As my interests get more and more specific and as I tire of the couple hundred LNs still on my PTR list on NU, I’ve been doing pretty extensive searches on jjwxc for Chinese raws. I’ve already read plenty of Chinese LNs that have hundreds or thousands of chapters but only like one or two translated chapters, so there isn’t much of a difference with looking for raws directly. Though I have to admit that it does get pretty confusing when I see a raw that I’m interested in and then try to check if it’s already on NU. Searching in Chinese for NU novel titles isn’t exactly the easiest.

I started off searching for raws during my BL fast wear phase, and have gone through a bunch of them, so I decided that I needed somewhere to record them instead of keeping them in a random Simplenote file. So far I only have a few BL fast wear novels that I’ve read, and tbqh I dropped most of them. I do have a massive list of BL fast wear and just general BL raws that I’m considering though, so this list will probably keep on expanding.

Chinese titles are impossible to translate, so I’ll just be adding a rough estimation of the title. Also, I’m not great at rating things (almost all my ratings on NU are 5 stars), mostly bc I’ll only finish and rate if I enjoyed reading the story. I do sometimes drop the story when I get bored but still give 5 stars bc I really enjoyed what I had read earlier. It’s a bit harder for me to rate when I actually drop novels bc of not enjoying them.

Links on the Chinese titles are to jjwxc. Some of these were read over a month ago, so I’ll have to refresh my memory to make a little commentary for myself. Atm the titles are listed in the order that I read them.

Send any Chinese raw LN recommendations my way through the comments! I have a lot of novels on my PTR list on Novel Updates that I might eventually get to. I read a bunch of quite different genres. I’m pretty picky, but as long as the MC is OP and smart and not dumb or naive, I’ll probably be satisfied. _(:3 」∠)_





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BL Fast Wear:
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I Like Your Pheromones
我喜欢你的信息素 [8/2019]

  • MC is a Beta and has a good family, so he has always enjoyed a good life, all the way until he gets to high school. There he meets ML, who is taller than him, has an even better family background than him, and is a genius, compared to his horrible school results. Plus the girl who the MC has always been eyeing has said that she has loved the ML for years. MC later finds out that he had turned into an Omega very late, and due to his late conversion, he is basically allergic to all Alphas. Except the ML. Cue romance. Shorter story, 300k characters, ~80 chapters.


Full-Time Doctor [Future]
全职医生[未来] [9/2018]

  • MC is a UN doctor and dies on a peacekeeping mission. He is reborn into an alien land with human immigrants, becoming a tragic hostage. As a weak chicken with negative attack power, but with medicinal powers, in this terrifying and alarming futuristic world, the MC is very tangled about his gold finger. This is a story about a broken galaxy and of rebels and immigrants working together to create a better world. Sentinel-Guide setting. No quick wear, no system, etc. etc. Quite long as well, 950k characters, ~160 chapters.
  • So from the chapter teasers the MC and ML seem to get together pretty early on, so I’m hoping for the best. Though there have been jjwxc comments about the dad being really annoying, so let’s see how long I can endure that.

Returning to the 80’s Era
重回80之大时代 [9/2018]

  • Absolute science genius/nerd who was some famous lab researcher, university prof, head of some renowned drug research institute literally suddenly died while staying up all night and then was reborn back to 1982 in some old fishing village. His father and mother are gone, only leaving a cheap step-sister. Follow him winning at life on hard mode with his almost Nobel Prize-winning brain. No system, no quick wear, etc. etc. 680k characters, ~200 chapters.
  • This author is hilarious. His reading guide: “文风很正经! 真的!本文尽量写出历史厚重感,但作者文笔有限,史实切莫对号入座,我们有默契就好. 本文中所有制药及生物学只是不作考究,毕竟蠢作者是文科的,不好意思老轰炸小伙伴.” Rough translation: “The writing style is very serious! It’s true! This text attempts to write out a rich history as much as possible, but the author’s writing is limited, please don’t take the historical claims seriously, as long as we have a mutual understanding it’s all good. All the pharmacology and biology in the text doesn’t hold up under investigation, after all the dumb author was in the liberal arts, apologies for always bombing the comrades.” Also, he commented that the ML should show up before chapter 20, so let’s hope for the best.



Villain Face Slapping Counterattack ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
反派打脸逆袭[快穿] [8/2018]

  • A few arcs are spoiled on NUF.
  • The premise is quite similar to FOD and both CFCS stories, which is always a good thing. Though in this case the MC is slightly mentally weaker bc he’s afraid of pain, but that still doesn’t really stop him in his revenge, so that’s minor.
  • Overall, pretty enjoyable. There’s 11 arcs and then the real world arc. Amnesia plays a large role in here, the MC gradually starts remembering certain things/people from his actual world.
  • The revenge and cannon fodder counterattacking is good, the worlds and plots for each world were pretty interesting. For some reason when I think back to this I feel like I wasn’t as invested in the story as for FOD or the CFCSs, though I just went back and skimmed the first 10 chapters and it’s still really good. It’s probably just because of the writing style being slightly more of telling instead of showing, but there’s still a good balance. Plus I enjoyed the fact that at the end of each arc the author would give a short summary of what they did for the rest of their lives, and then after each arc is over we get to see a couple sentences about how the ML IRL is waking up and trying to help the MC get out of the system. Oh also enjoyed how there were two other people who would reincarnate with them and help them out. That’s always adorable.
  • The real world ending development is pretty extensive, but also totally confusing. There’s a bunch of different layers and people involved that do different things to finally do something so that the villain fails. Tbqh I didn’t really understand it, but it was a HEA so all was well.

Quickly Wear Here, Come Suffer Disaster (Come On, Let’s Die) ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
快穿之来啊,来作死啊 [8/2018]

  • Overall, enjoyed it a lot. Slightly shorter story, with 12 arcs and one ending chapter.
  • Similar premise with cannon fodder-esque counterattacking. The MC here is pretty strong, but to be honest he doesn’t have too much action most of the time. I think this story focuses more on the romance aspect, though the romance was done really well. The MC and ML are really attached to each other, there’s usually a way for the MC to figure out who the ML is, even though he does mess up with his identification in a couple worlds.
  • The system here communicates with him verbally, which always doesn’t bode very well since those types of systems tend to always have malfunctions/weaken later on so that in some worlds the MC is restricted or the system disappears. The MC and ML usually get together quite early in each world, and work together/the ML helps the MC counterattack. Unfortunately the antagonist starts complicating the worlds by making it harder for the MC to rescue the ML’s souls. Rather than making it more difficult, it makes it more complicated?
  • Later we find out the backstory (I guess amnesia also plays a big role here) and it’s also kind of confusing? The ML is a wheel. That should already increase the confusion here. The ending about going back to the real world was really short, like 1/5 of a chapter, which was a little disappointing but a happy HEA.

The Lord God Is Coming Back ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
快穿之主神归来 [8/2018]

  • Enjoyed this one. Really long series, over 1 million characters. 14 arcs, each arc has anywhere from 15 to 30 chapters.
  • Here the MC doesn’t have amnesia, finally. He knows about his background and knows why he decided to cooperate with the system, and his thoughts are often influenced by his real life. MC is pretty OP here, we do have action and romance at the same time. Each arc is pretty long, so we’re able to get more romance and interaction between the MC and ML than in usual counterattack fast wear, while not losing the fact that the MC is doing stuff. There are a couple new worlds/plots that are pretty interesting, i.e. the guide-sentinel arc which I’ve seen in other novels but haven’t actually read before.
  • I spoke too soon. There is one arc where the MC does have amnesia, and it doesn’t even mention the system until like halfway through the arc. That arc didn’t even mention the real name of the MC, using only the names of the world itself. That was a trippy arc. Plus the reason for the amnesia was also really dumb.
  • The backstory of the ML is pretty simple and makes almost perfect sense. Near the end, we get to go back to the MC’s real world, and there are some major plot twists. Then after the MC has fixed his backstory, he goes with the ML to help save him. Here it gets trippy again, since they go back like millions of years or something and time becomes circular. The final arc also gets really confusing since we have the MC and ML disguising as other people and the Gods come in and do something and people die and then revive and then die and then it all ends in a HEA. Thankfully.


Superstar Rebirth ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
巨星重生 (星际) [9/2018]

  • OP MC at acting dies, gets reborn into the future in an interstellar era. Follows his inadvertently restarted path to stardom. No quick wear, etc. etc. Quite reasonable length, 500k characters, ~160 chapters.
  • Reading about an OP MC is always exciting, esp since I loved Rebirth of a Supermodel and Superstar Aspirations by Mo Chen Huan. This has a slightly similar premise, but the MC is reborn into a different world.
  • Enjoyed this quite a bit actually. Okay, so things I liked: the MC most of the time. The ML all of the time. The OPness in MC and ML’s life: educationally and acting-wise. The MC is damn OP in school and in his acting career. Like there’s no comparison. And the ML is just God. Basically. The emotional (??) aspect of the romance?? The dog food that they showed on social media. The plot (kind of).
  • All right, so I did enjoy this story. As you can read below on my comments while reading, I had quite a few reservations. And I still do. But even so I was still pretty invested in the story and finished it in basically less than one day. For straight reading, I would estimate that this might take 10 hours? I wasn’t just reading the entire day though, so I took longer.
  • Now here comes the complaints. First. The MC could easily have been replaced by a female for the entire series. I’m just confused what the purpose of making this story BL was. The MC was basically uncertain and idol crazy and stammering the entire time he saw the ML. Can I please just say wth. We need confidence! The MC is really confident with everything else, but every time he interacts with the ML his IQ and EQ drop almost 100%. And in the first place his EQ isn’t as high as his IQ so that doesn’t bode well. Now. Are the MC and ML like middle schoolers?? It took until chapter 100 (spoilers??) for them to actually confess to each other, and to give each other a few hugs. And then! It took until literally like chapter 155ish (yes that is less than 5 chapters away from the end) for them to touch lips with each other. No tongue action here! God forbid they actually have smex! Only PG romance is allowed in this story. I kid you not, from my memory by the end of the story, the MC and ML have shared a whopping 5 hugs (most on important occasions), 1 kiss on the cheek, and 2 pecks. That romance though!
  • Okay so I can stand having to wade through conservative physical contact. The love that they did show through their interactions kind of made up for it. The plot is kind of confusing? Like there’s a huge plot twist that is revealed during the ML’s confession and I’m just … a little confused? Like it explains his rebirth, but after that isn’t really relevant. There’s no public reveal or anything. There are a bunch of connections to the MC’s old world though. Another thing is that the chapter transitions are severly lacking. Many times the ML or someone will say something emotional and then bam new chapter moving straight to a different topic. Like okay, maybe a response would have been nice? A reaction? Any sort of transition? OH YES. I did love a bunch of the supporting characters and their hilarity and their side couples, but there were also a couple characters that were sadly left behind. Like the MC’s best friend Zhou. What happened to the poor dude? He appeared like once after the first few chapters. Poor man.
  • But don’t mind this really unnecessarily long rant. I literally just finished this so it’s still fresh in my mind. I will be moving on to series with hopefully more humor and more romance.


  • Before reading: I’m excited to see how he can be OP and take over the world. On the other hand: saw a review on jjwxc that even though he had almost finished the story, all the couple has done is like hugging. That’s extremely disappointing. What type of slow innocent BL is this? Excuse me? I hope this isn’t true bc I love that smut. MCH definitely delivered on that, and that made me love those two stories that much more.
  • Update: currently 40 chapters in. It’s pretty good plotwise, but this MC is so damn girly around the ML that it kind of gets on my nerves. Like this dude is reborn and is like some sort of godly actor in his previous life, and is also pretty OP in his new life, you’d think that he wouldn’t be tense, nervous, and totally awkward in front of his idol the ML. But he’s constantly like uncertain and being like oh that would be too impolite! I can’t be rude! and whatever, and I’m just like ML I am so sorry rn. This MC is too yung and naive. And I also skipped ahead to skim a bit and yes even after 100 or so chapters I’m pretty sure they might not have even kissed yet. Uhhh…
  • But I still kind of want to read this for the OP acting. We’ll see how long I can last with his usually good personality that totally decreases by 100 points in front of the ML. And with the slow mo romance. It’s not even like they aren’t together. The ML keeps on inviting the MC over, and posting pics of him on his social media, but nothing ever happens…probably bc the MC is like an idiot…
  • Alright, at 70 chapters in, I just wanna say that the relationship has still not started. It’s still ambiguous. The MC is still being all confused and unconfident and like oh no I can’t the ML is too dangerous I am a very confident person but I don’t think I can measure up etc etc. Alright man! We get it! Sigh…I’m used to reading BL MCs or just MCs in general with lots of confidence. This stuff is just making me disappointed. Plus they keep on using the trope that oo MC doesn’t know what’s going on online bc he never checks his social media! Ok. I get it. He’s totally clueless. Make him stay up to date for god’s sake. You would think that he would learn. And again and again we keep getting that the MC didn’t notice something, esp on his social media. What the heck. You would think that as such a genius, he would at least have better observational skills.

