100kV Chapter 90

Chapter 90
International Team

Joining the International Counterterrorism Team

Saying it was deep in the forest, but in fact it was just a little farther away from the city. The villa was in a pretty well-known area that developers liked to invest in, with the main attraction being “returning to nature.” The neighborhood had ten or so houses, and each villa was surrounded by a very tall wall. Each house was further separated from the others by cleverly arranged vegetation. All of them lived their own lives and didn’t disturb each other.

Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan’s neighbors were an elderly couple. Ye Wenxuan had only seen them once or twice. The couple was very low-key and peaceful.

In early June, 43 countries reached a consensus to begin a global campaign against extremist terrorist groups.

In mid-July, Ye Wenxuan received an order from the Special Affairs Department to become a member of the international counterterrorism operations team.

At this time he was squatting in the shade below a small tile-roofed building in Yunnan. In front of him was all cracked dry land. Ye Wenxuan fiddled with some yellowing grass while picking up Zheng Xingguo’s call.

He snapped his fingers and a dry thunderbolt fell.

The anxious men and women surrounding him were startled by the thunder and looked up to the sky.

But there was only thunder and no rain. The sun was still hanging there high above their heads. Ye Wenxuan wiped the sweat on his face and also looked upward with the rest of the crowd.

Three rumbles of thunder later, the sun was still hot.

He said dispiritedly: “Deputy Captain, I think I still need to stay here a bit longer.”

Zheng Xingguo could hear his frustration: “The situation isn’t looking good?”

“This sun is too poisonous, there’s no moisture at all around here. I’ve only been able to call up some dry thunder, there’s no other way.” Ye Wenxuan looked at the withered crops and sighed: “If only I were a water-type superhuman, it wouldn’t be so much trouble.”

Zheng Xingguo nodded: “Yunnan’s droughts have always been a problem. It’s been so many years, the climate has only gotten worse year by year. I just wanted you to try. If you succeeded that would be great, if not, there’s also nothing you can do.”

Ye Wenxuan: “The crops are all dying of drought. I saw someone crying in the fields this morning.”

He was a little depressed. Then suddenly something sneak attacked him from behind, a can of cold soda bumping into his face. Ye Wenxuan hissed from the shock and turned to look.

Xing Yuan wore a vest and trousers, a straw hat borrowed from one of the village’s old farmers on his head and a popsicle in his mouth. He threw the “murder weapon” he just used to him.

Xing Yuan: “For the heat.”

Ye Wenxuan took the can and opened it to take a gulp. He suddenly felt a lot more refreshed.

At the other end, Zheng Xingguo heard the voice and said: “Xing Yuan hasn’t returned to city B yet?”

Ye Wenxuan casually said: “Yeah, he’s too tired, so he came out to take a break.”

“Running over with you to that kind of place to take a break, do you think I’m stupid.” Zheng Xingguo said huffily.

After a bit, he said: “That’s right, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

The young man was pulled by the man next to him into the tile-roofed house behind them and they kissed behind the wooden door. Hearing the deputy captain speak, he hurriedly responded: “Ah?”

Zheng Xingguo: “This morning our foreign minister submitted an application to the counterterrorism coalition to expand our Chinese personnel. You have now officially joined the international counterterrorism action group and have become a core member of the group.”

Speaking to here, he paused and added: “The SP Institute’s situation has already been brought up. The reactions from the countries were all different. We have concealed your identity as a superhuman. Later on when you go in don’t expose yourself.”

Ye Wenxuan was distracted and accidentally bit Xing Yuan’s tongue.

With the phone in his hand, he slowly said: “Oh, deputy captain, I’m in the team?”

Zheng Xingguo: “…If you enter the team and are still so unreliable, I might as well pack you up and bring you back.”

But Ye Wenxuan already didn’t care about his warning anymore.

He hung on Xing Yuan’s body and smiled happily. He suddenly reached out and snapped his fingers again.

A deafening roar of thunder sounded.

After a few minutes, the dark clouds began to condense and the sun was slowly blocked out.

Thunder roared overhead, and rain poured down.

