CFCS Chapter 117

Chapter 117
True or False Mermaid (Arc 9.4)

As soon as Reibar pushed open the door, he saw Jing Yang spitting out a mouthful of black and red blood. Just in the seconds he froze at the doorway, Jing Yang was already sprawled on the bed, continuously spitting out a stream of blood.

Reibar came back to his senses and immediately pressed the call bell along the wall, yelling, “Call the doctor over here, immediately! Right now!”

Reibar quickly walked to the bed and held Jing Yang in his arms. Looking at his pale face, he asked, “What’s wrong?!”

Jing Yang leaned against his chest and shook his head weakly. He hadn’t controlled his strength properly and went overboard. After spitting out so much blood, he felt that his body was empty and weak. How long would it take for him to make up for all that blood?

The doctor still hadn’t arrived but the guards and housekeeper rushed in. They thought that Reibar had been injured, completely forgetting how strong Reibar was. How could it be possible for him to easily get hurt in his own castle.

When they saw Reibar holding a weak Jing Yang and a large pool of blood on the ground by the bed, everyone was stunned.

“What are you frozen there for, why aren’t you quickly bringing the doctor over!” Reibar roared at the men outside the door.

“Yes, yes King, the doctor is already on his way.” The housekeeper responded.

By the time the doctor in the castle arrived in a hurry, Jing Yang had already fallen into a coma from vomiting up too much blood. Reibar helped him lie flat on the bed and let the doctor check his state. He himself kept standing by the bed, frowning tightly at the face of the man on the bed.

After the doctor finished examining Jing Yang, Reibar immediately asked, “How’s he doing now? Is it life-threatening?”

The doctor replied, “Looking at the color of the blood he spit out and his physical condition, he should be poisoned, but to find out the poison itself, I will still need to test some blood to know. It’s just that…”

“Just what?! Don’t keep waiting!” Reibar was already very anxious, and at this time he was still pausing and hiding things, he thought that this doctor was really tired of living.

The doctor immediately followed, “His body seems to be a little special. When I examined him, I found that his body was very different from that of the average person.”

“He’s an artificial mermaid.” Reibar said.

“Artificial mermaid?” The doctor looked at Jing Yang with some surprise and said, “Doesn’t look like it ah, impossible.”

After the doctor said that, he took out an instrument and examined Jing Yang again, and then said to Reibar with certainty, “His physique is very special, but he’s definitely not an artificial mermaid. Even though upon examination he doesn’t look like a natural mermaid, he has a uterus in his body, so the probability of him being a natural mermaid is still higher.”

Reibar had bought Jing Yang from the artificial mermaid auction house, but now the doctor told him that this man was a natural mermaid. Then why did he appear at the auction house? It was illegal to buy and sell natural mermaids, and natural mermaids enjoyed top treatment and benefits, so there would be no need to sell themselves.

“When will he wake up?” Reibar was very confused but now was not the time to think about these issues. In any case, he could wait for him to wake up and let him explain it himself. The most important thing now was whether he could wake up and when he could wake up.

“It’s hard to say. He was poisoned very badly, and it’s highly toxic. But as for why he is still able to live after being poisoned so badly, I also find it very strange.” The doctor replied.

“Hurry up and make the antidote, don’t spout some nonsense around here! If his poison can’t be cured, you don’t have to think about being a doctor in the future!” Reibar was in a very bad mood right now, so he was completely taking it out on this poor doctor.

The doctor felt that he was innocent. It was clear that Reibar was the one who had asked him a question so he had replied, but then it turned into him spouting out nonsense. The doctor of course didn’t have the courage to speak out his inner thoughts, only promptly promising Reibar that he would do his best. He collected Jing Yang’s blood and immediately took it to test. He needed to first know the poison’s composition before he could create an antidote.

Reibar sat at Jing Yang’s bedside for a long time, not moving. The housekeeper and a bunch of servants stayed outside the room. When the day was about to dawn, the housekeeper worked up the courage to go in and advise, “The king, you should go to rest for a while. Old slave will stay here, and if he wakes up, old slave will immediately inform you.”

