CFCS Chapter 92

Chapter 92
Supermodel Competition (Arc 7.14)

Jing Yang’s completed promotion video was published, and the number of views was even higher than the total number of views for all the other models combined. The number of fans on his profile also increased by a large amount, soaring past those for the other models.

No matter whether it was fan votes or scoring, Jing Yang’s were the highest. So after the competition was over, he became the uncontested lifelong spokesperson for Fernelea.

Dilumo sat below the stage. He watched Jing Yang sign a contract with Regulus, and then receive interviews and photographs from the media. Envy gnawed at his heart like ants. He felt that the person who should be standing together with Regulus, accepting the envious and worshipping gazes of the crowd, should be him. Why could he rob everything that should have belonged to him?!

After Jing Yang and Regulus finished signing the contract, Jing Yang shook his hand. When the two people met gazes, they could see the hidden smile in each other’s eyes.

In addition to signing the lifelong spokesperson contract, Regulus personally gave Jing Yang a huge bonus, as well as a limited-edition luxury car and an upscale villa in the city. Now, not only Dilumo, but even the other models who sincerely admired Jing Yang were also jealous.


When Dilumo returned home, he began a live stream on his profile.

“Hello everyone, I am back from the competition!” Dilumo waved at the camera. “I wasn’t able to become the lifelong spokesperson for Fernelea, and I feel very regretful in my heart. But that doesn’t matter, this is just one small failure in my life, I will not be discouraged because of this, please rest assured.”

Then Dilumo’s face suddenly collapsed, and he said with a slightly sad expression, “But through this competition, I deeply experienced the sinister heart of humans. Originally, people’s hearts are the cruelest things in the world. Even though I wasn’t able to win the final victory, I received an experience even more important than winning, which allowed me to mature a lot. Now that I think back, I was very naive, and always thought I could rely on my own efforts to succeed. But now I found that when other people have the heart to make things difficult for you, and you are unable to resist, any effort is futile…”

Dilumo said a whole bunch of words to his fans, which basically all meant that he didn’t win because he was being targeted and embarrassed during the competition, and not because he didn’t have the skills or didn’t work hard enough.

In the end Dilumo didn’t dare to clearly offend the Fernelea group and Regulus, or else he would have whipped up something even more exaggerated.

His fans naturally believed his words and cried out their heartache.

————My heart hurts for you, darkness is hidden everywhere in this world, but the darkness can’t defeat the light. When your light shines, all of the darkness will disappear. Good luck! We will always support you!

————I really feel heartache, you are clearly such a hard-working person, but you received such unfair treatment. We all understand you, please don’t be discouraged, you must keep going.

————I have liked you for so long, no matter what happens, I will firmly choose to believe in you. We all know what kind of person you are, you are hard-working, serious about life, and steadfast in your love. Other people who don’t understand you don’t matter, don’t listen to them or go look at them, you just need to look at us, we will always support you!

————As such a focused and hard-working person, we all understand that you’ve sacrificed so much to get to this step. We feel heartache for the unfair treatment you suffered, and you still have to endure the attacks online. You must stay strong.

————Some people’s evil hearts has already been there for a long time. The things that they did before, do they think we’ve already forgotten? Don’t be afraid of him, we will always support you!

————That’s right! That kind of person won’t have any good result, God will naturally punish them. We can just wait to see the drama.

————No matter what happens, we will always support you. We are here, don’t be afraid.

————Don’t feel defeated by that kind of person, we will definitely send you to the throne of victory, we will always support you!

————We will always support you!

————Love you, support you!

After Dilumo finished his live stream, he scrolled through his fans’ messages and smiled with satisfaction. Even though right now he was facing a lot of problems, with the support of his fans, he wouldn’t be helpless.

Dilumo started calculating how he should use his fans’ support to create some more topics and increase his own heat online, which would make it easier for him to pick up work. But what he didn’t know was that cannons were aiming toward him one by one, and were about to be fired.


Jing Yang was bored and lay in bed holding his computer to watch Dilumo’s livestream, and read through the comments below.

Regulus came out of the bathroom. He hugged Jing Yang as soon as he lay down on the bed. Jing Yang leaned into his arms, and after seeing some messages, he couldn’t help laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Regulus kissed him on the cheek.

“A big play, starring Dilumo, and his supporting actors are those brainless fans of his.” Jing Yang seemingly sincerely praised, “His acting is really quite good, it’s truly a shame that he’s just a model.”

“Right now he’s still in the mood to act?” Regulus said dismissively. “I seems that the amount of trouble Chenilu and Conley caused him was not enough.”

“It’s because he’s facing a lot of trouble right now that he wants to act.” Jing Yang turned off his computer and put it on the bedside table, then turned to hug Regulus, lying on his chest. “He implied to his fans that he had been treated unfairly during the competition so he didn’t win. And everything was caused by me, I bought the director and staff members, so he couldn’t perform well during the competition and couldn’t win at the end. I’m guessing that if he weren’t afraid of offending you, he would say that there were some dirty secrets behind the competition.”

“Since he loves acting so much, let him act for two more days. When he feels like he still has a lot of hope for resurgence, I will act again. That way the blow to him will be even greater.” Regulus said.

“Why are you so bad?” Jing Yang smiled and pinched his nose.

Regulus turned and pressed him under his body, holding his hand and kissing his palm. “I wasn’t able to help you block everything when you were in trouble. But for those who hurt you, I will never let them go.”

Jing Yang hugged his neck and kissed him.


Dilumo was in the middle of plotting what to do next. Before he had finished thinking, the first shot had been fired.