Heavy rain was coming.


After nearly two days of rain, when the clouds and rain dissipated, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan packed their bags and returned to the capital.

At this time on the Chinese internet, everyone was discussing Yunnan’s timely rain.

Ye Wenxuan swiped through his Weibo circle and liked every post that sighed in appreciation of the heavy rain and then packed up his phone, remaining an anonymous hero.

Going home and cleaning up a bit, Ye Wenxuan went to the Special Affairs Department to report to Xue Yongchang.

Xue Yongchang: “I heard that Xingguo called you and Yunnan’s rain immediately came down?”

Ye Wenxuan touched his nose: “Deputy captain gave me strength, everything is deputy captain’s credit!”

Sitting next to Xue Yongchang, Zheng Xingguo’s mouth spasmed. He covered his face, not wanting to talk to him.

Xue Yongchang laughed: “Xingguo ah, you really have some big credit here, your phone call was done well, done well ah.”

Zheng Xingguo’s face was full of black lines: “…Don’t mention it anymore.”

Then they talked about proper business.

“There are now several times more people in the action group as before. It’s said to be an action group, but is actually an international coalition to deal with recent global terrorist attacks.”

“This time four countries have applied for personnel expansion. Besides China, there was also the United States, Germany, and Turkey. And because it’s the core team, there aren’t many people in each country who can enter and they have to go through many layers of scrutiny.” Zheng Xingguo explained: “Our personnel have three, including you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “The other two are…”

“They’re both from the Ministry of Public Security. One of them is a counterterrorism commissioner, and the other is a SWAT team member.” Zheng Xingguo took a look at him: “You are the least senior of the three people. Of course, that is because you simply don’t have any qualifications.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Zheng Xingguo: “The two ministers of the ministry of public security and the ministry of special affairs, in order to stuff you in the team, also had to walk through the back door. They had meetings for over a week and signed several aid agreements with members of the international counterterrorism action group, before finally sealing their mouths.”

Ye Wenxuan thought for a moment and discussed with Zheng Xingguo: “Deputy captain, how about…I go to the disaster areas to rain again and supply power to the power plant…to make up for our losses?”

Zheng Xingguo: “…”

He began to think seriously about the feasibility of this matter.

Xue Yongchang looked at them cheerfully and finally patted Zheng Xingguo’s shoulder: “Xingguo, don’t bully children. Everything was very smooth, how was it as hard as you said. Look, you made him scared.”

Zheng Xingguo was speechless: “I was just telling the truth, this matter was really not that smooth.”

Xue Yongchang still had that benevolent expression: “The process wasn’t perfect but the result was good. Let’s work hard to pave the way for the children, and in the future, they may be able to surpass us old antiques.”

“Young people being extraordinary, there’s hope for the country.”

Zheng Xingguo frowned: “Are you trying to recite another paragraph of <On the Young China>? Okay, I’ll just not say it anymore.”

Ye Wenxuan watched them go back and forth, and actually had the absurd feeling of seeing a strict father and a caring mother.

Must be because it had been too long since he went home and saw his family.

Go home and call Dad in the evening.

At the end of the conversation, Zheng Xingguo reminded him: “There are 35 members in the core team of the international counterterrorism group. Even though they have been heavily vetted, there may be spies among them. You have to be careful.”

He then placed several photos on the table and pushed them to Ye Wenxuan: “Pay more attention to these people.”

Ye Wenxuan glanced at the photos: “What’s wrong with them?”

Zheng Xingguo: “We suspect that there may be a superhuman hidden amongst them.”

Ye Wenxuan was surprised and reached for the pictures.

The photos had both males and females. As he looked through them, Zheng Xingguo slowly gave him an introduction: “Arthur Yamos, Joyce Zachary, these two are Americans. The former is a soldier who participated in the war on terrorism in the Middle East. The latter is an academic specializing in criminal psychology.”

“Oside Miller, male, French. Emily Josie, female, German. Lucia Mewes, female, British.”

Zheng Xingguo: “These people went to the Middle East together half a month ago to clear an important stronghold of an extremist terrorist organization.”

