CFCS Chapter 37

Chapter 37
Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition (Arc 3.10)

Just when the three people were preparing to go back, they saw Kedi come out of a cave. He was holding a grass nest in his hands, inside of which there were five or six fluffy buns that looked like newborn kitten cubs. They were opening their mouths and whimpering, totally adorable.

Those fluffy buns were still too small, so as Jing Yang was looking from afar, for a while he was still unable to determine what animal that was exactly. After he searched using the system for a bit, his complexion immediately changed.

“Put them back!” Jing Yang quickly strode over to Kedi, warning him very seriously.

“Are you sick? I found these myself, why would you make me put them back?” Kedi glared at him, holding the grass nest and leaving.

“Put them back, do you know what kind of animal this is?” Jing Yang frowned.

“Of course I know what they are?” Kedi turned back around. “Aren’t they just the cubs of the giant paw beast? Do you think that you’re the only one who knows? Don’t think that just because you were lucky enough to get some useful herbs that you really think only you are omniscient. Everything you know, I also know, but the things you don’t know, I also know.”

“Since you know that they’re the cubs of the giant paw beast…”

Jing Yang had not finished talking when they heard a loud noise coming from a distance. Even the ground was trembling, as if there was some giant animal running quickly in this direction.

It was the mother beast who had been alarmed by the cubs’ cries!

Kedi hugged the grass nest in his arms and turned to run, and Jing Yang also followed him running, “Quickly put them down!”

Jake and Danny didn’t understand what was going on, but they also felt the danger getting closer and followed them to flee.

The four limbs of the giant paw beast were very thick and long, their running speed was extremely fast. Seeing that it was getting closer and closer, Jing Yang turned to look at the two running behind them, saying, “You two quickly run in another direction. If you use a different route to go back to the hill, you’ll have no problems.”

“What about you? You’re not coming with us?” Jake called.

“I have a way to escape! You guys don’t need to mind me, quickly run somewhere else!” Jing Yang yelled back.

The mother would definitely chase her cubs. When Jake and Danny started running to the left, she indeed did not follow after them.

The adult giant paw beasts possess immense strength: with just one swipe they could tear down a tree that would require several men to lift. When it was running, the ground constantly vibrated, bringing up a lot of loose dirt. Along the way, it broke quite a few trees that were in its way.

“You’re still not putting down the cubs!” Jing Yang ran in front of Kedi, turning to yell at him.

Seeing the mother beast’s giant paws almost slamming into him multiple times, Kedi was scared out of his wits, his legs had almost gone soft. After he was reminded by Jing Yang, he used his strength to throw the grass nest backwards.

“Don’t throw it!” Jing Yang yelled, but it was already too late. The cubs were thrown in the air, and the mother beast let out a heartrending roar.

Jing Yang did everything he could to leap forward and try to catch the cubs, but one of them fell out of the grass nest and rolled a bit on the ground, immediately falling to its death.

The mother beast roared in sorrow, the entire jungle shook with her cries. Jing Yang immediately got up and ran back.

The mother beast carried the dead cub in her mouth and also turned to chase Jing Yang.

Jing Yang ran back to the cave and placed the cubs in the grass nest at the cave entrance. When he ran away, the mother beast did not chase him. But the cries of the mother beast could still be heard from far away, crying for her dead child.

Jing Yang returned to the hill and saw Kedi sitting under a tree to rest. He strode over and lifted him by his collar, saying, “You always say that I have a brain problem, aren’t you the real one who has a brain problem?”

“What are you doing?” Kedi stood up and pushed Jing Yang away.

The people beside them all stood up and looked at them.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” Jing Yang questioned him.

“What did I do on purpose? How would I know the mother beast would suddenly come back?” Kedi loudly defended himself. “Besides, was I the one who made you run with me? I was also almost slapped to death by the mother beast!”

“You definitely did it on purpose! Even from the beginning!” Jing Yang pointed angrily at him. “Don’t you claim to be a walking plant encyclopedia? Don’t you claim that you’re omnipotent and omniscient about everything in the wilderness? Yesterday your team was the first to go to the pond to fetch water, you took the water for yourself and provoked the pointed tail snakes, but when the other people went to fetch water, you didn’t even say a word. You just deliberately want to let other people be hurt, isn’t that right?”

“You’re saying nonsense!” Kedi retorted loudly.

“Very good, then I’ll ask you, do you really not know that the withered fruit can fight poison with poison, or did you deliberately not want anyone else to treat their wounds?”

This time Kedi had no way to respond. He did not want to admit that he did not know, and even more so did not want to admit that he did it intentionally.

But his silence actually allowed the others to make even more inferences, and their eyes looking at him changed.

