CFCS Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Gourmet Food Heir (Arc 1.11)

“En~, ah!”

Two bodies were entangled together, besides the sound of rapid and heavy breathing, the person who was being pressed down would from time to time let out unrestrained moans.

To Jing Yang, this type of feeling should be completely unfamiliar, yet when he completely sank into the pleasure, he again gradually felt a sense of familiarity to this feeling. Some similar scenes suddenly appeared in his mind, making him somewhat distracted, unclear whether this moment was reality or imagination.

Jing Yang lay on his stomach on the bed, his entire body powerless. Evidently the person who had exerted the effort wasn’t him, why would he be so tired. Zhao Bocheng pressed up against his body, kissing his back.

Turning around his body, Jing Yang propped up his shoulder and looked at him face to face. That pair of eyes always gave him a sense of familiarity. During the time of disordered thought and crazy passion, he had felt that even the two people’s souls had been entangled together, and furthermore these two souls had been familiar with each other for a long time. It was the type of familiarity where just touching would let their hearts tremble, just like the feeling that he had gotten from the jade Hades had given him.

Right now he had a notion, perhaps from the beginning, what let him feel familiar was actually not that pair of eyes, but the soul that he could sense penetrating through that pair of eyes. Perhaps there is a possibility, the souls that had come to this separate world, was actually not at all only just him.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhao Bocheng kissed his eyes.

Jing Yang half-closed his eyes. “I’m thinking, why would we develop into this kind of relationship, and how long this kind of relationship can be maintained.”

“I’m very happy.”

“Happy about what?” Jing Yang doubtfully looked at him.

“We have only just begun, but you’re already thinking about the future. Doesn’t this mean that you care about me?” Zhao Bocheng smiled.

Jing Yang wanted to refute him, yet didn’t want to say some false words right now. “I don’t know, I have never loved a person, so I don’t know how I should define the feelings I have for you.”

“In that way, I am very fortunate. Even if right now you are still unclear about the feeling of loving a person, I will definitely become the first person you love. To me, all of those verbal promises don’t have too much meaning, only time can prove everything.”

Jing Yang temporarily couldn’t determine his own feelings towards him, and also had no way to confirm his own conjecture in a short time, so he decided to follow what Zhao Bocheng said and to let time prove everything.

The combination of the physical body could let his spirit and soul all feel an incomparable happiness, this was something that the Jing Yang who had passed through over a thousand worlds, had only just now discovered.

In the past those people who had pursued him, it wasn’t like he had never thought about randomly getting together once, but just thinking about sleeping in the same bed with those people, he felt like his entire body was uncomfortable. If he had really gotten together with someone, that type of feeling would have been like helping someone else accomplish something, yet having embarrassed and nauseated himself. Then for his entire life he would still live with a sense of nausea, so he never did this.

Yet now not only did he entangle together his naked body with Zhao Bocheng, but also was kissed by him over his entire body, and again and again was connected intimately to his body. What was miraculous was that this let his body and heart all feel extremely delighted.

At noon the next day, the two people finally got out of bed. Jing Yang supported his aching waist and felt that it was because this time he had no experience that he was overwhelmed by Zhao Bocheng again and again, and still completely lacked any ability to resist. For the sake of his body, in the future he definitely could not indulge in so much debauchery.

Zhao Bocheng embraced Jing Yang sitting on the sofa. “I’ll help you take back the Lu family ancestral residence ba, letting them keep on living there, your heart is definitely uncomfortable.”

“No need, I will invite lawyers to go over and give them 5 days of time to move out. Otherwise I will directly go to court to chase them out.” His original plan was to first solve Qian Xiang, making Zheng Junming have no power or influence, and then solve that father and son, and in the end take back the Lu family.

That he and Zhao Bocheng’s relationship would develop to this was completely not in his anticipation, so the sequence of his plan was changed. He also wanted to see to what degree Zhao Bocheng would be willing to help him.

The lawyer went to notify Zheng Jianlin that their family needed to move out within 5 days, and was chased out by Zheng Jianlin’s roars and curses. He had lived in this house for so many years, he had long considered it as one of his own possessions. Even if this property right now was under Lu Jingyu’s name, but in his mind, there was no basis for sons chasing out their fathers from the house. If Lu Jingyu really were to do something like that, he would be disgraceful.

Jing Yang would obviously not bother about how Zheng Jianlin thought, and also didn’t care about how other people thought. Once the five days were up, he brought the lawyers and bodyguards back to the Lu home, and in front of their faces asked the three people who had persisted in living in the Lu family whether they would go out themselves or he would let the bodyguards “invite” them out.