“Something went wrong in the middle of the operation. The other side set up an ambush one step ahead of them, and the people who went in were almost all implicated in the trap.” He said: “In the end the stronghold was detonated from the inside and a number of people were killed on both sides. Of our people, only these few came out.”

Ye Wenxuan frowned: “There has to be some special aspect for you guys to doubt them, right?”

“That’s right.”

Zheng Xingguo frowned: “Afterward, a follow-up team entered the base. Even though it was blown up completely, some buildings were retained.” He pointed: “Look at the last few pictures.”

Ye Wenxuan bowed his head again and pulled out the last few pictures.

This time there were no people in the pictures. These were all of the dilapidated buildings. Even though the lens you could still see the smoke, giving off an uncomfortable feeling.

In one of the photos, the charred ground had a large sinkhole. Ye Wenxuan couldn’t tell how big the pit was, but when comparing to the house next to it, it was probably at least over a dozen meters in diameter.

What caught his attention was one of the last photos.

It wasn’t very clear, but it was still visible that there was a fist print embedded in the dirt.

Ye Wenxuan looked up at Zheng Xingguo. The latter said: “Pay attention to these two photos. This pit was found in the terrorist organization stronghold, but we found no fewer than six of these potholes.”

Ye Wenxuan: “And this one?”

Zheng Xingguo: “This was found at the bottom of the pit. They were indeed human fist prints. The fist prints are also big and small, not like they were left behind by one person.”

Then he added: “The staff members took pictures of all of the fist prints in the pits and did some analyses. Then they came to the conclusion that they were really of two different people. However, because there was only one sample and the explosion destroyed many things, identification was very difficult.”

Can a normal ordinary person punch out a huge hole of over a dozen meters in diameter?

Obviously not.

Ye Wenxuan noticed another thing: “Two different punches…two different superhumans?”

Zheng Xingguo nodded: “That’s right. Moreover, it is highly likely that the two are not companions. Looking at the extent of the damage at the scene, the two of them should have gotten into a fight.”

“Unfortunately, by the time the support team entered, the people still alive inside were all unconscious. They didn’t find any terrorists still alive, nor did they see any of the fighting between the superhumans.”

Ye Wenxuan suddenly wondered: “Say, could it be that it was actually a fight between two superhumans of a third party who accidentally entered the stronghold. Then they fought too hard and then blew up the base?”

Zheng Xingguo: “…”

The more he spoke the more Ye Wenxuan felt like it was very reasonable. He cheerfully continued: “Then these two fought from east to west, the more they fought the farther they went. So by the time our people came in, they had already fought to the other side of the earth. Hey, I think it’s pretty…”

As soon as he looked up he faced Zheng Xingguo’s “death ray.” Ye Wenxuan immediately shut up, and the remaining “pretty reasonable” was swallowed back down into his stomach.

Xue Yongchang was listening interestedly: “Hey, continue talking ah, I thought it was pretty fun.”

Zheng Xingguo: “Can you two be more serious.”

Ye Wenxuan and Xue Yongchang sincerely said: “Can.”

Zheng Xingguo cleared his throat again: “So, we have a reached a preliminary conclusion that in these personnel, there is likely a superhuman hiding.”

“It’s just a possibility, it’s our private speculation.” He said: “We can’t find any evidence to support this, but that doesn’t stop us from proposing certain hypotheses.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at the pictures on the table again and put them away. “En. From every aspect, it looks like a superhuman accidentally exposed his abilities in order to rescue his companions.”

Zheng Xingguo’s expression warmed up slightly: “So we just let you pay attention a bit. It’s not a difficult task.”

“Besides, from your previous training scores, my expectations of you actually finding the superhuman are not very high.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” You didn’t have to add this sentence, thank you.

## can’t think of a name so just improvise ##

Counterterrorism team: “We have a traitor in our midst.”

Ye Wenxuan: “That’s too dirty, I never thought that you would be this kind of action group!”

Team members: “???”

[those who can understand this are all little corrupt women (/ω\)]

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 11 am – 12:15 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.3k words.

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