CFCS Chapter 53

Chapter 53
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.13)

Jing Yang was taken away in the ambulance Hai Weixiu called over. The Mooney family completely panicked, discussing how to deal with the situation. It didn’t take long for the police and law enforcement to come over and take everyone in their family under control before conducting a thorough search.

The police found traces of fighting in Jing Yang’s room, and also found the engagement contract under the sofa.

After the evidence was found, the guardian Kurt was taken away on charges of imprisonment and abuse. The Mooney family never thought that the court people would come so quickly, and were completely caught off guard.

“Husband! Husband!”


Susan and Faith saw that Kurt was going to be taken away, and anxiously held his hand.

“Do as I said earlier, find a lawyer and a reporter.” Kurt hurriedly instructed them before being taken away.

The Mooney family’s lawyer rushed to court to defend Kurt, and Susan found a large number of reporters. In order to guide public opinion to gain sympathy, she started to cry in front of the reporters.

“Avi and Faith’s engagement was decided by their grandfathers, and over these years, our family has always taken good care of him and treated him as our son-in-law. But after he became Hai Weixiu’s student, he completely changed, he didn’t want to come home anymore, and paid no attention to us. He said that he and Hai Weixiu had fallen in love with each other, and he wanted to marry him. We never objected, but after all he is still not 19 years old yet, so we hoped that he could just seriously reconsider, and let him stay at home to calmly reflect on the situation for a couple days before going outside. Who knew that once he saw Mr. Haiwei come over, he would directly jump down from his room.”

Faith said to the reporters and the cameras sadly, “I grew up together with Avi, and we had agreed to get married when he turned 19. Our lives were always very happy and joyful, and I had thought we would very smoothly get married. After Avi became Hai Weixiu’s student, I found that he had changed, and he began to change his mind. I tried to convince him to come back, but he said that my identity and my wealth completely could not be compared to Hai Weixiu’s, and he would not recognize our engagement, and would also not marry me.”

Faith wiped his face, looking like he was suffering. “I know that everything he said is true, I really cannot compare to Hai Weixiu. If that is the happiness that he wants, I can let go, I can forgive him for his betrayal, and I can even give him my blessing. But I hope that he will not deliberately create the illusion that our family imprisoned him in order to be with Hai Weixiu. After his loved ones all died, it was our family that raised him for over ten years, and given him love and warmth. If he still has the least bit of conscience, he would not ruin this family.”


The doctor had already confirmed that Jing Yang didn’t have any serious injury and could just go home to recuperate. But Hai Weixiu was still not assured, so he still kept Jing Yang in a VIP room in the hospital outpatient department to observe his condition for a couple days before discharge.

Jing Yang sat on the sofa, watching the Mooney family mother and son accuse him on TV. Even though he had already been mentally prepared, he was still somewhat angered by this family’s shamelessness and lack of conscience.

Hai Weixiu walked in and saw Jing Yang’s face full of unhappiness. He walked over and picked up the remote control to turn off the TV, and then hugged Jing Yang. “Do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“My heart is uncomfortable.” Jing Yang leaned back in his arms, saying unhappily, “That family makes me uncomfortable from anger, what face do they have to say that I betrayed them? Evidently it was him who had told people since very early on that he would not recognize our engagement, and now he’s pretending to be affectionate? Their entire family would always only think of how to get my family’s money and justifiably turn all of it into their own money, and actually still show an appearance of hoping that I can accept Faith and Corrica’s relationship. They completely did not think about my feelings.”

Hai Weixiu ruffled his hair and lowered his head to kiss his eyes. “Just have a good rest during this period of time, I will take care of everything else as soon as possible. Just let them say whatever they want right now, don’t go listen or watch them. I will definitely make them pay for their actions.”

This matter very quickly spread throughout the city of Odyssey, and also began to extend into the rest of the country, because this matter was related to the King of Music Hai Weixiu and his student, which attracted a great degree of attention.

Whether this matter was really like the Mooney family had said, that Hai Weixiu’s student had betrayed his fiancé in order to be with him, and also tried to frame the family that had raised him for more than ten years, or if it was actually something else, the journalists and media all didn’t dare to draw conclusions easily. They knew that the court was already hearing this case, so they could only pay closer attention and wait for the court to publish the results.

