CFCS Chapter 46

Chapter 46
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.6)

During breakfast, Jing Yang carried his suitcase downstairs, stunning the Mooney family members. Faith thought that after yesterday’s argument he really wanted to move out, and looked at his father somewhat guiltily.

Susan asked, “Avi, what are you doing?”

Jing Yang placed the suitcase down at the side and sat down at the dinner table. “In fifteen days I will be participating in a competition, so my teacher told me to go live over at his place so he could guide my practice.”

“So it’s like that.” Susan smiled and nodded. “Very good, good luck oh, you will have to work hard to make Hai Weixiu satisfied. That’s right, which competition is it that you’re going to participate in?”

“The Dawatt Piano Skill Competition.” Jing Yang answered.

“Is that right?” Susan looked at Corrica. “Corrica previously also mentioned that he was going to participate in this competition, right?”

“Yes.” Corrica smiled and nodded slightly.

“Didn’t you say that you would start competing in just three days?” Susan asked doubtfully.

Her husband Kurt answered her, “Great teachers’ privileged students can go straight to the finals.”

“Aiya, look at me, I actually forgot this matter.” Susan rubbed her forehead in chagrin, she really hadn’t thought of that for a while. “This is a very important competition, you will both need to work hard.”

Corrica’s smile became a little difficult to hold, so he hurriedly lowered his head to eat to cover up his expression. In his heart he was really very jealous, Avi was actually able to go live in Hai Weixiu’s residence after only one class. Not only was he able to directly participate in the finals, but he could also receive the King of Music’s personal guidance. But he himself actually could only pass through round by round until he could reach the finals.

He was unwilling, Avi’s piano skills were simply unable to be compared with his, why was he able to enjoy so many privileges, yet he himself had none. He had to win this competition, he had to get first place, he needed to prove to Hai Weixiu that he had chosen the wrong person.

Today Jing Yang did not have to sit in the same car as those two, because Hai Weixiu’s driver had come over to pick him up. The driver helped him place his luggage in the trunk and then helped him open the door.

“Avi.” Corrica called to Avi just as he was about to get on the car.

“If you are going to say that you want to go to school in the same car as me, I reject.” Jing Yang directly said.

“No…” Corrica’s smile was somewhat awkward. “I just wanted to say to be careful on the road.”


Before the competition ended, Jing Yang did not need to attend any of his cultural classes, which was also one of the privileges of being a great teacher’s privileged student.

When Jing Yang arrived, Hai Weixiu was sitting in the living room drinking coffee and watching the news.

“Good morning, teacher.” Jing Yang greeted him.

Hai Weixiu patted the sofa, so Jing Yang walked over and sat down.

“Do you know why I want to let you participate in the Dawatt Piano Skill Competition?” Hai Weixiu placed his arm along the back of the sofa, making it seem as if Jing Yang was leaning in his arms.

Taking part in competitions is naturally for winning a place, and is also a kind of tempering. All music students would constantly participate in all kinds of competitions of all sizes. But Hai Weixiu had asked him such a question, so what he wanted to hear was of course not these obvious answers.

“I don’t know.” Jing Yang responded.

“Because I hate those Dawatt School old fogies.”

“Er…I do know that.” Or he should say, everyone knew that Hai Weixiu did not like the Dawatt School.

The Dawatt School was also known as the classical music conservative faction. This faction of people was extremely dedicated to stubbornly pursuing the performance of skill and technique, and moreover believed that rhythm and interval should all be played strictly following the score, and the appearance of any bit of difference would all be mistakes.

Regarding these strict requirements of orthodoxy, the skills and technique are able to be shown, but this kind of music still seemed very rigid and lacking any feeling.

Hai Weixiu had previously criticized in public many times the rigid performance of the Dawatt School. Making music lose feelings, music that lacks feelings was just like dead water that couldn’t flow—as time went on, it would emit a sour stench that disgusted people.

But what was strange was that even though everyone knew he hated the Dawatt faction, everyone also knew that when he was in his teens, he had won first place three times in a row in the Dawatt Piano Skill Competition.