Several large media companies simultaneously received an anonymous mail. The content inside was quite impressive, so when they received it, they published it at once.

The content of the news was a few videos. The main character in the videos was Dilumo himself, and each video had a date. From the angle and Dilumo’s actions, the videos were definitely secretly shot.

In the first video, Dilumo’s side profile appeared. He was looking at the computer, and then started saying to someone, “These fans are really easy to deceive, no different from idiots, they were used by me and still said that they like me, haha! Come and look, this person actually said that he dreamt about me, he looks so ugly, and actually dreamed about me, that is really too disgusting.”

After seeing the first video, the netizens all were somewhat unable to react, they completely didn’t know what was happening.

The second video was still just of Dilumo looking at the computer and saying, “The new person I framed last time actually dared to say bad things online about me, if I had known earlier I would have gotten rid of him even more thoroughly. But he can’t even take out any evidence, and no one believes him at all. He’s even being attacked tragically by my fans, it’s really deserved!”

In the third video, Dilumo said to the computer, “These girls actually call me husband, who is their husband?! It’s fine if they look good, but can the ugly ones not randomly call me! That’s right, Conley, don’t play with your phone all the time, have those people I sent to ambush Arthur Yang sent back anything yet?…Not yet?! What are they doing, it’s been so long, and they still haven’t been able to shoot anything useful. If it really doesn’t work then we should just change people.”

Now everyone knows that it’s Conley who’s filming, and in their minds they also gradually began to understand what was going on. But because it was a little too shocking, they still couldn’t really react, especially for Dilumo’s fans.

In the fourth video, Dilumo came out of the bathroom naked. His body was covered in marks, and they could only see him say with a face of disgust, “Chenilu that old thing, even though he’s so old, he’s still quite able to toss people around in bed.”

Dilumo suddenly stared at the camera and said, “What kind of expression is that? Are you disgusted by me sleeping with an old man? If I don’t sleep with him, how could I have so much presence in the news? How could the news be favored toward me? You do nothing, and just wait for me to earn money to support you, what qualifications do you have to disdain me?! In the past wasn’t it just because you didn’t like Arthur Yang for having this contact disorder and not being able to satisfy you in bed, so you got with me? Right now even if you disdain me it’s already too late!”

In the fifth video, Dilumo walked cheerfully toward the camera and said, “Do you know what those people said to me today? It was those people we sent to ambush Arthur Yang, they told me that Arthur Yang not only has a deformed physique, but also a very pallid face. It’s just a pity that they couldn’t take a proper picture of him. It doesn’t matter, on the way back I’ve already figured out what to do. We can find someone who looks like him to pretend to be him, he wouldn’t dare to come out to clarify anyways. That way I can increase my heat online and viciously step on him at the same time. Just thinking about it makes me unbelievably happy.”

“Looking for someone to impersonate him is fake news, will the media publish this?” Conley’s voice came through the video.

“Don’t worry.” Dilumo looked confident. “Chenilu that old pervert, in bed he still listens to me quite obediently, I will let him think of a way to publish this.”

Once again, the internet started boiling. Those who already hated Dilumo scolded Dilumo while also ridiculing those brainless fans of his. And those fans who had said not long before that they would support him forever were not only upset but also completely uncertain about how to react.

————I knew that Dilumo wasn’t anything good. Previously he would be in the news again and again, and every time when he was being compared with another model, he would get all kinds of praise, and the other model would be insulted all over the place. Sure enough, there was a problem.

————This kind of person is too disgusting! He actually took the initiative to go to bed with a man who was old enough to be his father in exchange for hot news. Even more disgusting was that Conley knew that he was sleeping with someone else, but in order to let him make money, he didn’t say anything. It is simply impossible understand these people’s moral views and thought processes.

————That’s right! Dilumo and Conley are simply a natural couple. Both are absolutely disgusting. Last time Conley wanted to frame Arthur Yang during the competition but ended up being discovered. It turns out that the previous fake news story was also related to these two.

————I think the saddest ones are those fans of Dilumo. They even said that no matter what happened they would support him, but the result was that in his eyes, those fans are just some fools who can be used at will. I wonder if they will continue to speak out in support of him now.

————I really feel some sympathy for those fans, right now not only do their faces hurt, but their hearts are also almost broken to pieces.

————What’s there to sympathize with those people for, they have no idea how other people feel when they were attacking others. This is called karma, they deserve to be hit by the person they liked.

————Last time didn’t Dilumo say on his live stream that there’s nothing more evil than the heart? I think that he was completely talking about himself.

————I’m feeling incomparably happy right now. Previously I said some bad words about Dilumo and was attacked by his fans. Now his fans were hit on the face, they deserve it!

All of Dilumo’s fans were completely silent. They didn’t think that the person they had worked so hard to support actually said something like that about them in private. He actually used them to attack people and then treated them like idiots. Now they thought of all the things that they used to say to defend Dilumo, the things that they said to attack other models, to attack those who said bad things about him. They really were like idiots.

Translator Notes:

[1] uncontested – 毫无疑问, means certainly, without a doubt
[2] seemingly sincerely – 似真似假, as if real and as if fake
[3] face hurts – 脸痛, basically from being figuratively slapped in the face

Random Notes:

Around one hour: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, for 4k characters to 2.4k words.

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  1. It looks like this might have been done by Conley himself as a series of breakup videos to try and get into the MC’s good books. It looks like it was released before the MC took any action.

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  2. Ahhhh, so satisfying.
    And this is only the beginning. I can barely wait for the next chapter, I feel that an extreme slap combo is coming.
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