CFCS Chapter 123

Chapter 123
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.10)

What followed was a continuous torrential downpour that lasted for several days. The streets of the capital and the dozens of cities surrounding it were filled with water. The rivers were rising, and many lands were flooded.

These days, Abby went every day to the square, hoping to activate the force in the bead so that the rain could stop. But every time he went to the square, the rain would fall even more heavily, making it so that he was afraid to even go.

Looking outside at the the rain that did not have any sign of stopping, the king’s expression was the same as the weather, gradually darkening.

“What the hell is going on here?” The king looked at Abby and asked.

“I don’t know what’s happening, I’ve never seen anything like this happen before.” Because the past few days he’s been standing outside in the rain, right now he had a high fever. He forced down the discomfort, answering the king nervously, “May, maybe my bead went out of control, which caused it to become this way.”

“Is there any way to deal with it?” The king asked.

“I will try my best.” Abby no longer dared to be too certain.

“You need to do so as soon as possible. If the rain goes on like this, the problem will be much worse than a drought.”

“Yes Royal Father. I will do my best to stop the rain.”

Corey supported Abby, whose body was very hot. “Father, I will bring Abby back to rest, he’s still burning. The bead’s power going out of control probably has to do with his body. It might be better to wait for him to get over his fever before continuing to use his power to stop the rain.”

“Go ahead.” The king waved them out. “Let the doctor give him some stronger medicine so he can get well as soon as possible. The rain can’t keep falling like this, we must stop it quickly.”

The two bowed and left the king’s palace.

Corey helped Abby back to his own room, and after drinking the fever medication, Abby lay down.

Abby gritted his teeth and endured. He knew that it must have been Leann who manipulated the bead last time, leading to this result. Damn it! Why didn’t he die! So that he could live and go against him?! No, if this goes on it wouldn’t work! He must find a way to take complete control of the bead.

The heavy rain kept pouring down for two or three more days. Not only were the rivers rising particularly severely, the water filling the cities was also very serious. If this went on, they would all be flooded.

Reibar saw that it was about time. He took the lead in bringing all of the officials to ask to see the king, and asked Abby to come forward.

“Reibar, what are you trying to do?!” The king looked gloomy, glaring at Reibar furiously. “I’m not dead yet, yet you dare to come force me to abdicate?”

These words from the king were very serious. If this charge was placed on Reibar’s head, he would have to pay the price even if Reibar was the heir to the throne designated by the previous king. Because the king had said that Reibar was to inherit the throne from the current king, and not that when Reibar was an adult the current king had to give the throne to Reibar.

The previous king’s decision seemed to favor Hegeni, but in fact, it was entirely in Reibar’s favor. The previous king had known very clearly that once someone got onto the throne, they would not easily want to fall from the throne. In order to make it so that Hegeni did not feel like he was forced to kill Reibar regardless of everything else, the previous king only designated Reibar to inherit Hegeni’s throne, which also gave Reibar time to grow stronger.

“Royal Brother, I think you’re mistaken.” Reibar had no expression, seriously saying, “Right now it’s not about what I want, and it’s not that I am bringing these officials to come force you to abdicate. It’s about what the people outside want. Royal Brother should go out of the palace to take a look at what the capital has become, let alone the other cities. Many people from the cities have flocked to the capital, the outside of the palace has been surrounded by the people. Could it be that Royal Brother thinks these people have no say?”

The matters Reibar mentioned the king had known of long ago. Those people who had gathered outside the palace, he had already sent soldiers to drive away, but they refused to leave no matter what. He couldn’t order the soldiers to drive them away forcefully, or the situation would become even more serious.

“The rain falling from the sky, what can I say about it? Could it be that I could give a statement and let God not rain?” The king had made up his mind to avoid responsibility for the rain. Abby was still in high fever, already burning to the extent that he was falling unconscious. He simply could not get out of bed, let alone going to the square to use his powers to stop the rain.

“Could Royal Brother have gone muddled from illness?” Reibar was ostensibly respectful, but actually sarcastically said, “Before and after the rain began, Royal Brother vigorously publicized that the rain was called by Abby, but now you do not remember this matter?”

The king’s expression was extremely ugly, but he could not refute Reibar’s words. Just when he wanted to pretend to faint, he heard Reibar say, “Royal Brother definitely can’t faint, even if you want to faint, before fainting, you should first call out Corey and Abby. Let them give an account to the people outside about when the rain can stop. Otherwise, if the people rush into the palace…we also have no way to control them.”

“You…” The king’s already dark expression turned red from anger, which made him actually look more hearty.

“The rain not stopping was all because of me, I hope that Royal Uncle will not force Royal Father.” Abby was helped out by Corey. With an appearance of being so weak that he might faint at any moment, he leaned on Corey and said, “Royal Father’s health has always been bad, and if Royal Uncle keeps forcing him like this, the intentions may be too obvious.”

“What intentions do I have, why don’t you talk about them.” Reibar looked at Abby coldly.

“As long as Royal Father is still here, he will always be the noblest man in this country. What intentions Royal Uncle has, does that still need me to say?” Abby glanced at the officials behind Reibar. “Even if I don’t say, all of the officials here are clear about it in their hearts. Why does Royal Uncle need to deliberately pretend to be confused.”

“What are you? In this place, it’s not you fake’s turn to lecture me!” Reibar’s face was calm, but the words he spoke were devastating.

