CFCS Chapter 40

Chapter 40
Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition (Arc 3.13)

After Kedi’s emergency rescue ended, the Star Network company headquarters announced the current status of his injury. They had rescued his life, but he was completely paralyzed from the neck downwards, and could only rely on medical equipment to maintain his survival.

Kedi’s end was almost the same as Milton’s from the past life, but he was a little better off than Milton, at least he was still able to speak to express his emotions and thoughts. Milton had been paralyzed over his entire body, with only his eyes able to move, he even had no way to let out any sound.

After announcing Kedi’s injury status, the Star Network company also announced the cause of the accident. According to the organizers’ investigation, besides his own mistakes in his movements, there was another reason for Kedi’s accident. The investigators found on his body a high tech product that he was using to cheat.

In order to avoid the organizers’ search before the competition, Kedi made sure to use a miniature form of high tech equipment, but he had completely misjudged the scope of this kind of miniature equipment, and after it failed to work properly it made the parachute jammed, and this caused the accident to occur.

Kedi had become famous just because he did not rely on any high tech products, and even became hugely popular because he would often expose other people’s use of high tech products, but in the end he himself actually used high tech products in the competition. Even if he had already suffered the consequences for his own actions, all of the netizens who had liked him previously all felt extremely dissatisfied.

In addition, they could tell that throughout the entire competition, Kedi simply did not perform as well as in his own live broadcasts. The netizens could easily determine that Kedi must have also used high tech products in his other live streams. This kind of person was really too hypocritical, himself using high tech products while also exposing other people for using them.

That Kedi would have this kind of result, besides Jing Yang’s agitation and pressure, as well as his own actions, Bowie also had some credit.

Jing Yang’s acting had been too good, so that not only the netizens, but even Bowie believed his deeply hurt and silently enduring appearance. The consequences of Bowie’s heartache was that some people would be out of luck. Even if Kedi had not done it himself, he would still not have been able to safely get through the end of the competition.

After Bowie had gotten to the planet where the competition was held, he had made people keep an eye on Kedi. After discovering that he had prepared a high tech product, he did not immediately expose him. It was not until Kedi started using it that Bowie let his men fire jamming waves from the airship to make his tech product malfunction and him fall straight out of the sky. So the misjudging of the scope of the miniature equipment, was really just an excuse.

Jing Yang was aware of all this, Bowie had already told him this matter before the start of the final event. Even though he knew, he did not sympathize with Kedi, all of this was what he should suffer.

Jing Yang took the time to visit the hospital to see Kedi. After Kedi saw him, his mood became extremely agitated, his eyes became so bloodshot they seemed to drip blood.

“You! What did you come here to do?” Even though Kedi could speak, his enunciation was not very clear, and his pronunciation was also quite vague.

“I came to see you, and take the opportunity to tell you some things that you might not be too happy to know.” Jing Yang sat down by the bed with a gentle and slight smile on his face, looking at him.

“I won’t listen, you, you leave!” Kedi really wanted to yell loudly, but he simply could not yell out. Even though he could make sounds, that was already quite difficult for him, if he wanted to make his volume louder, that was basically impossible.

“I got first place in the competition, tomorrow the awards banquet will be held. Even though you cannot attend, I will let the nurse help you project the entire process for you to watch.” Jing Yang completely ignored Kedi’s anger, speaking freely.

“I won’t watch, it…” Kedi was angered until his breathing became uneven, he could tell that he had deliberately come to show off. “You roll, roll!”

“You seem to hate me quite a bit, why is this? We don’t seem to have any enmity, if we’re talking about hatred, it should also be me who hates you. It was you who had been going against me everywhere and making me embarrassed.” Jing Yang looked at him.

“It was all because of you, it was you, who cursed me to become like this now, this appearance. You will get retribution! Roll!” Kedi desperately yelled, but his sound was only just a little louder than normal.

“Retribution?” Jing Yang laughed. “I believe that there will be retribution in this world, you becoming this way, was precisely your own retribution.”

“During the competition, you wanted to tamper with my parachute bag. If I hadn’t avoided you, right now the one lying here would be me.” Jing Yang stood up and looked down at him condescendingly. “I think you may be mistaken, the person who harmed you was not me, but yourself. Do you think that I should not have beaten you, that it was exactly because I kept on beating you, that you would use cheating methods, so I had caused you to become this way? I’ll tell you, you having these kinds of thoughts is precisely the real reason for you turning into this.”


