CFCS Chapter 67

Chapter 67
Survival Games (Arc 5.14)

When Jing Yang left the game and returned to reality, he found that he was in a hospital with an IV in his arm. After waking up, he stayed in the hospital observation unit for two days, and Ding Nuoyang’s parents were always accompanying him. Only after they confirmed that he had nothing wrong did they finally let him be discharged from the hospital.

Jing Yang refused to go back home with Ding Nuoyang’s parents and repeatedly assured them that his body already had no problems and he could take care of himself, before Ding Nuoyang’s parents finally reluctantly agreed to let him go. Jing Yang went alone back to Ding Nuoyang’s own residence. His father was going to take care of the company for the time being and he didn’t have to worry about it, just making sure to rest well during this period of time.

Jing Yang now also had no energy to spend on caring about these other things. Qi Feng had said that he would come to find him, and he was waiting. As for what he should do after he found him, and if he wasn’t his own lover, what he should do—all of these things, Jing Yang had already finished thinking about what his plan would be. He was just waiting for him to appear.

The second day back in his home, Jing Yang was still somewhat anxious and restless, because if Qi Feng was really not his lover, he…didn’t know how he would feel. If he was really sad and sorrowful, wouldn’t that prove that he had already fallen in love with someone else, then how could he face his lover in the future?

Jing Yang suddenly didn’t want to cook anymore, so he changed and went out to a Western restaurant that Ding Nuoyang often used to go to.

Halfway through the meal, the waiter came over with a cart and gave him a steak platter and a bottle of red wine. Jing Yang looked at the waiter pouring wine for him and said, “I did not order these things.”

“A gentleman helped you order this.” The waiter took out a large bouquet of white roses from under the dining cart. “These were also gifted to you by the gentleman.”

“Did he say what his name was?” Jing Yang wrinkled his brow, looked at that large bouquet of white roses, and didn’t take it.

“That gentleman said that he is surnamed Feng.” The waiter responded.

Feng? Hearing this last name, Jing Yang thought for a bit, and took the roses without much hesitation. Feng Qi was Qi Feng’s real name, and Jing Yang had already checked using the system, Feng Qi was the vice president of the Feng corporation, the second young master of the Feng home.

How did he know that he liked white roses? Jing Yang smiled self-deprecatingly, how could he possibly know, Ding Nuoyang didn’t like white roses, this was just a coincidence. Jing Yang began to reminisce, when did he himself start liking white roses. It seemed like it had started from Zhao Bocheng in the first world, he had always loved to send himself white roses, and from that time, he started liking them.

“Do you like it?” Feng Qi’s voice came from behind Jing Yang.

Jing Yang turned and looked at him. “Are you asking about the white roses or the red wine.”

“Both.” Feng Qi sat down across from him and picked up the knife and fork, beginning to eat the steak that the waiter had just delivered.

Jing Yang took a sip of red wine. “I like all of them.”

“As long as you like them.”

“Is this a coincidental encounter? Or…” To tell the truth, Jing Yang didn’t believe that this would be accidental. After all, the city was too big, and the population was so large, the chances of accidentally meeting were too low.

“I especially came to find you.” Feng Qi didn’t conceal his actions.

“How did you know I was here?” After Jing Yang asked he felt that he was simply saying nonsense. As the second young master of the Feng family, he naturally would have his own methods to find him.

Feng Qi glanced at him and didn’t speak, because he could tell that Jing Yang definitely understood in his heart what methods he had used to find him.

At the end of the meal, Jing Yang said, “I’m going back, thank you for the wine, as well as the flowers.”

“I’ll send you.” Qi Feng said.

“No need, I drove here myself.” Jing Yang refused, he was still somewhat anxious in his heart, and didn’t want to confirm too quickly whether or not he was his lover.

“Then you send me ba.” Qi Feng said.

Jing Yang looked at him, and seeing his attitude of definitely following him today, he fell silent for a bit. He thought, in any case he needed to know sooner or later, then if it was today then they would just do it today. If he confirmed it earlier, it would also save him from being so anxious. “Then you still send me over ba.”