I’m Raking in Billions in the Aristocracy ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
我在豪门敛财百亿 [9/2018]

  • Random orphan was pretty OP but dumb in his last life. He totally brainlessly pampered this friend of his, helped him be adopted by some aristocratic family, helped pay for him, helped support him, and then in the end was betrayed and killed by him. He is reborn with some sort of half OP system. OP in that it can basically do anything but not OP in that he has to earn lots of money to use it. Follows his path to raking in billions!! in order to use this system and take over the world? No quick wear, etc. etc. But has a system. Quite reasonable length, 600k characters, ~130 chapters.
  • Okay, so I loved this story. I have my comments before/while reading the story below, but don’t pay attention to the complaints about the romance. While the physical romance also wasn’t too present, a very short bit about it was done in the last chapter, and the emotional romance was actually really really satisfying. It wasn’t like in Superstar Rebirth when it just kind of was there. In this story the love between the MC and ML is really involved and real and raw and basically tangible. The amount of dog food is kind of repetitive but in reality what kind of dog food isn’t. So yeah, the romance is absolutely amazing. And it’s also so important and prevalent in the story.
  • But of course, the plot. MC is OP. At first I was iffy bc I said the system seemed to be half OP. Well, it was actually pretty OP, since it didn’t really require him to spend millions/billions before being able to get anything. He was already OP in a sense and just kept on adding skills. ML is OP, but actually isn’t physically, which finally causes the MC to finally remember his memories. Another plot twist. I’m honestly not a big fan of amnesia, but this was tolerable. Not ideal, but fine.
  • Yeah, loved the characters. Oh, and I loved the Weibo-esque commentary. Absolutely hilarious most of the time. I would have liked there to be more of an epilogue. The extra 3 chapters were about what happened when they were young. I want to see what happened after the last chapter. More dog food, more of their success, etc. Still, really loved this. Definitely cried a few times.


  • Before reading: I don’t really know anything about the characters yet, so I’m hoping for the best. Though the reading guide says that the MC is a gentle but tenacious male God, which sounds promising. Hopefully he’ll be confident and funny as well. And apparently the ML is a person who crazy pampers his wife and has a double personality. Well. That’s something to look forward to.
  • Okay one chapter in I’m already cursing at the MC’s previous idiocy and totally hating on LJ this “friend” of him. LJ is the most ungrateful piece of sh* to ever exist. The MC better man up or else I will do some things.
  • Hold up. Looking at the jjwxc short chapter intros, I seem to see that the romance doesn’t actually start until like chapter 110ish? And the MC has amnesia? Are you f*king kidding me? Does only MCH have romance and smex in his stories?
  • All right, about 60 chapters in, I take it back. I am quite happy with the current romance progress, which does happen quite early, and the MC and ML are kind of open about it with each other? Though the MC never really obviously says it, but he still pampers the ML everywhere. But the amnesia bit is still annoying me a little.

The Enlightenment of Rebirth ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ❤
重生之豁然 [9/2018]

  • Dude apparently in original life started out well but suffered a crushing defeat. He is reborn to when he was 18 and had not yet failed his college entrance exam. It’s the 90s, which means business opportunities galore for him. Follows him on his way to success. No quick wear, no system, etc. etc. Almost 800k characters, ~100 chapters. These stories I’m reading have increasing length but decreasing numbers of chapters…
  • Okay, I have strong feelings about this. I frickin love this story. This is definitely one of my favorite BLs now, I’ve given it 6 stars to indicate my immense appreciation for this story (now changed to 5 stars and a heart bc I can’t really differentiate visually between 5 stars and 6 stars)
  • So there’s no virgins or weak romance here. The ML shows up early enough, and even though they get off to a bad start those problems are very gradually resolved. I admit getting a little annoyed with the MC’s lack of EQ, bc he’s basically closed off all of his emotions esp to love after his last life, so he kept on considering their relationship as friends with benefits. I was like wut. But the ML is adorable and super attached and he is eventually able to show his love to the MC and finally bring him around. And then it’s all sticky and lovey-dovey and amazing. I love dog food. They get together basically halfway into the story, so the later half is full of love and affection. The MC and ML are basically addicted to each other, and it’s amazing.
  • There isn’t too much drama here. The plot is basically MC and ML doing business and gradually quickly expanding. There’s people always trying to set up obstacles for them, but eventually some enemies are less enemy-like and some neutrals become worse enemies, so the relationship dynamics are pretty changeable. But yeah, the MC and ML are pretty OP, esp when they work together, plus a hilarious rumor that they’re always fighting when instead they’re actually lovers.
  • Took about 3 days to finish this one. Would recommend with absolute enthusiasm. The MC isn’t all that OP tbh, IQ or EQ-wise. He uses his connections and his friends’ abilities and his vague impressions of the future to succeed, which isn’t all that bad. Come for the BL, stay for the dog food.


  • Before reading: Don’t really know the exact details about this story, but this premise already caught my eye. I love this type of thing. I found it in like VPAATP and some other stories, but here it’s BL. Hopefully the MC doesn’t disappoint me.
  • F*. I just spotted the (in tiny text) reading guide on the jjwxc page, and it says the ML will appear somewhat late. Sigh. I sense low amounts of smex in my future.
  • ~10 chapters in: his previous life he wasn’t very smart…so idk how much smarter he would be in this life. But physically he seems OP for some reason? We’ll see how it goes.
  • ~30 chapters in: ok, don’t pay attention to the late entrance of the ML. He shows up like 20ish chapters in. That’s not really late at all. Though they don’t quite get off to a smooth start, tbh. And the MC isn’t really a genius at all. He just kind of relies on his greater maturity (?) and his vague knowledge about the future.

Comeback [Entertainment Circle] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
东山再起[娱乐圈] [9/2018]

  • MC was apparently a famous musician, a winner at life. Even though he withdrew from the public due to a disability, his talent and charm still allowed him to live well. When he died, he was reborn into a shy feminine boy, apparently a small drafted singer? Follows his journey to success. No quick wear, no system, etc. etc. Quite short, 550k characters, ~100 chapters.
  • Okay so the reading guide says the MC has golden thighs, and pre-installed flirting technique. A playboy. And the ML is a serious man and a homophobe. Sounds like there’s going to be some fun here…
  • Hm. Enjoyed it, but also wasn’t crazy about this. A few times I considered dropping this bc I was a little bored, but I still powered through bc it wasn’t bad, and I wanted to read to the end. Though I did start skimming a little faster when I got to like the last 20 chapters.
  • MC and ML are pretty OP, there is some random drama with friends/collegagues of the MC that kind of get resolved, it’s really hard for me to ascertain who’s really good or bad in these instances bc the author keeps flipping them around. Overall, this story wasn’t bad. It was relatively interesting, there isn’t too much relationship drama, the homophobe thing for the ML doesn’t really stop him from accepting his own feelings.
  • A few annoyances: the MC keeps on trying to be the top. Nothing against you being all dominant, but eventually you should probably just accept it right? Instead of constantly making other people think the big and tall person is the uke… Also there is someone who knows the MC is “reborn” into his current body, then why not tell the ML? I feel a little bad for him. Did the ML really not realize that the picture of the MC’s parents isn’t of his body’s parents? I’m glad they came out instead of hiding in the end. I would have liked to see his two friends/peers get together, since that seems like what’s happening.
  • Yeah, it was just good, but unremarkable. I’ve probably just saturated myself with entertainment circle stories. I have a few to read also dealing with acting, so I’ll probably try to put those off and try something new.

Rebirth of the Number One Host [Esports] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
重生之第一主播[电竞] [10/2018]

  • This is an esports story where the MC was the trump card for leading the team to esports championship but happened to die on the eve of the competition. He’s reborn into a embarrassed transparent gaming host. Follows the MC on his quest to climb back up to the peak through talent and effort. Then because of his rebirth he sees another side of his old opponent, and harvests a destined lover. No system, no quick wear, etc. etc. Not that long, 400k characters, ~120 chapters.
  • Well, this was a good (?) story. All 3 of the things I hoped for came true, and quite well in fact. The ML was able to figure out that the MC was the old MC, and he already loved the old MC for many years, so their romance doesn’t take too long for them both to figure it out. There is a bunch of random events and drama though that kind of took away from the njoyment of this story. And also while it is an esports story, I found it unnecessary for it to be more like TKA and talk so much about the game itself, especially when the MTL for this story was not great. Plus the game sounded like it was half totally open-world and half PvP, which seems a little strange. The PvP itself is pretty similar to other games I’ve read about, where you have to pick the character and take the other team’s etc. etc. I skimmed a lot of parts about the game itself. The MC and ML never really publicized their relationship, which I’m a little disappointed by. This might also be bc I haven’t been able to find the last 2 epilogue chapters anywhere, which is also making me very sad. Overall, a quite enjoyable story though, especially the totally sweet romance. This couple definitely doesn’t shy away from the occasional smex.


  • Before reading: Hopefully this isn’t a disappointing esports novel, I do happen to be a big fan of this genre. Comments on jjwxc seem to suggest the author doesn’t know too much about technical aspects of gaming, which is ok bc I don’t either!
  • Things I’m hoping for: 1. the MC is OP, as he should be since he used to be the trump card… 2. sweet and/or funny interactions between the MC and ML 3. the MC tells the ML about his rebirth!!

Rebirth of the God Stick Youth ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
重生之神棍痞少 [11/2018]

  • Some feng shui related situation caused the MC’s family to be annihilated, and ten years later, the MC was able to exact revenge. But because of karma, he also died a violent death. He is reborn to 16 years old, and everything can still be prevented. This life, he wants to be close to those who were good to him, and he also wants to hug that thick thigh. After rebirth he received a big gold finger, it seems like he will have to live with being a god stick until the end. Follows the MC on his journey through god stickness. No system, no quick wear, etc. Relatively short one, 400k characters, exactly 100 chapters.
  • Half dropped half completed this one as well, seriously read up to chapter 66/100, and then skimmed a bunch of chapters that talked more about their romance. Uhh tbqh I’m not that big a fan of feng shui related stories. This is basically bc I’m absolutely not a superstitious person at all, so I don’t beleive in things like these. Esp with so many charlatan fortune-tellers and whatevers. Though I love reading about magic and mechas and stuff like that, probably bc they’re much farther from reality. Idk, whenever I start reading about feng shui I get irritated bc it seems like oh you moved one grave or you moved one painting and now your entire family is going to be destroyed. How do you even live like that?
  • I don’t really have any concrete objections for the MC and ML and their romance, they get together pretty early, and the smex is great esp later on. Side couples are good, not too much detail about those. We again run into the similar cultivation trope with stronger and stronger feng shui masters rushing out as enemies, and then there’s drama in the last few chapters. I want my MCs to be OP dude. An okay story.
  • Before reading: This is the story of the god stick shou and the cultured degenerate chairman master gong. Basically 神棍, literally translated to god stick, is those type of people who claim to have some sort of magical ability e.g. yin-yang eye or fortunetelling power or something, and “exploit” other people with those abilities. A charlatan? Ofc, the ML is that thigh he wants to hug. Let’s hope they get together quickly.

The Group Unable to Fly ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
无上天团[重生] [11/2018]

  • MC is a Chinese superstar, but is reborn into a trainee in an ailing company during a time when groups are popular. Before being reborn he had left home alone to seek success. After being reborn he will be working with 4 teammates to debut. For some reason, he keeps sliding down the route of playing a silly but amusing person. Follows the MC (and his teammates) to success. No system, no fast wear. Shorter story, 400k characters, 120 chapters.
  • Finally. Finally, a 5 star story. I actually quite enjoyed this, I guess after not reading entertainment circle stories for long enough they’ve returned to my interest. This is quite relatable, esp since even though I don’t really like idol groups, I still do follow a couple. The only idol group I follow is the k-pop group BTOB, and I think I’ve watched their stuff for like 2 years now? And then with the recent watching of Idol Producer for Nine Percent. This story doesn’t really focus too much on that, I guess, since it just seems like the classic musician story but with a team. Where the team is basically very close friends.
  • Love that the MC is OP. Love that the ML is OP. I do have to complain that this story is one of the most disorganized ones ever. There are two chapters talking about their child (who I’m guessing is adopted), but the first chapter of it is like 20 chapters before the end and the second chapter of it is literally the last chapter. I’m pretty sure jjwxc did not order the chapters correctly. The chapter transitions are either big jumps or connect directly. It’s a little weird. The ending also jumps from like 1 year after debut to like 5 years later. I can understand why the MC rejected the ML, though I do also think that he was really oblivious, and he probably could have just kept it secret instead of just rejecting him. Also, why was he even thinking about being the top? The minds of these people just don’t make sense to me.
  • Overall, quite enjoyed it. Probably would have liked it better with more dog food, esp from the MC. The ML was definitely attached and loving enough. And with better organization and transitions and more in the epilogue.


  • Before reading: So I’ve been reading a lot of interstellar fighting related BL, and I think I might have exhausted the raws on jjwxc for that, or at least the ones I’m interested in. I guess I’ll get back to entertainment circle BL. This one caught my eye, especially now when I would say idol groups are definitely popular, and idol groups in China are rising in popularity. I also happened to binge and follow Idol Producer in the past month, so this is quite relatable. I must have heard the term 出道 (debut) at least a hundred times during the course of that program.
  • I’m looking forward to this. Things I’m hoping for: 强强, MC is strong but amusing, good interactions with the teammates, not too much unnecessary drama, face slapping, success, dog food with the ML. Let’s hope for the best.
  • Oh? An amazing jjwxc comment: 怪不得感觉易舟有点像叶修。Apparently the commenter felt like the MC feels a little like Ye Xiu from TKA! If that’s true, I would love it.

The Journey to Top Student ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
重生学霸之路 [11/2018]

  • MC used to be a reserved and aloof top student, but now he is only an ordinary otaku. He has a roof over his head and enough money to not starve, but his only relative is in prison. He rebirths back to high school with a learning system. Follows him on his way to escape his fate? I guess? Middling length, 600k characters, ~150 chapters.
  • Actually not a bad story, 5/5 stars. The only thing I would say would be occasional frustration when reading. Especially at the earlier parts, I felt that the romance was just dragging on the entire time. Or the lack of romance. Like you know who the ML is, but the MC keeps on saying that he doesn’t think of him that way, which he actually didn’t, but you’re just like uh we all know that eventually you do. The other thing is that the development of the romance can be very uneven. Sometimes it just happens, like when they confess I feel like it was quite quick and subtle, I thought there would be more development. Plus later on they barely met with each other, and then there’s a time jump of a few years and directly skip over their first smex! I’m angery!
  • But both the MC and ML are OP, which is nice. They are quite sticky and in love with each other, and the MC does tell him his secret and work together with him on genius things. Plus the ending epilogues are great. They start being reincarnated. over and over, kind of like quick wear, but here both of them keep their memories and can stay together, and don’t have to worry about OOCing. My favorite chapter is probably the very last one, a collection of very short almost poems of the MC and ML’s love or their family’s love. It was adorable and quite heart-warming. More of that would have been appreciated.
  • Before reading: We are once again back to BL. Lol. After a single non-BL story, I am already back. I’ve been surfing through jjwxc again recently, and this caught my eye. After this I might have a couple other interesting BLs to read. Let’s hope for the best.

