CFCS Chapter 119

Chapter 119
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.6)

Corey called over the palace doctor to take a look at Abby. The doctor said that his body didn’t have a problem, and as long as he drank a bit of calming medicine and rested properly, he would be fine.

After Corey watched Abby drink some medicine and saw him fall asleep, he didn’t sleep with him, but got up and left the room.

When Corey left, Abby immediately opened his eyes. He held his blanket tightly, and because he was too panicked, even his heart was beating at an abnormal speed.

He never thought that Leann would actually appear in the palace, and was even together with Reibar. McAnton that trash, didn’t he say that he had brought Leann back and tortured him at home every day? He actually dared to deceive him!

That day at the auction hall, McAnton not only failed to buy Jing Yang but also lost a large sum of money to Downey. He was afraid to tell the truth to Abby, because he relied on Abby saying good things about him to the prince for his business to continue to grow. He thought that it was just an unimportant artificial mermaid, and maybe it wouldn’t take long for Abby himself to forget about him. Even if he remembered and said that he wanted to see him, he could say that he had tortured the mermaid to death, so he lied to Abby.

When he encountered Leann in the countryside, at first Abby didn’t believe that he was a real pureblooded mermaid, because his face did not look anything like the original mermaid. But after hearing him speak out everything that had happened, he finally believed that the real pureblooded mermaid had really found his way to the door. Later when they went back, he thought that why his appearance would turn into that was likely because of the absence of the bead. But why did his current appearance start to look like how he looked originally? What the hell was going on here?

The bead! That right, his bead! Abby wanted to get out of the bed, but because he was too anxious he hadn’t even completely lifted up the quilt and his feet got tangled up with the quilt, tumbling down from the bed. He got up again, ran into the dressing room, took a box out in the darkness, and opened it with a key hanging around his neck.

Seeing that the bead was still sitting properly in the box, Abby was relieved, sitting down on the ground with weak legs, almost paralyzed. He held onto the box tightly. This was his, it had been exchanged using his father’s life, and he would never let anyone seize it.

A vicious glint suddenly appeared in Abby’s eyes. Regardless of whether Leann had reemerged to take back his bead or to debunk his identity, he would never let him succeed. Since he had escaped several times and was still unwilling to find somewhere to live in a low-key manner, and just had to ruin his good things, then he would let him know what was called regret.


After leaving the bedroom, Corey didn’t return to the banquet but went to visit the king.

“Father, are you feeling better?” Corey stood by the bed, watching the king on the bed with concern.

The king nodded. “I’ve taken the medicine and am already much better, don’t worry too much. How is the banquet going, how are those officials’ reactions and attitudes?”

“The banquet…” Corey hesitated.

“What’s going on? Did something happen?” The king frowned.

“Nothing special, it’s just that Royal Uncle brought someone today and said that he was his future partner. But I have never seen this person before and he shouldn’t be a child of an official. Perhaps Royal Uncle brought him back from the civilians.”

“A civilian?” The king asked, “Reibar didn’t tell you the identity of this person?”

“Royal Uncle didn’t say, but this person is very beautiful, so much so that there is likely no one in this country better looking than him. If he were a child of an official or someone who grew up in the capital, he would definitely be very famous, so I’m guessing that this man is a civilian that Royal Uncle brought back from elsewhere. I think that Royal Uncle may be infatuated with the man’s beauty, so he will marry him regardless of his identity.”

The king thought for a moment and then said, “I will let some men go investigate this. If he insists on marrying a civilian, it’s good for us. At the very least we wouldn’t need to worry about him marrying some powerful families, which poses a greater threat to your succession to the throne.”

“I also thought so. If this matter could cause a conflict between him and the nobles supporting him, it would be even better.” Corey didn’t know what was wrong with him, but even though reason told him that this was definitely good for him, as long as he thought of that devastatingly beautiful face, he felt some reluctance in his heart to let him be occupied by Reibar.

The king nodded with relief, “This idea of yours is good, it wasn’t a waste for me to teach you all these years.”

“There’s one more thing.” Corey added, “Abby suddenly felt uncomfortable at the party, so not long after the banquet started, I sent him back to rest. The attitudes and reactions of the other officials at the banquet, I’m not very clear about them.”

“What happened?” The king nervously asked. “Will it affect the rain calling ceremony in two days?”

Corey hurriedly said, “I already let the doctor take a look, he said that there isn’t anything wrong with Abby’s body. He’ll be fine as long as he rests well, it won’t affect the ceremony in two days.”

“It’s good as long as it doesn’t.” The king let out a sigh of relief. “This is the first time that Abby will call the rain during a dry period, and successful rainfall is very important. According to the men I sent to investigate, because of your marriage to Abby, some of the citizens have already started to waver. As long as Abby’s abilities are used well in the future and more people recognize Abby’s importance, more and more people will support you.”

“Yes, I know Father. We will definitely not let you down.” Corey assured him.

“En.” The king nodded. “You go back to rest ba. Let Abby rest properly. There must not be problems calling the rain during the first dry season, or it would be harder to save later.”

