CFCS Chapter 86.1

Chapter 86.1
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.1)

All of the participating models had signed a competition contract, and had to abide by all the competition rules and comply with all of the organizers’ arrangements. Anyone who violated these rules would be disqualified, and may even face legal liabilities.

Every competing model could only bring one assistant or agent during the competition.

The entire competition process would be broadcast live on the network, and netizens could watch the competition live, and at the same time, they could vote for their favorite models.

All of the netizens were very excited about being able to see the modeling process live. In general, no one would be willing to broadcast live the modeling and shooting process, because during the process of shooting, there would not only be a lot of mistakes, but it would also expose the model’s shortcomings in their skills or body. The advertising film after being edited and cut would naturally show only the best parts.

So all of the netizens were very curious about what the models’ shooting process would be like, and whether the difference would be very big from the publicity images and advertising they usually saw. They really wanted to know what would happen with their own favorite idols during the process of filming.

The scoring of the competition was calculated so that the netizen votes counted for 30%, the designers counted for 20%, staff vote for 10%, the view counts for ads or videos after the shooting would count for 10%, and Regulus would count for 30%.

The first part of the competition was held at one of the marine park style hotels owned by the Fernelea company. The competition content was naturally also related to promoting the hotel’s rides.

Jing Yang quite admired Regulus’s business acumen. This competition could give his group a really big advertisement. Even though the cost was high, it was definitely worth it in terms of the level of public attention.

The staff brought Jing Yang to the room arranged for him, and as soon as he went in Jing Yang was surprised. He had even lived in an emperor’s palace, and could be considered to have seen the world. But this room could barely be described with the word luxury, even if the decoration was very simple here, it could be seen that they were all very valuable things. The renovation was extremely tasteful and stylish, you could tell at once that it had been carefully arranged by a well-known designer.

Jing Yang walked to the huge aerial terrace that had a pool, and from this angle he could see the ocean below, both magnificent and beautiful. At this height, it seemed like you could touch the clouds just by raising your hand.

“Do you like it here?”

Jing Yang turned and looked at Regulus, who had suddenly appeared behind him. “Mr. Fernelea is really generous, just for a competition, you actually arranged such good rooms for the participating models. The amount of money needed to live here for a few days is enough to buy a house, right?”

Regulus walked to his side. “There are only two of these kinds of rooms, I’m living in the other one, and this one is for you. How could I give every model in the competition such a room.”

Jing Yang froze. He had thought that all of the models’ rooms would be about the same, and didn’t think that Regulus would give him preferential treatment in such an aboveboard manner. But besides the competition being broadcast live, there would be no cameras following them around, so he didn’t need to worry about whether some bad words would spread out. In case someone did want to pass some rumors, Regulus would never sit idly by, so he had nothing to worry about.

“Do you like the ocean?” Regulus asked.

“I do.” Jing Yang looked at the endless ocean.

“How long can you stay in the water without using an oxygen tank?”

“My lung capacity is pretty good, holding my breath for around five minutes is not a problem.” Jing Yang spoke quite conservatively. In fact, if he relied on the system, he could even breathe underwater, and if he had to he could stay underwater without oxygen for twenty minutes. “What are you asking this for?”

“Clarifying would make it easier for me to make a decision about whether the competition would be above water or in the water.” Regulus looked at Jing Yang from very close and said, “Five minutes is not short, much longer than the average person. It seems that you like diving.”

“I do quite like it, but your meaning…could it be that the content of the competition wasn’t decided very early on, but you’re just casually deciding it?” Jing Yang didn’t think that he would say this, the competition that he originally thought was very rigorous immediately became not as serious.

Regulus smiled and rubbed his hair. “The competition was originally just held just for other people to see. I know that you want to prove yourself, and I believe that you will do better than all of them. Even so, I still want to confirm your safety for the competition, I don’t care in the least about anyone else.”

Jing Yang was stunned by his action and his words. He was incomparably familiar with his action, and only one person could do this to him without making him annoyed, and only one person, besides himself, would not care about anyone else.

Regulus raised Jing Yang’s chin. “In fact, I really want to personally test your lung capacity, but since I said I wouldn’t force you, I’ll have to put up with it until you’re willing.”

“I also want, to test it…” Jing Yang wanted to say, you can test my lung capacity, and I also want to test whether or not you are my lover.

“Are you sure?” Regulus asked this but his arm had already wrapped around Jing Yang’s waist, and without waiting for his response, he had already kissed him.

The moment their tongues touched, that familiar feeling shocked Jing Yang’s soul. This was his lover, he had once again found himself, and as always, only had deep feelings for himself.

Jing Yang wrapped his arms around his neck and raised his head to bear his deep kiss, and also kissed him back from time to time. The wind on the terrace was quite strong, but it could not extinguish in the least the enthusiasm of the two men. Their tongues entangled, as if it was already not enough to satisfy the two men’s desire for each other.

Regulus seemed to be tasting the most delicious food in his life, not only reluctant to let go, but also wanting to swallow him into his stomach, so that he could forever become part of his body, and no one could ever separate them.