Entertainment Circle Has an Elegant Chef ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
娱乐圈有个郁大厨 [11/2018]

  • MC was a 25-year-old chef who had just won some International Cooking Competition gold medal. But then he was hit by a huge crock (??) and is reborn into the body of an 18-year-old transparent person in the entertainment circle. He signs a perverted contract and becomes saddled with a huge debt. MC can only put down his pots and pans and carry his bags to go take some performance classes. Follows the MC on his journey through the entertainment and chef world. No system, no fast wear. Medium length, 500k characters, 140 chapters.
  • Finished. Okay, it wasn’t bad. I admit this is a 4 star because 1. the MC’s personality annoys me a bit and 2. I skipped like 20 chapters to chapter like 65ish bc that’s when they finally start getting together. What am I annoyed by? The MC is a frickin idiot. And naive. And weak. Like did you not live to like 25 years old before? How did you survive in that kind of cutthroat world? Your body is 18 years old, not your brain! When he woke up he sounded like he was a pretty self-confident and snappy dude, but then once he accepted that he was reborn, he instantly became like some idiotic weakling. Also, I don’t quite understand why they keep writing him as some massively OP chef if he barely scraped by in his last life. It sounded like the award he won also wasn’t like totally amazing or anything either.
  • Why did I still give this a 4 star with so many complaints? The romance does save it. After they finally get together, their dog food, while sparse, is still adorable. The MC does well in his acting and then in his restaurant. What can I say, I had wanted to drop it but decided to persevere since the ML’s love for the MC was adorable.
  • Before reading: Hmmm I looked a bit and the MC might still be a little shy person. That really annoys me. Let’s hope this is not the case.

Rebirth of the Finch God ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
重生之雀神 [11/2018]

  • MC became angry and killed a rival/competitor, and then accidentally dies while in prison. He is reborn and wakes up in the body of an unlucky pauper who had lost his pants in the casino. No parents, debts from gambling, and bad friends with ulterior motives. Follows the MC on his way to slap some faces and win his way to the top. No system, no fast wear. Medium size, 600k characters, 160 chapters.
  • Tbqh, I’m still quite unsure about what exactly I just read. I’m pretty sure they’re playing Mahjong? Though with he MTL they kept translating to cards instead of tiles so I always got confused into thinking it was some type of card game. Also I don’t know the last thing about Mahjong, so this was really just reading with some fantastical game that I knew nothing about. I feel like that might actually have helped me out, since if I actually did know the rules, I would probably be like that’s impossible.
  • Biggest peeve is the MC never telling the L about his rebirth. Like obviously the ML has already guessed, with the MC being so similar to Ding, and his often almost-verbal slips. I just feel a little bad for the ML, y’know? Also I don’t think the MC and ML really know too much about each other. At least the MC doesn’t know anything about the ML. They haven’t even had smex yet. Does ML have any parents? Teammates are great though, and the MC and ML are OP so that’s good. Ding’s death was a little anticlimactic when it’s resolved. Like the ML helped him do so much, I feel like the least he could do is to confirm his suspicions and stop lying to ML about the apprentice-brother or whatever.
  • Before reading: To be quite honest with you, I don’t really understand what this synopsis is all about. The synopsis mentions Mahjong, is that what he’s playing? Because it doesn’t sound like it. The reading guide: past his prime finch god is reborn into a novice slag, and registers a trumpet on the current finch platform to make a comeback. This is a story of tyrannical fighting. Apparently the CP: surpassing god pretty boy gong vs. dressed as pig to eat tigers shou. I don’t like pretty boy gongs. Ugh. Apparently the MC has a big unlimited gold finger. Let’s hope for the best, I guess.

Rebirth of the Great Entertainment System ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
重生之大娱乐家系统 [3/2019]

  • Might as well give this page new life. It’s been at least a couple months since I’ve last updated this page, mostly bc I haven’t really been doing much reading. The past week, though, I got really invested in the Legendary Mechanic, and was really disappointed that the story is still ongoing. Since I’ve mostly searched through the jjwxc database for now, I’m going to be trying some other stories at Qidian.
  • Well, this one from the sparse synopsis seems to be about MC who used to be a nobody entertainer and then is reborn all of a sudden into another entertainer? but now with an entertainment system, which he will apparently use to dominate the industry. So there is a system but no quick wear or anything. Quite the long one, over 2m characters and ~1.4k chapters. In the end the MC seems to have two wives but idk how that goes.
  • Well, I have finally finished the book. There were over 1400 chapters, which took me almost a solid week of just reading to finish. For this story I have both love and hate. I stayed up until 4 am just to finish this entire book before going to sleep.
  • You know, I really got somewhat impatient when I first started reading, since I thought the MC was advancing so smoothly and I had read for so long and only gotten to like 100-200 chapters. But there were over a thousand chapters. I was literally like how did this author manage to write so much. Over 200 chapters in, I skipped to the last 10 chapters and immediately became angry. Not because of the polygamy, which I am usually a fan of. But because this MC is truly a scum. I don’t understand how he could treat her that way. While I assume that she eventually came back, the ending was extremely unfulfilling, even lazy. You could at least have given her the space she was due. Honestly I think the MC is not worthy of all of these girls character-wise.
  • Why did I still keep with the story after getting really irritated like really irritated after knowing what was going to happen? Mostly bc I was already invested. I like OP characters, and the MC is definitely one. I think the author slaps way too many things on him, like why tf would you make him go into all of these fields. I think in the last hundred or so chapters (which I finally ended up skipping around in to finish as quickly as possible) he even got into video gaming. System was interesting but I never saw anything happen, unless I missed it in the 30 chapters at the end I was skipping around in.
  • The biggest flaw is still the MC himself. I really hate the guy. Hate is a strong word, but while I love his talent, I would stay as far away from him as possible. He’s portrayed as this insanely handsome and manly man, and someone of great character and virtue. Why don’t I see this? I don’t even care that he has two girlfriends. But when your two girlfriends are literally at the top in terms of visuals and sexiness, why are you still so aroused around literally any other sexy girls who are inferior to your gfs? I literally don’t understand how this guy thinks with his * all the time. Then he’s all like I didn’t do anything I’m so virtuous but I’m just like you would literally sleep anyone. He has 3 amazing girls but is still so stupid. I don’t even know what to say.
  • But I do have to commend this story for introducing me to many songs that I both had listened to before and was unaware of. The author used many of the songs here, and I would usually find them and play them just to have a feel of what they sounded like. I did find 3 or 4 that I loved and play on repeat now. So I still thank you for that. I guess I did still enjoy the story, but based on all the dog blood, I would probably never read it again. If the MC had had a better character and treated her better, and there was a more satisfying ending, I would have been much happier.


  • Before reading: The main thing about Qidian is that their website is really confusing. First, their synopses are absolutely horrible. They don’t tell me anything about the story. I want some more informative tags, some reader guides. Second, comments/reviews are confusing and hard to find. Third, there’s no like short description for every chapter, just the title. Very difficult for someone like me to just skim through and gauge whether or not I would like it.

Unlimited Welfare Divine System ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
无限福利神豪 [3/2019]

  • MC seems to have been reborn back to his high school days, with a new system that gives him unlimited welfare benefits. Well, right now they’re pretty limited but he quickly starts leveling them up. Follows him on his road to wealth and girls I assume. No quick wear. Relatively short, 800k characters, >400 chapters.
  • Well I don’t have too high expectations for this, it’s obviously a wish fulfillment story. But as long as it entertains me I’ll be satisfied.
  • I must say that I am very disappointed with this story. I blasted through this in one day, and I have quite strong feelings. And a headache.
  • 1. Why are all the MCs of the stories I’m reading such scum? I appreciate the romance between the MC and the FL (don’t even know if she really counts bc she’s barely there), but if you keep saying that the MC loves her, then why tf does the dude go and f*k every random girl he sees? The author keeps using the reason of oh if he rejects these girls at this point it’ll be questioning his manhood. I’m already recognizing his lack of manhood from not being able to control himself. If he didn’t claim that he loved the FL and was just a single dude, I would be all for it. F*k all the girls you want. I would even say he should do it even more. But since you’re doing this, what type of slag man are you??
  • 2. The system is set up as such a mystery, and it’s never covered?? He’s set up to inherit this huge family inheritance but nothing ever happens? What’s the reason for the system? Hello?? The system is absolutely idiotic sometimes. Esp since it’s pushing him in many cases to f*k those girls.
  • 3. Though in general there is absolutely no plot. Literally half of the story is about him slobbering over cars. Don’t get me wrong, I love cars as much as the other person, but do you need to have chapter after chapter talking about cars and how he’s buying more cars?? Plus. He makes probably thousands of purchases, and every single time he makes a quick large purchase, they have to spend half a chapter talking about how taken aback the salesperson is and there always has to be a cannon fodder customer near him to reflect on how inferior they are. I can’t even count how many times various cannon fodder have salivated over the MC’s car. I honestly don’t understand.
  • So yeah, quite disappointing. I thought this unlimited divine system would make him rich, though I guess being able to spend constantly is a perk. But this system quickly became just some sort of assistant to him. Plus the lack of any ending or explanation whatsoever.

Master of Trading Star Card Game ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
星卡大师 [重生] [8/2019]

  • From the same author as God Level Summoner, an amazing story. MC is reborn to another world where everyone plays this holographic card game. He uses his history and story knowledge from his previous world to work his way up as a professional card player. No system, no fast wear. Relatively long, 1.7m characters, >400 chapters.
  • Game is a little confusing, I think it’s kind of like a mix of Pokemon and maybe Hearthstone? I don’t really know what Hearthstone is except that it uses cards. But basically each card player has their own set of cards and you can call out your cards and each of them have their own skills, and also have their own assigned races and elements. That’s why I think it’s pretty similar to Pokemon.
  • Loved it. The author gets kind of long-winded when introducing the MC making cards bc he always uses a chapter on like two cards by talking a lot of the actual story and history. I’m not that interested in that so I just skipped directly to the card info itself. I admit I’m pretty impressed by the creativity of the cards, props to the author.
  • ML is actually the sweetest person ever. He really pampers the MC and doesn’t ask for anything in return. MC is a cutie, kind of really dense but they do get together without much drama. This author just really likes dragging things on. Like the main story is 400 chapters and they get together at like chapter 266 even though the ML fell in love maybe at like chapter 100 or something. Plus they barely even see each other at all afterward. Can the author not write it so that the MC and ML are in the same team? And actually get to be lovey dovey before the extras? Extras for the MC and ML are actually adorable tho, and MC does tell ML about his coming from a parallel world. Other side couple in the extras though was just painful. This author just always has to put in some extreme dog blood. Omg.
  • But yeah, really enjoyed this. With there was some like world competition like in God Level Summoner, just so the MC and ML could have been together longer. Also this is set in a futuristic world but I couldn’t really tell at all besides the holographic game. Would recommend. Also if anyone does pick this up to translate, I can only express my sympathy with all of the lengthy history/story background in the card making chapters.

Back to 1995 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
回档1995 [8/2019]

  • MC dies for the sake of money and is reborn to his childhood. At the fork of life, he decides to start anew and try to live a different life. MC is adopted, and finds his real family. His adopted family had a younger brother, which is the ML. They work together to build a new and beautiful life. No system, no quick wear. 600k characters, ~160 chapters.
  • I’ll give this one a 4.5 star, I guess. Idk, I didn’t really enjoy this story too much. It was just kind of too serious and dark for me. I’ve never liked stories that deal with mental illness bc it always causes drama that gives me anxiety, and this one definitely had all of those. It seems like the MC’s entire adopted family are mentally unstable, which just makes me really anxious and also makes me feel like the relationship between the MC and ML is not very healthy. Idk if I really like the MC. MC just seems like he doesn’t really care as much, or just keeps on thinking of the ML as a brother, but in fact the ML is always in pain about that and that just feeds into his depression. I just don’t think the MC is able to understand human feelings really well, which always makes me feel bad for the ML. There’s just a ton of drama and anxiety in this story for me, which definitely decreased my enjoyment. That doesn’t mean that other people won’t like it. I just don’t think the MC loves the ML the same way as the ML loves him, which just pains me.


Not Dead ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
不死者 [9/2018]

  • Synopsis is pretty confusing. Starts off with some religious scripture about Jesus’s second coming and then people being resurrected. It’s the zombie apocalypse in 2019, with nuclear power plant explosions, chemical plant leaks, turning the world into Hell. This is ABO, our MC is Omega, our ML is Alpha. Relatively short, 400k characters, ~80 chapters.
  • 3 stars: I thought it was okay, which you could probably tell from the fact that I actually finally finished the story. Quick read, took less than one day. Started reading this right after I dropped the previous one.
  • Again disclaimer I’m not a big fan of amnesia. I thought it was tolerable here, though of course not ideal. I really get annoyed when it gets dragged out like this. The MC and ML are pretty strong, and I do like the romance between them when they finally get together. Their team members are hilarious and adorable as well.
  • The plot is confusing. There’s an anticlimactic solution at the end for the apocalypse virus that comes around bc of his amnesia. The MC and ML are both definitely not OP. This is esp annoying bc the MC is made out to be some kind of killing machine, which he can be, but what kind of killing machine can be taken down so many times and so easily? He’s actually not resistant to anesthesia or even the sleeping gas? Also his childhood was terrifying. Like excessively horrible. I’ve read so many apocalypse stories and I still got the creeps from this one. I hate mental illnesses. The brother is an absolute nutcase and a pervert and a frickin cockroach. I also got pretty emotional sometimes. I did tear up significantly a few times, though it’s unclear whether it was because of sorrow or irritation or bc I was really hungry bc I only ate one PB&J for dinner. There was a bunch of really dramatic drama for reasons that I found unnecessary. But overall a good read.