The people were also unclear, they didn’t know if the Mooney family wanted to frame Hai Weixiu and his student, or Hai Weixiu’s student wanted to frame the Mooney family. But based on common sense, did the Mooney family have the guts to frame Hai Weixiu? Or were they anxious, and had no choice but to publicly reveal the truth? The public were also eager to know the truth, as well as the outcome of this matter.

Because this matter attracted a lot of attention, not just from the people of this country, but even people from other countries, the court quickly published the information that they had already collected.

First published were the pictures of all the bruises on Jing Yang’s body, which the hospital had already confirmed Jing Yang could not have made by himself. Then photos of the room and the lawn were released, and according to a police investigation, the bruises on his body were all inflicted while in the Mooney home.

The court also released that engagement contract and the Mooney family servants’ confessions, to show to the public what they had investigated of what had happened.

In order to force Avi Deere to sign the engagement contract, the Mooney family had closed him in his room and did not let him go out, and even did not give him any food or water for two days. This was already considered imprisonment and abuse. Avi Deere was not willing to sign the engagement contract, so Faith Mooney took the contract to force him to sign. The servants had heard the scuffle and did not dare to go over to see, but listening to the sounds, Faith was hitting Avi. It was not until Faith seemed to have accidentally fallen while hitting Avi and screamed that they had gone in to help him up.

According to the results of the police investigation and the Mooney family servants’ confession, the Mooney family was convicted of imprisonment and abuse.

The masses were in an uproar, but they still wondered why the Mooney family would do this. Was it really because they could not stand Avi Deere’s betrayal?

Avi’s piano teacher Lili stood out to speak for him, proving that the Mooney wanted to leave Avi behind, but their real purpose was actually for the Deere family’s property. They completely did not care about Avi himself.

Avi’s friend Charley found a journalist to release a bombshell. He indignantly described how vile Faith’s attitude toward Avi was, and how good Faith was to the Mooney family’s adopted son Corrica. Faith had even said many times in front of others that he didn’t recognize his engagement with Avi. Obviously it was him who had betrayed Avi, and Avi had tried to get him back but didn’t succeed, so he agreed to what Faith had wanted, and admitted that the two people’s engagement didn’t count. There were many people who could prove this.

Hai Weixiu used some means to let some of the people who had had good relationships with the Mooney family to come forward to prove that the Mooney family actually did not treat Avi well. They said that Faith and Corrica would both have a birthday party every year, but they actually never held one before for Avi. When attending other people’s dinner parties, the Mooney couple would also only bring Faith and Corrica, and they basically never saw Avi appear. The Mooney family company had experienced a crisis before, and had relied on the Deere family assets in order to get out of it, but the Mooney family father and son’s abilities were very mediocre, so even after so many years they still had to rely on the Deere family assets to support themselves. If they did not have the Deere family assets, they would long have gone bankrupt. They obviously would not want Avi to marry other people

Faith’s friends also confirmed to reporters that Faith did indeed say many times that he did not recognize his engagement to Avi, and had also said that he loved Corrica and would marry Corrica in the future. One of them even released a video that was recorded by a few friends while celebrating Faith’s birthday, in which Faith was confessing to Corrica in public and kissing.

The Mooney family had no way to justify themselves, and the public also understood what was happening. Originally, in order to not let their own family go bankrupt, they had set their sights on other people’s family assets. No wonder they would create this kind of situation. In order to force other people to sign an engagement contract, they imprisoned and abused him, they were truly worse than animals. Many people jointly appealed to the court to hand down a heavy sentence on the Mooney family.

Jing Yang had thought that he had some evidence in his hands that he could take out at the appropriate time. But when he was forced by Hai Weixiu to relax and recuperate, and when he hadn’t even had the time to really pay attention to this matter, the situation had already been settled.

The Mooney family was stripped of Avi’s custody rights, and all of the property that should have belonged to the Deere family was frozen and would be given back to Avi when he turned 19. The Mooney family’s company was unable to operate and quickly declared bankruptcy. Kurt was also sentenced to over ten years of prison. But Hai Weixiu planned to make him stay there even longer.

Faith had been sued by Hai Weixiu for assault and slander. Susan sold all of the Mooney family property and paid a large fine in order to save Faith from jail.

