CFCS Chapter 25

Chapter 25
Unstable Chinese Republic (Arc 2.9)

“What are you doing?” Jing Yang walked to Yang Wangkun’s front, using doubtful eyes to look at him. He didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“Body search!”

Body search? Jing Yang still hadn’t reacted when Yang Wangkun had already started to search his body.

Yang Wangkun’s large hands kneaded downward from Jing Yang’s shoulder along his arm, he pressed on his shoulders and helped him turn around, and then kneaded everything from his lower back to his butt down his thighs to his calves.

Jing Yang had been struck dumb by his actions, he had not thought that he would actually search him, his entire person had become motionless.

Finished searching the back, Yang Wangkun again turned him around to search the front, his hands stopped at his chest and pressed, then he opened his buttons and reached his hand into his clothes.

Jing Yang finally reacted, pulling out his hand and glaring at him, “What are you trying to do!”

An envelope suddenly appeared in Yang Wangkun’s hands, it seemed like he had taken it out from Jing Yang’s clothes. But only Jing Yang knew, that envelope was actually not on his body, this person’s hand technique was actually even faster than his own.

“What is this?” Yang Wangkun raised the envelope in his hands.

Jing Yang had an inexplicable expression on his face, how would he know what that thing was, but he didn’t say anything, he wanted to see what this man really wanted to do.

Yang Wangkun said to Wei Tianxiong, “I have caught the thief, I will bring the man back to interrogate him, then I won’t bother Wei commander anymore.”

“Wait!” Wei Tianxiong immediately shouted. “How could he be a thief? Tonight he was always with me, he never went anywhere else. Moreover, just relying on him, would he be able to burst into your residence and steal your things?”

“Whether or not the things were stolen by himself, or if he was working with someone else, I will still have to take him back and interrogate him to find out. But now the letter was searched out on his body, and he just happened to be in your residence, how do you want to explain this?” Yang Wangkun interrogated him back.

Wei Tianxiong was left at a loss for words by his questioning, in his heart he knew that this matter definitely had something strange, but at the moment he still had no way to prove what was strange about it.

“This envelope contains some very important information from the president, the matters concern classified military affairs, I think that Wei commander as a fellow soldier, should know the seriousness of this matter?” Yang Wangkun spoke about it in a high-sounding and righteous manner. “I will bring the man out, many thanks for Wei commander’s cooperation.”

Yang Wangkun dragged Jing Yang out, until they had gone out of sight, Wei Tianxiong finally realized something, it was very possible that chasing a thief was only an excuse, bringing Cheng Junxi out should be his real motive.

Wei Tianxiong gnashed his teeth in anger, his face became scarily gloomy. He smashed the table, scaring badly a large number of people standing close to him.

He inwardly swore to himself, Yang Wangkun was really bullying intolerably, he really took himself Wei Tianxiong as someone who could be bullied easily. He had just gotten to Li cheng, and already dared to rush in to rob his people, he completely did not place him in the eye, could it be all right in the future?


Jing Yang sat on the car, he felt the neighboring person’s cold face and gloomy mood, in his heart he was very baffled, and he also didn’t know what this person was being angry for. He himself was angry ne, this was already his third time missing a chance to poison Wei Tianxiong, all three times were because of him, and he actually still accused him in public of stealing things.

Jing Yang snatched over that envelope from Yang Wangkun’s hands, when he opened the envelope, there was nothing at all inside. He threw the envelope onto his legs, furiously asking, “Documents? Where’s the classified military information?”

Yang Wangkun slanted a glance over at him, and didn’t say anything.

This glance made Jing Yang feel like he had again been scraped by a knife, he felt even more unwilling in his heart. “Why did you bring me out, I still had proper business to do.”

“Your proper business is to seduce Wei Tianxiong?” Yang Wangkun coldly and stiffly gritted out.

“You…” Jing Yang originally wanted to tell him the truth, but he had some second thoughts, he didn’t really have some close relationship with this person, why would he need to tell him. “So what if I was, what relationship does that have with you?”