  • Before reading: Sooo our MC has amnesia. Which I usually am not a fan of. Let’s see if it’s going to be really annoying here. So from the reading guide apparently the ML is a ruthless person who talks a lot and 帅不过三秒, which approx means that he deliberately plays at being handsome but this usually only lasts for a short time. Someone trying to be cool? This is quite different from the cold and domineering usual ML…And apparently the MC has off the charts military force but still has to cope with a lifetime of unluckiness. This sounds great for both our mains. Add on lack of romance, and we’ll be all set for a dropped novel.

Reborn to Before the Apocalypse ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
天灾之重回末世前 [10/2018]

  • MC is reborn to three years before the apocalypse. Armed with a carry-on space and his knowledge about the future, he will definitely live a good and simple life well. No system (I think), no quick wear, etc. etc. On the longer side, 700k characters, ~150 chapters.
  • Half completed, half dropped. Seriously read through to chapter 100/148, and then skimmed through around 15 of the remaining chapters know what happens. Mostly focused on the chapters that had something to do with the romance/relatinoship between the MC and ML.
  • Uhh what can I say about this. I’ll give it a 3.5 star, I guess, rounded down to a 3 star. It’s an apocalypse story, but I feel like it’s more like a story about the Dust Bowl or something, given that there’s not really any zombies or anything like in usual apocalypse stories. It really is a farming text, not that I have anything against farming since I have read plenty where the MC has a space where they farm, but why are they literally farmers? You go back to 3 years before the apocalypse and you literally go home to do farming? Are you sure that’s an efficient use of your life?? The MC just happens to get a secret stash of money in the first chapter, where is this from? How did you find out about this secret home? Did no one think it was weird for you to come in with a stash of like 5 million dollars in cash? When you dropped out of school did you keep on investing to accumulate your money instead of lounging around? I have so many questions about why the MC doesn’t really use his resources or abilities. Plus further on as he kept on cultivating he barely even does anything, just sitting around and eating, so I’m just like ?? what am I reading here?
  • MC and ML relationship is pretty adorable, ML is definitely a loyal dog to the max, but they are brothers, which does give it a kind of sad tinge since they can’t really aboveboard be together. They get together pretty early, both their feelings are pretty apparent and strong since the beginning, and they aren’t shy to start the smex. Plus dual cultivation 😉
  • So yeah, there was just a lot that I would have liked this story to have that did not happen. There is basically no action, and probably was almost completely just farming, which just got boring and old quite fast. Especially when the “apocalypse” was basically just the Dust Bowl and Ice Age combined, with some mutating animals or something. The MC and ML are also so low-key that nothing much really happens…and I don’t think the MC ever tells the ML that he was reborn.
  • Before reading: Reading notes: reborn shou, loyal dog attack, both clean. I have read quite a few stories with very similar premises, so I just hope for a few things: 1. strong (at least mentally, if not physically/skillwise) MC, 2. early and sweet romance with the ML, 3. effective use of his resources and abilities. Let’s hope for the best!


Imperial Household Chef ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
御膳人家 [9/2018]

  • MC was the acclaimed/exceptional/OP chef for the Imperial household. Apparently he has a treacherous personality and is basically insane/crazy (not in a mental illness way). When he died, he transmigrated into a stupid and cowardly fatty in the modern world. Follows him on his road to domination while destroying all the bastards trying to block his way. No quick wear, no system, etc. Not too long, 600k characters, ~100 chapters.
  • Another favorite. I would give this a 5 star, or perhaps a 5.5 (5 stars and half a heart??). Loved it, though not quite as much as Enlightenment of Rebirth. I think.
  • The MC is OP af, except his learning is pretty hopeless. Overall he’s basically OP at all things food or drink related, as well as phsycially, and in calligraphy. The MC and ML get together relatively early? And there’s not too much of fumbling around, they’re both pretty decisive, and after the first time cuddling suddenly became kissing, they pretty quickly transition into the kissing behavior. I don’t quite think that either of them have ever said that they love each other, but from their actions I think it’s pretty clear. And they likely don’t need to.
  • There isn’t much drama, the MC gets a bunch of help esp with his OP wine and food, his restaurants and wine quickly become world famous, they start earning money, there’s a brother who the MC and ML start to raise like their child. I enjoyed the ending, though I would have liked to see more of them, as well as what his brother (a true bro-con) ends up doing. Also I would have liked to see the MC tell the ML about his life. I feel like the sudden amnesia just is never explained, and the ML probably deserves to know, no? There’s definitely some plot holes, but just follow along and enjoy the journey.


  • Before reading: Hopefully this insane dude isn’t the type with no feelings. I want them to get together relatively early on, but I don’t have too high hopes. At the very least I seek amusement. I did find one pretty funny jjwxc comment: “第一次看美食文,我就……我……我为什么要在大半夜来冒这个险啊日?!……” Rough translation: “My first time reading a story about food, … why did I recklessly come face this danger in the middle of the night?” Sounds like I’ll get hungry with this.

Entire Body Is Luck [Interstellar] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
全身都是福[星际] [9/2018]

  • MC is a koi fish spirit. His entire body is fortune. This doesn’t change when he takes human form, and even when because of his cultivation he accidentally transmigrated to the interstellar era, this did not affect his luck. Follows his road with his huge gold finger to slap some faces and achieve success? No quick wear, no system, etc. etc. 500k characters, 125 chapters.
  • This was okay, I gave it a 4 star. I would rate everything relatively good. The romance? Relatively good. They’re not very sticky, it’s kind of frustrating that the MC keeps on teasing the ML and always likes to avoid answering his suspicions. Plus their confirmation of relationship was really abrupt, like literally they were iffy and then suddenly they confessed and then immediately married. There was some smex (actually they only mentioned it like 2-3 times), and there were definitely no deets. Idk they’re just not written as sticky or dog food-y as other BLs. I do love when they show love to each other pretty obviously, though not necessarily in private.
  • Plot was nothing special. I do like though that the MC and ML told each other everything about how he was reborn and how he transmigrated and stuff like that. Of course, both of them are OP, and I am happy that the two of them are able to stay together in the end. Wasn’t too big a fan of the dream epilogues, but they made sense. The MTL wasn’t great, so I definitely skimmed a lot.
  • Before reading: There’s the 强强 tag again, plus the huge gold finger as well as the light-hearted synopsis, so I’m looking forward to this. Though apparently the MC initially wears female clothing…I’m pretty sure it’s because of his ID problems though. Hopefully the romance doesn’t disappoint me.

Real Men Don’t Go For Fake Gay [Interstellar] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
真男人不搞假gay[星际] [10/2018]

  • MC dies and is reborn/transmigrates into a different world, where homosexuality is widely accepted. He thought he had gone to Heaven. Then he later found out that being gay here requires something called pheromone. The MC has no pheromone, all his boyfriends are cheating on him. Follows his sad journey to love and success? ABO setting. No system, no quick wear, etc. etc. Relatively long, 670k characters, 155 chapters.
  • Ok, deep breaths. I gave this a 5 star, though in terms of enjoyment, maybe a 4.5 star? Uhhhhh I’m a little conflicted about this story. I do love it, the MC is strong, but he’s not OP at all, the synopsis keeps saying that the MC has military force off the charts, but he just seems to be good at fighting, the ML can easily suppress him physically all the time? Though I am happy that here the MC is also a school genius, I like people with high IQ. The ML is ofc high IQ and EQ and the works, as expected.
  • Biggest peeve about this story? The romance. But I also love the romance most in this story. Contradictory? Yes! Just like the MC and ML in this story! Omg, the MC took forever to decide his feelings. I admit I am a more conservative person (shocking! all this talk about smex and BL?) but more in terms of like I don’t enjoy reading about people just randomly sleeping around, which is one of the reasons that BL manga bothers me so much. The trope of the uke being like whatever and just sleeping around casually is pretty pervasive and toxic for me. And here the MC basically does that, and the ML has to wait forever for the both of them to slowly start trusting each other and then to start to gradually accept his own inner feelings. Plus in the end it took the MC almost dying to finally clearly realize his feelings, and that’s like in chapter 130! Exm! I didn’t think the author mentioning that emotions slow heat would mean to this extent! It’s mostly bc the MC’s personality is not great. He’s brash, impulsive, rude, and all too often uses escape and avoidance as a way to not have to think about his emotions or feelings. I really hate this type of cowardly emotional MCs. Even if the ML had been able to control himself, I would long have gone up and beaten this MC up.
  • Okay, but their relationship is fine. After the MC slowly starts to realize and accept his feelings, they are pretty sticky together, and the ML is not without his own flaws. There are mentions of slight BDSM, which I am also not a big fan of reading about. I think I’ve mentioned this before in a different story I’ve read. It’s just a personal preference, nothing big. But yeah this is a big tear jerker. I’ve gone through half a box of Kleenex, mostly bc there’s so much frickin drama between the two. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely liked this story, but it’s not going to be one I’ll be back to reread.


  • Before reading: So there’s actually a lot more to the synopsis that is pretty entertaining. Our attack: high weight and authority, super self-control, firm conviction, gentleman. Our shou: civilian hero, military force off-the-charts, irritable temper, rogue. Our shou identifies himself not as A, B, or O, but as a pure gay. There’s no children, it will definitely be sweet and spoiled, the time and environment will be special. Both are not some naive young people on love.
  • I’m looking forward to this quite a bit, though I usually don’t really like the ABO setting esp bc of the pheromone thing. I just think having the pheromone really detracts from the emotional aspect a lot, which I think the MC also suffers from in this. Let’s see how he handles it.

Legend of the Cultivating Demon [Interstellar] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
星际修妖者传说 [10/2018]

  • MC was the 21st century’s last cultivating demon (??), but after a failed cultivation breakthrough, he is reborn into the future in the body of a male orc who had committed suicide. Apparently this original body was the young master of a big family, but had committed suicide after a confession rejection. So this new world only has pure male orcs and pure females, not too many half-orcs. But since half-orcs are much more fertile than females, half-orcs have become legendary. The MC is a half-orc, his upper body is human, and his lower body is a snake. In order to avoid becoming a legend, he decided to better go cultivate faster to become a whole human. Follows his journey through cultivation and eventually getting swallowed up by an evildoer. No system, no quick wear, etc etc. Similar length, 650k characters to almost 200 chapters.
  • I’ll give this a 5.5 star, rounded down to a 5 star. Why rounded down? Bc the extra 0.5 star/heart is because of the inclusion of the extra chapters and bc of the children. I love when these stories give birth to children and actually spend quite a bit of time on them. It’s always adorable.
  • Romance between MC and ML? No problems here, except for the beginning when the MC was still trying to be the top/the man in the marriage. I was just like … you’re a frickin half orc and the laziest person, how could you be the gong?? I’m also a little annoyed while typing this bc my pinky is sore for some reason and I type with pretty large force so typing up this commentary is making my pinky even more sore.
  • There’s also the fact that there is some cultivation in this story bc the MC is a snake demon, so it runs into the classic cultivation trope where the MC/ML always keep bumping into enemies of higher levels than them and making them suffer until they escape or do some big recruit at the last moment. Sigh. What can you do. But later they both become much more OP so this doesn’t happen anymore. I love that their children are also so OP and so cute.
  • Enjoyed the fact that the the MC’s friends all got into relationships, except for the Hai dude, I don’t remember seeing him with somebody? We also get to see their children’s relationships. Some I applaud for, some I am a little more meh about. W/e. At least the MC and ML are cute.
  • Enjoyed this quite a bit. The MC face-slaps and becomes OP, I also enjoy the battle school trope so that’s definitely a plus for me.
  • Before reading: The CP: lazy, insane, snake demon shou vs. (fake) gentle, strong, belly black gong. There’s the 强强 tag and the 生子 tag, how could I not look forward to it. I just hope the MC is a strong person and they get together early on!

Talisman Card Master [Interstellar] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
星际符卡师 [10/2018]

  • MC is a genius and god at learning, but transmigrates into an interstellar age that focuses on talisman card masters and mecha warriors. Strength is measured by spiritual power and physical constitution. MC is weak, can only be considered a waste. Then one day the MC saw the work that made a senior talisman card master famous, those scribblings looked like Chinese characters. Follows the MC on his journey to success by writing in his native language… No system, no quick wear, etc. etc. A relatively short one, almost 500k characters, 150 chapters.
  • 5 stars. I really enjoyed this story. OP MC, with a huge gold finger, and he’s pretty confident and ofc good at talking. Tons of face slapping, though probably with more talking than I usually prefer, but I usually skimmed it anyways so nothing big. I didn’t see the same problem with the first 40 chapters as some of the jjwxc comments, it honestly wasn’t bad. You might need to be more flexible with your sense of reality or logic or common sense, but not by much. Everything is jst very convenient for the guy.
  • MC and ML get together pretty early on, there’s no emotional drama, MC doesn’t try for no reason to be the gong, they have no aversion to smex. Everything is good. Dog food everywhere, nothing I would like better. Plus weibo-esque commentary is always hilarious, plus kaomoji. The other side couples are adorable as well. Not too much plot drama, but the MC keeps on improving, which is good. Definitely enjoyed this.