The kiss lasted a long time, Regulus finally let go of his lips and leaned his forehead on Jing Yang’s, saying, “It seems that your lung capacity is even better than you said, I can rest assured to let you go in the water.”


All of the models were brought to a clear, almost transparent sea, where the water was still quite deep even though it was clear.

The netizens were all huddled in front of their computer screens, watching the countdown to the start of the live broadcast. When the number jumped to zero, they finally saw the live scene and felt uncontrollable excitement, searching for their own favorite models on the screen.

The host, Gore, announced to all of the models, “The first part of the competition, as you can see in front of you, is going to be in the water. Beneath the water, there is a wonderful paradise, and one of the hotel’s entertainment activities is dedicated to giving guests who enjoy diving a place to play. The content of the competition is for everyone to spend thirty minutes in the water to shoot an entire advertisement. Of course, for better aesthetics and so that we can use the filming content, you are not allowed to use oxygen tanks.”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the faces of several models who weren’t great with water instantly changed, including Dilumo.

Dilumo originally thought that going to the ocean they would definitely be shooting on the beach, he had shot many commercials on the beach, and it was one of his strengths. He was originally very confident, but instantly lost some of his confidence. He felt that his luck was too bad, he encountered underwater competition content at the very beginning.

But Dilumo’s fans were confident in him, since Dilumo had previously taken some very good underwater shots. What they didn’t know, however, was that very short video clip had taken Dilumo several days to complete, and had also needed a lot of external help in order to finish.

The host continued, “This is the designer of the water park, Mr. Dennis, and when all of you are finished shooting, he will comment on your shooting process. And his comments will serve as a reference for other people’s ratings, so while you are showing your own skills, do not forget to show the fun of the water park.”

All of the models went to prepare. The shooting order would be done based on a draw, and the models who weren’t shooting would wait in the lounge area of the boat.

Conley crouched down next to Dilumo’s seat and said, “You are bad with water, and your lung capacity in water is shorter than the average person. The possibility of getting a high score is very low, do you want to think of some other way?”

Dilumo was wearing sunglasses. He turned his face in a direction that the camera couldn’t catch, saying in a bad mood, “What can I do, if I withdraw from this it would be equivalent to abstaining, and I can’t even receive a single point.”

“I certainly didn’t mean to get you out of the race.” Conley said quietly. “I wanted to say, later you could show that you have a cramp but still want to persevere in shooting, that way you can not only cover up your flaws but also gain some sympathy votes.”

Dilumo thought a bit and felt that this was a viable method. He didn’t perform well enough because of cramps, and the other judges couldn’t put his score too low for that. What’s more, fans accounted for a large amount of the scoring percentage, and seeing him cramp but still continue shooting, his fans would definitely feel bad for him.

Jing Yang was arranged first. When he was about to start filming, he took off his bathrobe and walked to the bow of the ship in only his swimming trunks. Everyone’s eyes were attracted by that pair of long legs.

Conley still maintained that squatting position, and as he turned his head he just happened to see that pair of straight and slender legs, his line of sight unable to move away.

Dilumo stared hatefully at that pair of long legs that he couldn’t match, and turning to see the obsession in Conley’s eyes, he felt even more furious. His foot stepped on Conley’s foot, and he viciously crushed it. But Conley seemed to have lost his mind, completely forgetting the pain, and no matter how hard Dilumo stepped on him, he did not come back to his senses.

Dilumo was absolutely furious. If it weren’t because there were cameras and he couldn’t make any big movements, right now he would throw a slap at Conley and let him sober up.

Dilumo glared at Jing Yang, who was standing at the end of the ship ready to enter the water. So what if he had a good figure? Underwater shooting was the most difficult challenge for a model, and with only half an hour, he didn’t believe that he could show anything good. A man without any fans, his final score couldn’t exceed his. He would just wait to see how he would make a fool of himself.

Jing Yang stood at the end of the ship wearing his swim trunks, with four or five cameras aimed at him from different angles. He leapt into the water, drawing a perfect arc in the air.

His movement entering the water was comparable to that of the best diver, beautiful and pleasing, and the director and staff couldn’t help but exclaim in praise.

After Jing Yang entered the water, there immediately was a camera following behind him. After he swam out a certain distance, the staff members immediately followed behind to protect his safety and to help him deliver oxygen if needed.

In front of the camera, a pair of long legs swung around. From this point of view, the sexiness made people feel like they were about to have a nosebleed.

Regulus sat alone in the ship lounge, staring intently at the screen. Through the screen, he saw the beautiful swinging long legs, and then the taut butt, and then the smooth, glossy back lines. His heart seemed to burn with a flame, burning to his stomach, and then across his entire body.

But as long as he thought that there must be a lot of people who felt the same way as him at this moment, he would feel very unhappy. He wanted to hide this man, so that no one could see him. His legs, his body, his everything, all belonged to him, and only he could see, only he could have him.

Translator Notes:

[1] Gore – 戈尔, pinyin ge er, apparently this is the translation, kind of an unfortunate name just by itself if you ask me

Random Notes:

About an hour: 9:30 am – 10:30 am, for 3.8k characters to 2.3k words.

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