CFCS Chapter 51

Chapter 51
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.11)

Jing Yang had become thoroughly famous in Odyssey, invitation letters falling like snowflakes in the Mooney home. Many people wanted to take advantage of his achievements not being too high yet to invite him to their family music salon to perform. They felt that their chances for being able to invite him were higher during this time, and the cost would also not be too outrageously high.

The Mooney couple who had received these invitations were thrilled, picking some invitations that would be more favorable for the Mooney family while thinking of how to quickly bring Avi back from next door so that he could properly arrange his time to go to these salons and perform.

Faith accompanied Corrica to play piano on the lawn in the garden. He was already a little absent-minded, and his mind quickly started to wander. He remembered the scene that day of Avi performing, which had brought him immense shock that he could not calm even now. That kind of Avi made him feel extremely strange, his noble and holy appearance was so unattainable that he could only look up to him.

He suddenly recalled when the two of them were young, those playful and lively scenes had occurred right in this garden, on this piece of lawn, as if it had just happened yesterday. When had it started, when everything had changed, and he and Avi had gradually run counter to each other, going further and further apart from each other, their hearts having no chance of intersecting again.

“Faith, Faith?” Corrica had finished playing a song but didn’t hear him clap and praise him as usual. He looked up at him, and found that he was thinking of who knows what, totally lost in thought.

“What’s wrong?” Faith returned from his reminiscing, doubtfully looking at Corrica.

“…I finished playing.” Corrica looked at him.

“Oh, then go in and rest ba, I suddenly remembered that I have some things I haven’t resolved yet, so I’ll first go upstairs.” Faith said and then turned and left, not even giving Corrica another glance.

Corrica dazedly looked at his back, his heart incomparably bitter. Sure enough, were feelings that were snatched fragile to that extent?

This time Susan asked Faith to personally go to the Deere home to bring Avi back, and Faith immediately agreed, without the least bit of reluctance. Susan saw that her son was no longer against picking Avi up and was very happy. She felt that as long as her own son was willing to cooperate, Avi would very quickly change his mind, everything would move in a good direction, and their Mooney family would become better and better.

Faith went next door to the Deere home to pick him up, but was actually not able to succeed, because Jing Yang was still living at Hai Weixiu’s place, preparing for the year-end Odyssey Music Festival.

The Music Festival was the biggest event of the year in Odyssey, where the world’s top musicians would come together and take turns to perform.

Logically, right now Jing Yang was unqualified to perform at such a grand event, but because Hai Weixiu wanted to play violin on that day and let Jing Yang accompany him on piano, no one would object to this, and no one would deliberately not buy tickets. Offending Hai Weixiu was a terrible thing after all, he could be so harsh that you would want to seek death.

The Festival was held in Hero Square, and besides the section closest to the front being arranged according to status and identity, the seats in the back were first come first serve.

A long time before the concert began, the square was already completely full of people. Besides those living in the city, there were also many people from other cities and other countries. After all, everyone performing today were world-class musicians, these were people who you might not be able to hear even with money, not to mention being able to watch them perform for free.

The Mooney family also came to the square very early. The Mooney couple had already made a decision that they would take advantage of today’s opportunity no matter what to bring Avi back home, and furthermore it would be best for them to let other people see Avi’s intimate relationship with their family.

Hai Weixiu would perform twice today, both the opening and closing performance. How important Hai Weixiu’s status as the King of Music in today’s music industry could be seen at a glance.

The beeping signaling the start of the festival started to ring, and the hubbub in the square immediately quieted down. It was quite a spectacular sight.

Jing Yang followed Hai Weixiu on the stage, sitting down in front of the piano. He exchanged a look with Hai Weixiu, and then started to play the prelude.

This was a song Hai Weixiu had personally chosen, the violin concerto he had composed himself, <<Love Like a Torrent>>. This was an extremely passionate and thoroughly sensual song.

Jing Yang was not so much his accompaniment as one of the protagonists of the performance. The intense and lively music seemed like two people entangled together, mutually expressing their love for each other. The listeners’ emotions were stirred up: following the two people’s performance, the feeling of the heart wanting to love was like a rushing torrent, that submerged and suppressed breathing gave them a feeling of suffocation, making them not want to struggle and just enjoy instead.