“Lu Jingyu! I have lived in this home for several decades, for what reason would you chase me out?” Zheng Jianlin had not thought that that he would really bring people to chase him out, interrogating Jing Yang with a face completely flushed from anger.

“If you are not deliberately pretending to be silly, you should be very clear who holds all of the authority over this property. This is the Lu family ancestral residence, I am the Lu family people but can’t live in it, yet let you these surnamed Zheng people live here. No matter whether we are looking at it from the legal angle or from the ethical angle, this would not be proper ba?” Jing Yang sat on the sofa in the hall looking at them, behind his back stood five lawyers and twenty bodyguards that were ready at any time to move to “invite” them out.

“You want to talk clearly now ba? Then today I will properly speak with you clearly, I am your father, your life was given by me, and now you actually want to chase me out the house, could it be that you’re not afraid of retribution?” Zheng Jianlin roared.

“Retribution? You’re speaking about retribution to me?” Jing Yang looked at him with surprise, and started laughing as if he had heard some especially funny joke. “Hearing the word retribution from your mouth, it’s really funny ah, I really had not thought that you would actually still believe in retribution.”

When Jing Yang had laughed enough, he stood up and used chilly eyes to look at him. “So what if you are my biological father? Was it you who had carried me in your womb for ten months and then gave birth to me ma? Since I was small, have you ever brought me up, have you ever guided me? All of your fatherly love was given to Zheng Junming, have you ever given me a hair? Have you ever given me any good face? Have you ever had a bit of fatherly responsibility for me? From start to finish, you have never given me the treatment of a biological son, yet you still want me to honor you as my father, it’s also only your Zheng family that would have this kind of principle. But sorry, I’m surnamed Lu, not Zheng, to me, this is really fortune from misfortune.”

“I will tell you Zheng Jianlin.” Jing Yang walked a few steps toward him. “Don’t mistakenly think that because we have a blood relationship, that everything you have done to the Lu family and me, you would be able to escape any responsibility. Today I will chase out you three people, it will be the start of your three people’s retribution, and definitely will not be the end.”

The bodyguards went up to drag the three people out, Zheng Jianlin struggled and yelled. “Lu Jingyu you this brute, you would chase out even your own biological father, you will not have a good result…”

“Let go of me, let go of me!” Sun Qiurong was dragged by the bodyguard and lost a high heel, screaming loudly, “This is our home, you have no right to chase us out, let go of me, this is my house!”

Zheng Junming never let out a sound from start to end, only using an wrathful gaze to glare at Jing Yang.

Some reporters who had been keeping watch outside suddenly saw that these three people were thrown out by the bodyguards, and instantly rushed forward to take pictures. After the bodyguards threw out the people, in accordance with Jing Yang’s orders, they threw out those three people’s possessions outside one by one.

“My jewelry, my bags!” Sun Qiurong crawled on the floor to pick up all of her jewelry, without any of her usual upper-class woman appearance.

“Mom, get up.” Zheng Junming felt that his mother’s appearance had really lost too much face, he supported her up and helped her collect all of her jewelry into a suitcase.

“All of you look, look!” Zheng Jianlin emotionally said to the reporters who were taking pictures. “This Lu Jingyu is really not a thing, he would even throw out his own biological father, does he have any conscience? He is simply a brute, all of you record it down, record it! Let everyone know, what kind of thing he is in the end!”

The three people stayed in front of the Lu family entrance for a long time, many reporters who had received the news surrounded them taking pictures and videos. Zheng Jianlin shed tears while angrily rebuking Lu Jingyu as a good-for-nothing, he had bitterly worked hard for the Lu family for so many years, he didn’t think that there would be a day when he would be chased out by his own son…

Zheng Junming supported his mother and stood at the side, the mother and son showed an appearance of enduring their sorrow.

The three people performed a play fully, until they themselves felt tired. Zheng Jianlin saw that he had scolded for this long yet Jing Yang still didn’t come out to yell at him or call him back. He really didn’t have the energy to keep cursing anymore, and finally brought the Zheng Junming mother and son to leave.

For this scene similar to a family ethics theatrical play, the media reporters carried out a very long report, but the media did not judge or take a viewpoint. In the end whether it was the Zheng family father and son who had always seized the Lu family that was wrong, or the Lu Jingyu who had chased the biological father out of the home that was wrong, everything was left for the spectators to go discuss by themselves.

And in fact, before the media saw who the majority of the public opinion would favor, they did not want to offend the public and be scolded, so they waited for the public to judge themselves, and then they would decide which side to favor.

After the media reports, public opinion did not completely lean toward any side, some people believed that since you Zheng Jianlin already remarried, yet you still brought your wife and child to continue to live in someone else’s Lu family, that was in no way justifiable. And the Lu family so many restaurants were now controlled in your hand, the amount of property in your hand is definitely not small, it’s impossible that you have nowhere to live. Hanging onto the Lu family ancestral residence refusing to leave, in the end what kind of thoughts they are planning, it’s an open secret.

