CFCS Chapter 103

Chapter 103
War of Mechanics (Arc 8.8)

Avery rushed into the room, grabbing anything he could reach and throwing it at Tony. “You actually said that you still love him! You actually dare to say something like that right in front of my face! Are you crazy?! Are you insane?!”

“I am crazy! I was forced insane by you!” Tony yelled. “Right now am I even living like a human being?! I can’t even been compared to a dog! I’ve already had enough! Either you let me go, or you all kill me!”

“Let you go?” Avery’s face had gone purple from rage, his facial muscles contorting hideously. “Erase that thought! What did you say to me at the beginning?! You said that you would love me for a lifetime! You would stay with me for a lifetime! And now you regret it? I’m telling you, it’s too late!”

“I did say that in the beginning, because I didn’t know your true self! If I knew that I would live like this, I simply would not have saved you, I should have just let you die!” Tony’s anger had been accumulated bit by bit, and now he finally couldn’t suppress it any longer. It exploded, and his brain was still in an overheated state, completely disregarding the consequences. He had also suppressed it too long, and the strain on his spirit had reached a breaking point. Seeing Jing Yang had only accelerated the explosion, creating the opportunity to vent the dissatisfaction in his heart.

“You…” Avery was speechless from anger. Tony’s words all jabbed straight into his heart, leaving him in endless pain. He had given Tony his full sincerity, so he wanted to guard around him at all times. He fell in love with Tony after he was saved by him, and had always wanted to seize him and his heart. He thought that he had succeeded, but he never thought that Tony would actually say something like this.

“Enough, don’t argue.” John came in with a steely expression. “Tony, what you did and said today to Avery was too much. Even if you don’t consider your own consequences, you still have to think about the consequences for your father and the family.”

“Threatening me again.” Tony smiled coldly. “You two truly are brothers. As long as I make you dissatisfied, you would use my family to threaten me. I am a person, not a dog you brothers are raising! My dignity has already been repeatedly trampled to the ground by you two, and I don’t even have personal freedom anymore. What else do you want me to do? I have already almost gone insane from you, all because I saved Avery, I have to endure something that I never should have had to endure? Now I really regret to death that if I had known earlier, I would have gone to add a bullet at the beginning, and not save him!”

Avery covered his chest, his tears flowing down unstoppably. Tony’s words were like knives stabbing at his heart over and over, leaving him in so much pain it was hard for him to even breathe.

John saw Tony’s appearance of throwing caution to the wind and knew that right now his mood was out of control. It would be no use talking to him now.

“Calm down by yourself for a couple days. Two days later, I will let your father contact you.” John helped Avery out.

Tony stared at the disappearing backs of the two men, unable to control the mania in his heart. He started destroying everything in his room to vent the fury in his heart.

Avery leaned back on the sofa, holding his forehead in his hands with a very spiritless appearance.

John poured him a glass of water. “You also have gone overboard. I won’t mention you scolding and hitting him all the time, but he was only late for an hour and you made me think of ways to take away his job and make him always stay by your side. Any human being wouldn’t be able to endure.”

“How much emotion and feelings have I paid for him, of course he should also pay me back that much! What’s wrong with always staying by my side? If he loved me enough, he wouldn’t think that was a problem.” Avery heavily put down the cup, saying furiously, “And how was he able to endure before, but once he saw Skien he couldn’t endure anymore?! That means that he still loves Skien more than me!”

“Feelings are very hard to control. How you previously got him to fall in love with you is how you need to let him maintain his love for you. You have already consumed all of his love for you, so his heart naturally leans toward Skien.”

“I don’t care!” Avery said hatefully. “Send people right now to take care of Skien. As long as this person no longer exists in this world, I would naturally be able to resolve the problems between me and Tony.”

“I have already sent people to investigate how he got into a relationship with Wilkesa’s people. I also ordered them to move as soon as they see an opportunity. This time, I will definitely not let him get away again.” John said.

