CFCS Chapter 64

Chapter 64
Survival Games (Arc 5.11)

When the smoke squad members rushed over, Dark Flame and Easy Nobility were left with only a breath remaining, the two people lay on the ground, covered in blood. Easy Nobility’s face had turned into a pile of mushy meat, and it was impossible to tell his original appearance. Some of them were frightened, and began wondering whether they should rush up to avenge them or just bring the two barely alive people and quickly run away.

The A team members also just happened to arrive at this time. Seeing this scene, Goose Over spoke, “Boss, with such a good play to watch, why didn’t you let us know earlier.”

“Should we let those people standing around also lie down with them?” Solid warmed up his arm, he was already prepared to do it.

“Let them go.” Jing Yang said.

Qi Feng turned to look at Jing Yang. Ever since Jing Yang had told him last time about how these people had treated him, Qi Feng had always been thinking about how he could properly teach these people to avenge him. Right now they had sent themselves up to the door, so it was a great opportunity to teach them, how could he just let them go like this.

“Leave them ba, only if they’re still alive can they continue to suffer. If they just die then it would be over.” Jing Yang looked at him. His thought was that since he had already decided to rescue all of these players, even if they killed these people now, later on they would still be able to survive back to reality. Instead of letting them die and wait to be saved, it would be better to leave them, and then later they could continue to torture them, until he has properly avenged Ding Nuoyang.

Qi Feng glanced at Goose Over. Goose Over understood and stepped forward. “You have five seconds to disappear immediately, or we will let you all disappear from this game world.”

The smoke squad members did not hesitate, directly lifting up the barely breathing Dark Flame and Easy Nobility and immediately leaving their sight.

“Now, let’s take care of this.” Jing Yang looked at the snake demon still sitting on the ground.

“Who is she?” Solid asked.

“Handsome.” The snake demon winked at Solid. A purple light appeared in her eyes, she was using a bewitching skill. “This chain capturing me is so painful ah, you help me untie it, okay?”

Dragon Seven went over and stepped on her face. “Blindly tossing around those bewitching eyes for what, he isn’t interested in big-chested females like you, he likes flat-chested males like me.”

Solid could tell that she was using the bewitching skill on himself just now, and raised his eyebrow. “This is the legendary Snake City snake demon lord?”

“That’s right.” Jing Yang laughed.

The snake demon’s heart suffered 10,000 points of injury. Her bewitching skill was more useful the more lustful and emotional the person was, but today she didn’t know what bad luck had befallen her, everyone she met already had lovers and weren’t easy to provoke, and even liked males. Could it be that right now male-male relationships were the main trend? The snake demon secretly determined that if she had another chance to appear later on, she would definitely first change into a male and then use her bewitching magic.

In the end, the snake demon as expected received her happy ending. Dragon Seven raised his hands and cut her into two halves. After she changed back into a snake, a silver snake hairpin appeared next to her body.

The Snake City task ended. A team firmly ranked first, and their distance away from the other teams was even further.

Jing Yang and Dragon Seven continued to study the erroneous code, and Dragon Seven had already completely determined that the problems in the game system were related to these codes. If they wanted to solve these problems, they also needed some technical staff to open an operating page for them to connect to the main system.

Qi Feng contacted the technical staff and told them about the problems that they had found. With his status in the real world, his words naturally immediately attracted their attention. The technicians informed the leaders, and after the leaders found out that Qi Feng’s group had found a way to save everyone, they immediately let all of the technical staff use their full effort, even if there was only a glimmer of hope, to try it out.

Qi Feng directly communicated with the leaders, and after the two sides came to an agreement, they both agreed that before they succeeded, they would first not announce it to the other players. If they weren’t able to succeed, then it wouldn’t cause any unnecessary trouble.

The technicians would do as they directed in the real world, but in the game world, they could only rely on themselves.

Jing Yang watched Qi Feng finish taking care of everything with the other side, and then close the contact page. He stood up and said, “I think that if I can finish refining the lightning on the sun barite, it will be more favorable for my future actions.”