Yang Wangkun turned his head again to give him a look, his eyes had become even colder, if it were a normal person, he would either have been frozen to death or scared to death. Fortunately Jing Yang’s heart was strong enough, he wasn’t afraid of him.

Jing Yang had thought Yang Wangkun would send him back to the Cheng residence, but the car actually drove back to Yang Wangkun’s residence, it was a pretty large house.

Only after getting off the car did Jing Yang discover that this was not the outside of the Cheng residence. Previously he had only been focusing on being angry, the sky was also too dark, he had not really been paying attention to the road. He also didn’t know why he was this angry, he had thought that old heart of his was already very difficult to anger, he wasn’t willing to admit that this might have a relationship with Yang Wangkun possibly not being Zhao Bocheng.

“I want to go back!” Jing Yang turned around and walked away, but he was pulled by Yang Wangkun inside. He tried to struggle free, but was unable to go against Yang Wangkun’s strength.

Jing Yang was pushed into the room, Yang Wangkun turned around and strongly closed the door. Jing Yang suddenly had an intense sense of crisis, just in case, he quickly mobilized the system, looking for methods of self-defense.

Even though his system’s capabilities were strong, they still were restricted to the space-time, this also meant, he would not be able to activate some kind of power exceeding the constraints of this world. For example, right now it was the Chinese Republic, he would be able to use kung fu and marksmanship, opera performing, wine brewing, poison concocting etc. kinds of functions, but would not be able to activate any powers, immortal laws, or such things that didn’t belong to this world.

Jing Yang activated the self-defense mechanism and sent a fist toward Yang Wangkun. Yang Wangkun held Jing Yang’s fist, easily twisting it around to his back. He held his waist, asking with surprise, “You know kung fu?”

Jing Yang didn’t respond to him, his arms had been confined so he used his feet. After Yang Wangkun let go, Jing Yang turned around and sent a flying kick to his chest but was blocked by his forearm. Jing Yang’s foot almost became numb, it actually hurt quite a bit, he doubted that this person shouldn’t have steel-reinforced bones?

The two people made several maneuvers, in the end Jing Yang was pressed down on the bed unable to budge, he had already activated the system and was still actually unable to defeat this person, in his heart he was extremely doubtful and dissatisfied.

Afterwards Jing Yang self-analyzed the reason, he felt this kind of system mechanism related to strength, might have been restricted by his physical body. In reality this was only one part of the reason, it was only much later that he finally understood the entire reason.

“Let me go!” Jing Yang roared lowly, glaring at the man pressing on top of him.

“I had told you before, not to get closer to Wei Tianxiong again, you want to be taken advantage of that much?” Yang Wangkun was really angry, once he thought of this person actually taking the initiative to send himself over, he would be unable to control the rage in his heart. He wanted to give him a lesson, make him engrave it in his memory, but in his heart he still was a little loath to do so.

“What does it have to do with you? I’m willing to let other people take advantage of me, are you able to control me?” Jing Yang was also angered in his heart, he was also unable to understand why he was this angry. Because he was angry, he was unable to control his mouth, if he wasn’t able to yell at him his heart would feel uncomfortable.

“Good! Then I will help you!” Yang Wangkun was already completely furious, he moved to tear open Jing Yang’s cheongsam, and then ripped open his inner clothes, he reached his hands in, and then forcefully started fondling around.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Jing Yang started struggling in panic, before he determined whether or not this person was the same person as in the previous world, he would definitely not allow any relationship to happen between them.

Jing Yang’s pants had been pulled down to his thighs, that death-inducing place had been cupped in Yang Wangkun’s hands. He no longer dared to move about randomly, forcefully taking deep breaths and making himself calm down.

“You calm down a bit, listen to me, I shouldn’t have talked to you like this, things are not like you think, ah! Ah…” Jing Yang attempted to convince Yang Wangkun to also calm down, but when Yang Wangkun applied some force in his hand, he was unable to say another word.

Yang Wangkun blocked Jing Yang’s mouth, his tongue reached in to stir up his mouth. Jing Yang had been stirred to the point of his tongue becoming numb, he tried to clench his teeth to bite him, yet his chin was pinched by him, so he could only bear it.