  • Before reading: The synopsis for this story is hilarious. The author introduces the story in 6 different ways, each one a different trope. There’s the one sentence version: I use fonts to act pretentious! There’s the pretentious version that I wrote up there. There’s the scum-abusing version: the mother remarried, the father married a mistress as a stepmother, and even added on 2 older siblings, closest friends betraying, lovers two-timing, MC looked at the situation and laughed, even though the situation was not great, he actually really enjoys abusing the faces of those scum. So, scum, are you ready?
  • And then there’s the show loving edition, and the selling moe edition with different fonts. And finally the eating guide (the reading guide essentially): 1. there’s going to be huge gold finger (evidently), 2. this story enjoys being pretentious, abusing scum, showing love, 3. apparently the MC is very good at taling? can conquer the world with just his mouth
  • But yeah, jjwxc comments have said that the first 40 chapters are a little iffy and afterwards it’s more logical and better. Hopefully I can pull through.

The Big Director ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
大导演 [11/2018]

  • MC is a life winner, but is kidnapped and then killed. He then transmigrates into 300 years ago. There’s only TVs, no holograms. There’s movies, but no 10D effects. (What even are 10D. Where did all 7 extra dimensions come from.) Follows the MC on his journey to raise Chinese film to the pinnacle. No fast wear. Very long, over 1m characters, almost 300 chapters.
  • Okay, I actually quite enjoyed this story. Solid 5 stars. Romance is amazing, the MC is a pure 0 but isn’t necessarily mentally weak bc of that, that’s just his preference, and while he does like to be spoiled and coddled by the ML, he’s still fierce and independent and strong when he wants to be. But yeah, the MC uses his futuristic knowledge and tech ability (?) to be massively OP. ML is OP too, but in this case not that much more than the MC as usual, they’re more of equals. ML is basically a loyal dog attack. Love that they got together really early on and then afterwards everything was dog food. Love not having too much emotional/relationship drama. Was only a little annoyed when the MC wasn’t going to tell the MML about his space and transmigration, but later on it does happen and it’s quite heartwarming. MC still doesn’t tell the ML about him looking like his doll, which is one secret that I agree that he should probably take to his grave. Rip.
  • So yeah, MC is OP, ML is OP, they both quickly get more and more OP. The one thing I don’t really like about entertainment novels, especially movie types, is that they always spend so long on the movie plots. Like maybe if you talk about one I might skim through it, but the MC frickin makes like 15 movies and 2 TV shows in here. I always like skip through most of it. What can I do, I’m just not that interested in that type of thing. Plus MTL doesn’t exactly translate that kind of stuff very clearly, so reading it is also a headache. So yeah, I definitely skimmed through a large portion of this story, which I must say kind of detracted from my enjoyment. For example compared to 100kV, which I have read quite closely two/three times now. But still I really enjoyed this story.


  • Before reading: These Chinese stories are very inconsistent with usage of transmigration and rebirth. Personally I think transmigration is when you originally were still alive and then change to a different body in space-time, and rebirth is when you die and then wake up in some other body in another space-time. Here I would say it’s rebirth, but they say it’s transmigration.
  • So apparently MC has a huge gold finger. Idk if that’s just from the fact that he’s reborn from the future, oh but wait he has a carry-on space. That might be part of his gold finger. There should be no abuse and should focus on just being sweet. And hopefully dog food. I hope they get together early. And the ML is OP and not an actor that the MC raises.

Entertainment Circle Actor Emperor ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
娱乐圈演技帝 [11/2018]

  • Someone who doesn’t want to become an actor who can garner the obsession of hundreds of thousands of people isn’t a good actor. MC used superb and unique acting skills that no one could imitate to secure an advisor position in his previous life. He transmigrates into modern times. Then after coming of age, with the support of his coal mining boss father, he enters the entertainment circle on the backing of investment. Follows him on his journey to fame and success? No system, no quick wear, etc. Quite short, less than 400k characters, 100 chapters.
  • Well, I completed it. 4 stars, lukewarm reviews. At least this was much shorter, so I didn’t have to wade through as many movie and TV show plots. MC is pretty OP? ML is definitely much more OP in this story than in the previous one I read, here he’s the golden thigh rich family business owner, so he helps block the shade for the MC. If anything, I just found the emotions in this a bit bland. Like I could tell that the ML was totally in love with the MC, but the MC is much more lukewarm to him. At least on the surface. And he never really tells the ML about his secret. Like he just says it offhandedly once, and the ML gets some weird feelings and thoughts, but he never really talks about it explicitly. Yeah, this was just an okay story. I might be going back to non-BL soon.
  • Before reading: This might be my last entertainment BL, or even just BL, unless I find something that catches my eye after this. If I don’t drop it. Looking over the jjwxc chapter titles, it seems like they don’t actually get together until chapter 66….that’s a long way in. Let’s hope for the best, I guess.


100k Volts Electrocutes You To Death ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ❤
十万伏特电死你 [9/2018]

  • MC was struck by lightning (The Flash vibes?) and gains the ability to generate power. How powerful is his energy generation? Apparently, if he stuck his finger in a socket, he could power a year’s worth of energy for three “top line” cities. So this “walking nuclear power plant” was sent to be a bodyguard for a local tyrant. Let’s follow his journey to a fulfilling life! No quick wear, system, etc etc. 750k characters, ~200 chapters. I was going to say it’s a much longer story, but character-wise that’s not quite true.
  • Everyone, welcome to the second 6 star BL novel yet on this page. Loved this story. Maybe bc I’ve just gotten tired of all the entertainment circle acting whatevers, I wanted to change a genre, and this one looked great. And it was.
  • A definite plus is that the MC is absolutely OP. Like literally he is the strongest man on Earth right now. It reminded me a lot of one of my favorites One Punch Man, though in this case the MC is much smarter, looks handsomer, and has powers of E&M rather than brute force. Plus he has the ML. The ML is just an ordinary human (aka no powers) but in terms of humans he’s one of the best physically and in terms of brains/shooting/etc. But yeah, there’s new powers that show up, they join the government and form an agency to take down enemies, there’s random beasts and hynotism, and many other interesting plot points.
  • So yes you got action. Some plot drama, but you know that the MC is going to win. But it’s not parody like OPM. But you also do have comedy, with all of the MC’s friends and colleagues and the ML’s friends, and the MC and ML’s interaction. There’s so much dog food and diabetes, the MC and ML get together quite early on, considering the number of chapters in this story. It’s amazing. They’re really attached to each other, but still bicker like any good couple. Even hthough the MC overall is stronger than the ML by a lot, physically the ML is dominant, so the uke-seme relationship is still consistent ;). Though they also bring a lot of comedy into that.
  • There’s a relatively satisfying epilogue, with a new power person emerging, and we get to see the MC and ML in the future. There are a bunch of other BL couples as side characters which is absolutely adorable. Love this. Also a quite fast read, despite having so many chapters.


  • Before reading: So I’m reading this for the 强强 tag (which tbh I’m not exactly sure what it means in CN LN speak, but I’m assuming it means powerful/strong…) and for the 打脸 tag. Face slapping is always on the agenda. So is the BL. Hopefully the ML and MC get together relatively quickly…and hopefully the MC isn’t dumb.
  • I’ve been reading some jjwxc comments on the pages of the LNs I’ve been reading. Some of these people are hilarious, it reminds me of the Weibo-esque commentary I love in CN BL. Another highlight: “除非两个混血儿,不然只要父母双方有一个亚洲人,就不会有蓝眼睛,黑色眼睛黑色头发占领一切2333”. Roughly, this translates to “Only if the two are both hybrids (mixed race), otherwise as long as one of the parents is Asian, there will not be any blue eyes, black eyes and black hair dominates everything 2333.” Preach, man. I’ll probably find out the context for this in the first chapter, but I found this absolutely hilarious. A comment to this comment was “神奇的亚洲基因hhh” or basically “the magical Asian genes.” Love it.

Robbed Old Attack of Five Heads ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
抢了老攻五个人头后 [9/2018]

  • Jjwxc synopsis doesn’t have anything substantial. This is a video game competition story. No quick wear, no system, etc. etc. A quite short one, 280k characters, <100 chapters. I’ve read a bunch of this genre, but I’m pretty sure not really a favorite one in BL (I really enjoyed You’re Beautiful When You Smile and ofc The King’s Avatar, and there’s a BL one on NU that I’ve read but didn’t favorite).
  • Not much to say for this, it was okay. Definitely not a favorite either, unfortunately. The MC is OP, and so is the ML, but I just found everything quite meh. Like the MC’s personality. Love the ML, don’t get me wrong, he gets really attached and constantly spoils and loves the MC. But the MC has quite low EQ and I just don’t really understand him and his behavior somewhat annoys me a little. Not too much dog food either, the author notes were misleading! Angery! I did like the team members and the fact that the parents and fans were all supportive though. A pretty fast read.


  • Before reading: From the author reading guide apparently our MC is a “white shell sesame stuffing” aka an outwardly meng but inwardly belly black cutie, and our ML is an outwardly grand, cold, ascetic, tyrannical yet big rogue. That sounds like a solid combination. Of course both the MC and ML are/will be OP (强强) and there should be dog food!
  • Okay I just read the reading guide again and I finally noticed that the author said that the game settings were taken from 绝地求生 which is PUBG (and then added a bunch of other stuff). And then I noticed that this story was actually all written in 2018. This author is woke af. I might actually understand this game then. I certainly didn’t know much about LoL, and I read multiple novels about that.
  • Another jjwxc comment of the day: 看了这么多年小说,真的很想知道,面容冷峻的男人长什么样? Rough translation: “After reading so many years of fiction, I really want to know, what do those men with cold and stern appearances really look like?” Preach, brother. There’s so many characteristics that Chinese LNs love to use (jade skin, red lips, I honestly can’t remember anymore) that I’m just like that definitely doesn’t exist. Can’t relate.

Interstellar First Gambling Energy Stone Master ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ❤
星际第一赌石能源师 [10/2018]

  • This is an interstellar world with machine armor, spacecraft, weapons, and equipment, that all depend on energy. Energy has become the most scarce resource in the interstellar era, energy solutions even are necessary for awakening special abilities. MC is just a small miner who is also color blind, though he does have a nice face. But after a meteorite rain and a bottle of gene strengthing fluid completely changed his fate. Now he has the ability to see the colors of the energy stones. Follows the MC through breezing through energy stone gambling (is it even gambling anymore) and future success? No transmigration, no rebirth, no system, no quick wear, etc etc. Not that long, 400k characters, ~140 chapters.
  • Love this story. I gave it 5 stars and a heart, though I might be closer to 5 stars and half a heart. Oh well, I rounded up.
  • I’m back. It’s been a month since I last edited this page, and I finally picked up this story to read it a month after I added it under the Currently Reading section. It was surprisingly good. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • The MC is OP, okay, that’s just a thing you have to like and accept. I quite liked the gambling concept, I think it lends itself very well to face slapping, which definitely happens almost every other chapter in this story. So you have to be a fan of that. It does get a bit repetitive, but I happen to enjoy the face slapping, so it’s all good. The ML is OP as well, and the MC and ML really play off each other to be the best that they can be, something I found very adorable and endearing about their relationship throughout the story. They do only kiss like twice, and absolutely no smex, which I usually would complain about but there is plenty of emotional dog food so I’m not really complaining too much. I would have enjoyed it though. But yeah, definitely really liked this story and would probably reread it in the future. A chill story with some great family members and friends/colleagues, kind of inspirational?
  • Before reading: It seems interesting, though the comments say that the writing of the emotional stuff/affectionate stuff is awkward, so we’ll hope for the best. Sigh.

After Being Rejected, I Became the First Male God ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
被拒绝后,我成了星际第一男神 [11/2018]

  • MC is a random beta from an ordinary family, but he confesses to a S-level male god alpha, the only child of a famous admiral. After being rejected predictably, the MC works hard… Follows the MC on his road to fame and success and love? ABO world, obviously. No system, no quick wear. Shorter story, 460k characters, ~100 chapters.
  • It’s a miracle. After a string of like 6 dropped stories and more half-dropped stories, I have finally finished one. I enjoyed it, though I wouldn’t say I loved it. The romance is all right I guess, it’s definitely much better after the ML finally comes around halfway through the story, and then it’s adorable. But before I was always like the MC is way too crazy and attached to this dude. I mean admittedly it’s not the ML’s fault, bu I’m just like why is this MC so weak. The plot is basically  all forms of drama and by that I mean all forms. There’s romance drama, then ML family drama, then MC family drama, then plot drama and then conspiracy drama. Amount of fighting in this story? Not that much actually. I feel like they never stop going to military school. But yeah I guess I enjoyed the MC and the ML together, though I am not a fan of the amnesia of the ML at the very end. Plus he never does recover his memory, which I find a real shame. Plus the MC is too soft-hearted and keeps on saving/keeping alive people who just keep coming back to kill him.
  • Before reading: The CP: sunshine tenacious rough man top student shou vs. aristocratic aloof outwardly kind but black-bellied male god gong. 强强 tag. I’m just hoping for the best, honestly.


He Always Likes Me ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
他总是喜欢我 [11/2018]

  • The LoL Korean leaderboards have always been the world of professional players. Until a passerby king exploded and rushed into the top ten. MC is a genius classical pianist. Then she dropped piano and signed to a Chinese domestic LoL team. Follows the MC on her journey to the top of the world. No system, no fast wear. Shorter, 450k characters, ~120 chapters.
  • Well this is the first non-BL in a while that I’ve read. I had to make an entire new category for this. I’m calling it FM = Female Main. Probably not obvious from the beginning. But I was quite hopeful for this from the synopsis, since it sounded pretty similar to You’re Beautiful When You Smile, a story that I’ve been a big fan of.
  • I did give this a 5 star. The romance was quite satisfying, they did have smex, even though it wasn’t obvious, and the ML is relatively OP and very attached to the MC. MC has an adorable family, especially her two huge sister-control older brothers. I guess the biggest complaint I have is the amount of drama in here. Why do you need this much drama? Plus this kind of reminded me of why I don’t really enjoy reading about FMs, since the MC here keeps on frickin blushing and being idol-crazy. I mean she was even better at first, when she was friendly but not crazy about the dude. But when she started having a crush, she was pretty naive and obvious about it. I’m just like facepalming over here. Stop blushing all over the place. Sigh. It’s okay, though. I would probably rate this more of a 4.5 than a 5 star but whatever.