“I didn’t expect that those people of Wilkesa would be so protective of him and trust him so much.” Avery clenched his teeth in anger. “They want to compete with me with just him, I actually want to see how much ability he has. We need to hurry up and sign a mining contract with the Billiver people. This time we absolutely must let the people of Wilkesa regret.”

“Speaking of the mining contract, you were too reckless. We can actually still give other benefits, and unless as a last resort, there was no need to use mechas as a chip.” John had tried to stop Avery earlier but failed to succeed. This energy extraction was too important to them. He had to rely on this energy mining to cover for his losses from last time, and also needed to rely on it to boost his approval ratings back up. Even if they failed, their losses wouldn’t be great, but if they used mechas as a stake, the cost was too great.

“Only when using the mechas as a bargaining chip would they immediately sign a contract with us. If it were someone else I might need to consider it more deeply, but with Skien Kossa as my opponent, I don’t take it seriously at all.” Avery very confidently said. “Big brother, you can rest assured. This newly transformed equipment has already been successful in the field experiments. Even if we fail, it’s impossible for them to succeed. In case we need to put the mechas up as collateral, we can also find excuses to postpone it, or give them worse quality goods. In short, we will not let them take advantage of us.”

“Right now we can only do this. You should first put the problems between you and Tony to the side and focus on the mining matter. I’ll try to steady him first and everything else can be worked out after we get back to the capital star.”

“I know.” Avery said.


After Jing Yang was picked up from his wheelchair by Denanfry, Denanfry had been just standing for five minutes, with no intention of putting him down.

Jing Yang looked down at the sofa and turned to say to Denanfry, “Do you have something to say to me? Why don’t you put me down first, and we can talk slowly.”

“I have a very serious question for you, and I hope that you can answer me seriously.” Denanfry, who had been imitating a motionless statue the entire time, finally showed a reaction.

“I will definitely answer your question seriously.” Jing Yang nodded hard. “Then can you please put me down first? Having a discussion in this kind of position seems a little inappropriate.”

“I feel like this kind of discussion posture is also not bad.” Denanfry looked at Jing Yang’s face.

“Then, could you be thinking that if my response makes you dissatisfied, you would just throw me on the ground?” Jing Yang looked at him innocently. “Why else must you use this kind of position? Even if you don’t feel tired, I’m already almost becoming cross-eyed.”

“I would never do anything to hurt you.” Denanfry said very solemnly.

“I know, I know.” Jing Yang hurriedly said. “I was just joking, I know that you would never really drop me.”

Denanfry didn’t put Jing Yang on the sofa, but carried him into the room, putting him on the bed.

Jing Yang’s back was firmly attached to the head of the bed, because Denanfry’s arms were supported against the wall, trapping him between his arms.

“I ask you…” Denanfry looked at Jing Yang seriously.

Jing Yang nodded with a very obedient expression.

“Your ex-fiance says that he still loves you. What about you? Do you still have feelings for him?”

“Well…” Jing Yang looked around, thinking about how to answer his question. Not to mention how he had no so-called affection for Tony in the first place, but even Skien himself only had hatred for him. But what made him hesitate was whether he should show his disdain for Tony according to his own emotions, or whether he should show intense hatred following Skien’s emotions.

“Answer me!” Denanfry pinched his chin, forcing Jing Yang to meet his gaze.

“Is this question very important to you?” Jing Yang asked him back.

“Yes, very important!” Denanfry affirmed.

“Why?” Jing Yang looked into his eyes and asked. “Why would it be important to you whether or not I have feelings for him?”

Denanfry said, “Because I am in love with you. I hope that you can completely abandon your previous feelings and begin a new relationship with me.”

Jing Yang met his gaze for a long time and finally said, “If your kiss can move me, I will promise to be with you.”

Denanfry kissed him without hesitation. At the moment he kissed him, Jing Yang’s soul seemed to rush out of his body and be sucked away by him.

This kiss lasted a very long time, and Jing Yang felt like his tongue had turned sore and his lips numb. But Denanfry not only did not want to stop, but even pressed him down on the bed. His hands reached into his clothes, stroking his skin.