“Yes.” Corey bowed then left the king’s room.


During this time, Downey had been going to other cities to inspect his businesses. He specifically returned to the capital before the rain ceremony in the dry season, and even brought back “gifts” for Reibar.

“Cousin, did anything important happen during the time I left?” Downey asked.

“What did you hope to happen?” Reibar glanced at him.

“I heard that that person…” Downey looked pointedly toward the palace. “Fainted several times and his body is about to fail. How long can he last, does cousin have any accurate information?”

“He does look like he is about to die at any moment, but how long he can last in the end can’t be easily determined.” Reibar said.

“Even though that person can’t be considered a good…, that, but he is really a good father. For his own son, he can even exchange his own life, really…, really makes me not know how to feel ah.”

“Ha.” Reibar sneered. “He may not necessarily be doing everything for his son. He also has designs toward the seat he is sitting in right now. Not wanting to hand that seat over to me is the most important purpose of his life. His reluctance is stronger than him wanting to give it to his son.”

“Let’s not talk about this first. I went out this time and brought you back some very good ‘gifts,’ you must accept them.”

“I don’t want them, take your ‘gifts’ back and slowly enjoy them yourself. I can’t afford this mouthful.” Reibar glared at Downey. This wasn’t the first time that Downey had sent him a “gift,” so he didn’t even need to guess what it was.

“You should at least look at them first, this time they are really good, even if you don’t keep all of them, you can pick two you are satisfied with to stay behind ah. You are always so clean and pure and will not be sexually blessed, if your functions degrade later what would you do?”

Reibar’s face sank and he wanted to swear at him, but Downey rushed to shout before he could start, “Bring all the ‘gifts’ in!”

A dozen beautiful youths came in one after another, then stood in a row, all waiting for selection. The eyes of these youths all contained a sense of expectation and excitement that was hard to ignore. In their minds, if they could be selected by the king, even if they had no identity, they could still be pampered. For these artificial mermaids, this was already paradise.

“Come, look, look.” Downey stood up and walked to those artificial mermaids, introducing them excitedly to Reibar. “These all came from different places and were especially selected for you. There’s all kinds of looks and styles. I know that you have an obsession with cleanliness, so these people are absolutely clean. As long as you have a taste of fishtail, I guarantee that you will love the feeling.”

Reibar stood up, but when he wanted to scold him his words didn’t exit his mouth, because he saw Jing Yang standing at the door.

Jing Yang had already stood at the door for a while, but seeing the mess inside, he hesitated about going in. Seeing that Reibar saw him, he said, “I, I was coming to find you…, whatever, you first busy yourself, when you’re done I will tell you later.”

Seeing Jing Yang leave, Reibar immediately wanted to rush after him, but he was caught by Downey, who asked, “Cousin, who is that?”

Downey was too curious. He had only left for how long ah, and cousin had hidden such a beautiful young man in his castle. No wonder he had no interest in those “gifts” earlier, originally his standards were so high? Someone with that kind of appearance was too hard to find ah, where did cousin find this guy?

Reibar had no interest at all in the doubts churning around in Downey’s mind, saying impatiently, “Take away all of these random people. Come back tomorrow morning, I have something to tell you. Don’t you dare to bring any more people to me, or else see how I take care of you!”

“Cousin, cousin!” Downey yelled toward Reibar’s hastily departing back. “Can I just wait here until tomorrow?”

Downey hadn’t even finished yelling when Reibar’s back had already disappeared.

The housekeeper came over and said to Downey, “Count, I’ll take you out.”

“Send these people back to my house first. I won’t go back tonight, I’ll stay in my old room.” Downey was really curious to death. His pure-hearted cousin had finally fallen, and was even hiding such a beauty in his family, he was very eager to know what was going on.

“Count.” The housekeeper said. “The king’s temper is widely known. He asked you to come tomorrow morning, and if you live here tonight, the king will definitely not be happy. If the king isn’t happy…”

Even though the housekeeper hadn’t finished speaking, Downey had grasped his meaning. When he thought of the consequences of his cousin’s anger, Downey immediately crumbled. He’ll just come tomorrow morning ba, he would definitely ask clearly everything tomorrow. But he might not be able to sleep tonight.

Jing Yang fell onto the bed and buried his face in the pillow. Thinking of the scene he had just seen, he was a little depressed. He pinched the pillow to vent his anger. They actually made it like a draft, really, where did he put him?

Jing Yang didn’t care what Reibar had done with other people before meeting him, but now that they had met, if he really dared to do anything with those artificial mermaids, he would never forgive him or let him off! He would punish him viciously!

Random Notes:

A little less than an hour: 11:45 am – 12:30 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2k words.

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  1. The bead that non-consensually came out of the body of another person belongs to you. You are right, good job, big brain.

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  2. The person I hate is Corey. Such a face-con. I bet when he finds out that MC was originally supposed to be his wife he’ll try to marry him. Like, come on, you can be evil, but can you at least be loyal to your fellow antagonist? Jeez.

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