CFCS Chapter 132

Chapter 132
Artistic Life (Arc 10.5)

According to the agreement, Cui Yan had the school remove Mu Jin’s record, and Jing Yang went back to school normally. He thought that since he had already paid his tuition, whether it was Wu Xiuyuan’s class or not, he should still keep going.

But every time during class, the gaze that Wu Xiuyuan would look at him with as well as him deliberately getting close under the excuse of guidance would make him very uncomfortable. So he thought that even if he didn’t go to class, he knew everything that he needed to know. He could also master the topics that he couldn’t learn in school. Going to school was just to be able to graduate smoothly. After all, this was Mu Jin’s wish. However, in order to not be disgusted by Wu Xiuyuan, Jing Yang ultimately decided to not go to his class.

Jing Yang painted another work to participate in that very important competition that Mu Jin had wanted to enter. But this time he did not enter it through Wu Xiuyuan. He told Cui Yan about participating in the competition and explained that there were some contradictions with the teacher, so he was worried that the teacher would do something underhanded. Cui Yan directly arranged for someone to hand over his painting to the judging office.

After class, Jing Yang went to the school gate. Cui Yan said that he would come pick him up today and let him wait at the gate. He would be there soon.

“Mu Jin.” Wu Xiuyuan caught up from behind him.

Jing Yang ignored him and kept walking, completely disregarding his presence.

“Why haven’t you been going to my class these days?” Wu Xiuyuan said. “I know that you are still angry with me, but you should still go to class ah, or else you would only be delaying your own progress. If you don’t go to class just because you’re angry with me, isn’t that too childish?”

Wu Xiuyuan saw that Mu Jin was ignoring him and continued, “I know that I was wrong. It doesn’t matter if you can’t forgive me right now, but learning is learning. You worked so hard to stay in school, isn’t it just to learn? If you are free now, I’ll tutor you one on one and help you make up for the lessons you’ve been missing for the last few days, okay?”

Jing Yang simply did not want to acknowledge his existence. For someone like him, the more you paid attention to him the more energy he had. The best way to handle him was to treat him like he wasn’t there.

After arriving at the gate he didn’t see Cui Yan’s car. Looking at the time, he thought that he should be almost here, so Jing Yang just stood on the sidewalk waiting.

“Mu Jin, where are you going? I’ll drive you there. Where do you live now after you moved out of Su Mo’s apartment?” Wu Xiuyuan seemed like he did not care at all that Jing Yang was ignoring him. He just kept talking nonstop. He had already made up his mind to follow him and find out where he lived now so that he could visit in the future.


Wu Xiuyuan looked back and saw Su Mo standing behind them looking at him. He immediately looked at Mu Jin again and found that he did not have any reaction at all. In the face of such a situation, he still felt a little embarrassed.

Su Mo saw his embarrassment but had no intention of leaving. If he wanted to leave, then he wouldn’t have called out to him first.

Wu Xiuyuan looked back again at Su Mo. Seeing his wronged expression and teary eyes, his heart immediately felt somewhat unbearable. He had thought carefully the past few days and felt that he still liked Mu Jin better. After all, Mu Jin looked better than Su Mo, but was also cleaner and purer than him. Since Su Mo could seduce himself, who knew whether he would tempt someone else. And someone as lonely and arrogant as Mu Jin would absolutely not do such a thing.

Seeing Cui Yan arrive, Jing Yang stepped forward. When the car stopped by the curb, he opened the door and sat down. Before Wu Xiuyuan and Su Mo even came back to their senses, the car had already left.

Wu Xiuyuan stood frozen, watching the car drive away. He still had not reacted to this change. Even though he didn’t see who was driving, someone who could drive that car was absolutely a particularly rich person.

Su Mo walked to Wu Xiuyuan’s side and said: “It seems like after Mu Jin moved out of my place, he got into a relationship with a rich man. That’s also right, with his looks, there must be someone willing to pay a lot of money for him.

Even though Su Mo did not clearly say that Mu Jin was being kept, the implication was very obvious, and Wu Xiuyuan naturally understood.

Wu Xiuyuan clenched his fist, and his expression became very ugly. He wanted to convince himself not to believe what Su Mo said, but he could not help thinking about it.

“Maybe they’re just acquaintances, don’t immediately think in that direction.” Wu Xiuyuan didn’t know whether he was saying this to himself or to Su Mo.