“When you want to criticize something you dislike, you must at the very least prove that you can do it very well, and it’s only that you are not willing to go do it. I criticize you, because I think you are inferior, not because I can’t achieve what you want.” Hai Weixiu turned his head and raised Jing Yang’s chin. “You are my first student, so when you go participate in a competition, you will represent me to a certain extent. Those old fogies have been scolded by me for so many years and have been waiting all this time for a chance to scold me back, so you must get first place and block their mouths. Only then can I continue to scold them.”

Black lines appeared on Jing Yang’s face. In his heart he thought, I had thought that even though your personality is not that good, but at least you should have been a relatively proper musician, I never thought that your purpose for pursuing music was in order to scold people?

“I feel, would they deliberately not let me get first place no matter how well I perform because I am your student?” Jing Yang asked with some worry.

“Relax, even though they’re some old fogies, they’re still old fogies with great integrity. They’re not like me this kind of free-willed person, judging other people completely based on my own preferences.” Hai Weixiu responded earnestly.

Jing Yang looked at him speechlessly, it was his first time seeing someone saying that he had no integrity in such a bold and confident manner.

“Come, let’s start practicing.” Hai Weixiu stood up and extended his hand to Jing Yang.


In the following ten or so days, Jing Yang finally really felt how powerful this person hailed as the King of Music truly was. The skills that he taught him were things that other people might not be able to understand even for a lifetime.

Jing Yang slowly got used to the fact that he would stick very close to him to guide him: sometimes he would put his arms around him from behind his back when he was teaching him the correct fingering practice techniques, when he spoke his breath would blow right into his ears, and when he couldn’t resist trembling a bit, he would chuckle lightly in his ear.

Jing Yang could tell that he was being molested, but Hai Weixiu actually seemed to show an earnest and serious appearance. He had clearly already taken advantage of him all over, but he had controlled the level extremely well, leaving Jing Yang not a single opportunity to push him away. And Jing Yang had even very shamefully, very incompetently, been moved—he hadn’t been able to resist this man’s temptation. Who let this man be so handsome that the gods were envious, and also emitted male hormones from all over his body, and when he played piano the charm that he emitted was able to insta-kill countless males and females.

Even though Jing Yang had not been insta-killed, he had still not been able to resist very long before falling under his chest and fingers. It was just that he felt that there was something he couldn’t quite grasp in this man.

Hai Weixiu felt that letting Jing Yang become his own student was really an excellent decision. This child seemed quite stubborn, but his comprehension and perception abilities were extremely high. That pair of quick-witted shining black eyes would always make him unable to resist the urge to want to kiss them.

He liked seeing his appearance of half-leaning in his arms and shivering, so cute that his heart moved, and also ignited his desire. But in order to avoid scaring him, and also in order to better confirm his own intentions, he controlled his own desires.

Jing Yang felt that even if he didn’t use the system, right now he could also go fight, and getting first place would also be very likely. But this competition was extremely important, and no matter whether it was for himself or for Hai Weixiu, he could not lose.

This was his first time helping Avi participate in a competition, so he had to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. This was also his first time participating in a competition as Hai Weixiu’s student, so he had to maintain the image of the King of Music and prove that not only was he himself strong, but the student that he had taught was also similarly powerful. Only this way could he continue to scold those old fogies in the future.


Corrica smoothly entered the finals. He had actually always wanted to go the Dawatt School route, this was the style that he was best at. But the Dawatt School was not the current mainstream, and most people who liked music were more willing to listen to music performed with emotions.

Under Hai Weixiu’s push, the Dawatt School music had turned into an existence for testing skill and technique, and not music for appreciation and enjoyment. But even if it was like this, for those who wanted to achieve higher accomplishments in music, this was also a required aspect.

Corrica’s guidance teacher also said that he was more suited to the Dawatt faction, but if he wanted to go higher, progress further, then he could not just stop here, but instead could only take it as a stepping stone. Just like him in the Mooney family, if he wanted to receive care and concern and obtain protection, piano was his means, and Avi was his stepping stone.

