CFCS Chapter 133

Chapter 133
Artistic Life (Arc 10.6)

“Lighter, it hurts~” Jing Yang was still sleeping when he was shaken awake. He didn’t even know when they stopped last night, he had already fallen asleep in the middle while half drunk and half dizzy.

Jing Yang’s hand lay limply on Cui Yan’s shoulder, his body devoid of any strength. When they finally finished the morning exercise, Jing Yang weakly leaned on Cui Yan’s body, letting him continue sucking on and kissing his lips.

Cui Yan picked up Jing Yang and walked out. He placed him into the bathtub and squatted down outside the tub, helping him clean his body very carefully. He massaged almost every inch of his skin, allowing Jing Yang to relax quite a bit.

“No.” Jing Yang squeezed his legs together. “Leave.”

Cui Yan entered the bathtub and lifted Jing Yang, resting him on his body and letting him lean against his chest. He kissed the corner of his mouth and said, “We need to wash very cleanly here or else you’ll have a stomachache.”

“Liar.” Jing Yang didn’t believe that he would really just clean him up.

“Be obedient, I won’t do anything else, believe me.” Cui Yan coaxed him while his fingers had already started moving.

Jing Yang couldn’t resist so he could only stuff his face into his chest, huffing in protest. He waited for him to help him clean up, and Cui Yan actually kept his promise to not do anything else.

Jing Yang was picked up from the tub and placed on the bed. Cui Yan held him with his eyes closed and fed him a bowl of porridge before he went back to sleep.

When he woke up again it was already afternoon. Jing Yang sat up from bed and rubbed his eyes. He found that Cui Yan was not in the room.

When he was about to lift the covers and get out of bed, Cui Yan came in.

“Woke up? Did you sleep enough?” Cui Yan sat down on the bed and held his face, kissing him several times in a row.

“En.” Jing Yang slept enough, but his body still had no strength.

“Let’s go eat something, it’s already prepared.” Cui Yan patted Jing Yang’s thigh.

Jing Yang felt like he didn’t have any strength but actually didn’t feel hungry. It might be that when he was sleeping the hunger passed. But he still followed Cui Yan’s suggestion and was ready to get out of bed to eat something.

As soon as he lifted the covers, Cui Yan held down his legs. Cui Yan crouched down by the bed and then kissed and rubbed him for half a day. Jing Yang couldn’t help but shake and was almost about to kick him before he finally let go of him, standing up.

They went downstairs and sat down at the dining table. Jing Yang held a bowl of milky white fragrant fish soup and drank. Cui Yan sat across from him, staring at him the entire time.

Jing Yang was watched until goosebumps appeared on his skin. He glared at him and then bowed his head and focused on drinking his soup.

When Jing Yang mentioned wanting to go back, Cui Yan said, “Don’t go back, I’ll have people move all your things over and you can live here.”

“Aren’t your parents coming back? What would it look like if they saw me living here?” Jing Yang said.

“They have their own place. They don’t live here or come here, it’s my own private space.”

“I’m still not going to live here. I haven’t graduated yet, and if the people at school find out that I’m living with someone, even if I’m not expelled, the impact would not be good.” Jing Yang still refused. He was actually not worried about being talked about, he didn’t care what other people said. But if he lived here now, he would basically not go anywhere besides the bed.

So before it got dark, because of Jing Yang’s strong demand to go back, Cui Yan could not retain him and could only drive him back.

Jing Yang was pressured by Cui Yan in the car seat to kiss for a good half day, until he almost couldn’t see straight from the lack of oxygen. But he couldn’t push Cui Yan who was much stronger than him away, so he could only let him keep kissing him.

When he was finally able to breathe freely, he took in deep breaths. He almost thought he was about to suffocate from kissing.

“Not going to invite me up?” Cui Yan stroked his face.

“If you went up would you really just sit? I think you would want to do it some more ba?” Jing Yang said with irritation. “Don’t think I don’t know what your intentions are. I’m going to have a good rest tonight, you can get rid of the thought of disturbing my sleep again.”

“Then I’ll pick you up tomorrow?”

“I have class tomorrow, where you are taking me?” Jing Yang glared at him.

“Even if you have class you still have to eat dinner. I’ll pick you up for dinner.” Cui Yan said.

“We can talk about it tomorrow.” Jing Yang was about to open the door and get off. Before he could open the door, he was pulled back by Cui Yan. He looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter now?”

“Since you won’t let me go up, then you should let me kiss before leaving.” Cui Yan put the seat down and held Jing Yang under him.

