CFCS Chapter 128

Chapter 128
Artistic Life (Arc 10.1)

Music so loud that it made your heart beat out of your chest, lights flashing and making your eyes blur, and a crowd of people flailing around dancing. Could this be a bar?

Jing Yang’s chest felt very uncomfortable, and his head was also very dizzy. This was obviously the feeling of being drunk, but besides being drunk, his body seemed to have some other strange feeling. He couldn’t think much of it and activated the system to keep himself awake as much as he could. Right now, he just wanted to get out of this bar as fast as possible and find a quiet place to stay.

Suddenly, someone next to him came over and supported his shoulder, as if he wanted to bring him away. The moment that man touched his body, he felt a cold shiver and a wave of nausea, so he pushed that man away forcefully.

That man was pushed away but came right back, as if he was going to take him away no matter what.

Jing Yang couldn’t muster much strength in his body, struggling with that person for a long time. His body became more and more off. This could not go on, he had a very bad hunch.

He used the system to quickly scan his body—he was actually drugged!

No matter who this man was, if he drugged him he was definitely not a good man. His subconscious reaction to this man was that this person was disgusting and dangerous.

He used the system to support his consciousness, grabbed the bottle on the bar, and slammed it toward that man’s head. That man immediately fell to the ground with a thud, blood flowing from his head. The people around the bar screamed, and the crowd panicked and fled, the scene very chaotic.

Jing Yang took advantage of this to run out, stumbling out of the bar door. He looked left and right and decided to run across the road. Because there were more people on that side, even if someone chased him, if there were more people around it would be easier for him to deal with them.

He staggered to the middle of the road but a car just happened to drive over quickly. Even though the driver immediately slammed the brakes and didn’t hit him, Jing Yang was startled and fell to the ground.

The man in the car opened the door and got out. He crouched down next to Jing Yang and asked, “Are you okay? Do you need me to send you to the hospital?”

Because the car lights were too bright, the man was backlit. Jing Yang couldn’t see what he looked like and could only close his eyes and shake his head.

“Then quickly get up, let’s not block the road.”

That man said and then wanted to help Jing Yang up. Jing Yang also really wanted to stand up and keep going, but the drugs overwhelmed him and he had no strength left in his body, so he simply could not stand up.

“Help, help, me.” Jing Yang was helpless and could only ask this person for help. He thought that his luck shouldn’t be so abysmal that the person who almost hit him was also a bad person. And that guy had also gotten out of the car to ask him if he needed help and whether he wanted to go to the hospital, so he shouldn’t be a bad person. Most importantly, his body didn’t have a sense of rejection to this person.

His voice was so quiet that the man couldn’t hear him clearly, so he asked, “What did you say?”

“Help me, bad people, chasing me…” Jing Yang said as loudly as he could.

That man followed Jing Yang’s gaze toward the bar door. A few people rushed out of the bar and looked around, as if they were looking for something.

That man picked up Jing Yang and opened the door to the backseat, placing Jing Yang inside. Then he sat down in the driver’s seat and drove off.

“Where do you live?” That man asked.

“I, I…” Jing Yang’s mind was not very clear. He subconsciously wanted to say that he didn’t know, but a wave rolled in his chest, and he couldn’t help but vomit.

“Hey, don’t throw up in my car!” That man cried.

Jing Yang vomited so hard he felt like the world was spinning, he believed that he had thrown up every single thing in his stomach. Only then did he fall back and immediately fell unconscious.

When Jing Yang regained consciousness again, he didn’t have time to open his eyes. He only felt that he had a massive headache, and as he held his head he couldn’t help but groan. He started the system to relieve his headache.

“Awake? Not going to sleep some more?”

Jing Yang immediately froze. He looked over to the source of the sound. There was a tall handsome man, standing at the end of the bed painting.

Painting? Hold on, looking outside, it should only be the morning. Early in the morning, what was this person standing at the end of the bed painting? Jing Yang didn’t react for a long time.

Jing Yang thought of what happened last night and felt that this man in front of him should be the man who saved him last night. He was about to speak but suddenly felt that something was wrong. Looking down, he found that he was naked. So what that man was drawing, the answer was very obvious.

