CFCS Chapter 39

Chapter 39
Interstellar Internet Celebrity Live Broadcast Competition (Arc 3.12)

Jing Yang had just entered his own room when he was suddenly hugged from behind, and he almost subconsciously counterattacked. After identifying the person behind him, he helplessly said, “Do you really have to show up so suddenly every time?”

Bowie pressed him against the wall and bent down, containing his lips. He forcefully sucked, that soft and tender texture made him feel like he was tasting the most delicious dessert in the world.

“En~” Jing Yang let out a sound of protest, his tongue had almost become sore from his stirring around.

Bowie released his lips, then kissed the corners of his mouth, then his earlobe, and then his neck.

“Can’t you let me take a shower first?” Jing Yang held down the hand that he had reached into his pants.

Bowie picked him up and walked into the bathroom, Jing Yang leaned on his shoulder. At this moment, when he had completely relaxed, he finally felt somewhat tired.

The two people soaked in the bathtub together. Jing Yang leaned on Bowie’s body, closing his eyes to let Bowie help him wash up.

“I don’t like you going to do these things.” Bowie suddenly said.

“…What things?” Jing Yang was somewhat lethargic, not reacting to the meaning of what he had said.

“When I was watching you climb up the stone wall, I was really worried, I don’t want to see you suffer any kind of harm.” Bowie had made people quietly prepare safety measures under the cliff, and just in case he fell down, they would immediately launch the emergency rescue equipment to save him. He didn’t care about the rules of the game, and could absolutely not endure him suffering the least bit of injury. When he had just started to climb up, he had the urge to terminate the game immediately.

“Ah, I made you worried?” Jing Yang opened his eyes, reaching back to touch his face. “Truthfully it’s quite interesting. I had confidence that I would definitely be able to succeed so I did it, I will not go risk my life so easily. If there is the protection of the high tech products, even if I fell down I would also not be injured. After this competition is over, I will make sure to set up thorough measures well.”

“High tech products also can’t be 100% guaranteed to protect your safety, even if it were only a 1 out of 10000 chance of danger, I would still not want you to take the risk.” Bowie added force to his arms, wrapping him tightly in his chest. “Before, I had always felt that there was nothing that I could not bear, but now I finally have one, losing you is the only thing I have no way to bear.”

Jing Yang could understand his emotions, because he also couldn’t be absolutely sure that the two people could meet in every world, so as long as they did, he would particularly treasure it. “Then…in the future I won’t play such dangerous projects, and only do some simpler and safer ones, how about that?”

“I’ll help you find an excuse, you should give up tomorrow’s competition.” Bowie suddenly said.

“Why?” Jing Yang turned to look at him with surprise.

“I’ve already said the reason earlier, tomorrow’s event is even more dangerous, you are also a very competitive person. In order to do your best, you will definitely neglect your own safety to do some highly difficult movements…”

Jing Yang sat up to face him. Holding his face, he said, “You have to have faith in me, it was so hard for me to finally meet you, I will definitely not neglect my own safety. Plus it’s already the last event, if I withdraw at this time, wouldn’t all my hard work from before all be in vain?”

Bowie just looked at him with a blank expression, not speaking.

He thought of the previous two worlds, that as long as he acted coquettishly to him and then requested anything of him, he would always definitely agree. Jing Yang bent to hug his shoulders, rubbing his own face on Bowie’s cheek like a little kitten, and whispered in his ear, “Okay?”

Jing Yang using his coquettish trump card was really 100% success, Bowie agreed to let him continue the competition, but as long as there appeared a tiny bit of danger, he would immediately act.

Jing Yang had still thought that he would once again definitely not be able to escape today, that he would be fiddled with for a while before being able to sleep. But after Bowie carried him onto the bed, he only hugged him in his arms and helped him massage his muscles, and actually did not do some intense exercise. Jing Yang lay on his chest and very quickly fell asleep.


Aerial surfing was an extremely thrilling extreme sport in the air that would make people’s blood race. It was the combination of two sports, skateboarding and skydiving.

The competitors wore skateboards on their feet and a parachute on their backs. They leapt down from the airship, using their free fall time to perform various stunts in the air, as if they were surfing in the air. This kind of stunt, although magnificent, was very dangerous. Each action needed to be precisely calculated and grasped, and when they performed the move there also could not appear the slightest deviation. With just a little carelessness, they could die horribly.