“Kiss again, you kissed me for half a day just now!” Jing Yang glared at him.

“It was here just now.” Cui Yan’s thumb rubbed against his lips and then slowly moved down, reaching between his legs. “Not being able to see you for a night, to touch you, or kiss you, then let me kiss here. Only then will I let you go.”

“Are you crazy!” Jing Yang immediately blushed and held his legs together. He whispered, “Is that something you can kiss here? Don’t you know where we are now?”

Outside there were cars driving by from time to time, and sometimes people would pass by. Even though all of the windows were tinted so that no one could see what was going on inside, kissing in the car was already Jing Yang’s limit. It was impossible to do that kind of thing in the car while people and cars outside were coming and going.

“I promise I will only kiss and won’t do anything else. If you don’t let me kiss, I may not be able to control myself and then break into your room in the middle of the night.” Cui Yan warned.

“You…” Jing Yang stared at him. He didn’t know what to say. Based on his understanding of him over so many worlds, just kissing and not doing anything else was something highly unlikely. But breaking into his room in the middle of the night, as long as he said it, he would definitely do it.

Cui Yan was already starting to take off his pants. Seeing that he didn’t resist, he knew that he had agreed. He happily buried his head.

“En, En~” Jing Yang clutched the edges of his seat.

As long as there was a car passing by next to him, he couldn’t help but tense. If he saw someone passing by the car, he was so nervous that his body felt like it was being stimulated by electricity.

Jing Yang knew that this person would definitely not just kiss a bit and stop. He endured the stimulation and tried his best not to make a sound. When he really couldn’t help it, he would huff nasally.

Cui Yan kissed the corners of his mouth in satisfaction and then took out some paper towels to help him wipe clean.

The corners of Jing Yang’s eyes were reddened and his eyes were bright. He obviously had not recovered from the stimulation just now.

Cui Yan stroked his face and waited patiently for him to recover.

Jing Yang managed with great difficulty to get out of Cui Yan’s grasp. He walked with a slight tremor in his legs back to his room. When he entered the room he flopped down on the bed and did not want to move anymore.

But wearing pants to sleep was still uncomfortable. After laying there for a while, he sat up again, took off his pants and threw them under the bed. Pulling up the covers, he bowed his head and saw the red spots on the inside of his thighs and on his belly. Thinking of what Cui Yan had just done to him in the car, he scolded him as a stinking hooligan in his mind and then soon fell asleep.

He finally got a good night’s sleep and went to class the next morning feeling refreshed.

If it weren’t for fulfilling Mu Jin’s wish, Jing Yang simply did not want to go to school. It didn’t matter whether or not he graduated. And the main reason why he didn’t want to go to school was because he kept on having to face Wu Xiuyuan’s entanglement and questioning.

“Mu Jin, whose car were you in the day before?” Wu Xiuyuan saw that the other students had left the studio and there was only one person inside. He entered the studio and walked to Jing Yang’s side to ask him the question he had been waiting to ask for two days.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Jing Yang said expressionlessly.

“No matter what, I’m your teacher, is it not normal for me to care about my student’s relationships? If that person is just someone you know, you should have nothing to hide from me, right?”

“You’re only my teacher, not my parent. What does who I know have to do with you? Just pay attention to your own affairs, my relationships are not for you to manage.” Jing Yang said impatiently. “If you are really bored, go and care about Su Mo. He would definitely be very happy to have you manage him.”

Speaking of Su Mo, Wu Xiuyuan couldn’t help but feel guilty. Last time when he went back with Su Mo, he couldn’t resist his temptation and engaged in intimate behavior with him. Su Mo also begged him to help deal with Mu Jin. He didn’t immediately agree but also didn’t clearly refuse him. He wanted to find out first whether Mu Jin was really wrapped up like Su Mo had said, and if he was really so dirty, then he did not deserve his love, and he must punish him.

Jing Yang packed up his things and prepared to leave. Wu Xiuyuan stopped him and said, “Mu Jin, it’s fine if you won’t tell me who that person was, but I hope that you can love yourself and stay clean. Don’t sell your body for money. If you are short on money you can tell me, I can help you.”

Jing Yang looked at Wu Xiuyuan in disbelief for a long time. How was this guy’s brain made? He had already spoken so clearly, was it that he couldn’t understand the words or couldn’t understand the meaning? Could you be a teacher with this kind of IQ? And his own relationship with Su Mo was so unclean, how did he have the position or qualifications to tell him to stay clean and love himself?

Jing Yang laughed from anger. For someone like this who didn’t have the same thought process as normal people, saying these kinds of words to him was simply a waste of saliva.