Jing Yang put on a face full of anger and continued to roar, “Since you knew that they were the cubs of the giant paw beast, could it be that you did not know that as long as the cubs cry, the mother beast will be able to hear it no matter how far away she is? Could it be that you didn’t know that the giant paw beast cubs are so fragile that they simply can’t even leave the cave at all? I told you over and over to put the cubs down, why did you not listen? The giant paw beast didn’t slap you to death a few times, did you think that it was really not able to? It was because you were carrying its children!”

Kedi’s face was extremely ugly. He had no way to refute Jing Yang’s words, because he really did not know that that the giant paw beast cubs would be so fragile.

The cries of the mother beast suddenly came over, making the crowd jump in fear. She was right on the other side of the hill, constantly calling out toward this side.

Jing Yang had just deliberately asked Kedi those questions because he knew that he definitely had no way to respond. At this moment, it was more like he was 30% angry in his heart, but he made an appearance of being 100% angry. He wanted to properly teach Kedi a lesson, and this could also be considered completing one of Milton’s wishes.

“Do you hear that? Hear that?!” Jing Yang dragged Kedi by the collar to the edge of the hill and threw him on the ground. “If it could come over, it would slap us all to death to avenge its child! It cries so heartrendingly all because of you, because you made its child fall to its death! You go over to account for yourself!”

“How would I know that those cubs would be so fragile and die just from falling to the ground!” Kedi unwillingly roared at Jing Yang. “Also, why do I need to justify myself to it? It’s just an animal, we humans kill countless animals, so what if I dropped a cub to its death?”

“Didn’t you say that you know more than me? Didn’t you say that you knew whatever I knew, and you also knew what I didn’t know? Right now you’re saying that you didn’t know that the cubs would be so fragile? Then earlier when I kept on telling you to put them back, why did you not listen?” Jing Yang gave him a hard punch to his face.

Kedi fell on the ground from his punch, he climbed up and wanted to fight back, but again fell down from Jing Yang’s punch. The people around them then came over to separate the two.

For the cuter and more adorable animals, people always have more compassion. Even though the adult giant paw beasts were not very good-looking, the cubs were really very pink and adorable. When the cub had been thrown out of the grass nest and fell on the ground, many people had all closed their eyes and couldn’t bear to keep watching.

When they had confirmed that the cub had been killed, and the mother beast was letting out heartrending cries, the netizens all felt their hearts sting. Whether or not it was just an animal that had died, they could still feel it. It was a mother roaring and crying for her dead child.

This time Kedi had not only angered the animal protectors, but also caused even his fans to think that his behavior had gone overboard. Plus he did not feel any remorse, which made them even angrier, so he absolutely deserved getting punched.

Because the mother beast was constantly crying out on the other side of the hill, no one dared to go over. Today’s game could be considered automatically to be over.

As the sky darkened, Jing Yang had no intention at all of preparing dinner, so everyone else and the netizens all felt that he was mourning for the dead cubs. Jing Yang really did feel some remorse in his heart, if his movements had been a little faster, he could have been able to save that cub. Unfortunately, even though he had a powerful system, he still had no way to turn back time, and at that time he had already done his best.

When Bowie appeared, Jing Yang glanced at him and said, “There’s no dinner today.”

Bowie sat down next to him. “I know. I saw everything, you did your best. It’s not your fault that you weren’t able to save all the cubs.”

“More than that cub, I’m still thinking about something else.” Jing Yang responded.

“Are you willing to share your thoughts?”

“Every year many people die in the wilderness or in extreme sports, and there are also a lot of rare animals that have become extinct because of some people’s ignorance. I think there’s nothing wrong with wanting to seek excitement and experience the primitive, natural way of life. But some people who have not gone through repeated practice or learning, in order to enjoy the thrill a couple times, would pay the price with their lives. That’s being irresponsible to their relatives, and even more irresponsible to themselves.”

“That is their own decision, and even if the government issued a decree banning it, there would still be people doing it secretly.” Bowie responded.

“I know, I was just thinking, there could be a training camp that could train for all kinds of experiences. During the course of the experience, you could receive assistance and safety measures, and they would charge different amounts for different levels of experiences. I have always felt that relying on the help of high tech products to protect your own safety is nothing wrong, but many people cannot afford those expensive tech products. If there is a training camp, you could rent those tech products out each time to those people, and they would not need to spend that much to buy one.”

“You have quite excellent business acumen.” Bowie looked at him with appreciation in his eyes. “Perhaps after the competition we can have a good chat about this matter.”

Many netizens also felt that this was quite a great idea. The reason wilderness survival and extreme sports live broadcasts were so popular was because there were too many people who wanted to try it out but had no way to for a variety of reasons. And of those who had really dared to take that leap, there were also quite a few who had died as a result.

Jing Yang saying those words so seriously and earnestly caused the netizens to become quite moved. It seemed that as if from the beginning of the competition, he was always a particularly serious and calm person, and would also always consider other people. Kedi and Rhett had such a bad attitude towards him, yet they had never seen him get angry with them. It was only until Kedi had dropped the cub to its death and still felt no remorse about it that he finally got angry.