In the past, Hai Weixiu would rarely perform this song. Even though he had created this song, he always felt in his heart like it was missing something. It was only after falling in love with Jing Yang that he had somewhat changed the song, adding in the two people’s fiery love, and the intense desire to make love.

Hai Weixiu’s performance has always been able to seize people’s hearts, and when the listeners were all immersed in the music and had already forgotten where they were, only the Mooney family members had unpleasant expressions.

Such a strong melody, full of blatant love, and the two people actually cooperated so well, it gave people the feeling that they had already been in love for a very long time. The feelings put in by the two people were so real, could it be that Avi and Hai Weixiu already…

The two people’s performance had already ended, and the Mooney couple exchanged a glance, both seeing the concerns in the other’s eyes. They held hands to comfort each other, it was impossible, how could Hai Weixiu and Avi be in that kind of relationship. It must have been that they had performed too well, that they would have that kind of illusion.

Faith’s expression was also somewhat bad, but Corrica’s eyes were complicated. No one knew what he was thinking.

For the final closing song, Hai Weixiu performed his newest piano piece <<The Little Prince>>.

No one had heard this song before, but from the music they could feel his admiration and endless love for his beloved person. This song was not the intense and infatuated love like in the opening song, but rather in the soothing and light melody, it was like he was describing how pure and holy, how beautiful, his own loved one was. This kind of love, like a gentle breeze blowing, like being shrouded in warm sunlight, made them uncontrollably yearn and want to approach…

Even those who did not understand music would be moved by the song filled with love. Those who could be present today loved music from the bottom of their hearts, and those who understood music, would naturally be able to experience it even more.

This was also Jing Yang’s first time hearing this song. He heard that Hai Weixiu called his song <<The Little Prince>>, and then carefully feeling the emotion contained in the music, his heart softened endlessly, and his entire person was surrounded in happiness.

Just as everyone was still immersed in the wonderful music and unable to return to normal, the music festival had already ended, and the crowd in the square had already started to slowly disperse. Everyone was discussing the last song <<The Little Prince>>, the emotions inside were really too beautiful and moving—Hai Weixiu had created another classic.

“Avi!” Faith managed with great difficulty to find Avi, who was going to leave with Hai Weixiu, and quickly went over to stop him.

Jing Yang and Hai Weixiu simultaneously turned to look at him. The bodyguards didn’t receive an order from Hai Weixiu, so they didn’t let Faith get close.

Faith could only speak to Jing Yang separated by several bodyguards. “Mom and Dad asked you to come home with us.”

Jing Yang was silent and didn’t answer him. Faith continued, “You have already not gone home for a very long time, Dad said that you have not turned 19 yet, so this is not very good.”

Hai Weixiu frowned and looked at Faith. Before he got angry, Jing Yang pulled at his hand. “I really have not returned to the Mooney family for a very long time, so I will first go back with them today ba.”

Hai Weixiu looked down at Jing Yang, his eyes full of reluctance.

Jing Yang slightly smiled up at him. “I am not 19 years old yet, so their family has the duty and right to not let me live outside by myself for too long. I’ll first go back to their home for a few days, and then I’ll come back to your place for practice.”

Jing Yang couldn’t let Hai Weixiu clash with the Mooney family right now, or else the unreasonable ones would become them. According to the Mooney family’s greedy and selfish personality, they would definitely do something, and at that time, he could free himself of them in an aboveboard manner.

“Give me a call.” Under Jing Yang’s gaze, Hai Weixiu compromised.

“Good.” Jing Yang agreed.

Hai Weixiu lowered his head and kissed Jing Yang on the forehead, before bringing his people to leave.

Jing Yang watched Hai Weixiu’s car start up and leave. Not even glancing at Faith, he walked toward the Mooney couple.

The Mooney family members’ expressions were quite unpleasant. From the two songs Hai Weixiu had performed and their intimate actions, these two people were definitely already together.

When they got back to the Mooney family, Kurt stopped Jing Yang from going back to his room. Everyone sat down in the living room, preparing to properly speak.

“Avi, tell me the truth, do you and Hai Weixiu have any relationship besides being teacher and student?” Kurt gravely looked at Jing Yang.