Feng Qi sent Jing Yang to his door, and didn’t have any indication of leaving, so Jing Yang just went along and invited him in.

When Feng Qi sat down in the living room, Jing Yang turned to the bar and poured two glasses of wine, then secretly took out a white granule and dropped it in the wine. Watching the white particles melt into the wine, Jing Yang swished the glass, and then brought them to the living room.

Jing Yang placed the glasses on the coffee table and sat down next to Feng Qi.

Feng Qi raised his hand and was about to take that wine glass when Jing Yang held his hand. “Wait a bit…” Until he had determined whether or not Feng Qi was his own lover, Jing Yang couldn’t let him drink that glass of wine that he had already added powder in. Kissing was the fastest way to confirm whether or not he was his lover, so he hugged his neck and kissed him.

Feng Qi held Jing Yang’s waist, and after being stunned for a couple seconds, he immediately mastered the initiative, forcefully sucking on his lips, his tongue bullying its way into his mouth, and entangling with his tongue.

“En~” Jing Yang was pressed down on the sofa, the lack of oxygen making his brain somewhat hazy. Among the haze, a fiery desire seemed to break out, his body fiercely trembled, his soul seeming like it was being sucked out of his body.

Jing Yang felt that familiar feeling and almost shed tears. He had not loved the wrong person, this was his own lover. No matter how long it took, no matter which world they were in, even in the most uncertain circumstances, the person he fell in love with, was always him. Jing Yang felt that he had been mired in this love, just like being caught in a swamp. The more he struggled, the deeper he sank, and letting himself sink down further was the only thing he could do.

That glass of red wine was already useless, Jing Yang naturally wouldn’t let Feng Qi drink that anymore. From now on, no matter what happened, no matter what Feng Qi did to him, Jing Yang would still accept.

Jing Yang’s body suddenly felt very empty, with an extreme need to be filled. He opened his legs and entangled Feng Qi’s waist, rubbing against him.

Feng Qi pulled back a bit from him and looked at Jing Yang’s face. “You are much more passionate in reality than in the game.”

Jing Yang blushed a bit, hooked his neck, pulled his head down, and whispered in his ear, “Go to bed, hold me.”

Feng Qi smiled softly and kissed his earlobe. “I will obey.”

Pants were randomly thrown beside the bed, and on the bed the two people entangled, their passion like fire. Jing Yang completely opened his body, going along with his fiddling and collisions, that kind of painful excitement and stimulation, made him very satisfied, very happy.

“Don’t! Ah~ Ah~!” Jing Yang resisted verbally, but his body extremely honestly pandered to him.


Jing Yang was awakened by something heavy pressing down on him, the weight on his back made him somewhat breathless. Because he was lying face down on the bed, and Feng Qi was lying on his back, the two people’s bodies were tightly clinging to each other, Feng Qi still kissing his back.

Jing Yang wanted to flip over but couldn’t move, so he reached back to push at Feng Qi. “Don’t press on me, I want to go take a shower.”

“Let’s go together.” Feng Qi kissed his cheek.

“No.” Jing Yang didn’t believe that he would honestly just take a bath with him, and if he kept doing him, his bones were going to fall apart.

Jing Yang pushed him away and ran into the bathroom, locking the door. The water flowed down his body, and looking down at the love marks on his body, Jing Yang could only smile helplessly. Why was it that whenever he met this person, they would love each other so crazily? Without even the least bit of self-control.

When Jing Yang came out of the bathroom, Feng Qi was blocking the doorway with his arms crossed, looking at him with disgruntled eyes.

Jing Yang smiled and hooked his neck, taking the initiative to send up his lips to let him contain them. The two people kissed for a while, and before Feng Qi couldn’t control himself anymore, Jing Yang said, “You also quickly go take a shower, I’m hungry, so I’ll first make breakfast and wait for you.”

Just as he finished making two helpings of a simple breakfast, Jing Yang heard the doorbell. He wondered about who would come find him at this time, it shouldn’t be Ding Nuoyang’s parents ba. He glanced at the bathroom with some guilt, and thought that if it was really Ding Nuoyang’s parents, how he should explain Feng Qi’s identity later. After thinking a bit, there was no need to make any excuses or conceal anything, Ding Nuoyang’s parents knew his sexual orientation anyway, so it would be fine to just directly say that he was his boyfriend.