When the celebration banquet was held, everyone was present besides Kedi. Everyone had held on to the end and could receive a consolation bonus. Only Kedi was disqualified because he had cheated during the competition, and couldn’t even receive the consolation bonus.

Jing Yang leaned on Bowie’s chest, raising his head to receive his kisses. His kisses always felt so domineering, Jing Yang felt like his tongue was going to be sucked numb by him.

Bowie released him, and looking at his rosy lips, he couldn’t resist wanting to kiss up again.

Jing Yang immediately covered his mouth and warned him, “We should go out, we can’t just stay in the lounge all the time right?”

Bowie really wanted to take him back now, but he was the main protagonist today, he still had to show his face at least a bit. Bowie hugged Jing Yang and stood up, then helped him tidy up his clothes. The two men walked out together.

“Hey, idol, you finally came out, I had thought you weren’t going to show up.” Ruth was wearing a red gown, she looked at Jing Yang and joked.

“Milton.” After Jake and Danny saw Jing Yang, they walked over. Jake said, “I thought you still hadn’t arrived yet.”

“I stayed in the lounge for a while.” Jing Yang smiled.

“I really never thought that I would be able to get second place, even now I still feel like it’s all a dream. If I had not been in a team with you, this would definitely not have been possible, I really thank you, Milton.” Jake gushed gratefully.

Danny added, “I still owe you an apology, sorry, previously I had such a bad attitude toward you, but you were still willing to let me join you. Then, thank you, because of your help, I was able to get third place.”

During the last two days of extreme sports events, all of the competitors’ true skill levels were completely exposed. Compared to their own live broadcasts, the difference was really large. This made the netizens very dissatisfied, leading to a sharp drop in support votes for the other competitors.

Jake and Danny had never shown before that they were skilled at wilderness survival or extreme sports. However, during the course of the competition, they still worked very hard to complete everything that they could do, which raised the netizens’ affection for them. Because they were in the same team as Jing Yang, they also scored higher than the others, so they became the second and third place.

Besides worshipping Jing Yang, they were also filled with appreciation. Not only because they had been able to place, but also because through this competition, they had had a truly unique experience.

“Come, you three, it’s time for you to accept your prizes. Wait until after you get the bonus and prize to chat some more.” Ruth smiled at them.

Of the entire awards banquet, only the awards section was live streamed.

There were people arranged by Bowie in the hospital, and when Jing Yang was leaving, he had especially commanded them to make Kedi watch through the entire awards segment. When Milton was lying on the hospital bed in the previous life, Kedi had also even gone to humiliate him. Jing Yang’s actions could already be considered quite polite.

The projector in front of Kedi’s bed was turned on, the scene on the screen was the image of Jing Yang receiving his huge bonus. Bowie personally handed him the prize money.

After Kedi saw the image clearly, his facial muscles twisted completely, his lips trembled from anger, desperately shouting out small sounds, “Turn it off, turn it off, I won’t watch!”

The hospital personnel who had already received their orders would obviously not listen to him, they turned the volume to the maximum and then left the ward, leaving Kedi alone inside. Even if he closed his eyes and didn’t look, he would still hear it.

On the screen, Jing Yang was giving a speech, and the people below the stage were all clapping and cheering for him. The comments left on Star Network were also all in praise and worship, all saying that he deserved to get first place.

Jealousy and anger rushed into Kedi’s mind like a torrent, he was unwilling and defiant, but he did not even have a chance to prove himself again. It should be him standing on that podium, receiving all of the praise and cheers! But he could only lie here motionless, unable to do anything, and unable to achieve anything.

Even Jake and Danny were able to get second and third place, why? Why? Those people who he was previously even too lazy to look at, right now were even stronger than him, what qualifications did they have to stand there, to accept the award, accept the congratulatory applause, and even laugh so happily!

Kedi’s face turned red with anger, his eyes were bloodshot, he opened his mouth but was unable to make a sound, only silently shouting. He kept on shaking his head, he felt very miserable, his emotions were already completely out of control. But because his body was completely immobile, even if the emotions in his brain were erupting, he could not make any noise or movements.


Before the banquet was over, Bowie left with Jing Yang. The two men did not return to Bowie’s private residence, he directly brought him back to the earl’s mansion.

