CFCS Chapter 58

Chapter 58
Survival Games (Arc 5.5)

Everyone was stunned by Jing Yang’s words, they had all never thought that he would really choose to quit.

Only Easy Nobility was suppressing his inner excitement. Members of the same team were unable to kill each other, but if Ding Nuoyang withdrew from their team, it would be much easier for him to kill him. He wouldn’t even need to think too much to arrange it, he could just make it seem like he had died from an accident.

Jing Yang pulled out the withdrawal application page and did not hesitate to press down the Confirm button. Right now as long as the team captain Dark Flame agreed to his application, he would no longer be a member of this team.

“Nuoyang, don’t be impulsive. If you leave our team, you will definitely not be able to find a better choice, and I am this team’s captain, I will protect you.” Dark Flame said.

“You protect me?” Jing Yang glanced at him, sarcastically smiling. “No need, I have already decided, I am not willing to stay in this team for even another minute. As for what kind of result I will have after I leave, you do not need to worry about it.”

Seeing Dark Flame’s reluctant and unwilling appearance, Easy Nobility felt very angry. Today he would drive Ding Nuoyang from this team no matter what.

“If he doesn’t go, then I will leave. Dark Flame, you choose yourself.” Easy Nobility also pulled out his own page and pressed to withdraw.

“You guys…” Originally Dark Flame had been struggling, and now he did not know what to do even more. The team members were forcing him, Nuoyang was forcing him, and now Easy Nobility was also forcing him. “Do you all have to fight like this?”

“If Easy Nobility leaves this team, I will leave with him.”

“Me too…”

“I will also leave with Easy.”

The team members all pulled out their pages to force Dark Flame to make a choice. Under these circumstances, a senior alchemist like Easy Nobility was really very important. Even if they did not actually really want to withdraw from the team, in order to force Dark Flame to choose, they still had to make these appearances.

Dark Flame bowed his head and pulled his hair. Right now he was very entangled. If he really let Nuoyang withdraw from the team, he would very likely no longer have the chance to get Nuoyang back, because it was unknown if Nuoyang would even be able to survive back to reality. But if he insisted on not letting Nuoyang withdraw, the team’s internal contradictions could not be resolved, and how could an unstable team compete for those 100 chances to live. It was very likely that even he himself would not necessarily be able to return to reality alive.

“Dark Flame.” Easy Nobility knelt down in front of Dark Flame, holding his hands. “You are a good captain, we are all willing to follow you. Our hope for survival is extremely high, but you have to make a decision, whether to choose him, or to choose us.”

In the end, Dark Flame’s desire to survive overcame his feelings for Ding Nuoyang. He clenched his fist, closed his eyes and pressed the OK on Jing Yang’s withdrawal application page.

Jing Yang’s relationship with this team terminated, and he returned to the state of being without a team. Besides himself, Easy Nobility also let out a breath of relief.

Jing Yang stood up. “From now on, I will have no relationship with your team. I’ll say the ugly words first, in the future if we meet again, I will also not have any affection for you all.”

Easy Nobility said sarcastically, “I really do not know where you have the self-confidence to say this kind of thing. You’re still talking about affection with us, as long as you leave here, don’t come back crying to make us agree to add you back. We do not need any of your affection.”

“Very good, I hope that you can maintain this confidence until the end of the game.” Jing Yang turned and walked out.

“Nuoyang!” Dark Flame called at him.

Jing Yang did not stop, and did not turn back.

Easy Nobility watched his confident departure, and really wanted to rush up right then and kill him, but he did not want to kill him in front of Dark Flame. He would never let him survive back to the real world, and if he was lucky enough not to die in the hands of a monster, he would definitely take care of him personally.


After Jing Yang left that team, he felt much more refreshed. Now the first thing he had to solve was the place to live. He was too lazy to choose a house, which was too troublesome, so he simply found a high-class hotel to stay in.

Jing Yang stayed in the hotel for three days, completing all of his studies from low-level refining to senior refining, so even though he had still not become a senior alchemist, he was still able to make all of the weapons. But for Jing Yang, all of this learning was nothing but a pretense. Even if he did not become a senior alchemist, he could still make any weapon that he wanted.

His alchemy level had already been raised, so what he needed to do now was raise his force level, and then take advantage of the time left to make a few powerful weapons to protect himself.

Jing Yang flipped through the comprehensive collection of weapons and decided which ones he wanted to make. He went to the commercial street and bought all of the materials that he needed. But he still had not completed his preparations, because even though he could already make the weapon with what he already had, the lethality and other aspects would still be much worse.

For things like barite that could increase energy level and strength, shops only had limited amounts in stock, and when Jing Yang wanted to go buy it, they had long been sold out, and would only be restocked next month. But by next month, the battle for the 100 escape spots would very likely have already ended.

There was only one way to get something that couldn’t be bought in the store, which was to find the monster with those things, and when defeating the monster, they had the chance to receive the item.