Nine Ye’s Number One AD ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
九爹的AD天下第一[电竞] [11/2018]

  • MC emerges as a king in some district, ferocious and leaving no one alive, astonishing success. Some team coach contacts MC to play a career. Turns out this nine ye is a beautiful woman. Now the DC team not only has the most handsome coach in history, but also the most beautiful ADC in history. But this beautiful woman is hard to raise, not only not gentle and soft, but also fierce. Follows the MC on her rise to success. No system, no rebirth, etc. Short one, 400k characters, ~120 chapters.
  • Sigh. I would give this closer to a 3.5 maybe instead of a 4 star. While I do like that the MC and ML are both OP, and I did enjoy the romance and that they both knew what they wanted and got together pretty early. But why why why do you need so much dog blood? I mean I’m all for girls being decisive and breaking up when the man is not good for you, but there was just so much drama here. My heart started being sore. I felt bad for the MC, then I felt bad for the ML, then I was like how much longer is this going to go on if they both still love each other so much. Both of them are so insecure and it’s pretty frustrating. The BB most of the time wasn’t a problem, but sometimes it did get on my nerves. Welp.


  • Before reading: Apparently this MC really loves BB. I have no idea what BB means. Maybe it means cussing? I have no idea. Nvm I just googled it and apparently it means nagging or complaining/criticizing. Now I don’t know how this is done, if she’s just whining all the time I’ll be annoyed, but I’m personally a big fan of sarcasm.
  • The CP: spicy mouth, max skill, the only AD with big long legs female x invisible king IQ max super-good at playing games Male God coach.

Returning to the 60’s Omnipotent Military Wife ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
重回六零全能军嫂 [11/2018]

  • MC is someone who likes staying at home and being lazy, and one day she is reborn to a rural girl in the 60s. In order to live, MC can only continue to complete tasks from her system and become a qualified military wife. There is a system! No fast wear. Longer story, 850k characters, almost 240 chapters.
  • Gave this 5 stars. Romance was actually pretty adorable, sweet and pure but also talks straightforwardly about smex. Plus it transitions btw the MC and ML’s points of view sometimes, which is always cute. MC and ML are both OP, but they’re constantly separated, which is pretty sad. I honestly am not a fan of MLs going out to fight if they’re not OP, bc that’s just too dangerous. MC’s demotions are pretty in place for this, and it does seem like they get more and more attached to each other.
  • Family is okay, I do think that the mothers and other relatives are really over the top. There are some chapters dedicated to MC’s mother, which I wasn’t too interested in. While this might be a little mean, if my mother was like that, I probably wouldn’t be as nice as MC is here. Gotta control herself, man. You can’t be that extreme. Also, I certainly will not spoil my kids like that. You gotta give your children some good habits. The ending was also a little abrupt. Esp the last chapter, that was pretty meta. Now I’m a little doubtful of what I read.
  • Before reading: Apparently the MC’s family is crazy. Also apparently the system helps her upgrade, so early on she’s relatively normal and then later on she gets more OP. Also apparently some of her tasks include sewing and cooking… Hopefully the romance makes up for it. At first when I added this onto my list I thought she was actually going to be in the military.

Omnipotent Top Student [Live] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
全能学霸[直播] [11/2018]

  • Not much of a synopsis. MC apparently is a school top student, but also does live streaming? Won a bunch of awards, did a bunch of student representative, won a bunch of competitions, live streaming and various skills. MC is reborn somehow, not sure why/how. No fast wear. Longer, almost 900k characters, >200 chapters.
  • Hm. Well, I finished it, and I gave it 4 stars. MC is definitely OP enough, though the system of live streaming is a little strange. Also the cliffhanger of losing the brain and then the whitewashing (?) opportunity, I thought that was just for borrowing money, how did it turn into fulfilling any wish? Also as someone who could be considered half a school bully, I also participated in the olympiads mentioned in this story, and honestly I’m quite envious of her unforgettable memory. Plus IMO is definitely not as fun or engaging as they write here, it’s basically just sitting for hours to write proofs. If it were actually live streamed, probably no one would watch it.
  • Second, I was a little disappointed in the romance. Romance is definitely not the emphasis of this story by any means. However, even though her EQ not low, her experiences with love or her acceptance of a relationship is pretty low. Like they finally get together 50 chapters in, and then after that the ML barely shows up every 20 chapters. I feel like this ML is quite neglected. Also I feel like the relationship is basically all the ML being active, and the MC is just a passive person who forgets about the ML all the time. Plus the fact that the MC is technically an adult but still keeps on being shy about their relationship. Literally by the end they have actually kissed twice and she ran away both times afterwards. Definitely do not read this for romance.



On the Correct Way to Eat Dog Food ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
论食用狗粮的正确姿势[快穿] [8/2018]

  • Dropped at chapter 223/318. That’s halfway through the 12th arc, out of 16 arcs and like 3 epilogue chapters/extras.
  • I’m pretty sure the Dog Food in the title is just referring to the fact that the task for the MC in each world is to increase the goodwill of the ML to max. Which basically means he needs to make the ML fall totally in love with the MC. The initial goodwill rating of the ML for the MC has huge ranges, plus he can’t OOC in some cases, so the MC is pretty damn restricted sometimes. The ML seems to be the Lord God, iirc, but so far this hasn’t played too much into the plot. Since this is a matchmaking system, there isn’t as much action at all.
  • This embodies two of the annoyances I usually have with fast wear. 1 The MC has to leave at a certain time/right after he finishes the task. 2 The system/plot has to deal with matchmaking/falling in love. Idk it just seems a little contrived and sometimes I’m wondering if he really loves that dude. Sometimes I was wondering if he was being affectionate with the ML just for the soul “flavor”, which I guess counts as the dog food. Ah I was also pretty damn annoyed by the 11th arc, which I’m pretty sure is what caused me to get tired and drop this by the 12th arc. The MC was acting pretty obnoxiously and really stubbornly to the ML during that arc.
  • Literally my comment right after dropping the story was “not sure if this story should be dog food or dog blood” that’s how much random drama is in most of the worlds. Sigh. Plus if this is supposed to be romance, at least give me some more smut.

Lover’s Always Counterattacking
恋人总是在逆袭 [8/2018]

  • 12 arcs, dropped halfway through the 1st arc ^^’
  • So I like having strong, smart, not naive MCs. Here, the frickin ML has the system. Sure, from the MC’s perspective I can see that the ML is OP, but the ML always starts from the bottom and then becomes strong later on. But the MC was pretty dumb and naive in the first arc. Then would the story be mostly about the romance if it’s from the MC’s perspective? Maybe this will improve somehow by incorporating the MC into the action, but I’m not too optimistic. I’ll see if I get back to this.

Cannon Fodder Hits Face Becoming God ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
快穿之炮灰打脸成神 [8/2018]

  • Dropped at chapter 44/154, or at the end of the 3rd arc out of 12 arcs and a few epilogue/extras.
  • Originally was disappointed bc all sources of this raw that I found (besides jjwxc obv) stopped around chapter 140, so I wouldn’t be able to read to the end. Thought the synopsis looked pretty promising and similar to the cannon fodder counterattack trope, so I was pretty excited. After trying it out, I guess it was pretty good, but the MC is slightly more unfeeling i.e. his love/attachment for the ML is definitely less than the ML’s love for him. The MC isn’t really able to easily figure out who the ML is in each world, so it’s usually pretty up in the air. The system is kind of like the one in FOD but doesn’t seem to be as useful. Not too much romance and even less smut.

Adorable You ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ➡ ⭐
可爱的你[快穿] [8/2018]

  • Dropped at chapter 109/309. That’s the end of arc 6 out of around 19 arcs I think? This is a really frickin long story, with over 1 million characters.
  • I will say I really enjoyed this quite a bit for the first 3-4 arcs. Then all of a sudden the system kept on “upgrading” bc ooh the MC you’re too good the big old system lord decided to increase the challenge/difficulty of the system. So now the system is basically incomplete and the MC has to figure out everything by himself. If there’s one thing I really don’t like, it’s unreliable information and incomplete plot. So now the story suddenly becomes like a mystery thriller, literally arc 5 is like a game of Clue. Then in arc 6 it’s the other characters figuring out the mystery and the MC has some sort of weird task to be as evil as possible. So yeah the system gold finger basically disappears, the counterattacking turns into mystery solving, we don’t really even know if the MC actually loves the ML or not or whether the MLs are all the same (besides the claim that they are in the jjwxc reading guide), and I dropped it.

The Man Famous for His Gold Rate ⭐ ⭐
名为黄金率的男人[快穿] [8/2018]

  • Dropped chapter 36/72. Literally halfway. Also at the end of arc 3 out of 7 arcs.
  • So the premise of this story is literally that the MC is able to make money basically fall out of the sky. Whenever he does anything, he’s able to make money. Even if he doesn’t do anything, he’s collecting money in the bank. The ML apparently has the best luck ever. In the first chapter his plane breaks down bc of someone’s machinations and he falls onto the MC’s biggest softest bed. From the sky.
  • So yeah this is a ridiculous and absurd story. The MC and ML seem to love each other, but there’s literally no plot and not really any reason for them to be reincarnating, the romance is alright but there’s not much smut, and the transitions between the worlds are nonexistent. Very confusing.

Strongest Face Hitting Gold Finger ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ➡ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
最强踩脸金手指[快穿] [8/2018]

  • Dropped chapter 117/190. That’s the end of arc 8 out of 14 arcs plus a couple epilogues. Over 1 million characters.
  • So the premise of this is pretty interesting actually, the world’s male god’s gold finger suddenly stops working and a pile of data becomes a person to go into each of the worlds to act as the gold finger of the male god. Of course, this means that the MC is pretty dang OP, which is always great.
  • I actually really enjoyed this while it lasted. The MC is OP, he does act as the ML’s golden finger for a few worlds, but the way he acts as the gold finger changes for each world, and eventually it just gets kind of superfluous? But yeah since he’s basically code and a gold finger, he’s pretty OP, and he can use his code to do just about anything. The MC and ML get really attached to each other, the ML is basically addicted to him, he gets a little yandere but it’s still within comfort zone, they have a representative flower that gains a soul, then the ML gets a flower that falls in love with this Evergreen flower.
  • All is well and good, but there’s not too much plot in the worlds and then the plots get kind of boring and the worlds are pretty normal as well. Dropped, but might pick up later. We’ll see.

The Correct Way to Hit Faces ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ➡ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
快穿之打脸的正确方式 [8/2018]

  • Dropped chapter 158/184. The end of the 8th arc out of 9 arcs. Yes, I stopped with only one arc left to go.
  • I also really really enjoyed this. The first 6 or so arcs, I loved the MC and ML and the plot and worlds and basically was pretty invested. The MC didn’t really have amnesia? Well he used to be a flower so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know anything about what happened while he was just a flower and not really sentient. Even though the MC isn’t OP like in FOD or CFCSs where he can adjust all of his attributes, he’s still pretty OP with the help of his system/cat. But then in the 7th and 8th arcs, the cat starts remembering things, and the MC starts doubting whether he’s really in control of his reincarnations or if he’s being controlled by the gods to reincarnate and to fall in love with the lord god. Plus the cat/system starts keeping a lot of secrets from the MC, which makes him doubt himself even more. So there’s just a lot of complications with lowering of trust and confidence and plot confusions as well. Dropped.

It’s Always Going to Return
快穿之出来撩总是要还的 [8/2018]

  • Dropped barely 10 chapters in out of 376. That’s the first arc out of 10 arcs, and a few of these arcs have like 50-60 chapters. It’s pretty crazy. Over a million characters.
  • Thought it would be promising, read the first few chapters and was quickly disappointed. This guy can’t even OOC. The first arc he transmigrates into the body of a really really weak and severely depressed teen, and literally basically becomes him. Like I feel like his original personality was probably stronger, but when he gets into the body, he actually displays the crippling fears that the original owner had. Really disappointed.


Male God Owes Me a Life [Interstellar] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
男神欠我一条命[星际] [11/2018]

  • MC is reborn and stands once again at the entrance examination of military school. The golden generation, starts from this point. Hot-blooded young men, in their prime. Soldiers with iron bones, indomitable. Follows the MC on his journey to military success? No quick wear, no system, etc. Quite long, over 1m characters, almost 250 chapters.
  • So I honestly don’t know too much about this story. Most of it is going to be a military school plot, and there’s the 强强 tag and the mecha tag, so it should be good? The MC better be OP, and the ML too. And they better get together soon.
  • Dropped chapter 132/244. I honestly quite enjoyed this, i guess, for a story that I dropped. Especially given the pretty good trend I was on, with 7 completed stories in a row (granted a couple of them were half-completed half-dropped).
  • Let’s see. I love OP MCs, and I guess the MC here is pretty OP, with high IQ and EQ, which I like. The ML is also OP as usual, which is a plus. Their romance is adorable, and they also got together pretty early on, which provides me and the netizens plenty of dog food. MC has good friends and teammates.
  • What’s there not to like? Well. It’s more like there wasn’t too much that I still wanted to read. I am personally not a fan of suspense novels or amnesia, and this has both. There’s a massive mystery/conspiracy and too many powers trying to oppress the MC and ML, and the MC is just not strong enough to go against all of them. The MC has amnesia about the most important parts of his life. A couple of the side couples I find disturbing or painful, which is never fun. Sometimes I like plot, but this plot was too much and too important for the story for me. Dropped.