In the previous life, Milton had precisely been planted in this event. Kedi had tampered with his parachute bag, causing him to fall straight down from the sky. When he had been rescued, not a single bone or organ in his entire body had been intact. Even the help of the most advanced medical equipment had also only given him a few more years of life. Milton had carried his hatred to his death, and then Jing Yang came to this world to take his place and help him fulfill his wishes.

The seven competitor representatives were sent onto an airship and flew even higher in the sky to prepare for the event. Originally there were six teams, and there should have been six representatives, but Kedi said that he wanted to be in a team by himself, so now there were seven teams.

All of the competitors had already put on all of their equipment, sitting down in the seats on the airship to wait for their turn to jump down for their performance. The judges would give a personal score based on each person’s action difficulty, execution, aesthetics, and other aspects. There was a highest possible score of 30 points this time.

After Kedi got on the airship, he kept on wanting to get an opportunity to approach Jing Yang. In this life, he still had the idea to tamper with Jing Yang’s parachute bag. Jing Yang avoided him very deliberately, and even when he came over to greet him, he also did not pay him any attention. Jing Yang ignoring him made Kedi feel very disgraced, and he also kept on not being able to find an opportunity to get close to him again.

Jing Yang had originally thought about whether or not he should also tamper with Kedi’s things to avenge Milton properly. But when he woke up this morning, Bowie had told him something, so then he had dismissed this thought. In any case, he only needed to wait for Kedi to find his own death.

Jing Yang had drawn the first slot. When he jumped into the open air, the skateboard faced a certain amount of resistance. After he found his balance properly, he immediately made a gliding movement, turning a circle in the air.

Then he continued to do some backflips, side flips, his feet seemed to really be stepping on some ocean waves, his movements skilled and smooth. He kept on maintaining his sliding motions, and would display some stunts from time to time. In other people’s eyes, he didn’t seem to be falling, but flying.

Whether they were laymen or insiders, they were all amazed at the elegance and precision of Jing Yang’s movements. Gravity seemed to have no influence on him: obviously he should have been falling down, but it seemed like he was flying upwards.

The viewers’ hearts were boiling, with every action Jing Yang made, they could not help but let out exclamations and cheers. Some people could no longer stay in their seats, directly expanding the projection to the max and standing in front of the projection and making some exaggerated movements, as if they were the ones who had performed those actions. After every action, they would excitedly clap in celebration.

When he was already quite close to the ground, Jing Yang completed the last difficult action and opened his parachute, slowly floating to the ground.

After his performance ended, the spectators all collapsed on the sofa, but the excitement in their hearts still could not be quelled in a very long time, as if it were themselves who had experienced all of that.

Star Network live broadcast comments:

——Oh my god, that was really too brilliant, how is it possible for someone to be able to make such perfect movements. Even if it were with the help of high tech products, it would still not be possible right? I really do not dare to believe what I just watched was real!

——That was definitely the most brilliant and perfect aerial surfing performance that I have ever seen! There’s no comparison!

——I really worship Milton, he is truly omnipotent, he is the best live streamer in the wilderness survival, and also the king of extreme sports.

——I had thought that yesterday’s rock climbing had already surpassed the limit, I didn’t think that today he would create another breakthrough.

——My heart rate was constantly accelerating, even now it still hasn’t gone back to normal, I don’t know how I can express my inner excitement. All I can say is that because of this performance, Milton is my idol that will never change in my life, I will never forget this performance.

Jing Yang successfully lifted the netizens’ mood, causing them to also have high expectations for the following contestants. But after watching their performances, the viewers’ moods gradually calmed down. Their performances were very ordinary. Especially after Jing Yang’s performance that had suddenly raised their appetite, the few simple movements that the competitors afterward displayed were completely unable to allow them to maintain their excited mood.

Some competitors didn’t even make any kind of moves, jumping down with their eyes closed, and after opening their parachute in mid-air, they slowly floated to the ground.

The last one was Kedi. After seeing Jing Yang’s performance, his mood was hard to describe. He had not thought that Milton would be so strong, he himself would completely be unable to make those movements just relying on his own abilities. So he was even more convinced that he had made the right decision.

When Kedi jumped off the airship, those few remaining brainless fans of his still held a last glimmer of expectations for him, hoping that his performance would surpass Jing Yang’s.

His first few movements could be considered brilliant, but later on when he wanted to complete a difficult move, he failed twice in a row.

Every second in the air needed to be grasped precisely because you would not be able to slow down your landing unless you opened the parachute, but that also would mean that your performance was over. Every mistake in your movements might create an irrevocable danger. And for these people who were participating in this competition, besides the rescue equipment that Bowie had privately prepared for Jing Yang, if anyone else encountered danger, the organizers would not rescue them beforehand. Especially Kedi, who had already attracted Bowie’s hatred.