Jing Yang opened his map and used his system to search through it. Right now the entire map did not have any monsters that would be useful for him. He was just considering what kind of methods to use in order to bump into useful monsters when he suddenly saw the game system release a group attack task.

Jing Yang immediately opened the task. Stone monsters had appeared on Barite Mountain, there would be a reward to each brave warrior who helped destroy the stone monster. As long as you helped, the mountain owner would hand out rewards. The stone monster would swallow treasures, and those would belong to the ones who had destroyed the monster.

This was exactly the task that Jing Yang wanted. The reward money that the Barite Mountain owner didn’t matter to him, but among those treasures swallowed by the stone monster, there would definitely be barite. Plus it was a group attack, so as long as he found the opportunity to make the finishing blow, he should not expose his ability too much.

Seeing the marks moving on his map, there were already many people rushing toward that side. This was a task like sending money to the players, so many people would all want to go take advantage of it. But the stone monster was particularly difficult to deal with, the danger level was extremely high, and if their equipment was poorer or their team had less energy, they would only dare to wait and see, and would not dare to participate.

Jing Yang directly used the hotel’s transmission array to reach the vicinity of the Barite Mountain. One of the advantages of a high-class hotel was that their transmission array could send you to any location that was already open, and at a much faster speed than a normal array.

By the time he arrived, there was already a team dealing with the stone monster. They had arrived even earlier than him, it seemed like these people had used an even better transmission array.

After this team started attacking the monster, gravel flew all over the sky. Jing Yang immediately opened his protective shield.

These stone monsters were extremely aggressive, and were very prone to counterattacking using self-explosion. Plus they could even regenerate very quickly. Only by finding its stone heart among the countless stones would it finally be destroyed.

As Jing Yang was standing and watching at the side, more teams continued to arrive. Everyone who had joined the group attack mission had a team label on their bodies. Only he was a solo player, provoking repeated sidelong glances from the people passing by him.

“Nuoyang, why are you here?”

Jing Yang turned to see who had called him. Dark Flame’s team had arrived, he did not pay attention to Dark Flame speaking to him, instead continuing to look forward to watch the constantly scattering and reforming stone monster, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

“Do you even still need to ask?” Black Hawk sarcastically said. “He overestimated himself and ran to this kind of place, and even by himself, he definitely came to die ah.”

“Nuoyang, quickly leave here. The stone monster is very dangerous, even if it is only a fragment from the self-explosion, it would still be extremely lethal.”

For Dark Flame’s persuasion, Jing Yang was completely indifferent. He stood there like a statue, he was observing with great concentration to find where the stone monster had hidden its stone heart.

“Dark Flame, we should start attacking, or else other people might first destroy the stone monster.” Easy Nobility pulled Dark Flame’s hand, turning back to glare viciously at Jing Yang.

A large crowd of people surrounded the stone monster, the scene was extremely chaotic, but because more people were attacking, the stone monster’s attack energy had weakened a lot.

Found it! Jing Yang noticed that a rock had flown out from the main body, it was just a normal piece of stone, but even though its location had always kept changing, it had never left the main body.

Jing Yang took out the intermediate-level weapon that he had refined himself, the Phantom Umbrella, and using his flying function, he flew up.

The Phantom Umbrella was a defensive weapon, and when Jing Yang had created it, he had not only raised its defensive properties many times, but also increased its far range attack energy. Under the cover of so many people, using his enhanced version of the phantom umbrella, he could easily dodge the stone monster’s attacks.

Jing Yang unfurled his phantom umbrella, his figure quickly moving like a phantom flash. Very quickly he approached his goal. He took out a standard tracking gun and was preparing to shoot when suddenly wind crazily blew, sand and gravel flying everywhere. The sky was filled with yellow sand, instantly dimming the world.

Jing Yang had not been on guard, and was almost blown away. Only under the double protection of his own shield and the phantom umbrella did he barely stand up under the wind and sand. But his vision could only reach less than a meter away, so Jing Yang simply could not see what had happened.

There was no way, at this time he couldn’t not cheat. He used his own system to check it out, originally that yellow sand had been ejected from the stone monster’s mouth. Most of the players had been blown away by this sand, and some had been hit by rocks and died directly while they were flying away. Unlike before, those people who had died had no chance of resurrecting in the game.

Continuing to attack in this kind of situation was not very possible, there was too much wind and sand, and all firearms would be affected. Jing Yang could only first land and crouch on the ground holding his umbrella, waiting for the wind and sand to pass by.

The wind blew for a long time before finally stopping. Although the yellow sand had not completely dispersed yet, his vision was still much clearer than before. Just now the people attacking the monster had all been blown away by the wind and sand or were lying on the ground. For the time being, no one was attacking.