“We are also lovers.” Jing Yang said without a bit of hesitation.

The Mooney couple exchanged a glance. Even though they had already guessed their relationship, they had not thought that he would admit it so directly.

“You and Faith are still engaged, your infidelity and betrayal will be condemned by other people!” Susan said hurriedly and angrily.

“Regarding my engagement with Faith, I have already made it very clear last time that since it was only a verbal agreement, it could be verbally cancelled, and the engagement is invalid. In addition, please make it clear to yourselves that even if there were someone who was unfaithful and betrayed the engagement, it was the two of them who had started first.” Jing Yang glanced at Faith and Corrica. “Faith has long ago said many times in front of others that he does not recognize this engagement, so our engagement has not been valid since a very long time ago.”

“Faith would only say something like that just because at that time he was still too young, and he had only been saying angry words. He has now already matured, and also knows that the person he loves the most is still you, he wants to marry you.” Kurt looked at Faith and let him speak. “Faith?”

As long as he thought of that scene of Hai Weixiu and Avi’s intimate interaction, Faith’s mood would be extremely bad. He nodded seriously, “I would like to marry you.”

Corrica’s originally not very good facial expression immediately became even more unpleasant. His heart suddenly started throbbing with pain.

Jing Yang could no longer be angry at this outlandish family. Suppressing his urge to roll his eyes, he said, “I don’t know whether there’s a problem with my words, or if there’s a problem with your understanding. In short, I will repeat myself for the final time, my engagement with Faith is invalid, and no matter whether or not he wants to marry me, I will definitely not marry him.”

“Avi, this is your home, we are all a family. Didn’t you say that you would never leave here when you were young? Only we will always be good to you, and let you feel the warmth of a home.” Kurt was still trying to persuade Jing Yang.

“Ever since my grandfather died, I have never felt the warmth of this so-called home. You have not given me this feeling previously, and I dare not expect for you to be able to give it to me later. As a child I really did think that this would forever be my home, but your family used real actions to prove to me that this could not become my home. Hai Weixiu and I have fallen in love with each other, and when I turn 19 I will marry him. In the future wherever he is will be my home.”

Kurt lost his patience, suddenly standing up. “You are still young now, and will not consider the consequences of many things. As your elder, and as your guardian, I have the right and obligation to correct your mistaken behavior. Marrying Faith is the best option for you, and living together with us forever will allow us to properly take care of you and be worthy of the trust of your deceased grandfather. You will first sign the engagement contract with Faith, and after a few months, you two will immediately get married.”

“Impossible!” Jing Yang also stood up and said firmly, “I would rather die than marry Faith!”

Faith was angered by Jing Yang’s attitude, glaring at him furiously.

“Then from today onwards, you don’t need to go outside again. When you have finished thinking it through, you will be able to go outside.” Kurt was also angered until his face turned blue, warning him, “Before you are willing to sign the engagement contract, you are not allowed to contact anyone else, and if you still haven’t figured it out before the holidays are over, I will help you withdraw from school, and you will not need to go to school in the future.”

“Even if you are my guardian, you have no right to imprison me!” Jing Yang showed a very furious appearance, but this was actually the effect that he wanted.

“Before you turn 19, I have the right to correct your behavior, and when your behavior is wrong, I also have the right to ground you.” Kurt pointed upstairs. “Now, go back to your room to think about your mistakes, if you still don’t recognize your own wrong, then you don’t need to keep learning music!”

“I will never yield to people like you!” Jing Yang vowed, his face full of majesty, and turned to go upstairs.

Translator Notes:

[1] run counter to each other – 背道而驰, idiom, means to go in opposite directions
[2] to that extent – 不堪一击, means unable to withstand a single blow
[3] could be seen at a glance – 可见一斑, idiom, means to get an inkling of the whole picture
[4] hubbub – 人声鼎沸, idiom, literally means a boiling cauldron of voices
[5] think about your mistakes – 面壁思过, to face the wall and ponder about your misdeeds, usually a punishment

Random Notes:

Around 1.5 hours: 5 pm – 6:30 pm, for 4k characters to 2.7k words. A shorter chapter, but no less emotional. The amount of disgust I have for “parents” like these.

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