Every time Corrica had a competition, Faith would always take time off to accompany him, help him bring his stuff, and pamper and console him.

In fact at this time, Corrica would prefer to stay peacefully by himself and better calm his nervous mood. Faith unceasingly chattering next to him would only make him even more distraught and chaotic. But he still showed an appearance of enjoyment and comfort, because every time he saw Avi’s ugly expression he would feel a sense of accomplishment. No matter how well-off you, Avi, were born, no matter how much money you have, what can you do. I can rely on myself to get everything that I want, and you can’t defeat me.

“Are you nervous?” Faith patted Corrica’s shoulder.

“A little.” Corrica looked up and smiled at him.

“It’s Hai Weixiu! Oh my God, Hai Weixiu is here!” Suddenly someone exclaimed.

A huge commotion broke out in the big hall, and everyone stood up to look at the door.

Hai Weixiu came in with his arm around Jing Yang’s shoulder. Several tall and strong bodyguards followed around them, and everyone automatically gave way. Even though they excitedly and curiously watched, no one dared to go closer.

Corrica saw this scene, and he was very jealous in his heart. Hai Weixiu actually personally sent Avi to the competition, why could Avi get this kind of love and care?

Faith’s mood was also very complicated. Even he himself couldn’t say why, so he just concluded that he must just be uncomfortable whenever he saw Avi.

Corrica tidied up his emotions. This was a good opportunity to show his face in front of Hai Weixiu, so he at least needed to let him have an impression of himself. So he walked over with a slight smile to greet him, “Teacher Hai Wei, hello, I am Corrica, a friend of Avi’s.”

“Don’t call me teacher.” Hai Weixiu looked at him with a frown, cold light flashing in his eyes. “You are not my student at all.”

Corrica retreated two steps in fear from his imposing manner, hurriedly apologizing, “I’m sorry!”

Hai Weixiu didn’t pay attention to him, raising his hand to tousle Jing Yang’s hair. “Don’t be nervous.”

“En.” Jing Yang responded.

Hai Weixiu left two bodyguards behind and walked through the VIP corridor to the VIP viewing room on the second floor.

Corrica had been scared by Hai Weixiu’s eyes just now, and even now was still somewhat flustered. Plus that scene just now was definitely seen by everyone here, which made him feel very humiliated.

Everyone on the side was discussing quietly, and occasionally would chuckle. They were laughing that that person actually dared to greet Hai Weixiu, they really overestimated themselves. Hai Weixiu’s horrible temper was well known, even if it was the head of state or another country’s royal family who wanted to see him, he would still not necessarily give them any face, let alone a small nobody like you.

Corrica pretended that he hadn’t heard these discussions, forcibly maintaining his calm. He pulled out a gentle slight smile. “Avi, it seems that your relationship with Mr. Hai Wei is not bad, he actually personally sent you to the competition.”

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Jing Yang looked at him expressionlessly.

“I just feel…” Corrica turned his head to glance at Faith behind him, and then turned back to Jing Yang. “You are still an engaged person after all, acting so intimately with someone else in public, would that not be too good.”

Jing Yang instantly laughed out. “Not only are you a ridiculous person, but even the words you say are also so ridiculous. I recommend that you go be a comedian, consider it a bit, maybe you’ll be able to go even further than with piano.”

Jing Yang found an empty seat to sit down. The two bodyguards stood on either side of him, and the other candidates knew that he was Hai Weixiu’s student, casting all sorts of envious, jealous, and resentful gazes at him.

Corrica could no longer maintain the smile on his face, and Faith held his shoulder. “Go over and rest for a bit, the competition is going to start soon.”

The requirement for the competition was for every competitor to play three songs consecutively, and they needed to display mastery of three different kinds of techniques.

After Corrica went on stage, he looked at the judges and audience below and sucked in a deep breath. He had achieved everything he had now from nothing, how much effort he had put in, only he himself was the clearest. Practicing day and night, constantly practicing, in order to get more people’s recognition.

