CFCS Chapter 95

Chapter 95
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.17)

Ever since everything was exposed, Dilumo and Conley seemed to have disappeared from this world, and there had been no news of any of them.

Two years later, Jing Yang became this world’s top supermodel, with countless fans all over the world. Many businesses were all willing to pay sky-high prices to ask him to endorse them, but he was now more and more low-key, appearing in public less and less. Besides filming the Fernelea group’s product advertisements, he rarely picked up other endorsements.

His fans were all very worried, and wondered if he was intending to retire. Then wouldn’t they not be able to see him at all in the future?

Facing the questions from the netizens and the panic from his fans, Jing Yang finally directly gave a response. He opened up about his relationship with Regulus and explained that the reason why he had been more reclusive in that period was because he was preparing for their wedding. He wouldn’t be completely retiring for the time being and would continue to work after marriage, but he would still reduce his workload.

The netizens’ moods were like a roller coaster. When Jing Yang exposed his relationship he also simultaneously directly announced the news about his marriage, so they were all completely unprepared and shocked. And after they knew that he temporarily wouldn’t be retiring, they all felt a sense of relief.

The matter of Jing Yang and Regulus getting married instigated a heated discussion online. After their shock, most people expressed their blessings and felt that they were very well-matched. The netizens all felt that besides Regulus, no one could match Jing Yang, and besides Jing Yang, no one could match up to Regulus. So these two people were simply a match made in heaven. Even though they didn’t know when they got together, now that the two people were already together, they seemed to feel a sense of relief, because they no longer needed to worry about whether they would find someone the netizens weren’t satisfied with.


After Jing Yang and Regulus finished eating in a restaurant, just as they reached the underground parking lot, a person quickly rushed toward them. It’s just that when that shadow hadn’t even come close to them, he had long been intercepted and taken down by one of Regulus’s bodyguards.

Regulus hugged Jing Yang and protected him in his arms, and then let the bodyguard bring the person over.

Jing Yang looked closely at that face that was so haggard it was almost misshapen. From the vague facial features, he recognized him. “Conley?”

When Conley had been pressed to the ground by the bodyguard just now, he had hit his head and turned dizzy. After he came back to his senses with some difficulty, he looked up and saw Jing Yang, and immediately said excitedly, “Arthur! Arthur! Please save me! I can’t survive much longer! Please!”

Jing Yang looked at him strangely. “You are really quite interesting, you not being able to live much longer is completely caused by yourself, and is also the punishment you deserve. You actually still ran over to beg me to save you, what are you thinking? Could it be that you have forgotten who pushed me again and again to my death before?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It was all my fault, I should die!” Conley tearfully apologized. “I really know my mistake, and I have already paid the price. In these two years, I have been living a life worse than death! I don’t ask you to forgive me, and only beg you to spare me, if only for the sake of us growing up together! Please don’t let them torture me further! I beg you!”

Jing Yang was confused, looking up at Regulus.

Regulus ruffled his hair. “Leave him alone, let’s go home. This person will never appear in front of you ever again.”

Jing Yang nodded and was hugged onto the car by Regulus.

“Arthur! Arthur! Please spare me! Spare me! I really don’t want…” Conley cried out with all his might, but before he could finish speaking, the bodyguard blocked his mouth and dragged him away.

“You arranged this?” Jing Yang asked Regulus. Looking at Conley’s appearance just now, these two years must have been like he said, worse than death. In just two years he had actually turned into this, it must have been something that Regulus had arranged, or else he wouldn’t have been this panicked. And him being able to appear in front of himself, if it wasn’t arranged by Regulus, he definitely would not even have this kind of chance.

Regulus kissed his forehead. “I have said, those who hurt you before, I will make them pay it back twice over. They don’t need to think about living comfortably for the rest of their lives.”

No matter how miserable these people were now, Jing Yang wouldn’t feel any sympathy for them. This was called karma. He had seen Conley’s miserable state, and even though he hadn’t personally seen what Dilumo was like now, the only thing he could be sure of was that he would never be better off than Conley.


Dilumo was hiding in a small remote city. He was already afraid of living in a larger city, for one because most of his money was given to Chenilu, so he could no longer afford to live in a big city. The second reason was because he now needed to work to support himself, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to find a job in a big city, so he had to change his name to hide in a small, remote city.

At first he changed many places, and did the hardest work. Even though occasionally someone said that he looked like Dilumo, no one would be able to confirm that he was Dilumo.

Right now Dilumo was in a small bar, crushed under someone in the middle of chaotic, messy, animal-like mating. There were four or five people standing outside, who were all balding fatties with big bellies or unkempt middle-aged men. When someone came out from inside, someone would go in from outside, and after they finished a round they would stuff a wad of money into his hands and leave.

By the time Dilumo returned to his little rented house, it was already almost dawn. He only had a little bit of time before he would need to go back to work.

He gave himself a simple rinse, falling onto the bed with his legs quivering. He was physically and mentally exhausted, but still couldn’t sleep a wink. He hadn’t intended to sell his body like this at first, and only wanted to find a job that could keep him alive. But after going through a lot of jobs, he would be fired after not even two days on the job. As a last resort, he could only sell his body. This was the simplest and fastest way to get money.

Having fallen to this point, he already had no desire at all to live, but he also didn’t have the courage to die, so he could only live a zombie-like life. His body and spirit were both numb, and he often felt like he was living in a nightmare, and would either be forever trapped in this dream, or would suddenly wake up one day.