After the car drove through the gate, they had to drive for another while before finally arriving at the main building. Jing Yang felt that this earl’s mansion was truly quite big, worthy of being the empire’s richest man’s home.

“Brother, you’re back.” Nia greeted Bowie, and after she saw Jing Yang she froze a bit, and then excitedly ran to the two people. “Idol! How did you come to my house?”

“Uh…” Jing Yang looked at Nia’s pair of shining eyes, and then turned to look at Bowie.

“I brought him back, we have some important things to discuss. You go back to your room first.” Bowie said.

“Then after you guys finish talking, can I talk to my idol about that golden black pearl necklace?” Nia looked at the two with beseeching eyes.

Bowie said, “We can talk about these little things later.”

“Oh.” Nia suddenly opened her arms and hugged Jing Yang. “Idol, welcome to my home!”

Bowie flicked her forehead with a finger to push her away, pulling Jing Yang toward his own room.

Jing Yang turned back to glance at Nia, then turned back around. “Your little sister…is quite lively.”

“Well, outside she pretends to be like some lady, but once she gets home she reveals her original form.” Bowie also felt quite helpless about his own little sister’s excessively lively personality. “I always feel like she should have been a younger brother, and not a younger sister, that way there would be another person to help me out.”

As soon as they entered the room, Bowie pressed Jing Yang down on the bed, before he kissed up, Jing Yang held his shoulder. “Didn’t you say that there was something very important to discuss when you brought me home? What’s the matter?”

“The matter of us getting married.” Bowie rested his forehead on his. “Your parents are gone, and mine are also gone, we will have to discuss marriage ourselves.”

“Marriage?” Jing Yang was still somewhat unable to react. In the previous two worlds, even though they had always been together, and also invited their relatives and friends to hold a small yet grand wedding, it was never legal. In this world, same-sex marriage was legalized, they could become legal husbands, and could even hold a magnificent wedding and announce this matter to the entire empire.

“Are you willing to marry me?” Bowie looked at him with deep love.

Jing Yang smiled and responded, “I am.”


This life, the two people still loved inseparably, wishing that they could be together at all times, as if they would not be tired of each other even until the end of time.

Sometimes Jing Yang would think about it and really felt that it was quite magical. He couldn’t say the reason, he just loved this person. As if this was originally a matter of course, they were supposed to be together. Occasionally, he had the illusion that since very long ago, they had already been in love for a very long, very long time.

In Jing Yang’s heart, he held the firm belief, that as long as he could meet this person, he would definitely be able to live perfectly and happily.

When his life in this world reached its end, he leaned in Bowie’s arms. “Next time, you must also find me.”

“Good.” Bowie firmly responded.

Jing Yang was somewhat doubtful, it seemed like every time he left, Bowie would always be very calm, neither sorrowful nor upset, and would also not show unwillingness, as if he was certain that he would still be able to meet him. Jing Yang was sure that he didn’t have any other memories, but he didn’t know why he would be so confident every time, as if this were not an end, but a new beginning.

Carrying such doubts, Jing Yang returned back to the system, and the energy that he gained in this world was again sucked away by the system. He touched his chest, it seemed like there was something familiar, that had come and left.

Translator Notes:

[1] scope – 范围, means range, scope, not quite sure what exactly this means here, I’m guessing that he did not think that it would also affect him being able to release the parachute or not
[2] condescendingly – 居高临下, idiom, literally means to live high and look down
[3] truly unique – 绝无仅有, idiom, one and only, rarely seen
[4] deserved – 实至名归, idiom, means fame follows merit
[5] inseparably – 难舍难分, idiom, loath to part, unwilling to separate

Random Notes:

A little over 1 hour: 8:30 pm – 9:40 pm, for 4k characters to 2.6k words. Well guys, it’s finally over, and my translating marathon has finally ended. Just in time for me to get a couple days of studying in for my exams. I actually couldn’t resist quickly reading through this story again, though I happened to find another raw site that had very slightly different raws for a few chapters, which contained more smex scenes. Though this did not appear in a few of the other raw sites I checked. Very confusing, but I’ll be checking in the future if I’m missing out on anything when I translate. I did check for these first three arcs, there wasn’t any difference. No need to be concerned. 🙂

Edit: Well, we have come to the end of another arc. I will see you with the next arc in two weeks 🙂

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