Kedi’s movements kept on failing, making his face become very complicated. There was some nervousness, some confusion, and even more anxiety and restlessness. The netizens were all quite puzzled—even if he couldn’t surpass the previous performance, he also didn’t have to perform this badly, right?

The netizens still had not understood what was happening when Kedi had already begun his rapid descent straight down to the ground. He tried to pull open his parachute with a face full of panic, but the parachute kept on not opening.

In the last ten or so seconds, many people directly screamed out, some people covered their mouths with their eyes open in shock, and the more timid ones directly closed their eyes, not daring to keep watching.

Kedi’s parachute did not open. He directly crashed into the ground and lost consciousness, blood pooling under his body.

The airship immediately landed to rescue him, Kedi was carried onto the airship, covered in blood, and sent back to the larger airship for emergency treatment.

The other competitors were also sent back to the airship. Jing Yang returned to his room, and sure enough he saw Bowie waiting for him.

“How was my performance?” Jing Yang hooked his arms around Bowie’s neck.

“Brilliant, in the future there shouldn’t be anyone who will be able to surpass you.” Bowie lowered his head to kiss his lips. This was praise coming from his heart, and not him deliberately favoring him because he loved him.

“Then can I still play it in the future? It’s really quite fun.” Jing Yang took the chance to fight for his own opportunities.

Seeing the shining light in Jing Yang’s eyes and his heartfelt excitement, Bowie had no way to reject him as firmly as before, but at least he needed to ensure his safety. “Only when I am present.”

“Good!” Jing Yang happily kissed him on the cheek.

“Because there was an accident, we can’t hold your celebration banquet right away, or else it might have a bad effect on you. When everything is over, I will arrange the celebration for you.” Bowie looked at him with some apology.

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t care about this.” Jing Yang indifferently said. “We can also not hold the celebration banquet, in any case me being the champion is already a foregone conclusion. But the prize money must be given to me.”

The competition had already ended, and the voting had already ended. Jing Yang’s support votes were the most, and his personal scoring and off-site scoring were also the highest, so first place was already his.

Bowie smiled and said, “In the future all of mine will be yours, but you must be mine.”

“Then won’t I be the richest man in the empire in the future?” Jing Yang deliberately made an exaggerated expression, and then asked him, beaming with joy, “Are you really extremely wealthy like the rumors say, with more money than the imperial treasury?”

“On the surface the imperial treasury is controlled by the finance minister, but in secret I am the one in charge.” Bowie said. “In the future you will be in charge of me, then you will be the richest man in the empire, the emperor will not be as rich as you.”

“Are you sure that I will be the one in charge of you, not you in charge of me?” Jing Yang looked at him with some distrust, this person would always be much more powerful than him in every world.

“You can decide the big matters, and I will decide the small things.” Bowie coaxed him.

“What ah?” Jing Yang was not fooled, immediately crying, “You will definitely say that there aren’t any big matters for me…”

Jing Yang was unable to finish speaking, all of his words were swallowed into someone’s mouth. The competition was completely over, they could finally indulge themselves until they were completely satisfied.


Kedi had gotten into an accident, it was hard to tell how he would end up, but just from that kind of direct fall, it was impossible for his condition to not be serious. He could already be considered to have fulfilled Milton’s wishes and avenged him.

When the airship had returned to the imperial star, Kedi was still being rescued, and the netizens were keen to know his situation. After all, he was still a quite famous person—even though his previously accumulated popularity had already basically dissipated, they were all ordinary people, so they were always very curious about the celebrities, including his situation after the accident.

Translator Notes:

[1] lethargic – 昏昏欲睡, idiom, drowsy or sleepy
[2] make people’s blood race – 热血沸腾, idiom, means to be fired up
[3] beaming with joy – 眉开眼笑, idiom, literally means brows raised in delight, eyes laughing
[4] extremely wealthy – 富可敌国, idiom, has wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation, which makes more sense in what he’s saying here

Random Notes:

A bit over 1 hour: 7:45 pm – 9 pm, for 4.3k characters to 2.8k words. I just went out in like <30 degree Fahrenheit weather, and my hands were freezing. Then after I typed this up, my left hand started getting a little sore. Rip. Also, aren’t the two kids being together so adorable? I love them! The revenge is basically over, but you just have to tie a little bow on top, don’t you?

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