Jing Yang wanted to activate his system again to look for some method to rescue himself, at the instant when he was activating it, his body trembled, his soul seemed to have been sucked out of his body, and joined together with Yang Wangkun’s soul.

This feeling let Jing Yang completely relax down, he couldn’t explain the reason, he determined that he was really Zhao Bocheng, even if the body was not the original him, but it was definitely the same soul.

The blending of their souls stirred Jing Yang’s passions, the pleasure rolled over him like the tide. He started to return the kisses, and started to take off his clothes, caressing his rugged, sturdy muscles.

Yang Wangkun could feel Jing Yang’s response, his movements were no longer that crude, but had not a bit of intention to stop, and actually started advancing even more thoroughly…

Jing Yang seemed to be staying in a dreamland, his desires had been aroused, he felt very hollow, but was very quickly filled up, this feeling…, both delighted and satisfied. He felt ashamed of the moans and shrieking sounds that he made, but was still unable to resist. When he was quickly unable to bear this kind of stimulation any longer, his desires charged to the peak, breaking open the gates, surging forward…

They had originally been fighting, they didn’t think that it would actually turn into this kind of “fight.” Until the sky had barely turned light, their “battle” finally concluded.

Jing Yang even felt that his fingers had become soft, the scratches on Yang Wangkun’s back, were all his masterpiece. He had confirmed that this person was Zhao Bocheng, besides the combination of their souls, his endurance was strong to this extent, he wouldn’t be able to find another person.

This night they basically had never stopped, he also couldn’t remember clearly how many times they had done it, he could only remember that he had several times been unable to support and fallen asleep, and after not too long he would wake up from the ache, and then again not be able to resist and fall back asleep. Just like that he was repeatedly tossed back and forth for an entire night.

Jing Yang lay with his back facing Yang Wangkun, he was held in his arms, the two people’s skin closely stuck together. Yang Wangkun’s hand was still wandering around on his body.

He pressed down on that wandering hand, weakly saying, “Are you trying to play me to death today on this bed?”

“Dying on my bed, would still be better than dying on Wei Tianxiong’s bed. He has some special fetishes, you don’t know ma?”

Jing Yang inwardly sighed, in any case he had lived for over a thousand worlds, what matters had he not gone through, what spectacles had he not experienced. And yet it was just this love that he was unable to just ignore, once he loved he lost all reason, his actions and thoughts also changed beyond his control. No wonder in the past for so many worlds he was still never able to love anyone.

“I wasn’t going to let him take advantage of me, I got close to him, because I wanted to poison him…” Jing Yang explained it to him from beginning to end, finally complaining about how he had over and over ruined his own plans.

Yang Wangkun accepted this reason, but he still didn’t support it. No matter what purpose Jing Yang had, he was still unable to endure him getting close to Wei Tianxiong, when he thought of Wei Tianxiong’s eyes when looking at him, he was angered to the point of wanting to kill people.

In short, Yang Wangkun did not permit Jing Yang to get close to Wei Tianxiong again, this person could be left to him to dispose of. He couldn’t stay too long in Li cheng, he would resolve the matters here as quickly as possible.

Translator Notes:

[1] at a loss for words – 哑口无言, idiom, means dumbstruck and unable to reply
[2] high-sounding – 冠冕堂皇, idiom, also means dignified, pompous
[3] righteous – 理直气壮, idiom, also means in the right and self-confident, just and forceful
[4] gnash his teeth – 咬牙切齿, idiom, means fuming with rage between gritted teeth
[5] just in case – 以防万一, idiom, means to guard against the unexpected
[6] weakly – 有气无力, idiom, means weakly and without strength
[7] over and over – 几次三番, idiom, literally means twice and then three times

Random Notes:

Going to do 2 more chapters today, the home stretch! Took 1.5 hours, 11:30 am – 1 pm, for 3.2k characters to 2.4k words. Did you feel as conflicted as I was during this chapter? But all is well. I’m glad that they’re back together again.

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