Jing Yang lay on the bed, not resisting or rejecting him. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to resist, but because as long as this person kissed him, his body would turn soft and powerless. He could only let him do whatever he wanted.

Jing Yang’s clothes had already been removed, and Denanfry started kissing down his neck…


Jing Yang lay on Denanfry’s chest and was still somewhat in a daze. Even though Denanfry was careful with his legs and didn’t do it too violently, he had still called out until his voice had gone hoarse from Denanfry’s fiddling.

Denanfry had originally not considered immediately possessing him. He had wanted to pursue him first and cultivate feelings properly with him. And after confirming his heart was completely full of himself, this kind of thing would naturally happen when their love became more and more intimate. But after one kiss, he completely couldn’t stop. If Skien had resisted, he probably could have stopped, but his appearance of lying softly in his arms had almost sucked his soul away. He simply couldn’t stop himself.

Denanfry caressed Jing Yang’s face. He looked down at his still slightly flushed face, his heart full of incomparable softness and love.

“I will be responsible for you.” Denanfry said very seriously.

Jing Yang couldn’t help but laugh at this old-fashioned saying. “Don’t you want to know if I have any feelings for Tony?”

“Earlier I really wanted to know, but it doesn’t matter now.” Denanfry said. “Whether or not you have feelings for him, from now on, I will invade your heart and make your heart belong to me alone. That kind of unimportant character is not worthy of your feelings. I will make him completely disappear from your heart.”

Jing Yang looked at him. “When I was being chased down, my feelings for Tony were the same as for John and Avery, full of hatred and anger. But now, I just have a lot of disdain for Tony. Even though I do still hate him, it’s not that kind of hate born from love, but just from hostility.”

“I understand. From now on, your hatred is mine. I am not helping you revenge, but helping myself revenge.” Denanfry said.

“Thank you.”

“You are not allowed to ever say thank you again, or else I will punish you.” Denanfry kissed him again, lightly biting him on the lips in punishment.

“En~” Jing Yang held his shoulders and hummed, closing his eyes to enjoy the warmth of this moment.

No matter what world, meeting this person would always be the turning point of his destiny, and loving him would be the beginning of his happiness.

Translator Notes:

[1] regret – 悔不当初, idiom, means to regret their past deeds, not sure if this is just in general, specifically about the jinming cluster, or for supporting jing yang

Random Notes:

A little less than an hour: 1:45 pm – 2:30 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2.2k words.

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  1. I feel sorry for Tony. Enemies on all fronts, and he’s basically being kept in a luxury prison as well. Avery sure is overwhelmingly arrogant. He doesn’t know how the MC did all he did, but he still thinks he’s easy to beat? Is he being intentionally oblivious or what?

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    1. it’s not surprising that he thinks that way, honestly. based on what they knew of the MC, he really wasn’t all that great at mechanic’ing, and there was no real evidence that new MC had actually made that mining tech. MC transmigrating with a system is kinda OP 🙂

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      1. But then shouldn’t they be worried that the mechanic behind the Junming cluster will work on it in his stead while Skien acts as his cover/face? Wilkesa isn’t just gonna take a shitty mechanic and use him when they have the Junming man, and make him replace the Junming man as his face. To me it seems like the Junming man would have something to hide, so they use Skien as his face because he’s disposable (and he pisses Avery off) and then the Jinming man works on it behind the scenes. So they’d still be against him, which is a diffucult task.

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        1. i have now started 2 ship fictional genius-with-little-social-skills-but-secretly-cute ‘Junming man’ and fixated-on-revenge-but-slowly-healed Original Skien. Junming man is the shou/they switch, i am unstoppable and inevitable, gOODBYE,

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  2. Wow ❤❤
    I just came back from months of not reading bl novels and was immediately fed with a lot of dog food 😂 … I’m so pitiful 😂😥 (but I missed this two very much 😍)
    I also missed Jing Yang’s face slapping to those bishes ~

    Thank you so much for the chapter! ❤❤❤

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  3. Thank you for the translations!
    Coming back from histories of intrigue and stories full of twisting plots to such a forward faceslapping! Awesome!
    Take care~

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