The Sky Is Full of Tea Fragrance [Rebirth] ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
茶香满星空[重生] [11/2018]

  • MC is reborn into a distant galaxy, becoming the most isolated waste seven young master of a rich and powerful family. The slag father and mistress mother doesn’t matter, the MC is very satisfied. He can now return home. Apparently he has a carry-on space but it’s a tea mountain?? Follows the MC on his road home? Sentinel-guide world. No quick wear, no system, etc. etc. Normal length, 600k characters, 175 chapters.
  • I’m not holding too many expectations for this. The synopsis wasn’t very amusing, jjwxc comments are almost irrelevant, and there isn’t a very useful reading guide. Hopefully the 强强 tag pulls through.
  • Dropped chapter 25/175 rip. Sigh I’m glad I had low expectations, bc I don’t think I would have enjoyed this. Maybe I’m quickly getting back into my ennui phase, but this honestly didn’t really raise my enthusiasm. One of the things that I kind of find annoying about transmigration/rebirth things is that if the MC can go back home, they spend a large amount of time focusing on how to go back home and thus totally ignore/don’t treat seriously their feelings to the ML. Which I find pretty unfair. Plus here the romance doesn’t actually start until like much later, which is a little boring. Maybe I’ll pick it back up later, but for the moment the MC doesn’t seem to be emotionally or mentally very strong.

Veteran General

  • MC and ML were a pair of very famous opponents in the interstellar world. But apparently both of them died? And then both of them were reborn? Given this new chance, the ML was moved, he wanted to firmly hold the MC’s hand in this life. But the MC also very happy about finally not having to be a soldier, about finally being able to get rid of the ML, and finally being able to go participate in the mecha competition. Follows the MC in his journey to be together with the ML? No system, no quick wear, etc. Longer story, 780k characters, >200 chapters.
  • Uh well I hope that I don’t have to get bored and drop this story again, I seem to be on a roll with dropping stories now.
  • Okay, dropped like 10 chapters in. At this point it wasn’t even about being bored. I was looking forward, and this MC is honestly not the type I like. Jjwxc comments also talked about this, the ML finds and rescues the MC pretty early on, and he keeps on chasing him. But the MC just always kicks him away or jokes around and literally doesn’t return any of his affection at all, and I think I’ll have to wait for like chapter 100+ for anything romantic to happen. Plus the fact that rn the MC is like 10 years old, so nothing  can really happen. But yeah, pretty boring and disappointing.

Monopolizing Male God [Interstellar]
重生之独占我的男神[星际] [11/2018]

  • MC is the third imperial prince, and after he is unexpectedly reborn, his first matter of business is to bring home his male God. Then he is going to take advantage of the ML not yet rushing into the battlefield to cultivate him into his own confidant general. But the ML seems to have other thoughts… Follows the MC and ML on their road to love. No system, no fast wear, etc. Longer story, 780k characters, >200 chapters.
  • The CP: poisonous tongue but honest body weapons manufacturer genius prince shou vs. outwardly kind but black-bellied military force off the charts male god gong. Faces will be slapped, slags will be abused, lovers will be spoiled. Let’s hope for the best here. Hopefully the MC here is good.
  • Dropped chapter 42/200-something. Sigh, another disappointing story. The premise of this could have been so good and interesting if the MC didn’t just suck again. What happened to the 强强 tag? The MC is supposed to be a frickin genius and instead I feel like he’s a frickin idiot. Hadn’t he gone through 4 years or something of war? He was even a commander and got promoted all the way up to a Major General! But once he’s reborn why is he still so dumb and naive? Does he think about anything? I want equality in the relationship. Rn it’s basically the MC being led on by everything the ML does, and luckily the ML is already like in love with the MC bc otherwise the MC would have long been ruined. Also what’s up with the MC being all girly and whiny and weak? He keeps rejecting being in a relationship with the ML even though obviously that’s what he wants. This MC is like totally incapable. I can’t keep going.

You Stepped On My Data
你踩着我数据了 [11/2018]

  • MC was the chief Marshal of the army, and dies as a martyr with a self-exploding nuclei. He is miraculously reborn in the body of a young man 5000 years later. 5k years later, there were no more devastating Zerg, and no more of those smoky battlefields. There is nothing that the MC is familiar with, but he is glad that the country he protected is still there. Follows the MC on his journey to success. No system, no quick wear, etc. Shorter story, 400k characters, ~100 chapters.
  • Apparently this story deals with orcs, and both of the MC and ML might change bodies or something? So there’s no pregnancy. Apparently there is mecha. I’m just hoping for a good MC this time. I’ve been disappointed many times in a row now.
  • Dropped 60 chapters in out of ~100. I wonder if it’s possible to be nauseous just from reading stories. Literally though, I’ve been so disappointed by the recent string of stories that my stomach is not feeling great and my mind and head hurt. What is wrong with the MCs nowadays? Really, there’s a reason why these stories are less popular on jjwxc than the other ones. The MC is apparently like 500 years old but doesn’t really act like it? The ML literally loves him to death but the MC doesn’t tell him anything? Like the ML is almost broken-hearted over the MC’s original body’s past/current lover, and the MC is just like it’s ok he’ll get over it. Excuse me? What the heck is wrong with all these people. These stories are really giving me chest pains.

Emperor-Level Superstar
帝级大明星 [3/2019]

  • Synopsis is useless but MC should have failed in his last life but is reborn to the day it all fell apart. He sets out to rescue his loved ones and himself, and climb his way up to the top of the art and entertainment world. No idea if there’s a system, but probably not? No quick wear. Long ass story, over 5m characters, over 1.6k chapters.
  • Oh also from some comments it seems like the MC collects women. I hope to see some satisfactory harem action or stallion action. If you’re a scum you have to own it.
  • Dropped ~40 chapters in out of >1600. This was really an eye-opener for me. Never have I ever read something so hard to read. The run on sentences were absolutely insane. Each paragraph was literally one sentence with twenty commas in there. I also never knew there was a way to say so little using so many words. I eventually just had to start skimming.
  • Skipped to the last chapter, where it seems he married over 10 people. But from the chapter titles, I’ve only found one chapter where he actually has smex with one girl. Where are all the other girls? Hello? Also his “system” is super lackluster and basically useless. I don’t really even know how the author managed to write so much about the same thing. The MC also has like no personality and no backing. Idek what’s going on.


My Mental Power Is Omnipotent ⭐ ⭐
我的精神力是万能的[末世] [9/2018]

  • General BL, not rebirth, no transmigration, not fast wear. Just good old apocalypse BL. Reasonable length, 500k characters, ~160 chapters.
  • Only a few chapters in, and I was already tempted to drop this. As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere, I get completely annoyed with weak and scaredy-cat MCs. Though undoubtedly if I were ever in the apocalypse situation, I would likely be terrified out of my damn mind bc I’m physically a marshmallow, I don’t wanna read about that!
  • But I kept going bc the premise of this is that the MC wakes up a totally amazing power (it’s basically omnipotent), where he has some sort of substance in his “spiritual domain” that he can access thru his mind and it can basically create whatever he wants from thin air. Ofc he has to keep using it to upgrade and evolve it yada yada and then finds out more abilities. So with that in mind, I kept reading about this disappointing MC. Plus the fact that the ML showed up in the 2nd chapter.
  • So the ML was originally a zombie, and with the help of the MC’s power (basically eating his created food), he regains his sanity and turns almost back into a real person. So very early on he’s already madly in love with the MC. But bc the MC is literally low IQ and EQ, the ML has to restrain himself and only constantly make more ambiguous moves. Looking at the jjwxc chapter teasers, it doesn’t seem like the ML is able to confess to the MC until like chapter 80ish. Does this mean I have to wait 60 more chapters before the MC is finally aware enough to warrant this confession?? I guess I’ve been spoiled too much by quick fast wear romance progression. Sighh.
  • All right, at chapter 28/162, I have dropped this novel. Since I’ve been transitioning into school mode, I’ve had to find more consistent and satisfying gratification in my reading. This definitely wouldn’t give me that. While reading it, I was often annoyed by the MC’s low IQ, EQ, and courage. I honestly can’t really figure out what’s good about this dude except for his ability and his compassion towards (initially more like fear and helplessness) the ML.

Apocalypse Invasion ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
末世入侵 [9/2018]

  • MC is an office worker otaku who undergoes mutation after the onset of the apocalypse, hovering on the edge of life and death. Fortunately he has a strong and almighty neighbor (ML obvs) to take him to escape. But halfway through apparently this strong man unexpectedly is wounded, then has a fever and becomes ill. In order to save him, the defenseless office worker otaku MC has to bite the bullet to fight the aliens (?). Follows their road to survival and success? 730k characters, ~140 chapters.
  • Author note: no rebirth, no transmigration, no system, so golden fingers opened to overturn the heavens! Apparently. Lol they know me, he has a warning: in the beginning the shou is weak, please stick to the 16th chapter and then decide whether to continue. Guess I’ll have to wait for the 16th chapter and hopefully he’ll get OP.
  • I actually don’t really mind this one, 4 star. I did enjoy it I guess, since the MC is getting increasingly OP with his mental/psychic powers and with the ML’s increasingly OP physical powers. Ofc they’re not entirely OP, unfortunately, bc with some strategy other powers are able to threaten them. I did enjoy the fact that the MC and ML are slightly gradually having a more ambiguous relationship, but I did become afraid (bc of the MC’s dismal EQ and personality) that they would probably get together in like the final chapters. I skipped ahead to read a bit, (ch 100, 120, 130) and I found out that the MC recovers from his amnesia, there’s some plot twists about his “parents”, and then he gets really emotional about his childhood friend (?) being paralyzed. No hints of romance with the ML…so I decided to drop it 60/140 chapters in. It’s not that I don’t like this story, it’s just that I don’t have the patience to read through a non-romantic BL at the moment. Might continue later. Unlikely.


Handsome to Explode the World [Interstellar] ⭐ ⭐
帅爆全地球[星际] [9/2018]

  • MC dies and then rebirths in the future as a robot with the ability to copy any ability. He’s able to simulate any master’s fighting abilities, and becomes a famous cheat fighter. Follows his path to cheat heaven and become handsome to explode the world. Relatively long, 830k characters, ~200 chapters.
  • Apparently: ①苏苏苏②爽爽爽③甜甜甜④宠宠宠. That’s basically all the good adjectives. I expect OPness and dog food. Though from the chapter teasers I don’t think they’ll get together that early…Let’s hope for the best. Interstellar Admiral Male God gong x Military force off the charts shou.
  • I’m disappointed. Am I gonna start a new train of dropped stories again? Dropped 67/200 chapters in. So first I’m pretty annoyed that the MC wears into a robot bc that already starts a massive plot device to create misunderstandings and oh this is my identity I can’t tell you who I am or something or we can’t be together. And then it’s the plot device that the MC has to kill the ML for some reason bc he becomes his master and apparently he has to kill him. Despite not having to do anything against his will really besides cleaning the house. Which if they had confessed to each other wouldn’t happen.
  • So now we have total dog blood with the ML falling in love with the MC but the MC constantly hating and trying to kill the ML. And I’m just like I am so sorry ML this MC is just the worst person ever. And this has already lasted for like 70 chapters. I also skimmed ahead, and I think they might not get together until like chapter 120ish or even later. That’s just…and I also don’t know if when they get together the ML will know that he’s a robot. Or that’s he’s a human in a robot.
  • Idk I’m just really tired and annoyed about this story. The MC is pretty OP, but I’m just really annoyed by him. Plus he’s supposed to be some OP hacker but is unable to remove that one characteristic of having to follow the ML’s instructions, which would solve everything. Dropped.

Future World Ancient Medicine Master ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
未来异世之古医药师 [9/2018]

  • MC has an accident and transmigrates into an Orc world. His new identity is also as an illegitimate bastard, so none of his “relatives” pay attention to him. MC breaks off relations with them and decides to live by himself. Then he finds out that he has a magical space with all kinds of plants and flora, and apparently planting herbs can upgrade the space. More importantly though, he can plant and eat human food, since God knows that the food in the Orc world isn’t fit for humans to eat. Follows him on his foodie adventures. Longg story, 1.2m characters, ~270 chapters.
  • This is the inspirational story of how a waste becomes the future world’s first ancient medicine master! Not sure what you like? Have no fear. In this story, there’s a personal carry-on space, gourmet food, medicine, powers/abilities (?), mechas, adventure, archeology, and of course gold fingers yo! Author note: this is a story about food. Foodie story. Farming story. Those who pursue passion and speed should be wary. All gold fingers and adventures are for more delicious food, more money, and more prestige. Welcome all patient foodies!
  • Apparently the ML is very OP and he falls in love/they get together pretty soon, so fingers crossed.
  • Well. Nothing I said earlier was wrong. The ML is pretty OP and they do get together pretty early on. But they will haven’t gotten it on yet. Like seriously, they get together chapter 30 and then agree to get engaged chapter 40 and then screeeching halt. I dropped 70/270 and they haven’t even had any smex yet. And the MC has super thin skin and keeps on postponing/refusing to talk whenever the ML starts thinking about having babies. Sorry ML.
  • And yeah the author didn’t lie. I was not patient enough or enough of a foodie, unfortunately. I mean it was pretty hard for me to get through literally entire chapters just describing dishes that he’s going to make by adapting from the new world food. And it’s also all in MTL garbled English as well, so it’s just extra unreadable. I don’t know, I think I’ve read my fair share of novels related to food, and I’m a pretty big fan of them, but this was just too much? It was more of long descriptions of food and how he cooked them rather than any action? And like many jjwxc commenters had said, the writing wasn’t terrible, but it was quite basic. Like their dialogue or their affectionate words were all quite stiff and just unnatural? And while I usually love the MC’s friends in most stories, I didn’t really find them very interesting or good in this one. Dropped.