Jing Yang opened the door, and seeing the person outside, he froze for a second. “What are you doing here?”

“Nuoyang, I, I came to apologize to you.” Zhao Chao carefully looked at Jing Yang.

“No need, everything that I needed to say I already made very clear to you in the game. Just consider it as us never knowing each other, and don’t come find me in the future.” Jing Yang looked at him expressionlessly, he really did not want to have any kind of interaction with this scum man, and did not even want to talk to him.

“Nuoyang, I know I was wrong, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Please give me another chance, as long as you are willing to forgive me, I am willing to do anything.” Zhao Chao pleaded with him eagerly.

“You will really do anything.” Jing Yang asked.

“I swear, as long as you forgive me, I will do anything you ask!” Zhao Chao hurriedly assured.

“Okay, then as long as you leave immediately, and then never appear in front of me again, I will forgive you.” Jing Yang said.

“I…” Zhao Chao awkwardly looked at him, and continued to beg, “Don’t do this to me Nuoyang, please, give me another chance! For the sake of all the years I’ve been pursuing you, please!”

“Who came?” Feng Qi came out of the bathroom, and seeing that Jing Yang was standing at the door, he walked over, stood behind Jing Yang, and pulled open the half-open door. Seeing the man outside the door, Feng Qi immediately frowned.

“You, you are?” Zhao Chao looked in surprise at Feng Qi wearing a bathrobe. “You are Qi Feng?!”

“How could he be here?” Zhao Chao stared at Jing Yang and asked.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Jing Yang rolled his eyes.

“You, you…” Zhao Chao looked at the two people wearing bathrobes, and angrily accused Jing Yang, “You actually betrayed me!”

Jing Yang couldn’t help laughing. Trying to talk reason into someone as mentally confused as this guy was really a waste of his saliva. “Whatever you think.”

Jing Yang closed the door and went to the kitchen to serve breakfast. Zhao Chao stood outside and vigorously hit the door, but he was not affected in any way.

Feng Qi walked into the bedroom, found his cell phone under the bed, typed a few times, and then went to the dining hall to sit with Jing Yang and eat breakfast.

A couple minutes later, the knocking on the door disappeared.

Zhao Chao returned home battered and bruised, and just as he reached his house, he saw the person standing at the door. Originally he was already irritated, and his anger finally exploded. “I told you to not come find me! You don’t understand human speech, do you?!”

“Dark Flame, what happened to you?” Yu Jian saw Zhao Chao’s injury, and asked with heartache, “Who hit you?”

“It’s none of your business!” Zhao Chao slapped away the hand Yu Jian was reaching over. “I have already told you, do not come find me again, and do not call me Dark Flame again. I see you and feel disgusted, don’t you know!”

“We are already married, you are my husband, I can’t not come see you ah.” Yu Jian said with a face full of sorrow.

Zhao Chao vigorously rolled his eyes, roaring, “We are now in reality, and everything in the game world is already over! Plus everything that happened in the game was fake! Fake! In reality, we are not married, and I am not your whatever husband!”

“We can go get married, that way we will be the same in reality as in the game.” Yu Jian looked at Zhao Chao with hope.

“Don’t dream! I don’t like you at all, I don’t even want to see you!” Zhao Chao pointed at his nose. “This is my last warning to you, don’t show up in front of me again, or I will hit you every time you show up!”

“Dark Flame! Listen to me…” Yu Jian eagerly grasped Zhao Chao’s hand.

“Roll!” Zhao Chao pushed him away hard, opened the door, and slammed it shut.

Yu Jian was pushed to the ground. He didn’t pay attention to the pain in his arm, immediately getting up to knock on the door. “Dark Flame, you open the door, you listen to me. Right now I am trying to save money, I will change my appearance, you just give me a little time, I will definitely turn myself into the same appearance as in the game.”