“I’ve been friends with Mu Jin for so long, he told me everything. But he’s never mentioned that he had such a rich friend.” Su Mo said faintly, but in his heart he was very disdainful.

Wu Xiuyuan tried hard to calm himself down and turned around to walk back to the school.

Su Mo immediately grabbed Wu Xiuyuan’s hand. “Teacher!”

Wu Xiuyuan quickly shook his hand away and then looked around to see if there was anyone looking at them. This was the school gate. If other students or teachers saw them pulling hands, the impact would be very bad.

Su Mo  did not care about being shaken off. Too much contact between a teacher and student by the school gate was really not good. He said pleadingly, “Teacher, will you go to my place today? I have something to tell you.”

 “If there’s anything you can tell me at school.” Wu Xiuyuan said.

Su Mo moved slightly closer and said softly, “I really miss you, and I haven’t been able to sleep well during this period of time, I really hope that you could hold me. But I really have something important to tell you, it’s not convenient to say these things at school.”

Wu Xiuyuan was silent. He had just said to Jing Yang that he would never meet Su Mo in private again, but now, his heart had begun to shake.

“Teacher, do you already hate me so much that you don’t even want to be alone with me?” Su Mo’s tone was sorrowful, and he looked sadly at Wu Xiuyuan as if he was about to cry.

“Okay, let’s go to your place.” Wu Xiuyuan finally couldn’t resist Su Mo and went to his house with him.


Cui Yan handed a tablet to Jing Yang. “These are the few relatively good paintings selected after several rounds. Your work <Holy Light> and your classmate’s work <Merciful Grace> are very likely to get the grand prize.”

Jing Yang looked through the paintings on the tablet. They were all pretty good works. This was a very authoritative national competition, not at all like those small or privately funded competitions. Cui Yan was able to get this information because his mother who was abroad was one of the judges, and these paintings had been sent to his mother. These days his mother was going to be coming back to participate in the final selection.

“If I told you that besides this <Holy Light>, the idea and inspiration for this painting named <Merciful Grace> also belonged to me, would you believe it?” Jing Yang turned and looked at Cui Yan.

“Oh?” These words surprised Cui Yan. “What happened?”

“My classmate and good friend, the person who painted this painting, used to live together. He had plagiarized my inspiration many times before but I didn’t care too much. But this time he copied my painting directly and submitted it to the competition. I was so angry that I tore up his painting, and then the school gave me a record for it.”

“So you moved out?” Cui Yan asked.

“Yes.” Jing Yang nodded.

“Besides your own painting, do you have any evidence that he copied your work? For example, proof that you drew the draft for the painting before he did.” Cui Yan thought that if he didn’t have any proof this matter could be a little difficult to handle.

“I have evidence. I have very direct evidence that he copied my painting, but I don’t want to bring it up right now. When the competition is over, I will show it at the right time. At that point you will have to help me and have the school openly and seriously deal with this matter, or else his people might suppress it.”

Cui Yan turned to look at him and smiled. “I understand.”

When they arrived at Cui Yan’s home, Jing Yang first went to his room to take a bath, and then arrived at the studio in a bathrobe.

As he was about to take off his bathrobe, Cui Yan walked up behind him and said, “I’ll do it.”

Jing Yang wanted to say that it was just taking off a bathrobe, there was nothing to help with. But he didn’t stop him or refuse, letting Cui Yan slowly help him take off the robe.

Cui Yan threw the robe onto a chair. His palms stayed on his shoulders, slowly stroking down his arm.

At first Jing Yang didn’t say anything and didn’t resist. He could still tolerate him touching his arm. But when the places Cui Yan touched became more and more excessive, he couldn’t help but raise his hand to push those hands away. But he was tightly held from behind.

Cui Yan squeezed him tight and buried his face in his neck, breathing the scent of his body in deeply. The blood was rushing to his head, he really wanted to throw this man in his arms under him and kiss all over his body, and then love him properly, but he was also worried that he wouldn’t want to, or that he could not control himself and forced him too roughly, scared him, or hurt him.

Jing Yang could feel the hot breath on his neck. His body began to heat up, and that feeling of desire surged. But he told himself he had to hold back, hold back.

“I said before, I only sell art, not the body.” Jing Yang was also already feeling it. Even though his body was not used to it, his soul had long been used to blending with this person. He refused verbally, but he was also very eager to be loved.