“En.” Qi Feng nodded. “Do you have a plan? Do you need me to find a technician and let them send us the method for refining it.”

“No need.” Jing Yang smiled. “I know the method, I will take care of it as soon as possible. Then I’ll first return to my room.”

“I’ll send you.” Qi Feng also stood up.

Jing Yang looked at him doubtfully. His room was just a few steps away, was there a need to send him over?

They walked to the door, Jing Yang turned around and just wanted to say that he could just return to his room himself when Qi Feng suddenly put both his arms on the door, looking down at Jing Yang, who he had enclosed in his arms.

Qi Feng’s gaze was very deep, like a bottomless dark abyss. Jing Yang felt that he was almost sucked in his eyes, with the suffocating feeling of his heartbeat accelerating.

Qi Feng slowly lowered his head, and Jing Yang did not avoid him. He wanted to determine whether or not Qi Feng was his own lover.

The friction between their lips, the tip of the tongue forcefully stretching into his mouth to entangle with him, Jing Yang carefully felt. His kiss made him feel a strong sense of familiarity. But…why did the previous feelings, never appear?

Jing Yang forcefully pushed Qi Feng away, his eyes somewhat flustered. Under Qi Feng’s gaze, he opened the door and ran out.

Back in his room, Jing Yang paced around in a mess, and then lay down on the bed with his head in his arms. Why was this happening? He himself had obviously been moved, he had thought that he would be his own lover, but that soul attraction feeling did not appear, could he have loved the wrong person?!

Jing Yang made himself calm down, there must be some problem somewhere, maybe it was like with the gazes, that kind of feeling might not appear every time.

Or maybe…that’s right! Jing Yang suddenly widened his eyes. He had thought of a possibility, this was in the game, and their bodies were all not real. Then no matter how real their senses or feelings might be, they would still be conveyed through the gaming compartment. In the game world, they were all images composed from data and code, of course they couldn’t perceive each other’s soul.

Jing Yang felt that there should be nothing wrong with this idea, but if so, before leaving the game, he still had no way to confirm whether or not Qi Feng was his own lover. He had already been moved, but what if Qi Feng wasn’t? He couldn’t stand falling in love with two different people at the same time.

Before determining whether or not Qi Feng was his lover, Jing Yang decided to keep a certain distance from him. If he wasn’t, then he would find a way to disappear, so that he could never find himself.


Before the next task level opened, there was still a period of time. Jing Yang had already removed the lightning protection layer from the sun barite, and the system had released the message, so that the other players were also aware of this.

In order to find more error codes, they had decided to accept more people into the team, with the condition that all of the players who joined had to open a special channel in their space so that Jing Yang could enter at will, and allow him to take away anything that he wanted. And A team’s promise was that everyone who joined them was guaranteed to be able to leave the game alive.

Once this news was released, quite a few players were moved. After all, A team has two solar barites, this guarantee ensuring that the people who joined them would be able to leave alive, for them it wouldn’t be just some random claim.

It’s just that this request for them to open up their own space and let other people take their things still made some players somewhat hesitant. They were worried that if the A team just swept up all of the treasures in their spaces and then chased them out of the team, wouldn’t they just be waiting around for death.

A team didn’t insist or force them, they gave all of the players the chance to join voluntarily.

Some of the weaker teams felt that their chances of getting out alive had already been slim, and joining A team would only improve their chances of survival. In any case they didn’t have many weapons or treasures, just using them as a gamble was still very cost-effective.

For all of the teams that had come to join, Qi Feng let his teammates go over to make their conditions very clear. The original team captains were responsible for managing their own players, and as long as one person dared to make trouble or not follow the rules, even their entire team would be kicked out of the team.

The number of people in the A team very quickly expanded to several dozen people, and seeing other people join, more and more people were moved and wanted to join.