This was the first time the housekeeper had seen Reibar fly into a rage like this. In his heart he thought, this man on the bed can make the king so concerned about him, he seems to not be simple.

Reibar didn’t want to let Jing Yang leave his sight. Even if he went back to his room he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, but it was really not very good to keep sitting here.

The housekeeper saw Reibar stand up. Thinking that he was finally going back to his room to rest, he was just about to let out a sigh of relief, but then he saw Reibar pick up Jing Yang from the bed and go out the room without a word.

The housekeeper didn’t dare to say anything, just silently following them.

After Reibar lay Jing Yang down on his bed and covered him with the quilt, he lay down beside him. He propped up his head with one hand to watch Jing Yang, the other hand stroking his bloodless face, his heart filled with pity and heartache. A natural mermaid yet he had fallen to the auction, and was even heavily poisoned, he must be carrying very painful experiences on this body.

Jing Yang let himself go to sleep immediately after falling into a coma because this body had gone through too much and really wanted to have a good rest.

When he opened his eyes, he found that he was no longer in his room from last night. He sat up, looked at the large bed under his body, and then looked at the arrangement of the room. Could it be…

“You’re awake?” Reibar came out of the dressing room, looking at Jing Yang who was sitting in bed with a face of confusion.

“Ki, king.” As soon as Jing Yang opened his mouth he found that his voice was hoarse. When he saw Reibar, he confirmed his thoughts. Here was really Reibar’s room, and even if it was a royal castle, not just every room could be arranged like this.

“How do you feel?” Reibar sat by the bed, carefully observing him.

“I, am fine now.” Jing Yang didn’t really know what his situation was like now. He could only wait for Reibar to leave, and then use the system to check the state of his body.

“Being poisoned can also be considered fine?” Reibar wasn’t happy with his answer but couldn’t bear to be mad at him, only asking, “Do you know what poison it was?”

Yesterday the doctor had busied himself the whole night but still hadn’t fully tested out the composition of the poison. Who knew how long they would have to wait until an antidote was produced. The doctor said that it would be much easier to make an antidote if Jing Yang knew what poison it was and if the poison was recorded.

“I know what poison I was given, and I also know the way to detoxify it. But I will have to trouble the king to have people help me find some of the particularly difficult to find herbs.” Jing Yang responded.

Reibar immediately called over the doctor and let Jing Yang tell the doctor the method of curing the poison. For the medicine that he needed, he would send someone to find them no matter what method they used.

Jing Yang also understood clearly that even though there were several herbs in the antidote that would be very rare for ordinary people, it was not a difficult thing for Reibar, who was a king and also had many soldiers.

After Jing Yang told the doctor how to prepare the antidote, Reibar let him sleep a little longer. After watching him fall asleep, Reibar left to handle his own affairs.

Jing Yang started the system and scanned his body. Because he had gone overboard last night, part of the toxin had been removed, but this method could not be used frequently or else he would lose too much blood and die. The most effective and safest way to do this was to use the antidote to cure the poison. When he removed the poison, he would be able to return to 50% of his previous appearance. Even though the bead wasn’t in his body, as long as he came close to the bead, he could still control the bead to a certain extent. When he got the bead back, his appearance would be fully restored and his power could be fully utilized.

Because Reibar had personally ordered his subordinates to find herbs, the herbs needed for the antidote were soon collected.

Jing Yang took the antidote that the doctor prepared and determined that the medicine was effective. Now he just had to wait for the poison to be slowly removed, and then he could start planning for what he should do to get back his bead, and after taking back the bead, how he should get his revenge against Abby.

While he was recovering, Reibar approached him to talk. This was within his expectations. He just knew that he would never not ask anything.

“Will you believe what I say?” Jing Yang gave Reibar a pitiful look that would definitely arouse Reibar’s sympathy. “If I say my identity and what happened to me, will you really believe that what I said was true? Before, because I revealed my identity, I was not only beaten up as a madman but also sent to the auction. So I feel like no one will believe what I’m saying is true.”