Cui Yan picked up Jing Yang in a princess carry. Jing Yang thought that he was already going to make a move, and thought about whether or not to refuse. But Cui Yan just put him on the couch. Besides looking at him, he kept stroking his face.

Jing Yang met his gaze for a bit and felt as if a blazing flame was burning in his eyes, almost burning to his soul. He could not bear looking any further and didn’t dare to meet his gaze again, turning his head to the side.

“Thirsty?” Cui Yan suddenly asked.

Jing Yang was stunned. After being asked this, he found that he was actually feeling a little parched, and nodded.

Cui Yan got up and went out. Jing Yang lay on the sofa bed, his fingers rubbing the velvet blanket under him. The skin exposed to the air was more sensitive than when wearing clothes.

Jing Yang thought Cui Yan was going to pour him some water but did not expect that he would bring in a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. His intention to make him drunk was too obvious.

Cui Yan poured a glass of wine, swirled it a bit, and then handed it to Jing Yang. “Drink?”

Jing Yang sat up and looked at him then at the glass of wine. He reached for the glass but Cui Yan moved the glass back slightly.

“Are you sure you want to drink?” Cui Yan asked seriously.

“I’m thirsty, if you don’t want me to drink this, then give me a glass of water.” Jing Yang had an expression that he was fine with either.

“Drinking this can also quench your thirst.” Cui Yan gave the glass back to him.

“My alcohol tolerance is very good, don’t think about trying to make me drunk.” Jing Yang took the glass and drank it all.

Cui Yan poured him another one. “Oh? The first time I saw you, you were so drunk that you couldn’t even walk and fell straight down in front of my car.”

“That was an accident, I was only like that because I was drugged.” Jing Yang slowly sipped the second glass. This wine was really very good. Even though Cui Yan’s intention was not pure, he fortunately did not put anything else in the wine. Or else it would have spoiled the wine.

Cui Yan poured himself a glass. “How is this wine?”

“Delicious.” Jing Yang finished the second glass and gave the glass to Cui Yan to have him pour him another one.

Jing Yang drank one glass after another, and the bottle of red wine soon bottomed out. His head began to sink slowly. He didn’t think that this wine was so strong, no wonder he wanted to have him drink this red wine. But even though he knew what Cui Yan was thinking about, he didn’t turn on the system to resist the alcohol. He just let himself fall into a buzzed and drunk state, because after drinking this wine, he also wanted more.

Seeing that Jing Yang’s body was swaying slightly, Cui Yan held his waist. But the glass that he was drinking still wobbled slightly, and wine flowed down the corner of his mouth.

Cui Yan took the glass from his hand and lifted his chin. “Drunk? Little alcoholic.”

Jing Yang looped his arms around his neck and kissed toward his mouth. But because his eyes were a little dazed, he missed and kissed his cheek.

Cui Yan supported his head with one hand and sucked hard on his lips. He reached his tongue into Jing Yang’s mouth to tease his tongue, sucking at the sweet smell of wine in his mouth, and then followed the traces of wine that had just flowed from the corner of his mouth, slowly kissing down.

“En~” Jing Yang raised his head, his neck arching in a beautiful curve. He felt like his belly was hot and very empty. He threaded his fingers into Cui Yan’s hair, telling him with his actions that he wanted more.

“Baby, do you know what I’m going to do next?” Cui Yan held Jing Yang’s face and asked before his sanity escaped him.

“I want…” Jing Yang raised his foot and rubbed it against Cui Yan’s body.

Cui Yan smiled. “Okay, then I will satisfy you.”

Cui Yan lay Jing Yang down properly. Seeing his seductive yet slightly dazed gaze, his heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate. His broad palms caressed everywhere on his body, feeling the soft and slippery touch that he could not let go of.

Cui Yan kissed his flat and soft belly, and then, further down, was that he coveted for a long time, and loved…


Random Notes:

About an hour: 4 pm – 5 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.6k words.

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  1. Isn’t there a rule about how drunk people can’t give consent?

    Also, wow, these two moved fast. It makes it feel like their relationship is only composed of lust.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve had seminars on sexual harassment training (the whole school had to do it), and they repeatedly said that you can’t give consent if you’re not sober. But I don’t know that that’s been a traditional viewpoint…

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