“You pervert!” Jing Yang immediately pulled over the blanket to cover his body.

“Pretty energetic ah, you don’t have a headache anymore?” Cui Yan smiled.

With that reminder, Jing Yang’s head hurt even more. It was not only a headache from his hangover, but even more so a headache from not being able to understand his situation right now. He wouldn’t have just reincarnated and encountered a pervert, would he? He had thought that he was a good man so he asked him for help. Even though they were both men, even if being seen naked wasn’t a particularly serious thing, the problem was whether or not after he fell unconscious last night that man had done anything serious to him.

“Where’s my clothes?” Jing Yang didn’t want to keep talking to him naked.

Cui Yan looked at him and then turned and left the room.

Jing Yang hugged the blanket and rubbed his head. He felt awkwardness in his heart and felt that he had been taken advantage of. He must ask clearly from this guy what happened.

Looking up he saw the easel placed at the end of the bed. Because he was too curious, he dragged the blanket with him to climb to the end of the bed. Putting one foot on the ground, he peeked at the painting.

After seeing what was painted on there, he immediately widened his eyes. Even though he had to admit that that man painted quite well, and it was also quite realistic, on there was his own naked sleeping picture, which made Jing Yang somewhat unhappy.

Jing Yang thought, how could this man do this, drawing him naked without his consent, and even…the details of this painting were too realistic?! He couldn’t help but open the blanket around him and look down between his legs, it was really quite similar.

“How is my painting?”

Jing Yang didn’t notice when that man suddenly returned to the room. He was startled and his leg shook, almost falling to the ground. But he was supported by a strong arm and hugged to a firm chest.

“Such a shame that you woke up before I finished painting. Why don’t you sleep a little longer and let me finish?” Cui Yan asked.

“You…” Jing Yang’s body was firmly attached to him, and his butt was being held by the man’s broad palms. He was just about to look up and scold him fiercely, but the words got stuck in his throat the moment he looked up.

Just now Jing Yang was panicked and annoyed, so he didn’t look at this person too closely. Now that he was so close to him, he found that this person was simply like a combination of Qi Feng and Zhao Bocheng. Could it be…

After meeting his gaze, Jing Yang’s body suddenly shook. That feeling of familiarity impacted his soul, so, this person in front of him, was his own lover?

Cui Yan gazed at Jing Yang and could not move his eyes away, because he also experienced the same feeling.

Last night Cui Yang brought Jing Yang back. The two men were both dirty and Cui Yan was originally just going to throw him to a servant. But he didn’t know what possessed him and made him bring him to his own room, and after stripping him of the dirty clothes and letting the servant take him to go get washed, he actually became obsessed with his body, really wanted to draw the ‘beautiful scenery’ in front of him. He couldn’t help but take out the painting tools that had been left aside for a long time, and stood there and drew all night. Even though the painting was almost finished, it was a pity that he had woken up already and he hadn’t finished yet.

“Do you want to go take a bath first? There is a clean bathrobe in the bathroom, and your clothes will be delivered in a moment.” Cui Yan said.

Jing Yang came back to his senses and felt Cui Yan’s broad palms still behind him. He couldn’t help but blush. “You first let go.”

“Oh.” Cui Yan’s hands still were reluctant to let go of that feeling. His fingers uncontrollably pinched slightly, making Jing Yang shiver.

Jing Yang glared at Cui Yan. This guy was really such a hooligan no matter what life. As long as he had the opportunity he would eat his tofu, no matter whether they had just met or they had already been married for many years.

Cui Yan let go of Jing Yang, who immediately ran into the bathroom and locked the door to stop the hungry wolf from rushing in.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Jing Yang patted some water onto his hot and flushed face. Just now with that mess, he had even forgotten about his headache.

Starting the hot water to wash away the sweat and alcohol from his body, he took a look at his body in the mirror and couldn’t help but freeze a bit. This body was really pretty good, not that kind with muscle and defined lines, but a kind of criminal attractiveness. No wonder that man would take advantage of his sleep to paint himself. It wasn’t that a good physique would definitely be suitable to paint, but a body that could show a certain artistic charm was the most suitable to be painted.