Abby’s originally pale face became a little uglier. He pushed down the panic in his heart, reluctantly maintaining his calm. “Even if I’m a later generation, I am at least a princess. If Royal Uncle insults me like this, have you thought about the face of the royal family?”

“Reibar! Don’t go too far!” The king pressed his chest and roared. Abby was Corey’s princess, and Reibar scolding Abby was a humiliation to Corey. He humiliated Corey, which meant he was humiliating him.

Because Reibar scolded Abby, Corey also looked at Reibar angrily.

“Does Royal Brother feel like I went overboard?” Reibar looked at the king and said, “Then I will tell Royal Brother the truth, and Royal Brother can judge again whether I went too far.”

“This man!” Reibar pointed at Abby. “Is not a pureblooded mermaid at all! He’s an artificial mermaid, and he’s the son of a pirate!”

“What are you saying?!” The king thought he had misheard. He looked at Reibar in shock, then looked at Abby again. But while he was surprised that Reibar said such a thing, he didn’t believe that what he was saying was true. Abby had twice already successfully summoned the rain, how could he be an artificial mermaid?

The officials were also shocked to hear Reibar’s words, because even the officials who supported Reibar were hearing this for the first time. Compared to the king’s disbelief, the officials were half convinced and half doubtful. They felt that Reibar would not say such things without reason, nor was he the kind of man who would speak nonsense.

Abby’s heart was going to jump out of his chest. He leaned into Corey’s arms with his eyes closed, afraid to look at everyone’s faces.

Corey looked down at Abby in his arms, his heart unwilling to believe that Reibar’s words were true: “Why does Royal Brother say that Abby isn’t a pureblooded mermaid?! If he weren’t a pureblooded mermaid, how could he summon the rain? Royal Brother said such words, if you can’t take out the evidence today, even if I’m openminded, I will also not let this rest!”

“Isn’t it easy to get evidence?” Reibar looked at Corey expressionlessly. “The rain was what he called. You let him stop the rain immediately, and I will believe he’s a pureblooded mermaid.”

Abby heard that Reibar could not take out any evidence, but let him prove it himself. He calmed down slightly, opening his eyes. “The rain not stopping is because of my body. I still have a fever, without any strength in my body, so I have no way to activate the power in my bead. If Royal Uncle wants to let me immediately stop the rain, isn’t that intentionally making it difficult for me?”

“When Abby’s fever subsides, he will naturally stop the rain right away, you don’t have to rush him now.” The king said calmly. “But you, Reibar, you said such words today. If Abby lets the rain stop, what would you do?”

“Royal Brother, I think you have been focusing on the wrong thing. Right now it’s not that I want to make it difficult for him, nor about whether or not I can wait, but it’s about whether the people outside can wait! If the princess’s fever doesn’t recede, and he has no way of getting rid of the rain, the flood will soon break out! Could it be that you want those people to be displaced or even lose their lives because of the heavy rain called by the princess?!”

“If Royal Brother thinks that I’m speaking only for myself, then I can promise you, as long as he can stop the rain immediately and prove that he is a real pureblooded mermaid, I will voluntarily give up my succession to the throne!”

Once Reibar’s words of voluntarily abandoning his throne were spoken, the officials exclaimed and inhaled, and even the king and Corey looked at him in disbelief.

“You, your words, do they count?” The king pressed down his jumping heart. “If Abby really does it, you can’t not admit to your words!”

“Naturally, do you want me to give you a voucher?” Reibar said calmly.

“Your Highness!”

“Your Royal Highness, please reconsider!”

“Please reconsider! Your Highness!”

The officials who supported Reibar could not longer care about them being in front of the king, eagerly opening their mouths to persuade Reibar.

“Okay!” The king immediately said, “That’s what you said! Come, take out a pen and paper, let him write down the voucher!”

Reibar wrote that if Abby could stop the rain and prove that he was a pureblooded mermaid, he would automatically give up the throne and would not go back on it. Then he signed with a handprint.

The king took the piece of paper, so excited that his hands were trembling. He looked at it over and over again, as if he could see through the paper. He couldn’t even believe that the things he had given his life to do were so easily achieved. It wouldn’t be that his obsession was too deep, and everything happening now was a dream, could it? If he were really dreaming, he was willing to continue to dream and never wake up.

Many officials were showing an anxious expression. At this time, Corey’s uncle happily said to the king, “Your Majesty, the princess’s body isn’t well so it’s difficult for him to launch the power of the bead. To prove that His Royal Highness is a pureblooded mermaid, the simplest and most effective way is to contact the king of the mermaid country, isn’t it?”

The king immediately turned to look at him, his eyes revealing a ray of hope. He then turned to Reibar. “Yes, aren’t you trying to prove that Abby is a pureblooded mermaid? If the mermaid king himself admits that he is a pureblooded mermaid, you should have nothing to say?”

“I am willing to let the mermaid king personally verify whether I am real or fake. Does Royal Uncle dare to agree?” Abby stood up straight, giving an appearance that he was real and not afraid to verify.

Reibar glanced at him, and then he raised a corner of his mouth. “Yes! As long as the mermaid king himself certifies that you are real, the voucher I wrote will take effect immediately.”

Random Notes:

About an hour: 10:15 am – 11:20 am, for 3.7k characters to 2.2k words.

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