, pressing his face to his chest. Thinking of his previous experiences, he couldn’t control his heartache. “I’m sorry, I didn’t meet you earlier, and made you suffer so much.”

Jing Yang’s face was affixed to his chest. His eyes were a little misty, remembering the thousands of reincarnations before meeting him. “If everything was for meeting you, no matter how long I had to wait, it would be worth it.”

Translator Notes:

[1] every man for himself – 人不为己天诛地灭,  look out for yourself, or heaven and earth will destroy you
[2] Kirby Scott – 克比·斯基特, pinyin ke bi then si ji ti

Random Notes:

Less than an hour: 1 pm – 1:45 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2.2k words.

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