He was happy to share the fruits of his own labor with others, and never refused their requests. He didn’t care about what other people thought about him, and also didn’t go argue about what was right or wrong with others, only silently doing what he should do. He knew a lot of things and knew how to do a lot of things, but he never deliberately showed off or hid it privately.

This kind of Milton was completely different from what the netizens had thought about him before. The Milton in their imagination was an impulsive and irritable, fake and justifying person. He would always be exposed by Kedi, and then desperately justify himself, and when Kedi lightly said a few words, he would become furious.

Interpretation of words is greatly influenced by someone’s subjective imagination of another person in their minds. After learning about the true personalities of Milton and Kedi, they found that everything had turned out to be different from what they had thought. The words that Milton had used to defend himself were not flustered excuses, but serious and earnest explanations. And Kedi’s attitude was also not the light and polite appearance, but a face of arrogance and disdain, pride and ridicule.

It turned out that from the beginning, they were the ones who had thought wrongly.


The sky had completely darkened. When Jing Yang wanted to climb up to the “spider web” to rest, two contestants walked over to say, “Milton, can you give us a bit of your insect repellant?”

They had wanted to come over earlier, but Earl Wilson was always talking to him, and they didn’t dare to intrude. They admired Milton quite a bit for actually being able to chat so naturally with such a big man, while they didn’t even have the courage to look at him a few more times. It was only after Earl Wilson had left that they finally dared to come and ask Milton for some medicine, or else it would be difficult to get through the night.

Jing Yang took a look at them and then turned around to say to Danny, “How about you divide up the remaining medicine between the others.”

Danny took the bamboo tube and gave each person a bit of medicine. He deliberately only did not go over to Kedi’s team of three.

Goodyear came over to Danny and asked, “Can you give me a bit?”

Danny looked at him with great surprise. In his heart he was a little hesitant, but he thought that Goodyear actually did not really do anything overboard, since all of those things had been done by Kedi and Rhett. So he gave the last bit of medicine to him.

Rhett thought that Goodyear would divide some to him and Kedi after getting the medicine, but he actually did not.

So that night, only Kedi and Rhett these two people continued to jump for a night. The next morning, their faces were bitten until red and swollen.

None of the contestants sympathized with them, and they all treated them with much more indifference. On Star Network, there was only a small number of brain-dead fans of the two people who said some ugly comments because Jing Yang had not taken the initiative to give those two insect repellant, but they were immediately surrounded and attacked by the other netizens.

When Ruth came down, she announced the end of the second stage and released the scores of each team. Kedi had caused the death of an animal cub, so each member of their team had been deducted 50 points.

“Why does every person get 50 points deducted?” Rhett argued unwillingly. “The cub’s death had nothing to do with me? Neither of us were there at that time.”

Ruth used a very impolite tone to reply to him, “Because you are a team, when you are scored everyone gets the same score, and when points are deducted naturally every person will lose points.”

“Next let us look at your votes on Star Network.” Ruth clapped her hands, and a projection of the Star Network appeared in front of them.

The Star Network voting situation was originally only supposed to be shown to them at the very end, but Bowie had told them to let them see it now. Ruth also did not understand why he did this.

Everyone first looked at their own votes, and then went to see other people’s votes.

What greatly surprised the other contestants was that Kedi and Rhett had a large increase in objecting votes, and their supporting votes had also fallen drastically. Even though Goodyear had not done anything overboard, but because he was in the same team as them, he was also hated by many netizens. So even though his objecting votes did not increase, his supporting votes had also decreased quite a bit.

This kind of reversal made Kedi and Rhett’s faces become quite ugly. When they had come to participate in the competition, their biggest reliance was on their large number of fans, so they had been very confident that they could place. But now that Milton’s support votes were higher than theirs and objecting votes were lower than theirs, this also meant that not only had they lost the advantage of their fan count, but had also been hated by many netizens.

Kedi was very angry in his heart, he felt that this was all Jing Yang’s fault. If it wasn’t for him, how could he be hated like this by the netizens. He had to retaliate, he needed to think of some way to turn things around.

Translator Notes:

[1] giant paw beast – 巨掌兽, we continue our extremely literal animal names
[2] heartrending – 撕心裂肺, literally means tear the heart and rip the lungs

Random Notes:

A bit over one hour: 1:30 pm – 2:40 pm, for 4.5k characters to 3k words. It’s such a nice feeling taking less time than usual to translate a chapter. The downfall of the antag is going to speed up. I’m trying to remember if the next chapter is when JY determines the ML, but I don’t quite remember. We’ll see!

Edit: My memory was right. So if you’re one of the ones who is averse to BL, be warned 🙂

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