The smoke squad members became more and more impatient. They had long had an irreconcilable vendetta with A team, so A team naturally wouldn’t let them join. But if A team’s members increased to more than 100, then wouldn’t they no longer have the chance to survive?

Dark Flame and Easy Nobility were still recovering, they had used all of the possible medicines that they had, and all of the teammates had also given them a few of their medicines, but they still had not completely recovered. Especially Easy Nobility’s face, he needed to use Snow Mountain fresh nectar in order to repair it, but the price was really too high. Easy Nobility didn’t want to buy it, he still wanted to keep his money to give himself a facelift when he went back to the real world.

“We can’t go on like this, Black Hawk is dead, and Dark Flame and Easy Nobility still haven’t completely recovered. Our team’s strength has already been weakened very badly, it would be very difficult to even complete the missions in the task level, let alone going against the A team.” Madman said anxiously.

“Even if we do finish the task, would it even be useful to get more points? A team’s two sun barites have already been released, and those of us not under their protection all have to die.”

“If we hadn’t feuded with them before, maybe we could join them now.”

“It was because of Ding Nuoyang that we had a feud with them, if we hadn’t driven Ding Nuoyang out of the team before, this situation wouldn’t have happened.”

“Could it be that we can only wait for death? Quickly think of some other methods ah!”

The smoke squad members were all discussing anxiously, very worried about their current situation.

Easy Nobility wore a mask over his face, that scene of Jing Yang whipping his face with the million thorn whip was still engraved in his mind like a nightmare, making him afraid, angry, and resentful. He definitely needed to find an opportunity to carry out his vendetta, if he didn’t have an opportunity then he would create one. He would personally tear him up, and make him feel his pain million times over.

“We can cooperate with the other teams.” Easy Nobility’s voice passed through his mask. “There are only 100 available places for leaving the game world, and since they have said that the people who join them can live, they cannot have more than 100 people. There are thousands of people in our game area alone, of course no one will be so willing to die. We can join the rest of the teams to go against the A team, so that at least there is a chance to live.”

The team members looked at each other and felt that it was the only method to try at the moment. But…, after joining forces, what could they do? A team has two sun barites in their hands.

Dark Flame sat on the sofa, covering his still painful chest. “First contact the other teams, and then we can all discuss a feasible countermeasure together.”

Smoke squad sent out the news, and quite a few teams actually responded to them. Even though no one had any good methods at this time, no matter what, they would just come together first and then talk about it. Just having more companions for more courage was also good.

A team soon reached 100 people, and many people began to regret their hesitation.

For more convenient management, A team rented out all of the residential areas near the suburbs of Dongcheng, which were, of course, paid for by the players living there.

Those players who had already joined the A team originally were somewhat concerned that A team would trick them. But after a period of time, they found that A team only required them to not cause any trouble or any internal conflicts, with no other requirements.

What surprised them even more was that even though many treasures had been removed from their spaces, not long afterward, those treasures would be returned as already refined weapons. They had tried out these weapons, which were stronger than their previous ones by who knew how many times. This way, when they had joined A team, they had not only not suffered, but also gotten a lot of benefits. The A team members not only guaranteed that they would be able to leave alive, but also helped them to build such strong weapons, and their attitude toward them was also extremely polite. What else did they have to worry about or guard against, they just needed to follow them.

The teams that banded together to fight A team gave themselves a name, called the joint counterattack team.

When the third task level finally opened, they decided to take the opportunity to surround A team. Those who had joined the joint counterattack team all had ulterior motives, they felt that even if they couldn’t wipe out the A team headquarters, they could at least reduce their numbers. This way, in the end they might also have the chance to join the A team.

Translator Notes:

[1] in a mess – 心慌意乱, means confused, rattled, flustered
[2] random claim – 信口开河, idiom, means to speak without thinking, something careless and blurted

Random Notes:

A bit over 1 hour: 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm, for 4k characters to 2.7k words. We are getting closer to the end of the arc. Also, so much relationship drama.

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