Godly Guide ⭐ ⭐

  • MC was a SS sentinel, but when he upgraded he actually became a god-level guide. Previously he was the one chasing chrysanthemums, but now it’s other people thinking of his chrysanthemum. Follows the MC’s journey to try to protect but eventually fail at protecting his chrysanthemum?? No quick wear, no system, etc. Not too long, 500k characters, ~150 chapters.
  • I honestly don’t know much about what happens in this story, I hope that it’s amusing/entertaining, and the MC and ML are OP and get together early on. Hopefully the MC is strong both mentally and physically.
  • Dropped around chapter 20/150. Sigh, I read a review and it did say that this story was a little disappointing. I kind of agree. The MC seems to be very resistant to getting into a relationship with the ML, even though the ML is doing his best to chase him. Honestly he should just accept the frickin fact that he’s a frickin guide and stop going on and on about how he’s just an ordinary man and is going to find a beautiful girl to marry. This MC really got on my nerves. He finally confesses to being a guide after the ML confronts him about it in like chapter 50 and they’re not even in a relationship then. I would probably need to read to like chapter 70 before they finally get together. No time for that.


I’m Not a Good Creature, Don’t Trick Me ⭐ ⭐
我生物不好你别骗我 [9/2018]

  • Jjwxc synopsis doesn’t have much. MC wakes up after forgetting all his memories from a summer and many things have changed. I’m pretty sure he should be pretty OP, has abilities, but idk what happened in the middle. I guess we follow his path to slapping some faces and winning some things? 750k characters, >200 chapters.
  • Not much amusing author guide or comments, but there is a 强强 tag, and the face slapping tag. Plus this is from the same author as the 100k volts story, which is definitely one of my favorites. So I’m hoping for the best.
  • Okay, so I dropped this at 57/220 chapters. Uhhh I would just say this was solidly disappointing. It got to the point that I didn’t even like the ML, which I basically always love in BLs. The MC was at least much more endearing and interesting than him. Several times I got really annoyed and irritated with the ML, esp when he just beat and whipped the MC. Like what? At least feel regret or something? Excuse me? The MC is okay, he’s strong, but not OP. Like already 50 chapters in and he already has a nemesis. Plus he’s almost schizophrenic.
  • The plot is basically confusing. The first 20 chapters, I was very confused. Then after that it got a little clearer. Then after that, I was confused again. Not much explanation for the plot. The MC has amnesia, a plot device I usually dislike, and I did also dislike it in this case. I feel like it was absolutely unnecessary for them to drag out the reveal for that long. The MC also has a frickin girlfriend for god’s sake. And he keeps on being together with her despite not having any strong feelings. The entire time I was like THIS IS A BL! WHAT IS THIS GIRLFRIEND! And literally the romance starts at like chapter 110ish. I skimmed the teasers. And also read that chapter. And then I was like even after all this you guys are still fighting over who’s gonna be the uke and seme. And that was it.

Don’t Think Omega Aren’t Men
别拿Omega不当男人[星际] [11/2018]

  • MC follows a neighbor brother to join the army and somehow manages to join the mysterious Team 0. Apparently everyone in this Team 0 is Omega. MC remembers that the ML is in the empire’s best Alpha special forces, but he’s actually in Team 0 with a bunch of empty hot-blooded Omegas. Follows his journey to prove himself, I guess. ABO world. Relatively short, 400k characters, ~115 chapters.
  • Things I hope for: MC doesn’t just throw away the ML to become stronger. The MC isn’t like emotionally handicapped. There isn’t something going on about pheromones or whatever. That’s my biggest peeve about ABO stuff.
  • After reading a couple chapters: I have made a mistake. There is no 强强 tag. That means this Omega is probably going to be really weak for most of the time. Plus the Omega is in like a one-sided love relationship with this ML, and they’re technically almost “brothers”, which you know means dog blood. I don’t like dog blood. I like dog food. Dropped?

Poorest Tyrant in History
史上最穷土豪 [11/2018]

  • In the eyes of the students MC is a very poor person. But apparently this poor man is also a very self-respecting and considerate poor person. They could only find the student union president ML to help enlighten this kid. Apparently MC is a small god of wealth, he is actually rich. Will this misunderstanding continue to the end? Obviously not! No fast wear, etc. Shorter story, 400k characters, ~120 chapters.
  • Apparently the CP is a soft and cute god of wealth shou vs. a shrewd smart outwardly kind but inwardly evil gong. Hopefully this MC isn’t weak and whiny…
  • Probably not the best reason for dropping, but this was definitely one of my quickest drops. Reason? The MC is a fricking idiot. Literally, his IQ is like zero. I get that you came from a different world, but since you had to come here you should try to learn how to fit in right? At least learn the language? Are you a frickin little kid? Control yourself! Don’t just whine about finding your father! How are you even going to be able to find him just being a dumb student? Frustrated.

Pinnacle Throne
巅峰王座 [11/2018]

  • MC is a great god in the classic keyboard online game “Extinction”, and after the permanent closure of that game he announces his withdrawal from his squad and his career. After he quit for half a year, “Pinnacle” is the representative of the rise of new holographic touch-style online games. Six months later, MC quietly enters the game. Follows the MC on his journey back to the top? No system, no fast wear. Not that long, 600k characters, 160 chapters.
  • Dropped around 35 chapters in, and then dropped again after skipping to chapter 60. It’s just hard to read. I do like that the MC is kind of like YX in being literally like a God and trailblazer in a game, and then coming back to stun the world. That I do like. But what I don’t like is also part of the MC’s personality. I feel like it’s just…empty. He barely says anything, the ML chases him but he barely responds, I feel depressed sometimes just reading about him. I read the three epilogue chapters as well, and he is definitely one of the most passive MCs ever in a relationship. Dropped.
  • Before reading: I am uncertain about this. I’ve been reading  a bunch of FM (FL x ML) stories, and after a while either the MC is a whiny love-naive girl or the MC is an OP but love-incapable person. Let’s see how this BL goes. My BL TBR list is still extensive as ever. The CP isn’t too apparent, but I hope for sweet wen. Sad reaccs.


You Aren’t My Type ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
你不是我的菜[娱乐圈] [11/2018]

  • MC used to be one of the most red actresses, and then after some drama becomes one of the most abused, and has to avoid the mess in a foreign country. She returns two years later to use her strength to prove her innocence. ML hosts the TV program with the best ratings, with a serious personality and unsmiling appearance, but is still a national male God. Follows the MC on her return to the spotlight. No system, no rebirth, etc. Quite long, almost 1m characters, 168 chapters.
  • Dropped 48/168 chapters. Okay so once I started reading and realized that the MC had like anorexia and depression, I knew it was basically over. Don’t get me wrong, I think mental illness is absolutely a problem and should be talked about seriously. But I don’t want to read about it in something I’m reading for fun! I don’t even like reading about weak whiny MCs, how could I handle reading about someone who might be depressed and mentally unstable? MC and ML’s romance is pretty adorable, and they get together quite fast, which I respect. But the problem of her mental illness and hatred of the hospital is and some of her stubbornness, as someone who does not experience such mental problems and thus cannot relate with, got pretty frustrating after a while. I know that the best thing for mental illness is to listen and understand them, but sometimes the Asian mom in me comes out and is just like why can’t you understand me?? I’m doing this for your own good! It’s really a problem of communication, sigh. I am glad that a story exists that addresses anorexia and depression so straightforwardly, though.
  • Before reading: Apparently the ML has been asked his ideal type, and he carefully answered, and later on it turned out the MC is almost entirely opposite to his requirements. The CP: appearing strong and powerful but actually like acting spoiled female star vs. appearing steady and serious but likes preaching/lecturing male TV anchor. Hopefully this pair doesn’t keep on arguing and stuff. Rip but the genre is Drama, not Easy like the rest. Unfortunate.

Microtransactions Change Fate ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
氪金改命[娱乐圈] [11/2018]

  • MC is a random transparent entertainment girl with no popularity, resources, or connections. Until one day she picks up a microtransaction draw card system. No popularity -> film emperor takes her on the hot search. No resources -> investors queue up to send her contracts. No connections -> directors from all over invite her to be an actress. Follows the MC as the microtransaction system changes her life and she ascends to the pinnacle. No rebirth, no quick wear. Oh relatively long, almost 1m characters, ~160 chapters.
  • Dropped 75/160 chapters. Though I did read chapter 120-1 when they finally get together. My fears were answered. It’s not that the MC has zero IQ, but that she has zero EQ. Like the ML was so obvious about showing his love for her since like square one, and she was just like oh he’s just acting, he just said my name wrong, whatever. And when the ML finally confesses to her, and made everything so obvious, she was still like uhhh and unsure about everything. If you’re fking unsure, fking reject him! Since you don’t want to reject him, what are you hanging him for?? You’re all like I don’t know what love is, then if you don’t think you can return his feelings then fking reject him! Excuse me? Also I’m not a big fan of systems on phones since it’s pretty weird, like does everyone have this system? Plus the ML’s brother giving money for the MC to leave his brother…that’s just too damn cliche ok.
  • Before reading: Well this gold finger certainly sounds huge. Hopefully her IQ isn’t like zero tho. Honestly don’t quite understand how this system works from the synopsis. Hopefully both the MC and ML get OP and together quick.

All My Brothers Spoil Me Too Much What To Do
哥哥们都太宠我了怎么办 [11/2018]

  • MC transmigrates into a novel about the heroine’s self-improvement and bringing a weak daughter to marry into four industry giants?? But MC wears into that frail daughter, 10 years after the end of the storyline. The brothers had all grown up, and the mother was divorced again. MC’s step-brothers are all jealous of each other. Follows MC’s journey to I guess pick one of her brothers… Really fking long, over 1m characters, 200 chapters.
  • Before reading: I can predict that I’m going to drop this story. I honestly added this to my TBR bc I misunderstood and thought this might be a reverse harem, but I’m pretty sure I was wrong and she just picks one of her brothers. Sigh. Plus the frail heroine? Hopefully the MC herself is a strong woman bc if she’s just a whiny weak girl I will probably flip a table.
  • My predictions were not the least bit wrong. I think I even gave it too much optimism. I actually went to skim the last twenty chapters, and it was remarkably atrocious. Literally she strings them all the way until the last second, and she’s not even strong enough to actually control them well. Instead it’s just like she’ being blown around into the arms of all of them. Couldn’t read it.


Dream Xiangjing ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
梦幻香江 [3/2019]

  • Actually came across this one while looking for 种马 (stallion) novels. I honestly have no idea where this is published, but it’s one of the newest and most read stallion novels. Apparently MC smuggles himself over to Hong Kong and prepares to start his journey up to the top of the entertainment world. Really long, over 3m characters, around 1000 chapters.
  • I’m gonna be real about this. I’m most likely going to drop it, and if for some reason I do keep on reading it consistently, I’m definitely going to be skimming. From the reviews this is an absolutely classic stallion novel, and starting halfway through his frequency for pushing girls down increases drastically. If it entertains me, I’ll read. If not, I’ll try some other ones.
  • So I just skimmed some chapters starting halfway through, and this guy does go through girls like crazy. Apparently he did the same in his past life too. Honestly I respect that. Embrace your slagness. I’ll probably actually skim from the beginning then.
  • Dropped 502 in out of like 1000. Wasn’t terrible, also wasn’t great. I was mostly blasting through to get to the romance parts, which were quite a lot in the first half but I expect to have a lot more in the later half. I just feel like he’s struggling too much. I wish that he had more of a system or something to help him out instead of just relying on his memory bc he’s like illiterate and can’t really do anything. I am a fan of the slagness, but I am not a fan of his psychological illness and weakness in that manner. I also wish he had better control of his harem instead of constantly having to appease them and some of the girls acting out without any repercussion.

Invincibility Truly Lonely
无敌真寂寞 [3/2019]

  • MC should have transmigrated into a different world with cultivation and become some sort of ordinary disciple. Originally he should have been some small person who could be squashed at any time, but suddenly a system turned on, giving him the buff of an immortal body. And I assume he will get more perks and buffs as he levels up. No quick wear. Really long, >3.5m characters, almost 1.2k chapters.
  • I’ve been kind of avoiding cultivation novels for a while, but this one might be okay since there’s a system. I hope that they won’t overuse the trope of having enemies multiple realms higher so that he’s always chased around. The MC better stay OP.
  • Read the first 10 or so chapters, totally boring. The MC is a frickin idiot and seems like an asshole. Cultivation and system are both really stupid and pointless.

Rebirth into a Godly Student
重生之神级学霸 [3/2019]

  • MC used to be a wretched and fat biology major, unemployed after graduation. After a freak combination of many accidental factors, he became a gold-level all-encompassing lecturer at a cram school. After a big fall, he is reborn back to 1982, becoming a tall and handsome student about to retake the college entrance exam, bringing along his brain full of books and materials. Follows him on his way to success, with probably lots of girls along the way. Really long, >4.5m characters, almost 1.6k chapters.
  • Nvm there’s only one girl at the end, which slightly disappoints me. Hopefully there’s no relationship drama I guess.
  • Dropped around 40 chapters in. Really boring. Can’t even make money bc of the stupid governmental restrictions. The MC is a coward and gets nervous for no reason.

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  1. I love this list of yours, but will probably never read unless it gets translated :’D thx 4 sharing tho! And for translating the current novel cfcs!

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  2. Hi Aurora! I wanted to look into one of the novels you have on your read list called “the lord god is coming back”. I can’t find it? Is it translated somewhere? Can you provide a link? Please? Pretty please? And thank you for the hard work on translating “Cannon Fodder”! Love it!


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