Because there were traces left behind on his body by Cui Yan, Jing Yang had worn long sleeves and long pants. He also picked some clothes with a higher collar so that he could cover up the marks on his collarbone and chest. Hearing Wu Xiuyuan’s words, he simply pulled his collar down and exposed the marks on his collarbone and chest.

Jing Yang sneered. “I’m sorry, I’m not pure anymore so there is no need to be clean and self-loving.”

Wu Xiuyuan could naturally tell how these traces were made. He could tell that it was some very intense behavior that would make such deep traces. His eyes immediately turned red, staring at the marks as if his eyes could spurt flames.

Letting go of his collar, Jing Yang said calmly, “So you can stop bothering me now right? After all, you’re someone who loves cleanliness, you hate unclean people and things, don’t you?”

Jing Yang didn’t care what he thought and didn’t care what he would do afterwards. He would rather Wu Xiuyuan deliberately try to deal with himself rather than see him come disgust him with his attitude of doing something good for him.

Jing Yang slung his backpack over his shoulder and prepared to leave. Wu Xiuyuan was furious, and when he was walking to the door, he stopped him and said, “You’re still a student, are you not afraid that I will publish your affairs?”

“I don’t care. Even though I am a student, I am already of age. I have the right to be with whoever I want, if you want to say something you can only say them. But…” Jing Yang turned and looked at him. “Do you think that it’s more serious for me to associate with people outside the school, or is it more serious for you to have an improper teacher-student relationship with Su Mo?”

Wu Xiuyuan was angered speechless. The fury in his heart burned. If not for him still remembering that this was the school, he would already have rushed forward to slap him.

As soon as Jing Yang walked out the door he saw Su Mo leaning on the wall. Apparently he had heard his and Wu Xiuyuan’s conversation. Jing Yang looked at his face, smiled coldly, and left.

Watching Jing Yang walk away, Su Mo entered the studio and walked to Wu Xiuyuan’s side. Seeing his face turn green from anger, he said, “Teacher, now you believe what I said don’t you? If he hadn’t been wrapped up, how could he have been in such a good car?”

“Those ways that you said before about dealing with him, what do you want me to do?” Wu Xiuyuan said expressionlessly. He had pursued him for so long and spent so much thought on him, but now it was all in vain. He was disgusted just thinking about it, he had to teach him a lesson!

Su Mo saw that he finally stood on his side and agreed to deal with Mu Jin with him and felt very happy and proud. This way, Wu Xiuyuan would never have feelings for Mu Jin again. At least in the struggle for Wu Xiuyuan’s feelings, he had won.

“Teacher, don’t worry. As long as he still stays in school, we have a lot of ways to deal with him.” Su Mo reassured him, touching Wu Xiuyuan’s arm.

With Wu Xiuyuan’s help, Su Mo believed that it would be even easier to deal with Mu Jin. He wasn’t in a hurry, he could just take it slow. He had to find a way to control Mu Jin’s painting talent for himself. Even if he really couldn’t control it, he must make it so that he could never stay in the art world any longer.

Wu Xiuyuan held Su Mo’s hand and suddenly felt that the person in front of him was better. At least he had no one other than him at the moment. “Let’s go to your place.”

Su Mo gave him a gentle smile. “Okay.”

Random Notes:

Slightly less than an hour: 3:45 pm – 4:40 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.6k words.

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  1. …is this teacher guy stupid? A) student-teacher relationships are wayyyy more immoral, B) what does it matter if you spent all this “effort” (which wasn’t even sincere) if the other party doesn’t want you? Are they obligated to respond positively to your feelings? Gross.

    Thanks for the update!! I would say that the mindset of the villains in this arc are a little pitted, if only it weren’t actually so common in RL.

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  2. Dear teacher, first of all you are the one that started everything, and the fact that are with one person while trying to be with another (both your students) is the most disgusting thing. And second, did MC even say he’s selling himself?~
    Thank you for the chapter!!! ❤️❤️

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  3. Yay for dealing with moronic scum!
    Absolutely no yay for that blatant disregard for any sort of boundaries or consent! Why the f*ck is it so hard to find a danmei where consent is given fully and understandingly WITHOUT there being persuasion, forcing, drug/alcohol influence or threats.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! As always after one chapter ends I already want next one 😂

    But if he lived here now, he would basically not have go anywhere besides the bed. -> gone or remove have

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  5. “teacher” Wu, should probably steer clear of schools… such a psycho shouldn’t be anywhere near a classroom to “teach” if this morality is what is displayed!


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