CFCS Chapter 105

Chapter 105
War of Mechanics (Arc 8.10)

“Do we really have to just leave like this?! Isn’t there a way to get the king of Billiver to give us some more time?” Avery was very unwilling.

John had just finished listening to the soldiers’ report and said with a dark expression, “Billiver has already sent over their troops. If we don’t withdraw, there will probably be a military conflict. And isn’t there no progress at all on resolving the leak? Even if we get a little bit more time, there wouldn’t be any use.”

“Then are we going back to the capital star now?” Avery was unwilling, but he was still very clear in his heart that what John said was the truth.

“For the time being we won’t go back to the capital star. We’ll first go to the Federation Star.” John said. “After Wilkesa’s side fails, we can renegotiate with the kingdom of Billiver. Even if there’s pollution, they will still plan on mining a portion of the planets. We haven’t completely failed yet, and still have a chance to turn the tables.”

“Have they started mining yet?” Avery asked.

“I heard that the equipment has already been built, and they should start mining in the next two days.” John said.

“They’re definitely not going to succeed. We can start preparing for the re-negotiation process now.” Avery said with certainty.


Jing Yang was in the command center supervising the test for the equipment. Denanfry came in and walked to his side, asking, “How is it? Can we start mining?”

“En, there’s no problems. We can start mining tomorrow.” Jing Yang looked at the data.

“Fetani has failed. They weren’t able to resolve the energy leak, and the Kingdom of Billiver is forcing them to leave.” Denanfry said. “They’re already preparing to withdraw.”

“They delayed for so long before they left, that’s already not easy.” Jing Yang smiled. “I had thought that they were preparing to hang on until the end and wanted to wait for us to fail as well before continuing to talk with Billiver about mining.”

“I’m afraid that they really think that way. If it weren’t for the Kingdom of Billiver forcing them to leave, they would have done exactly that. But even if they can’t wait here, they will go to the Federation Star to wait. The final goal is still the same.”

“I really want to see their disappointed expressions.” Jing Yang said.

Denanfry looked at Jing Yang. “It’s not early, go rest. You’ve been really busy this entire period of time and haven’t been able to rest properly. Tomorrow is a very crucial day, you should rest well so that you can have energy tomorrow.”

“En.” Jing Yang saw that there wasn’t really anything that needed him to supervise here, so he nodded and sat down in the wheelchair, following Denanfry out.

Denanfry hugged up Jing Yang and put him on the bed, helping him take off his clothes. He helped him lie down properly, and then also took off his own clothes and lay down on the bed, hugging Jing Yang in his arms.

Jing Yang leaned into his bosom, his back tightly attached to his broad and strong chest. This made him feel very comfortable and very safe, and he soon fell asleep.

Denanfry lowered his head and kissed the top of his head. Holding this person in his arms, he felt like he was holding the entire universe in his arms, his heart filled with endless satisfaction.

The two people tightly snuggled together. Their bodies depended on each other, their souls intertwined with each other. When two people who love each other are together, this kind of gesture was the most beautiful form of enjoyment. If time could stop in this moment forever, they would be willing.


The first day Jing Yang started mining, the king Mudatis of Billiver came to watch as usual. However, with Avery’s failure, this time he didn’t have much hope for being able to mine without any pollution.

Mudatis had also already prepared to renegotiate the mining contracts, but in his mind, right now he was slightly biased in favor of Wilkesa. Because he had run out of patience in dealing with John and his men, he really didn’t want to interact with them any further. But if Wilkesa’s mining results weren’t as good as Fetani’s, he would still have to continue to keep Fetani in consideration for the sake of the planet.

“Activate the mining unit.” Jing Yang gave the order to start.

“Received. Activated, running the countdown. Five, four, three, two, one, activation complete.”

On the screen on the desk in front of Jing Yang were the operating screens of each piece of equipment. He looked at these moving pictures and data, and looked at the big screen in front of him that showed the sea floor. As long as there was the slightest mistake, he would order for adjustment. If it wasn’t possible to adjust, they would stop to solve it. So at this moment, his brain was really in a state of high concentration.

“Mining successful. Liquid energy has entered the storage unit, no abnormalities have been found.” The operator reported.

“The left wing is too high. Lower by five degrees, keep level with the right side.” Jing Yang ordered.

“Received.” The operator reported. “Lowering complete.”

Until the first storage unit was almost full, there was no energy leak or any other problems.

“Start slowing down. Replace the second storage unit after five minutes.”

“Received. Slowing down at a constant speed. Replacing storage unit after countdown.”

Mudatis looked around. He found that Wilkesa’s men were very different from Fetani’s men. Fetani had been very excited when they had first succeeded in mining, but Wilkesa’s men were all unusually calm. He could see that every technician here was 100 percent committed to his task, completely not being distracted. But his experience with Fetani told him that this success was very likely to only be temporary, and that problems could arise at any time.

What Mudatis didn’t know was that the reason they were all so calm was because Jing Yang had already very solemnly warned them that as long as they hadn’t completely finished mining, it couldn’t be considered a success. Accidents could happen at any time. If they stayed calm and devoted themselves to their task, even though they couldn’t completely prevent accidents, it was the best way to promptly resolve them.