One night, Faith went out to drink, and was dragged into a dark alley and beat up, with one hand wasted.

Besides Kurt who had already been locked up, the Mooney family had no way to stay in Odyssey. Their villa had already been sold, so they did not even have anywhere to live.

They moved to many different places, but Hai Weixiu’s fans were located all over the world. Their family had slandered Hai Weixiu and his student, and even imprisoned and abused his student, this was a matter that had long already spread throughout the cities, large and small. Everywhere they went, they would be pointed out by people, and even some businesses would be unwilling to sell them things. Helpless, they could only settle down in some remote town, and even there some people would point fingers at them, but they already had no money to move to other places.

Faith had lost a hand, and had no other work experience, so he could not find anything to do in this town, spending the entire day drinking. Susan was even more so unable to earn any money, so the entire responsibility for making money to support the family was pressured on Corrica’s body.

The Mooney family had gone bankrupt, so Corrica also had to drop out of school since no one was willing to fund him to continue his studies. He followed Faith and his mother all the way to this town, playing piano at a small bar and occasionally going to tutor some children.

The meager salary he earned was not only to provide for the cost of food and drink and shelter for the three people, but also to pay for Faith’s drinking money. He didn’t know how long he could still hold on, clearly he could have a better future, but now because of their family, he had fallen to this situation. Looking at the increasingly decadent Faith, he suddenly felt that Avi’s decision to give him up was the most right decision. If he had also been able to meet someone like Hai Weixiu and had that choice, he would definitely not have chosen Faith.

One day Faith had gotten drunk and slapped Corrica, pointing at him and scolding him. He said that if he had not intervened, if he had not deliberately seduced him, he would still be living happily with Avi, his father would not be put in jail. Everything was because of him, it was all his fault.

This slap and those accusations made Corrica finally make up his mind to leave. With no remorse, he followed a middle-aged businessman who was passing by to leave, and from then on was never heard from again. It seemed as if Corrica no longer existed in this world.


Jing Yang was Hai Weixiu’s only student in his lifetime, and when Hai Weixiu accepted questions from the media, he admitted that the <<The Little Prince>> was about the love that he wanted to express to Jing Yang. Later Jing Yang won many awards, and achieved higher and higher achievements. Because of the song <<The Little Prince>>, and also because he was the King of Music’s only student, everyone called him the Prince of Piano.

The King of Music’s student was called the Prince of Piano, everyone felt that this was perfect, and that he deserved this name.

Backstage of Jing Yang’s first large-scale personal concert, Hai Weixiu proposed to him. After the two people married, they always lived very happily.

Jing Yang leaned in Hai Weixiu’s arms and asked him, “Why did you fall in love with me?”

Hai Weixiu hugged him and gave him a habitual kiss on his eyes. “From the moment I saw you, I had the feeling that I had already waited a very long time for you. Then my subconscious told myself that I had to firmly keep hold of you, and absolutely could not let you go. I could not miss you, since this would be related to my lifetime happiness.”

Jing Yang remembered that he seemed to have said these same words before. Could it be that even though he did not have the memories of the previous worlds, those experiences from their previous love had already been engraved in his soul?

Jing Yang also could not figure out why in those few worlds they would always be able to meet each other so smoothly, or whether this was just a coincidence, or because in every world he would especially chase after him. If he had especially reincarnated based on himself, how did he do it? Since he could reincarnate together with him, why did he not have the previous memories?

There were too many questions, and Jing Yang was unable to figure them out, like what kind of existence his lover was, what kind of secrets he held, and whether or not he would always keep on following him to reincarnate together. These questions made Jing Yang very troubled, but he had the premonition that one day he would understand the truth, he just did not know how long he would still have to wait.

Translator Notes:

[1] paid no attention – 不理不睬, idiom, means completely ignore, not concerned about
[2] unclear – 不明就里, means to not understand the situation, unaware of the details
[3] indignantly – 义愤填膺, idiom, means to feel indignant at injustice
[4] been settled – 尘埃落定, idiom, means something got sorted out, finalized

Random Notes:

About an hour: 3 pm – 4 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.8k words. Well we’ve finally finished translating this arc. I’ll hopefully be able to make some good progress on the next arc during my break, and I will see you all two weeks.

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