After dawn, Dilumo forced himself to wake up and go to work. Recently he had found a job in a small restaurant, and even though he didn’t know how long it would last this time, one day was one day. Even if the boss wanted to fire him, he would still pay him the money for working these past few days.

Dilumo’s main responsibility in this small restaurant was cleaning up and washing. When the guests finished a meal, he would need to clean up the table immediately. When the day was over, he would clean the restaurant and the kitchen. The job was simple but the workload was very heavy. It was very hard, and the salary was not high.

Dilumo was just like a robot, repeating the same movements over and over again. His expressionless appearance was like he had no soul.

The TV in the little restaurant was on, and it was broadcasting live a news story. The content of the news was that Regulus Fernelea, the director of the Fernelea group, would marry the supermodel Arthur Yang today.

There was finally a hint of emotion in Dilumo’s blank eyes. He stopped moving and looked up at the TV.

The guests having dinner next to him were also discussing the news.

“Arthur Yang is actually getting married, ai~My dream lover is now going to belong to someone else.”

‘Even if he didn’t belong to someone else it would still be impossible for him to belong to you. The person he is getting married to is the chairman of the Fernelea group, you wouldn’t even be able to match up to a single strand of his hair in your life.”

“So he can only be my dream lover ah, in my dreams he belongs to me.”

“Hey hey, look, these two are really suited for each other ah, it feels like they’re like a couple the gods especially made.”

“That’s right, them being able to be together is actually quite good, at least they match ah, just looking at them is eye candy.”

“Arthur Yang could also be considered to have married into aristocracy. In his life he will enjoy endless blessing, and it seems like he will rarely take up work in the future.”

“Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t retire for the time being? Even though he did marry into aristocracy, right now he is the hottest top supermodel. I heard that him just casually shooting an advertisement would go for sky-high prices, so he definitely wouldn’t be earning any less.”

“Ai, they are in a completely different world from us, we mortals don’t even have the chance to see these immortals. It’s enough for us to just occasionally see the news, anyways they would live better than us in any aspect.”

Dilumo’s eyes stayed on the TV, listening to the guests’ discussion, all kinds of feelings welled up in his heart. Once, he also belonged to the ranks of those they referred to as gods, and he had even stepped on the face of that person now full of happiness on the screen. But now, he had fallen to the point where he couldn’t even be considered a normal person.

He really regretted! If he hadn’t betrayed Arthur Yang with Conley, he could have securely relied on his own efforts and as a newcomer in Arthur’s studio, even if he didn’t have big achievements, he would definitely have some smaller achievements. Why did he do those things? If he hadn’t done those things, right now he would at least be a normal person.

Dilumo felt more and more regret, more and more discomfort, in his heart. He forcefully threw the bowl in his hand to the ground to vent the pain in his heart. “Ah!!”

The guests eating next to him were all frightened by him, and stared at him in shock. They didn’t understand what was wrong with him.

When the boss heard the commotion he immediately ran out from the kitchen. When he saw Dilumo’s appearance, he shouted at him, “Have you gone crazy?!”

“Ah! Ah!” Dilumo crouched on the ground with his head in his arms and cried loudly. He really had had enough of this kind of life.

The boss was also surprised, and just stood there and looked at him dully.

The boss’s wife ran out with the boss earlier. She hid behind the boss and pulled at his clothes, carefully saying, “He, he shouldn’t have a brain problem ah? Quickly get him out of here, what if he hurts someone?”

The boss looked around and picked up a chair, walking toward Dilumo and using the chair to push him outside. “Go! Go! If you want to go crazy do it somewhere else, don’t scare my guests, or I’ll call the police!”

Dilumo was thrown out of the shop by his boss. Like a soulless puppet, he walked down the street aimlessly.


Jing Yang woke up to the sound of waves and seagulls. He buried his face in Regulus’s chest and rubbed around, then took a long lazy stretch, before opening his eyes.

Regulus turned over and pressed him under his body, giving him a long deep morning kiss. “Good morning, wife.”

“Good morning, husband.” Jing Yang put his arms around his neck, his eyes squinting.

Regulus began to kiss downward from his neck, his wide palms stroking the smooth skin on his back.

“I’m hungry.” Jing Yang pouted in protest.

“Good, first exercise before breakfast, it’s good for your health.” Regulus had completely no intention of stopping.

“Then you hurry up…” Jing Yang urged.

“Baby,” Regulus tightly held Jing Yang. “I really love you!”

Regulus couldn’t contain his love for Jing Yang, and didn’t want to suppress it. He truly really loved this person, loved him so much that he wanted to integrate him into his own body, so that they could be together at any moment.

“I love you too…and I will always love you in the future.” Jing Yang said in his heart, no matter how many worlds we go through, please always meet me, and fall in love with me, because, I truly really love you so much.

“I will also always love you.” There was an indescribable emotion in Regulus’s heart, he just instinctively wanted Jing Yang to confirm.

Jing Yang became absent-minded, there was an illusion, as if he could see the scene of them really loving each other forever.

Translator Notes:

[1] match made in heaven – 天造地设, idiom, literally means made by heaven and arranged by earth, ideal
[2] karma – 做自作孽不可活, basically if you sin you can’t live? seems drastic

Random Notes:

About one hour: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, for 3.8k characters to 2.4k words. After a lot of detours, we have finally finished this arc. I have been very busy the past couple weeks, so I was really unsure about whether I could translate, but I made it there in the end. I will be going back on a hiatus for this series as usual for this arc. Hopefully I will be back in two weeks. Hope you all enjoyed this arc.

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