Denanfry didn’t talk to Mudatis or offer to let him leave the command center. He looked at the screen occasionally, and sometimes looked in Jing Yang’s direction. His gaze was a little concerned, not because he was worried that the mining would fail, but because he was concerned that Jing Yang’s body couldn’t bear this high level of concentration, mainly worrying that this would affect his leg injury recovery.

Mudatis was waiting the entire time for a problem to appear. Because he was afraid that they would hide the real situation, when he came he had especially told the technicians following him to pay attention to every detail and not be confused by them.

Mudatis sat in the command center the entire day, but not a single energy leak appeared. The technicians behind him were also watching the screen tensely. After a long day, both Mudatis and his entourage were pretty tired.

Seeing that Denanfry still didn’t have any intention of making them leave, he could only stand up himself and say, “Wilkesa’s mechanical technology really did not disappoint. Today was really a perfect day, and I was able to witness the most advanced mining technology in the universe. I hope that you could allow our technicians to continue to study and visit in the future.”

Denanfry naturally could tell that he wanted to send people to continue to monitor their mining, fearing that they would hide leaks.

“We welcome your men to observe.” Denanfry said.

“Your mechanics and technicians are extremely strong.” Mudatis looked in Jing Yang’s direction and said, “After the energy mining is over, I hope to invite General Kinlock, as well as your mechanics, to my palace for a banquet.”

Denanfry responded, “If time permits, we will definitely attend.”

After sending Mudatis away, Denanfry immediately walked to Jing Yang’s side. “Are you tired? Leave this place to them, I’ll take you back to rest.”

Jing Yang had been in a state of heightened concentration this entire time. He hadn’t felt tired, but once Denanfry asked this, his spirit relaxed, and only then did he feel that he was really quite tired.

Denanfry sent Jing Yang back to his room to rest. He carried him into the bathroom for a simple wash, then put him on the bed. He sat down next to the bed and gently helped him massage his legs.

“Are your feet sore today?” Denanfry asked softly.

“I don’t remember if there was any pain. I was too focused and forgot to feel.” Jing Yang said with his eyes closed.

“It’s been hard on you.” Denanfry leaned over, holding his face and kissing him gently.

“Not hard.” Jing Yang hugged his neck. “This is what I want to do, so I don’t think it’s hard. Being unable to do what I want would be the real suffering.”

Denanfry’s heart suddenly ached. He tightly hugged Jing Yang. He knew how much hatred Jing Yang had in his heart, and all of the suffering that he had born before made his heart ache uncontrollably. There was nothing he could do to change what had already happened, but no matter what happened in the future, he would never let him suffer in the slightest bit.

“Don’t worry, my feet are fine. They will heal soon.” Jing Yang thought that he was worried about his legs, so he consoled him.

“Afterward leave all the operation to Morgan and the rest. You just need to supervise them, they can handle it. Don’t tire yourself out or force yourself to soldier on. I will worry and feel heartache.” Denanfry occupied his lips, sucking lightly and strongly.

“I know.” Jing Yang kissed him back while responding vaguely.


Avery and John had been waiting for news the whole time. They had originally thought that Wilkesa would soon leave from the Haiyun star cluster, but all the news they received didn’t have that. Wilkesa still hadn’t left, they hadn’t failed, and were still continuing to mine.

Until it was revealed that Wilkesa had signed a formal mining contract with Billiver, and all the energy of the Haiyun star cluster would be mined by Wilkesa. They finally knew the reality that this time, they had once again lost very thoroughly.

“How could this be?! How is this possible?!” Avery beat the table in fury. He simply couldn’t accept the truth. He actually lost to Skien, that Skien who should have already disappeared but suddenly came back to life.

John sat on the sofa with a darkened expression. Right now, he couldn’t say anything. He just regretted that he had failed to completely eliminate Skien and left behind such a problem that actually became their greatest obstacle. If he had known that this would happen, he would have exhausted all his means and made him die in front of him, not giving him any chance to escape.

“Ah!!” Avery yelled like he had gone insane. “I’m unwilling! How is it possible for me to lose to that Skien?!”

After Avery smashed things for a while, he was still trembling from anger. He looked up and saw John staying silent and quickly walked over, shaking his shoulder with a malevolent expression, “Big brother! What are you freezing here for?! Quickly get someone to kill him! Kill him!!”

“I’ve already made the command. If they had the chance to act, they would have done it long ago.” John said a little powerlessly. “But right now my men don’t even have the chance to get close.”

“I don’t care!” Avery had already completely lost his mind. He kicked the sofa to vent his anger while screaming, “I don’t care what you do! Even if it’s mutual destruction, you have to help me kill him! Right now! Immediately! Kill him now!”

“You calm down! Calm down! Do you hear me!” This was the first time John had yelled at Avery like this. Avery was stunned dumb by his yell and looked at him in a daze.

After John calmed his breathing, he said to Avery, “I will definitely find a way to deal with him. Even if I can’t kill him for the time being, I will never let him live well!”

There was a vicious light in John’s eyes. He had already hatched a plan in his heart. As long as he was given the chance, he would definitely kill Skien. Right now he couldn’t kill him, but he still had many other ways to keep him from enjoying peace and make him unable to keep helping Wilkesa.

Random Notes:

A little less than an hour: 3 pm – 3:45 pm, for 3.7k characters to 2.1k words.

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