Jing Yang knew that this was not a good time to attack, but when the yellow sand completely dispersed, the opportunity to attack would be even worse. He quickly flew toward the target, when a string of flying stones about to explode flew headfirst toward him. Jing Yang was startled, he could not avoid this string of flying stones, so he had to attack them, or block them. But right now among his weapons he did not have one that could attack back at those exploding flying stones.

Seeing those exploding flying stones getting closer and closer to him, he could no longer care about hiding his strength at this time. He wanted to use the system to raise his shield strength to the highest, and endure this string of exploding flying stones. As long as he didn’t get injured it would be fine.

Suddenly a string of thunder cannons flashed over his head and hit those exploding flying stones that were already almost about to reach him into the distance, where they exploded together. The loud explosions rattled in Jing Yang’s ears, and he was just about to turn to look back at who had saved him when a black-clothed figure quickly flew past him. He only had the chance to see that person’s upright back.

Although he didn’t really need to be saved, that person really had saved him. Jing Yang saw that he was also by himself, though he did have a team mark on his body. His teammates must have also been blown away by the wind. So he followed him to see if he needed some help, and find a chance to pay him back for saving him. He was not used to owing others, especially irrelevant strangers.

After the two of them got close to the stone monster’s main body, the stone monster actually released a stone array and surrounded them. This stone monster was actually this powerful, but this had never happened before. It seemed that he had not only swallowed barite but also some even more powerful treasures.

The man wearing a long black windbreaker was extremely skilled, quickly breaking half of the stone array by himself. Jing Yang felt like he simply did not need himself to help him.

Suddenly he felt something strange behind his back. Jing Yang turned back to look, a humongous storm of fireballs was actually falling right down at them. Are you kidding me! If they were hit by these fireballs, they would definitely be directly burned to death. What was this thing guarding to actually force such an intense fight?

Jing Yang immediately opened his shield and blocked those fireballs. Those fireballs made a loud noise when they hit his shield, but the shield had been strengthened by the system and remained motionless.

The black windbreaker man quickly looked back, a flash of surprise in his eyes. Who knew whether he was surprised at the sky full of fireballs, or that Jing Yang’s shield was actually that strong.

Jing Yang could tell that if they did not destroy this stone monster as soon as possible, there would definitely be something even stronger later to deal with them. They were now isolated in here by the fireballs and couldn’t get out, and other people had been blocked outside by the fireballs and couldn’t come in. They would either have to destroy the stone monster in here or die here. Jing Yang’s road to vengeance had just begun, how could he just die here, that would be too embarrassing.

Jing Yang propped up his shield while turning to quickly fly to that man’s side. He directly used his body to release his powerful energy, adding some energy to the black windbreaker man while directly using his energy to clear out a path. This was very dangerous for Jing Yang, but it was also very effective.

The man in black felt a steady stream of energy being instilled in his body. He did not resist, directly absorbing the energy, and burst out, using the path that Jing Yang had used his energy to open to rapidly approach the stone heart.

The man in black took out a battle-axe used for melee fighting, and hacked down at the stone heart with all of his power. For a moment, the entire world started shaking. The main body of the stone monster slowly broke up and began to collapse, disseminating into ashes after it fell on the ground.

Those stones and fireballs and other things all disappeared in an instant without leaving a trace. The world immediately restored to how it was before, as if those things had never happened.

The stone monster’s heart had been destroyed by the man in black, so naturally he also owned the treasures. Even if he did not give any to Jing Yang, Jing Yang also didn’t have anything to say. But he had spent so much effort, so he still wanted to see what he had done it all for.

More than ten huge barite stones were stacked on the ground. This kind of volume and number was really a bit exaggerated. If they were exchanged for cash, they could let a pauper immediately become rich, just like winning a big lottery. No wonder there was such a big battle.

Just as Jing Yang thought that these things were all of the stone monster’s treasures, two things as dazzling as small suns surfaced from the bottom of the ground and slowly rose to swirl in mid-air.

The sun barite! It was actually the sun barite!

Weapons made using the sun barite could simply be called divine weapons, even the toughest monster could be finished with one blow. It could even destroy the game world and take all of the treasures from the monsters and other players, and only the players not in the game would be able to escape. But because this thing was so perversely strong, it could only be used once. And now there were two pieces, that meant it could be used twice. But the lightning that surrounded it needed to be resolved before it could be used, which was also very difficult to handle.

Jing Yang suddenly also somewhat envied that man, not for the value of those treasures, but because those two sun barites were really too cool ah!

The people who had not died or weren’t blown away now came over. Seeing those treasures, their envious eyes were almost bleeding.

Translator Notes:

[1] humongous – 铺天盖地, idiom, literally means hiding the sky and covering the earth, earth-shattering

Random Notes:

About an hour: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm, for 4.8k characters to 3.2k words. This has been a great translating session. Things are moving along quickly. Also, surprising lack of T/Ns this time. Maybe I’m getting a bit lazy 🙂

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