Strange. Jing Yang was a little doubtful. Why was there always something in his mind related to painting? Was the original owner of his body involved in painting?

Jing Yang opened the system and started to get a rough look at this body’s identity.

It really was like he guessed. This time, the person he reincarnated as was a student at a college of fine arts called Mu Jin. He had an excellent artistic talent, and showed talent in painting ever since an early age. Even though the financial cost of learning to paint was high, it was fortunate that his family background was pretty good. They would live frugally normally, but they could still afford to let him learn how to draw.

Mu Jin used his own efforts to get into the country’s best arts school, Lushan Academy of Fine Arts. But his parents died suddenly of an accident soon afterward. This sudden blow made him nearly unable to continue forward, and at the same time he faced the problem of not being able to pay for the next few years’ of tuition, so it was very possible that he might have to drop out.

After his grief, Mu Jin decided to cheer himself up and carry on his dream of becoming a painter. No matter what, he would stay in the Academy to study. He did well, received a scholarship, and adding on his own part-time jobs, he also received some financial support. He had studied relatively smoothly for two years, but…

“Done washing?”

Jing Yang heard the sound coming from outside the door and immediately shut down his system. “Done, I’ll be out soon.”

“I thought you might have fainted in there. Breakfast is ready, come out and eat.” Cui Yan said.

This bathroom was separated into a wet and dry area. Jing Yang turned off the shower, walked into the dry area outside, and opened the cabinet, pulling out a clean bathrobe.

“The clothes are here.” Cui Yan pointed at the clothes on the bed and leaned against the wall, looking at Jing Yang.

“Thank you.” Jing Yang picked up his clothes and walked back toward the bathroom to change. He saw that the painting by the bed was missing and asked doubtfully, “Where’s the painting?”

“I put it away.” Cui Yan said.

“You…” For a moment Jing Yang didn’t know what he should say. Based on his current identity as an art student, and he was even learning painting, for something like being painted naked as an oil painting, he should be looking at it from an artist’s point of view. But from his own personal point of view, he really did not want his naked body to be seen by others.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone but me see it. Just take it as you repaying me for saving your life. It would be even better if you let me finish the painting.”

Jing Yang thought, how did he forget that his lover was someone with a strong possessiveness. He definitely would feel even more strongly than himself about not wanting other people to see him naked, so he had no need to worry about whether he would be seen by others.

But the matter about letting him paint him, he would talk about that later. After the two of them determine their relationship, maybe it could be used as a kind of interesting activity, but right now, forget it.

Pretending not to hear Cui Yan’s words, Jing Yang went into the bathroom expressionlessly to change his clothes.

Cui Yan’s home was a big three story villa. There was a garden and a swimming pool. At breakfast, there was a housekeeper and a dozen servants waiting on standby, and many bodyguards and more servants outside the room.

What kind of scene had Jing Yang not seen. He was someone who had also been an empress and a queen, and even though in this life his identity was very normal, in front of his lover, he was too lazy to pretend to be shocked and out of place. He ate breakfast very calmly.

“You are a student at Lushan Academy of Fine Arts?” Cui Yan asked.

“En.” Jing Yang nodded.

“Then you should be quite accepting of things like painting nude models. After all, you must have painted a lot of mannequins, you should understand that in the process of painting, you think about the pursuit of art, rather than other undesired thoughts, right?”

Jing Yang bowed his head and drank the seafood porridge in his bowl very seriously. He didn’t answer his questions and didn’t want to be entangled by his persuasion.

Cui Yan saw him not responding and his expression was slightly disappointed. It was very rare that he could meet such an amazing body, yet he couldn’t finish painting it all at once. But it didn’t matter. There would definitely be a chance for him to achieve his goals. Anything that he wanted to do, he had never failed.

After breakfast, Cui Yan finally gave him his student ID card and cell phone. “Do you live on campus or outside the school? I’ll send you back.”

“I…” Jing Yang took his ID card and quickly consulted the system. “Live outside school.”

Random Notes:

About an hour: 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.7k words.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’m really liking the vengeance theme of the stories/arcs. It was a little disappointing the endings of each arc is rushed (like for the last one what happened to the baby?), but the different arcs are enjoyable. Thanks again for the hard work!

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