Sure enough, Reibar’s heart was unable to resist his gaze, and he immediately promised, “As long as you tell me, no matter how incredible the content is, I will believe you. But you only have this one opportunity. If afterward I find that you made up a lie to deceive me, no matter what you say, I will not believe you.”

“Thank you for being willing to believe me. I promise that every word I say is true, and if there is the least bit of lie, you can deal with me later.” Jing Yang looked at him with a very sincere gaze.

“Speak.” Reibar had already prepared to listen.

“Even though I appeared at the auction house for artificial mermaids, I am not an artificial mermaid. I am the pure blooded mermaid who came to marry the prince of the Kingdom of Luasi.”

“What did you say?!” Reibar looked at Jing Yang in shock.

Jing Yang’s first sentence already gave Reibar a huge shock. If the person sitting in front of them was the pure blooded mermaid who came to marry Cory, then the one who was now in the palace and had married Cory, who was it?

Jing Yang told Reibar in detail about what had happened to Leann. He told him how he had been hijacked by pirates at sea, the pirate leader cutting open his stomach with a knife, taking out his bead, pouring poison into his mouth, and then throwing him into the sea.

Hearing this, Reibar’s eyes flashed with anger, and his hands clenched. He pressed down the impulse to want to kill the pirate leader immediately. He was ready to wait for Jing Yang to finish talking before immediately commanding people to find those pirates. He would make them suffer a thousand cuts.

Jing Yang went on to tell him how Leann had gone through many many difficulties before finally arriving at the Kingdom of Luasi, but was beaten by the guards outside the palace gate. He lived for a while in a cave outside the city, and then came across Cory and Abby, who had gone out to play. Then he had explained everything to Cory, but Cory didn’t believe him, and after listening to Abby, he sent him to the artificial mermaid auction house.

Jing Yang bowed his head and held his body. Even though it wasn’t him who had suffered all this, this body still had the memory of enduring all of those ordeals. As soon as he thought about it, the body would react with an instinctive pain.

Reibar wanted to go over and hold him, but restrained himself. “I believe what you said, how do you want me to help you?”

Even though believing someone so easily was not in Reibar’s character, he still completely believed him in his heart. Even he himself had no way.

“I want to get my bead back and get revenge against Abby. Can you help me?” Jing Yang asked him.

“I can. But this matter needs to be planned carefully. After all, your bead is now in Abby’s hands. And he has also successfully summoned the rain in front of all of the royals and nobles, so wanting to break him down isn’t as simple or easy.”

“I understand. This matter of revenge can’t be rushed, I can take it slowly.”

“Then what?” Reibar asked. “What are your plans after you get the bead back and revenge against Abby?”

Jing Yang hugged his knees and bowed his head. “I don’t know. I came to get married, and that was the king’s mission for me. If I get revenge against Abby, Cory will probably hate me. If he doesn’t want to marry me, I think I should go back to the mermaid kingdom.”

Hearing that his thinking only encompassed the two options of marriage or returning to the mermaid kingdom, Reibar felt very unhappy, so he brought up his own request. “I promised to help you, and shouldn’t you also agree to my conditions.”

“What do you want me to do?” Jing Yang used an innocent and naive gaze to look at Reibar.

“You can promise me first. After you succeed, I will tell you the conditions.” Reibar said.

Jing Yang obviously knew what he was playing at, but he deliberately hesitated for a while and then answered, “Okay, I will promise you. In order to get back my bead and get revenge, I will do anything you want.”

Reibar looked at Jing Yang’s pure face, feeling incomparable satisfaction in his heart. He had already begun to fantasize in his mind, since he said that he could do anything to him, then he would do what he most wanted to do.

Random Notes:

A little less than an hour: 10:15 am – 11 am, for 4k characters to 2.5k words.

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  1. Jing Yang: *pure face* “I will do anything you want.”
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