There were also some whose thinking were more outdated, and some who from the start were already favoring the Zheng family who believed, chasing out your father as a son, that is disgraceful, lacking any humanity.

How other people saw his actions, Jing Yang completely did not pay attention to, just like before, he did whatever he was supposed to do. He had thrown out those three people from the Lu family, he also finally helped Lu Jingyu out a bit, and on his behalf helped him do some of the matters that he had wanted to do yet was never able to achieve.

Translator Notes:

[1] thinking about the future – 患得患失, phrase, apparently it means to worry about personal gains and losses but doesn’t really fit into this context…
[2] disgraceful – 大逆不道, disgraceful in an unfilial manner
[3] talk clearly – 讲到底, literally it means speak to the bottom, like talking about the ultimate reason
[4] from start to finish – 自始至终, idiom
[5] fortune from misfortune – 不幸中的万幸, saying, something like silver lining, something good coming out of all of the misfortune
[6] good for nothing – 不是东西, derogatory, not a thing, worthless nobody
[7] an open secret – 司马昭之心,路人皆知, idiom, literally Sima Zhao’s intentions are obvious to everyone

Random Notes:

First chapter I’ve translated in a few days: 1.5 hours, 9 am – 10:30 am. About 3k characters to 2.3k words. I reread the first Rebirth of a Supermodel (Mo Chen Huan) smex scene before translating this, just in case I would need some reference, and instantly became sad bc the amount of smex in fast wear is just so much less. Though in my other BL I still feel like MCH has the most smex. Or at least his smex scenes are the most detailed. Sigh.

I’ve been reading other BL pretty seriously (probably not the right word to use here), so translating has been a little slow. Good BL is just so addicting you know! I’ve still been trying to stay ahead of my chapter publishing schedule though.

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  1. I don’t hate this kind of ftb. I certainly prefer a vividly descriptive scene, but this still implies a bit, not to mention it wasn’t like some that have zero info. Here’s hoping for more next time.
    Now bring on the righteous vengeance 😁
    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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  2. Lolol just because you lived in the home for decades it yours? Pfft- what are titles.. what are inheritance..what are wills? Pfft this man seriously

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  3. I don’t think that it will be mentioned in any case, but basically for what I can predict the ml is related to the person in the 99 heavens (??) That waits for him, and that he make the mc being loyal to him by the fact he detest any kind of contact with anyone, or he have some kind of influence in that regard, and that the ml is probably very experienced in that term (although is stated that he doesn’t have any memories), but I hate the fact that he can’t be royal to the mc in the same kind of way (like dislike having any kind of contact). Cus even though it says that he also dislikes having contact with other people, just by the way that it’s implied that he have experience during sex (like how he takes the lead and doesn’t hurt the mc, cus anal sex it’s not something that u do just because there is love) besides he even says that the mc have the temperament that he likes. So although my point of view is very biased (cause I have some hate for gigolo characters and cold characters that just go around playing with people without any feelings so they can satisfy some physical needs and then leave them.
    I still don’t approve this ml because even if they don’t have a relationship in the past that doesn’t that the fact that he loves him (or the entity that is ml, love him) and he was not fateful to him.


    1. Hey! I just wanted to explain things a bit about the ML and MC’s background, which would likely help clarify their relationship. Please note, massive SPOILERS ahead.
      So basically the ML is indeed the person waiting for the MC outside the 99 heavens. The ML and MC are both immortal gods, and they have been together for forever and are really in love. But stuff happened and the MC was separated from the ML and had amnesia, his soul rebirthing over and over. In order to save him, the ML also divides his soul up and follows him into every world. So the ML in each world is part of the real ML’s soul, like the MC has already guessed. So the reason why they are attracted to each other is very much due to the attraction of their subconscious souls, which are truly in love with each other. And I’m pretty sure since their souls are so in love, in each world bc they are essentially reincarnations/vessels for the souls, they also re-fall in love with each other in that world. So while it may seem a little arbitrary if you only see the surface of each world, but based on their souls’ deep love for each other, their perhaps faster or less “reasonable” relationship is pretty logical. And it is absolutely not just bc of their physical needs, which I’m pretty sure they can both control quite well. So even though the ML does do some annoying things sometimes (I’m reminded of the next arc smh), their souls are intertwined to the point of obsession, so just keep an open mind 🙂


      1. Yeah have been been read some novels of this genere I predict some setting like that, it’s just that it was late in the night and I remember some things and was felling a little bitter jajajaja
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