Feng Qi brought Jing Yang to a party, where Jing Yang saw everyone in A team. Their appearances weren’t far from those in the game, at least their faces were all right on. It was only Solid who in reality did not have such exaggerated muscles.

“I am Solid, real name Gu Bin.” Gu Bin saw Jing Yang’s gaze and knew what he was thinking. “You must be wondering why my figure isn’t as exaggerated as in the game ba? In fact, there is a reason for this, that is, because the reason is too long, I won’t explain it in detail. To put it simply, for a bet with these bastards, I had especially adjusted my body, but when I had just entered the game, the system had problems, so everyone was stuck in the game, and I could only keep this exaggerated physique.”

Jing Yang nodded in understanding.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, it was obviously himself being angry and then changing to this appearance, and then when he had just done this, the game had problems, so he couldn’t change it back.” Long Qi explained and then introduced himself to Jing Yang. “I am Dragon Seven, real name Long Qi.”

“Hello sister-in-law, I am Goose Over, real name Ke Yan.” Ke Yan reached out to Jing Yang but was patted away by Feng Qi. He smiled and said, “I can prove that Gu Bin was being jealous about Long Qi, so he made himself like that in his anger.”

Jing Yang was stunned for a bit because of being called sister-in-law.

“Lao zi was not being jealous!” Gu Bin argued somewhat unnaturally. “Obviously it was you bastards deliberately stimulating me, so that I would make myself like that.”

“Ai ai, that’s right, in the future Nuoyang will be our sister-in-law, come come, everyone salute sister-in-law a cup.” Liang Ren took the lead to raise his glass.

Jing Yang was made somewhat embarrassed by them, he turned to look at Feng Qi. Feng Qi had been hugging his shoulder the entire time, almost half-hugging him into his arms, and raised his wine glass toward him.

Jing Yang could only also raise his glass, and touch cups with everybody.

These people had all basically grown up with Feng Qi, and it was clear that Feng Qi was not only the boss of this group in the game, but also in reality.

Jing Yang learned that the players trapped in the other game areas were still being rescued, but with them as a precedent, saving players from the other areas was much easier. The only thing was that there were no alchemists in the other areas as strong as Jing Yang, so the process would take a lot longer.

The crowd chatted and laughed together, talking business along with joking, scattering only when it had become very late.

Once they got on the car, Feng Qi pulled down the partition and hugged Jing Yang in his arms, kissing him the whole way.

Jing Yang felt that his lips had become swollen and his tongue numb, and his brain had also become hazy from lack of oxygen, so he could only weakly lean in Qi Feng’s arms.

Until the car stopped outside a villa, Feng Qi carried Jing Yang out of the car, and he found out this wasn’t his house. He asked in a daze, “Where are we ah?”

“It was my home before, and in the future it will be our home.” Feng Qi carried him into the house.

Afterward, Zhao Chao never appeared in front of Jing Yang again. Jing Yang guessed that Feng Qi had definitely done something, otherwise with Zhao Chao this kind of person, how could he just give up that easily. As for what Feng Qi had done, Jing Yang didn’t care, and didn’t want to know. In any case, someone would help take care of these messy things for him, so he would just enjoy his love.

Every world’s encounter was a miracle for Jing Yang, so he would particularly cherish every little moment of the two people being together. Even if it were only an ordinary kiss, or every time they hugged and slept, they all became his precious memories.

Translator Notes:

[1] fallen in love with someone else – 移情别恋, idiom, means change of affection, shift of love
[2] Feng – this is actually 封, which is different from the 风 in 戚风, his game name
[3] anxious – 提心吊胆, saying, means very scared and on edge
[4] went along – 顺水推舟, idiom, literally means to push the boat with the current, means to take advantage of the situation
[5] Long Qi – 龙崎, same pinyin as Dragon Seven (龙七)

Random Notes:

About one hour: 3 pm – 4 pm, for 4.7k characters to 3.3k words. Well, this arc is finally over, everyone. I’m quite sad they only got together for a chapter, but a pretty good arc is coming up next. They’ll have many chances to be together soon. I will see you all in two weeks.

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