As soon as he was born he was abandoned in an orphanage, and because of his poor health, he would often be bullied. He saw those children older than him being assisted by wealthy people after displaying their outstanding music talent, and then their lives had become so much better. From that moment on, he knew that he had to work hard on something in order to change his fate.

After he worked hard to practice piano, his fate really began to change.

He still remembered the scenes of his first time seeing Faith and Avi, they had been wearing very beautiful clothes, holding hands to come see him. They had brought very delicious and very fun things, and even though he had smiled very happily, he was actually not happy at all.

What he wanted was not just those delicious and fun things, he wished that person who was held by the hand was him, he wished he himself could always wear those beautiful clothes, he wished that he could forever live in those big and beautiful homes. So he needed to work even harder.

And as he worked harder, fate changed again. He was adopted, and he finally became a member of that family, as he had wished.

But he still felt that it wasn’t enough, he wanted even more care, he wanted even more recognition, he wanted to monopolize it all.

It turned out that Avi’s home was right next door, that was an even bigger and even more beautiful home, in there was a white piano that he would even conjure in his dreams. Since Avi had his own home, then he could just give the entire Mooney family to himself, and since he had so much money, then he could just give Faith to himself, and it wouldn’t matter too much to him. Because he had everything ah, those people who already had so much, how could they still be so greedy and want to have even more?

Later, he succeeded, he received the love and care of everyone in the Mooney family. Seeing Avi’s sorrowful and sad expression, he felt somewhat happy. Who let you have so much at the beginning, I had relied on my own ability to snatch those from you, and you can only blame your own incompetence.

But why? Why? Just when he had thought Avi had already no longer posed a threat to him, and he had already completely suppressed him, Avi actually became Hai Weixiu’s student.

But it didn’t matter, he would just rob it again. He would prove to Hai Weixiu that he was more appropriate for being his student. The person he should be guiding, the person he should care for, was all supposed to be himself, he would prove it to him, he definitely would!

The jealousy and anger in Corrica’s heart, as well as his strong desire to prove himself, actually let him exceed his own limits, and the judges all showed satisfied expressions.

When he stood up to bow, Corrica’s forehead and back were all full of sweat, but seeing the judges’ expressions, as well as that warm applause, he smiled very happily.

“Corrica, you were really too great!” Faith came backstage to hug Corrica.

“I did it, Faith, I am really so happy!” Corrica hugged Faith excitedly, expressing his own excitement.

“I knew that you would definitely be able to do it! You’ve always been the best in my heart!” Faith looked at him very happily.

Corrica smiled, and from the corner of his eye he saw Jing Yang preparing to go onstage. He immediately turned around. “Avi!”

Jing Yang stopped walking and looked at him.

“Good luck!” Corrica encouraged him with a smile on his face, but his eyes were full of provocation.

Jing Yang smiled and continued walking up.

Translator Notes:

[1] unwilling – 他不甘心, means more like not reconciled to or not resigned to but I don’t really know how to use those two in a smooth way?
[2] old fogies – 老古板, a fogy is an (usually elderly) overly conservative person, I haven’t seen this word in such a long time
[3] interval – 音程, that’s the definition given by mdbg, but I don’t actually know how that really relates
[4] black lines – 黑线, basically refers to those lines in manga when you’re just like wtf
[5] free-willed – 随心所欲, idiom, means following his desires or doing as he pleases
[6] bold and confident – 理直气壮, idiom, means in the right and self-confident
[7] taken advantage of him – 上下其手, ok this is a little confusing bc it’s an idiom that means to raise and lower his hand as a hint, but I feel like it makes more sense as just molesting him so
[8] amaze the world – 一鸣惊人, idiom, also means to become an overnight celebrity
[9] pamper – 嘘寒问暖, idiom, means to inquire solicitously about how he’s doing
[10] well known – 人尽皆知, idiom, means known by everyone

Random Notes:

Almost two hours: 1:45 pm – 2:15 pm, 4:45 pm – 6 pm, for 4.8k characters to 3.4k words. There were just a bunch of weird phrases/words in here that tripped me up for a bit.

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